Thursday, October 10, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Thursday, October 10, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 10, 1743, London, Middlesex .eVso^ijAv- 'from St.'fC&t^t' r ^Xegiom Minifter has compkined,-i I* Sa&fa^bri-fdf it); !*< <9igeeh;- ha* promifed to give / ie*ned & thje Queftion/ i - Our LAdriGesirom-Spire arc dated the,9th Ii�ft. N.S. -ind' In^Ulis^^e^aa^^PrbTifionsand Fornree in Sar-j diniaJTMajetiy's Ratification the Treaty.Bgaed at Worms, i the 13th of4aftsBdonth. Baron Wafner experts every Day i the Queen.of Hungary** Ratification. It has been refolved,-j by onVoftfe&fot Articles of that Treaty [1743- Wiod W;N;Vv\ The Mary, Leigh, from the Soath-Kjiys, is Jamaica. r;; tv:-3*: . add Richard and Ala- 's-thea, from Mabone; Stockholm; *Dimbar> from , Tripoly} Succefi, Linthpm j and Gibraltar Packet, Coo-' per, ^rowlasghotn;: Endeavour, M^rty/from"Aticotta; Harnigs, Ofwdl^frd^Xererpopl} Indottry;, Bryant, from OirW^lifcytyGaily, i&iufcu^^^ CHarHj]Ap^QQmesr] ^ant, ,Whitwapd-4 anditbo Golden-Eagle, HintonV fr^^New^Wndfauidj .andx-the Riixley,. Bafhley r fend^dbinfon Crufoe, rWhite; from London, are' arrijred^iGjbraltar. L ON J> Q N. Sincftour^Jflrr1v ^aili foniBnmccm&&&&ad. Lc^te^fro^etCTibarg -of*he tyrhrof JaflrMohth, NiS. His Majeftys Shi^&ft LttdroW-Caule, Capt. Stevens; :l(ai^d7IW%maicf"C!B -the i(t of Augoft, ^^\aboot'4p, SMp> as&rher dSpyi *4 of which were boiwd to London. On Friday Njght dieS at his Hoaft. in Shyerboarn-lane, i Mr. J^arrin, tme of the moll eminent working Silverfmiiha i in this dtyV '' � ... \. ... On Thorfaay-laft-aied fadaaAj, at the Crown at GdiM- to invite feye-. advife, that GeneralfKeith was atoty Ikfletf for .Stockholm wifir iiiOdo EaiS ^Foircesi} aM � ihat' 'Adnnral Gal- lowin had received OrderVtafet (aO. Rr"jC^�croon, with thf So^oadron'trader his Command, withoiit'waifing for the-* four Frigates that were'faktiie-in Proirifions fbf *he ^ald it as H!r^anHh>l^a5etlyt ^^^JljjnoB' hit, *vtKelira�&]t w- Hoi-' ^Article wHI ii^accepied^' Sftfadron. The Emprtfi has- decrared,;  tha^ffie witf fend\ the Swedes 20,000 Men more, if ,thpyTwant fo many; in the-mean rime a ReinroRC^entiof iboQMen>tf�oing after GweVy^Cdth.wiiliaiewInflni&'onv^- -5 '.� Advices from CoperiugenfiS thet^th Inflant, N.S.. fay, that'mdft of the Foreign Mirjiferi tave^ ma^e':R^iefenta-. tions to the Coint cohcermlpcthe W^like Preparations1 a-gainft Sweden.;''^i$:^itdKM:A^ A?^^^l^Utsi a^ejto^acc^n^oi^^^a^^b^iMean^jofa .Match'between the King of Denmark's only Daughter and ihe Sue ceflbf to1 the Crowtf ^of'SWede: iWin, Itiido^tedrwhethet^^* and therefore^ they think aWar is^mavoidable. Twor^Re--' glnlenWof emra^ere,vw^rfthe FobKGuaMSahd'AelBody. of Grenadiers, have' etitei^dieuC%ip. that is forming tear CopenhJgen,".fwhich^"u^ Men. Yet" feme wHlrhave it, triattheresisKopwdf Tnaking op "'the' Bifp�e-b^w�ea'ammbrk lias declared again, upon Cmbaftader,-, that he never iiad any^andtin^rthe? Mdtidtu of Uie Dalecarlians.- fuch- Prac^eesibeing beneath hhn. ; ' Letters from Briancon and Chanberryfay^/diar^the1 Infant Don Philip was! toliave attacked^the PJelimdnteze ihe ift orWInitant,N.S. They eipeft to hear'thai;theiOpe-:' xatioos.i^veiegutt with the Siege ofI)aophiQ-daft!e, ^fier which his Royal Highaefs.i&ta take-in b^nd"-^ Demont. i I Anny coin^if;-tipWa^�f::4^o,^6o'^ including 14 Batalljons,of French Troops. They reckon' that the King of Sardinia has no more- than 27 BataUions,! and 12,000 Militia-or armed Peaiants. Ltttur from Vitnnat&etei OS. 2, N.S. 4 A,Report has prevailed hereof late, that,the Marquis tie Botta;'. formerly* Eivoy Extraordinary. tpt^BCpurt of �.,Ruffiar and aauallyjMinjn^^lenipoto at the Court * of Berlin, has been concerned in the Affair difcqvered at �-PeterIburg. " A Maniftfld� Wo(^:^^^'finm."