Saturday, October 19, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Saturday, October 19, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 19, 1743, London, Middlesex an v !, Wind  Nadir hai � June,- LeMon,:� vmed it Smyrna. The Mary, M&efa?tem  Tie pirvate A^ ac&from inclined to ttoat on tnt cootniry* tnatne �pretended teke^theffland mamtimlum^mPofleffion * thereof by open Fnrce, he (the Schacty; then caofed his * Army, which coftfifts Fighting Men, (QJtfi* � vance towanls Bagdad, i^Uvio^bnclael^Erzeraro, � m order to meet the Torkiib. Army, and at ther fame � Time am*tlieDt the Sonobrji which t&Gmfcl SignorW * ha* �ceriiedX)rders to impart thirlTews to. thY^oart, * and to aHere the Emprefsof the ^reat Care which the * Schach will tife to Jfe^re the good Underfianding that * fabfifttbeh^^ two;�bpires.^  ' *  ^:y ^ Letters /rom Pre&etr, ii well as' .^jDi&defc; Elbirig; and; oth*t-Places of any* cxtraqrdicary, Movementrtihr $at> J^gdom^ ?ire qaite-gre^ufdTefe ;: and that his Polifh Majefty has, conformable to^ thej^firt pf ^^;Natwiy refohred to call a General 1^ forthwith, in Order to proVide for. the Atigmentarion c* theCiiewBArray. .'-'v.:'1 - ExtruSt tfvPriMtiXtMr midParit, dated 03: tu \\.-^v- - : v:; �.  * The Spaniards ha?ing been abfolotely determined to: * try their Fortune in Pkdmonv they'at firft ma'de them-' felvei Maflers of the Poft of phenal,' and <alfo;of the,. * Tower dultmt, wi& hardly any (%fiacle at all, the * Piedmontew baying undoubtedly: retired parpofely to * draw the Spaniards and the 14 French Batalljbns to their * Intrenchmenti at Danphin Caftle, where (bey were de- * feated with ^reat Lofs on the Part.of the French, the Mk> optheir Qoartert^lS^hine.* ' .: r azette.. Stocftottn, 03. �! ] ^^^1^1^? <& Sweden it net axrfred fce^; ^ Inft. as hb^oy^Highriek^f^ goes oat of the Koadt Ha�# th,*h�Bllitf .orltW^ Medwayi is very dangeroofiy ill 51 iii%ij^ia!ithappen^ that I mention!d toyoii Ae * Report Capt Pike made of Nine Sail of^^ls being s f taken off ornear |Ke^Br of Oporto; n e% a ftnet-^D. ! ojjiry�ade on dittj&ad, nnd jfcftlfc and without Foiin- l have Letters " �, dated three Day's beret*' the Captain's or �rfrpte ^Srtpi. dated three Dajfs befbte'the Captain's T^cape frost fcencerdott't mentioh 'any Veflel being taken,  bat ^.a)x)ve;~J thmk it neceflary to mention this to :''' rs\. Jam, &c. ;  We t hear from: Vienna, that we Qoeen of Hungary has nppinted a CmimiiiEon ^o, eioinin^ the Marqois 4e Botta :~0n |4o(may ,Iaft. arrived in Tow�r front the Arm)?, Colonel Towmend, one- of the Aid�de-Camps to his:MaV ^jefty.. { AndWithmthefe)ew,Daya:federal OfficersDfDiflintf. -^bnlKparr]^ ': : �� - � \;>; '��'Ji Thi PreiserSeaniencontinues as brifkas ever, in order to Mann the Fleet of u Sail (chiefly large;Shjpj>; which iarenovir: af Spithead, aoa wtcnded-'fer. fome Secret Expe* ditwtti ' ' . .' On Nfcto Jier Royal Higni^t^ Prlncefs jaccoiajMiiieflby. the Pjruecft^Amelttand.Caroune, ; w^^iricefter-Houfeiand took teavf Jof ijfeir Royal , Highnefles the Princeand'J^ceft'itf^^'^d,. r4>nMondayJaft; a ^neral Infpeaion Wat made at the Tower, of all the Utenfils.of the Barracks, belonging to aBacrflionof the Third Regiment of Foot-Goards, for the.lteceptionnf a Batallion of the Firft Regiment\& Foot- Gaards, onTudchy next. : 1 :: -1  r -. Yefterday at a Cbwi' of !