Saturday, November 2, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Saturday, November 2, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 2, 1743, London, Middlesex , and General Advertifer. WE D N ES D AY, Nov em be r 2, 1743. Peal9 Oftoberzi; tESTERDAY Afternoon failed to AJAe Weffl^; nioft-otjaie Out-ward-bound $fiipsj bat are now putting tack again ; and remain with the LeveirpoolMan of War; Egbafton, Cobhami Lapwing, ; Watts; and vAe .three .Dutch I Ships for India �iDe)aware, Jolly, 'for Torky j and" Tofcany, Sprak-lingjfor Leghorn. Came down Crawford, Hampton, for Dublin j the London, Hurt, for Exon ; and -, Lee, for Gibraltar. Wind S.W. blows hard.  The Amw and'Jane, .Hammond, from St. Kitts; and M^cory^lfa^grave, froni ^aiyJand, are arrived at Ha-verfordweft; * ' :^: . The York, Sawiders,-irom Virginia, at Briftol, in 33 Days. : � - .': ��' "v" - The St. Patrick, Hefter, from St. Kitts, for Water-ford. ...The Nancy, Tracy, from Santa-Cruz, at Portfmouth. The Thomas, Reynolds j and True FriendQup, Lower, r from LifixMi^vat Newfoundland. . r : ThelhraritCDnke, Webb, from London, at Villanova,: in eight Diyif." LO N DO N. tayWe hear from the Frontiers of French Flanders, that they are gathering up vaft Quantities of Prqvifions for the Army ofMarflial Noailtes, which. Is to be quartered there \.this Winter. 'y-}.v;':\"^-. WeVaref4jow informed from Francforf,. that the Heffian tTrcops ih^the Pay of 'GreatiBritalft-hkye^rMed. by that .'Cityin their Return home,' it haying been judged pro-"jwrerfcrthem to take up Winter-Quartcn in their own ' Country. " . . >' According to Letters from Fribourg, Prince Charles of oLorrain has given the Command of the Troops left in the Brifgau to General Berlichini, and ordered General ?toont:TW^n'io add ibme: ne^ Works to the Hill of '5&?3berg;7 his Royal H^hnefi'inteixding to make a good '^cgeftofit. .'. '- .They write from Rati/bon, that the AuKrian Troops 'feroDgbt back from the Upper Rhine amount to 24,000 rMen, and take their Route through the Circle of Swabia to 'Bavaria, aiid;.thjeJt^p(Bjr Palatinate, where Winter Quarters "lire allortedjthep * 'The- Corps" under General Berenclaii .haye;aUo*p4raled, and are marching to Paffau andStrao-rbingen/iwt mod ofthe IrregurarTropps return to Hungary- V "1  ' - .'� \. � Count Wratiilaw, the Anftrian Minifler at Drefden, is .lately arrived at Vienna, in order to receive frefh Inftrac-~4ionsf6r putting an End to the Diavrencesttiat Itili remain unadjufted between the..Houfes of Auftria and Saxony. Baron Palm,, tEeO^een of Hungary's Minifler at Ratifbon, has likewife been tot foritcf Court, to take new Inftruc-ftions ho^ tb<behave in the Dyetof the^Empire in regard to the Project faid to. be on Foot for railing an Imperial Jlrmyiy making the Germanick Body furhifli their Con-tAngents towards it. x" .We.h'ear from Hanover, that they are going to ftrike a j^edal in Remembrance of tthe Battle of Dettingen. ; Thfti Long Boats of fome:Englilh Men of War having Ute^ een erected on this Occafion, and continaed to do fo, by Intervals, as like wife Volleys of Small Arms from the Regiment of Foqt-Guards, > 'till Evening, when the whole Town was'illuminated, feveral Fireworks play'd off, and all other poffible Demonftrations of Joy given.. Yefterday his Royal Highnefi th6 Prince toot the Oaths to the King, in the Prefence of the Senate, and the Deputies of the four Orders of the States. On Thurway^iaft General Keith arrived here^ and the next Day was prefented to his Swedilh Majeftyv Two D^jss hence thd 'faid* tSeneral propofes to go and fee the Ruffian Troops under his Command, which are arrived on the Goad, distributed into their Winter-Quarters. . * Hagtte> Nov. 9, N.S. The States have received Advice from Qount Maurice of Naflaa, Commander of the Auxiliary Corps, that it is to be'quartered this Winter in the Netherlands, in the following Manner. Squadrons. . Bat a I Hons. At Mons �' . � . j � 12 ---- 5 Aeth--- 2 -2 Oudenarde Courtrai * Charleroi  St.Guilain-Soigny- Binche - Leflines - 4 2 2 o o o o i i i Whitehall, Nov. 1. The King has been pleafed to appoint the Right Honourable James Lord Tyrawly to be his Majefty's Ambaflador Extrordinary to the Emprefs of Riiffia. Yefterday fome of his Majefty's Servants, and Part of the Baggage arrived in Town from Holland. The fame Day the Count d'Offorio, his Sardinian Majefty's Ambaflador, arrived at his Home in LincolnVInn Fields from Germany ; on which Occafion there were great Rejoicings at the faid Houfe. His Majefty's Ship the Kinfale, Capt. Young, arrived at Lilbon the 26th of Oct. N.S, from Newfoundland. And on the 24th of Oct. N.S. his Majefty's Ship the Anglefea, Capt. Brett, fail'd from Lifbon for England ; and-the Day before, his Majefty's Ship theSaliftury, Capt Oiborn, fail'd from Lifbon for the Mediterranean. There are Advices* thro' Poland, from Conftantinop'e, which confirm the Defeat of the Turkifh Army near Bag-dat, and Shah Nadir's paffing the Euphrates with 110,000 ".Men, v The Fame Privateer (formerly the St. Jofeph Prize) commanded by Capt. Cummins, late Commander of the Casfar Indiaman, lying in Long-Reach, being: compleatly fitted up, having on board 350 Men, and mounting 54 Guns, viz. 24 Twelve-Ppunders, 24 Eighteen-Pounders, and 6 Twenty-foor Pounders, befides Swivels, will fail to cruize or-the Spaniards, with-fome other Privateers, the .firA fair Wind. Laft Week died, of the Gout in his Stomach, the Rev. Mr. Walter Bartelott, Vicar of Rottindon in Suffcx, and Prebendary of Chichefter ; the former it in the Gift of his Grace the Duke of Dorfet. On Monday Night laft great Damage was done to the Shipping and fmall Craft in the River Thames, by the Violence of-the Wind. And it is, feared, that we (hall have fome melancholly Accounts of theDamage done to the Shipping on the Coaft, the fame Night. They write from Brooke near Norwich, that on the 20th paft, Mr. Lincoln, Clerk of the Parifh, getting up into an App!e-Tree, to gather a few Apples that were left on it, he had the Misfortune to fall thro' the Branches to the Ground, and bruis'dN himfejf in fuch a manner, that tho' the utmoft Care was taken of him, he died in a fhort Time. He was a Man of exceeding good Character, well refpe&ed, and has left behind him a Widow, and five Children. BANKRUPT. James Kennedy, late of Nantwich, in the County of Chefler, Mercer. High Water this Day at London-Bridge, at 17 Minutes after f2. Bank Stock 146 3 4ths. India Ditto, 194. South Sea Stock 1*3 1 4th. Ditto Old Annuities 114 3 8ths. Dittd'New 114 7 8tbsa. 115. - Three per Cent. Annuities 102 5 8ths. Ditto 1742, 102 5 8ths. Ditto 1743, too 7 8ths. Million Bank 118 1 4th. Equivalent in. Royal Aflurance 80. London Affurance 11 5 8ths. Ehglifh Copper 4I. to.s. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan no Price. Five per Cent. ditto no Price. Bank Circulation 21. 173. 6 d. India Bonds 41. 18 s. a 19 s. Preni Three and a half Salt Tallies 3 Prem. Three and a half per Cent. Exchequer Orders 4 1 half Prem. Three per Cent. Ditto 2 1 8th Difc. Lottery Tickets it 1. 7 s. a 6d. H A Y-M A R K E T.- THE SUBSCRIBERS to t>* OPERA, * are defied to fend for their Silver-Tickets to the Opera-Office in the Hay-Market,-where Attendance will be given this and every Day, from Nine to Two for that Purfofe. D R U R Y-L A N E.____ By His Majejifs Company of Comedians, AT the Theatre - Royal in Drury-Lane, To-morrow, will be prefented t Comedy, call'd The RECRUITING OFFICER. The Part of Capt. Plurrie by Mr. Giffard ; Serjeant Kite, Mr. Winftone; Bullock, Mr. Tafwell; Juftice BaJiance, Mr. Bridget j Worthy, Mr. W. Giffard ; Capt. Brazen, Mr. Crofs; theMTekh Collier, Mr. Blakes; the two Recruits by Mr. Neale and Mr.Ray. Meliada, Mrs.Crofs; Lucy, Mrs. Bennet; Rofe, Mrs. Ridout; And the Part of Silvia by Mn. Woffingtcn.J With Entertainments, as will be expre&'d in the Bills of the Day. At COMMON.PRICES. Places for the Boxes to be taken at the Stage-Door of the Theatre. To begin exactly at 9ix o' Clock. #� On Friday next will bepetform'd, TAMERLANE, with the ufuai Prologue. COVEN T-G A R D E N.