^iat * City,'wheieittthis ChaTgeagainffthe^ Marquii is.looked � upon as a real Facl:At the.fame-Time the Ruffian JMi-^niflerherg received Qrders to demand Saturaclioa for it * of the Queen. The>Marquis- de Botta hearing of thefe *rT4Hngs>%as^Jefired herrMajetty to^^recaH himtaarf give _ himJrave to.cpme to Court, that, he may "Clear .hunfelf *' fr^^^lackaifc A^aQon. His ^edfcney has writ a LecceFtoi Ffiendofihisat Courts wherein he expreSei * himlelf as'follows: _ ' : '� '�-I^cannofi help being exceedingly furprifed to find my-�, fqlf cbajrged with a Thing fo oppo�te to my Chancier, *i;ani^i:^oada& I bavehjthertt) obferved ^Howeverf j �� look upon it as a CaJumny invinred by the^O^eeri's Enei � ?j^;ir;the Fac^ Her Cza-'Irrini^ajeSy'sMaiufefto.mentions ,nothing;againftme, *' but the Depositions of Perfons,. whofelntereft it was to ";lay thff Blame upon fomebody elfe, and does hot contain any convincing Proof that I was concerned., with them. *V Tdcbhfpire.againft the-Sovereign of the Country^ where �f 'a^aa rejfdes, is altogether as contrary to the -Characler Hi.of a publickiMinifter as it is to 'that of an honed Man. f* 'fetteribyfelf; that I neverdid^any Things againft- the � Duties of eitHef 6f:thefe^Ch^faSaers.? I ever had' for herCzarifli Majefty all the Refpett which fo great a, Trlncelirffeteives^nd I dare hope that Jbe.'wllTnot refufe ,todo Juftiee totbe Reafons Ihave tooffcr in my Behalf ': concerning this'Affitr."________ j ral Ppjvers tp'accedle to it, among whom are the Republicks j) oflt^oaT&TVehice. ' Several Councils have" Been held" in ; the King's Prefenfctabout rthe Winter Quarters; the Plan of them is already draws up, according to which the Troops are to be, diftributed ^ong the Rhine from Worms to : Menta, -and from thence to Cablentz, and Triers. By {this I Djfppfition the Allies will be,in. a Condition toobferve the j Moqontof the, French, in Cafe they make any this Winter; f and the Huflars and Light Horfe will be Jcept at hand to I harrafi them during theSeafon. Prince Charles of'Lor-\ rain's^Army Wfll take up Winter Q^a^ters in Swabia^ and -i Part of the Croats, .'Pandoures, and^othei:irregular Troops, ' willbeieft inthe'BlackForeft, in order taJseep the French : Pofts in perpetual Alarms during the Winter. It was upon ; this Account alone that his Britannick Majefty fent the Velt-Marihkl Count Brown to Prince Charies. By die f Letters,which, we; received Yelterday, from that Prince's I Head* Quarters at Hocbtfetten,' we findriut the : theMW At^pt thty made thejothof laftMomh to pafs ' the Rhine,, killed and;wounded about 100 of the French, . tho'the latter were above twice as many in Number. Part of the Fomficatfons of old Brifack being ruined, his Serene Highnefs hasihojightJt to. dcmoliih the reft ^ima$iQf-*Vii&fw u, N.5. L�.^A(fc*idittg-� A^ceswhkh arejqftcome to-hand, the �.'l^g^f^reatiB^^Hh�olranged-his1 Mind, jn;regara '* to attacking the French,^^in theh* Linesrat Laiitefbourg, * jed - his Majefty; - was actually, decamping from Germer-?