�rd>$fayor andTAldermen at GuiWhaU, Richarb^J^witb, John Allen, and,.ivilliam Targett, were appointed Leathe&Sealeja> Ml^mwtf Richard Howes, Henry CouWmixid-W&m Wendoa. They write from Dublin, that. Grace the Lord Primate, the Archbilhop of Dablift, and ^Bimops'of Kil. dare, Derry, Down, and Ofloiy, have taken their Scats in the Houfejaf Eords there.------------ "" At the lame Time the Right, Hon; the Earl of Cavaa took his Seat. V ,. The fame Letters' menrJoh, ihat they have begun'to \ build a Linnen. ManufaOure at Hilflnrough id the County of Down j in digging the Foundation of which, v. at: found a great many Pieces of Silver, of the. Coin of X^ueen Elizabeth, Kine James I. and King Charles I. Lail Week died at his'Seat at HighrHall in Dorfetfliire, William Fitch, Efq; a GentlemaJkof a great Eftate in that County. For izzt Time psd a Gang of Rogne? ha^rinfeged Ed. monton. and Enfield, and robVd the Out-laoufts of ieveral Gentlemen-in and near,thofe Places, and taken away the Cl�aths belonging to their Servants, and Saddles, Bridles, &c. but we do not hear that they have as yet done any other M/fchieX. / . i'� . ;", S C Q't X A N D. Editdmrgbt.6a. 10. On; Wednefday laft xht Towi-Council wasifilled up; fo that it how.confifts of^ei�>Uow> Jng Permns, viz. John Coots, .Efij; 2i0rd Provoftf Thomas Allan, David. Ihglis, James Deans,Archibald- SteWart Member of Parliament for the City^ BaiUreij Hugh Ha-'jtiMS^ti&iMii Jfah* W<^iM^'Zlh Op TueiHay laft died aC his.Sni ilkj^biooke,'f hsthe Oinoty of Sorry, hisGrace John. Dokeof'AJwfe'and Greene widfe J^rdni 'hls^flp Ac dev�edhiirfefto^ Military tire,1 an'd; when not foil 17 Yearscf Agti, ^vltagular Proofs of his Valour, -He commanded aRe^ the Reign ofJEii�.W4niam, ajt^ in that of her Majefty.Qp^en Anne he ifetved in &veral Campamis under his^ Grace the Duke of Marlborough. He difi�%uimed; himlelf in the Attack'of St. MichaeU;rwhenJt,wa| takewbyStoon, be7 ing d)e&ft whVmoumM^^^^ theB*6k High Coinmumier^a t&Mfl^tni, imMj^'vfincethatlime/ he^ Ue&npjoyinews^^ia^^iheSmtel ^pfe hjanfitfalways as a true Patriot, andean able- ^^GlfiBii^l^iDeH^ was r .-t- . ' y ' ~ �.....- : .h: ; 1*-~-*--".. ' i iBank "Stock -148^1 '^'half. Ja^^lKtai^^-an'r^ft tt*Ur. iSoiith SealStock tij i ^ Ditto;'pH,An-' 4thti Pja^lflanino Price. Five pfct'Cetif. Bai^ Circulation2 li 17s,l6d. Pr. India-Bonds 41. VflSi^ a los. Prem. ,v Three and a half Salt Talfies iPrem; Tiffie^WsPhalf 1p^Cen� Eat^equer^tSr^rs^i naif' |>remi Three per^Cent. Ditto 2 Difc. LotterxXl " ti I. ojit^,^4^^^"^^"^*^-: 11 BANKRUPT^ iawes, ;,of Great Yutaqviiht^fotkky Rope* Walter WTwine-Spinher. Mathew Hewett, of Ludgate-HiU, London, Mercer. John Todd-, of Tunbridge-Wells, Vtnmei^JDMdTOlder, and Chapman. . --------- ! High Water this Day, at London-Bridge, atj^l^notes D R U R Y. L A AT the Theatre-Royal ini Drury-Lanc, To-morr�w, will be defeated a Comedy, callM The TENDER HUSBAND} OR, The Ac com PitiSH'ii- Fools.