-~ AT the Theatre-RoyaL in Covent-Gardcn, this Day, will be prefented a" Comedy, call'd The R O V E R j OR, The Banish'd CAVAtifiRs. The Part of the Rover by Mr.Ryan; Hellena, Mrs. Vincent; Angelica, Mrs. Horton ; Col.Belvile, Mr. Hale ; Ned Blunt, Mr. Chapman j Don Antonio, by Mr. Gibfon ; Don Pcdro, Mr. Rofco ; Frederick, Mr. Bridgwater; Sancho, Mr. James. �lonaia, Mis. Walter; Valeria, Mrs. Hale 5 Moretta, Mrs. Mullart j Lucetta, Mrs.Dunftall. To which will be added a Farce, call'd The DEVIL T O P A Y > o r, The Wives Metamorphosed; The Part of Sir John Loterule by Mr. Hayman ; Lady Loteralef Mrs. Mullart j Jolifon, Mr. Dusftall j Nell, Mrs Dunftall. With Entertainments of Dancing between the Acl�, vix. \ End of Aft iil A Comic Dance, call'd Ltt Paifant Moifrnunrt, by Mr. Villeneuve, Mrs.Delagarde, and others. End of the Play. A Scotch Dance by Mr. Villeneuve, Mrs. DP lagarde, Mr; Richardion, Mr. Delagarde, Mrs. Lebrun, and Mr* Lefont. Places for the Boxes to be taken of Mr. Page, at the Stage-Doofi of the Theatre. To begin exa&ly at'Sir o'clock. GOODMAN 'S-F IELD S.-For the Benefit of Mifs STORY, andtUWidoio fiULETT, <wht was lately it* Trouble. AT the NEW WELLS the bottom of Ltmon-firttt, Goodman'i-Fii!d*, this Day, will be perform** Several tyew Exercifcs of Rope-Dancu g, Tumbling, Vaulting, and Equilibres. Rope-Dancing by Mont Janno, Mr. Hough, and Matter Morgan. Mr, William* will perform feveral New Exercifes on the Slack Rope. With Singing by Mr. Brett, Mr.Blogg, Mr. Cunningham, and Others, both in Englilh and Italian. Several Mafons Songs by Mr. Cunningham, in proper Cloathing. A humourous Defcription of Dea� Swift's by Mr. Cunningham. Dancing by Mr. Carney, Mr. Hayes, Mr.Granier, Mr. Chettle, Monf.Janno, Mrs. Hoogh, Mift Story, Mifs Davis, and Mrs. Rawlings. Likewife a Scotch Daaec by the two Mailers and Mifs Granier. With Variety of Tumbling by the celebrated Monf. Janno, Mr. Williams, and Mr. Hough. Mr. Williams (by Defire) will jump through a Hogfliead with Fire in it, and likewife over 16 Mens Heaids. The MORRIS-DANCERS willj perform a new Morris of Saw A Minuet by Mr. Carney and Mifs Story. And a Hornpipe by Mr. Wil iams. The Whole to Conclude with Several new Scenes in Grotefque Characters, Harlequin, Mr. Hayes; Colombine, Mifs Story; Don Cynthio, Mr. Chettle j the Clown, Mr. Hough. Boxes a a. Pit or Gallery 1 s. JVfl/�, Thofe who chufe Wine may have it at a s. a Bottle. Tickets to be had at the Tap-Houfe of the Wells. A T T H E PU NCH is made to the Height of Perfection, in any Proportion, and at the loweft Prices. AS ALSO BRANDY, RUM, ARRACK, and ORANGE SHRUB, by Wholefale, and are Retaled in any finall Quantities. To be SOLD ^ AUCTION,- On Monday the i^tb lnjlant, at Edmonton in the Couuty of Middlefex, about fix Miles from London ; AFreehold Eftate there, late belonging to Mr. WILLIAM HARTLEY, deceas'd. ConrifHng of * large Houfe in good Repair, Coach Houfes, Stabling for 9even Horfes, a Barn, Brewhoofe, Dovehoufe, and feveral other Out-honfes and Conveniences,with about nine Acres of Land. Part of which is a Garden, well planted and in good Order, with FjA-ponds well ftored, and the New River Water laid into the Houfe. The premifes ta be feen any time before the Sale. And on the fame and following Days will alf� be there fold by Auftion, The � Houlhold Goods, Plate, China, Ljnnen, a good Coach and Berlin, lata belonging to the faid Mr. William Hartleyw deceas'd. To be view'd three Days before the Sale. For further Particulars,.enquire at the faid Houfe; or of Mr.Hartley, in Hatton-Garden, Holborn. JiVfTtifcmtys y { wfattt y�#k *** taken in fer this Faptr at Two Shillings each.

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