*4heim, in^^errito^eturn'to ttoCamp of Bribarick, by �^his^Way of ^Spire,; Worms and Mente. It is -{aid,, this *^ha^ been -.c^afiobted \by;InteHrgenc'e;,, that almoil the 'pwhpie' Army of M|B^^ [Noaillea wa^ come back to the ;Line5,.-and thal>4largeBody of Troops, which. was ^icomiag ftom the Frontiers^f Lorrain to Landau, might ''have'lallen opon the Rear bf the Confederate Amy. Accoi'dtng to Advices from'Paris, of the nth Inftant N.S. Prince Charles of Lorrain had made frefh Attempts to pafs-^e Rhine,-was repulfed with Lofs, and he is now very much puzzled about putting his Army into Winter-Qga,, left the. French mould pafs the River and attack him, while he is dividing his Troop ; and yet it. feems he muft> ga intQ Winter-Quarters, the C^een of Hungary having fent himOrderstto do fo,: in cafe he could not pafs the Rhine by the loth Inftant, N.S. The Dutch Auxiliaries, they fay, are reduced, to 9000. Men by Sickneftand Defer-tion. M. xie Court, Commandant of the Toulon Squadron,; has Ordea to put to Sea with 20 Ships of the Line of Battle^ and� {bene Frigates.  Le^tert.^nt"Piris bt the 16th; Jnftaut, N.S. fay, that Priftce'1 ChaVlw -bf Ldi'rain had taken a Tour to the EngHflKSamp, and had -a Conference with his Majefty, and that they parted very ill-fatisfied with each other. Six tboufand-Men of the Garrifon of Metz have begun their March for.,the'Rhine. Prince Charles, has brought a great fart oFhis: Army down the Rhine as far as Fortl^ehl; but this they only-give ap a Report: Forrage and Provifions are �very fcarce in that Army. The Engliih and Dutch Troop s began'theijr March the ioth Inftant for Neuftadt, Triers, iiC in Q^derto -tatie up Winter-Quarters in the Auftrian-Netherlands';  As for the Hanoverians ai||^Ie{fians, they go Home ; and the/Duke of Aremberg ftayson the Rhine 'till further> Orders.* Marfhal Noaillei's Arttjy is to file off forthwith to the Mofelle, in order to obferve^the Engliih in their.Retrcati'i;The tnianr Don. Philip's Army arrived be-fbrel^uphin-Caftlej the feth- Inftant, and thcMiquelets, who made Part of the firft Column, had already entered the MounitainsV and^driven the Piedorrooteze Peafants from three Pofts : The heavy Cannon from Grenoble was aclually arrived in the!Camp :...A malignant Feyer.:rages-amoDg the Spanifti Troops^ and has already carried off a good Number of them!--; been NigHt of; the Cholick, and .as foon as he got up, he call'd a Servant of the Inn, and Jf<?nt '.' him for ferine Geneva and Sparemint, whichhie intended ta take ; but when the Servant carried .it np, to his: great., i Surprize he.foundMr. Wrightfon dead, his Body lying ; haft out of: the ;Room, .afld,on< his iFace. ' . On Saturday laft at Nopna-Fellow had the Impudence to-^ake a Great Coat from behind the Coach of Captaia Peirae, one of the Dire^dors of the London Infurance in Cornhill, whilft the Footman ftept into the Office to {peak to his Mailer ; and a -Hackney-Coachmen being fn the Confederacy with the Villain, concealed the "fame in the Boot of his -Coa�h;-bat being detee^d, thiey were .both, carried before the Lord Mayor, who committed them to |; the Compter.  * *- ExtraS of a tetter fromTonfaiitbleau, 08. 7, N.S. . * The ift of this Inftant lea Defmoifelles Anne and Jane?