--------- ThcP&t of Capt. doinoQt bjr Mr.Gittard j.Oeninaitfen. Mr; I Wva&tmt;'Sir furiy pubi^, Mr. Morgan; Nuaiwi^ Mr.Y�te� j < Tiflin, Mr. TafWell { Pooace,. Mr.W. Gifiardj Mrs. ClstimofiC, 1 Mr caU'd ,..The~ L Y ING V A LET. . Tie Part of the Lying Vafct by Mr. Yates | Gayfcfsi.ft&�Aa-derfon; Jtjftice Guttle, Mr. TafweU j; Beau Trippit, Mr^eales Melifla, Mrj.Bennet; Mrs* Gadabout, Mn. Egertofl } Mrs, Trlppit, Mrs. King; Kitty Pry, Mrt, Yates, . ��� . ' - * At: C O M mo N P,R1,P es. Phtesfor the Boxes to be taken at the Stsge>Dpor of tke Theatre. To beaintxaaiy at Six oXiock. CO V E;N T-G A R D EN.' AT tKe Theatre-Royal in Covent^Gardch, this Day, will bepreftated � Comedy, cal** 1�, T > K The F U N � (R A 4 OR, ..... Grief A^la-Mode. '" , Tfie; Part of Lord Hardy by Mr.ilale } Lord Brampton^'by "Mr. cent 1 Lady Charlotte, Mrs.SteYens; Mademoi'felle D'Ejingk, Mrr. Molbrtj Mrt. Farthingale, Mi& Hillyard } Tattle�id, Mn. Mar-tin i kate Matchlock, Mr. Stoppelaer j And the Part of Lady Bronjpton by Mrs. Hotton. ..... , To vhkb will he kiSei a, farce of ons A&i calTd " 4 ' M O C K-D O C T O R; ^ ThePirt of the Mock-D^r bj^MrvDonflall; StrJalper,>Mr Rdlcajlieahder, by Mr. Hayman; Harry, Mr.Carr ; Jame�, Mr. Anderfon ; . Welih Davy, ;-Mr. Hippifley { Hellebore, 'Mr. Rideut  ^Robert, Mr. Moaeea$ Charlotte, Mn. Norman | "To begin exaftly at Six 'o'clock.- -r ;� G O O D, M A N!S& 1 ErL I? Si- T the NEW ^EI^LS theJjboitom of _Ltm*'foit, ,&*t^s-Xiil&;ibikDay, w^bepeifecm'i The 17 S OALiDrV^R S TO^$. ;t ;/:.v)^tB:-Rj^Daflcing"by'� ;".'"*.".,. Monf. JANNOi - Mttnf. Gniliome, and Mr. Hough. ? Daacbf by.:.Mr��amey, the two* Mafiera and MiftGruiei4 Mijfe. I , - Stortr, MriCnettlei Mr.:Hayet, and Mrs.HpugW. . * And TUMBLING by- '^^^ Monf. JANNO;B-JWiw/MoweY and Mr, Hbogh. ' Several New Soagi by Mr. Brett, Mr. Cunningham, and-MnrHJlI? With ^e%enl NEW EQU1LIBRES by the RUSSIA BOY, whs perfanw feveral entire new BaHanrta. A\ I And a Ne> Mb&RIS^DANCE never perform'd upon;aayiStage bf. � JS i X P^^XS^D ANti&l^, To wbtcn wail be added, ^eresalr�ew Scenes in GroteifBe Cha- I f . .^.taCfcrt^camd-';' ; '[�,:.' ,V , r !The S AILORg F^OORE SS.; : v:.;--. v,,,cv:::,-: ,:^^-R' ^'^';V-- ^'''^^ ,V'' ' : -the Htfaotis of iWaf^iVgSteprKy. ; ThePart�ftIhde4iia/tyMr.i^erj Co#^M^.St�T.f. /Cunningham* Mr�&n�r,"*n<i MantGranieri* �^w^.^.l.j^^^1M|5^0^A Mut&^th iritis Dawdle, ; ". ^eWholetoCcachtdewith aDivertingDane!^oU^l ^ H U MQ U # S W TI iVI E S;" y 9&iSawrl - riMx/ukfilingatiretfam. 7' ^wmr Om wiff teqdmtud fir a Pint efHfa*-j^Mj�e$^ i^-=Mc^'tSulL10Ml^ill throw a Swneriet^ �rejp Jweaqr Mens Heads,- .^v'^y vVil^--'*^ *'*''"*' 9: art i . a . . .  fir i u:

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