-ton Auretri, and Mr. Delamain had the;Honour of Dancing before their Majeflies the King and Queen of France, the Dauphin, the Princeffes, and a numerous' Court, with the grea:eil,Applaufe ; and on the 3d their Majefties honour'd them with an Order to Dance again: On their Departure,-by Order of their Majefties, the . Duke de Gefvres preferred each of the Defmoifelles Au-retti with a Gold Snuff-Box, of confiderable Value; and Mr. Delamain with 600' Livres, with the higheft Compliments on their Performance.' B A N K R U P T S. Thomas Pigott, Jate of Upper Thames-ftreet, London, Plumber. John Commainge, of Compton-ftreet, io the County of Middlefex, Grocer. Pell Grenhill, late of the Strand, in the County of Middlefex, Haberdafher and Hofier. ' High Water this^e, � tS.Minjie^ after 4. .  B�nk Stock 148 1 Jaalf. Jlndi% D<tto. j90 i^ths". -booth Sea Stock in 3 8thsa ihalf. Ditto Old Annuities 115 3 8ths. Ditto New 113 7 8ths a 114. Three .per Cent. Annuities 101 3 4ths. Ditto 1742, 101 3 4ths. JJUyj 1743, too a 1 8th. MiLonBank ng. Equivalent in. Royal Affiuance . 80. London Affurance ri 7 8ths. Englifh Copper4-1.. 10 s. -Seven per Cent/Emperor's Loan no Price. Five per. Gent, ditto 79. New Bank Circulation -2 1. 15 s.-Ptem. India Bonds 4I. 18 s. Pr. Three and a half Salt Tallies 3 Pr. Three and; a T the Theatre - Royal in5DruFy-LaDe, ,TorD?orTpw, wiJI be prefeoteda Cflmcdy, caJi'd The S T R A T A G ,E M. ^ The Part of Archer by Mr. Giffard j AimwelJ, Mr. Delaue j Bon-oiface, Mr;Bridg*i} Scrub, Mr. Yates j Sullen, by Mr.Winftone ; Foigard, Mr.- TafwelJ} Gibbet, Mr. Neale j Sir Charles Freeman, Mr. Anderfon. Dorinda, Mrs. E. GifiaTd ; Cherry, Mrs/ lUddiit; Lady Bountiful, Mrs. Edgerton } Gipfy,,Mi6 Horfington j ^nd the Parr of Mrs. Sulleov by;;Mra. Qi&rd* WJth Entertaipments, at will be ejprels'd in the. Bills of the Day. Places for the Boxes to be taken at. the Stage-Door of the Theatre* To begin exactly at Six o'Clock. COVEN T-G A R D E N. There is a Houfe taken in Pall-Mall for the Right Hon. the Earl of;Stair, who is daily:eipeaed fron>.Holknd. Laft Night their RoyarHighneffes the Prince and Prin-,cef5-,af-Wales-arrived at.Catiion^Houfe, from Ciiefden. The Brother of the Bafbaw of Tetuan, with his four Sons and 42 Moors, have lately taken Refuge in Gibraltar, and.brought with them 2006,000 in Gold.^ T the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden, this Day, will beprefented a Comedy, call'd The DOUBLE GALLANT, j O R, �The Sick Lady's Cure. The Part of the Double Gallant by Mr. Chapman j Sir Solomon SadlifeJ- Mr. Hippifley; Carele/s, Mr. Hale j Cleriraoat, MttCa-ftell j Sjlvia, Mrs. Vincent j Lady Sadlife, Mxs.Walter j Clarinda, Mrs. Stevens j and the Part of Lady Dainty, by MrtvHorton. '' - To which will be added a Farce, call'd The L YIN G VALET. The Pari of the Lying Valet by, Mr. Woodward j Gayleis, Mr, Carr; Dick (the Drunken Cook) Mr. Hip'pifley t Juftice Guttle. Mr. Dunflalli.BeauTrippit, .Mr.Mozeea. MeHSa, Mrs.Dunfl�Uj Mtt. Gadabout, Mrs. Mullart j Mra.Trippit, Mils Allen j And the Part of Kitty Pry by Mils Hippifley. With Entertainments of Dancing between the AGts, End of AclII. A Serious Ballet, by. Mr. VLIleaeuTe, Mn.Delagarde, and others. . .End of-.the. Play. A new Scotch Dance by Mr. Villeneuve, Mrs. Delagarde, Mr. Richardfon, Mr. Delagarde, Mrs, Lebrun, arid Mrs. Lefont. At COMMON PRICES. Places for the Boxes to be taken of Mr. Page, at the Stage-Door of the Theatre. To begin exa&ly at Six o'clock. Jdwrtifemnts a mudsryt ientfb art taken in far tbisPaferat Tw* Shillings eask. ^ 0

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