Friday, September 27, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Friday, September 27, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 27, 1743, London, Middlesex . ----- ---- T 0 � ,S DA Sep t b�i b e r 17, i 743- ......; a Epps, r-from ^6^ed^ai:^mtl^rtti, ifiaifc^oes, is arnyed at'JsWaaca^ bogla&, from Antigua, at Cape The St. Ferdinando, Lamqnte, ^finom Jamaica, at. Ban-try, 'inJr&ntf0*^^> ;o';Y :�' ^v'V ThefSaMy*  Cole, AomLondon, al.Genoa. ; The Sophia;.Freeman,:from*Boftbh; at Leghorn, the Kingdom ;-)b\>t the Corfican Senate and � th^ Tribonals ] that are to-tie eftabliQied; as will be fhewn hereafter, fhall' '' alone have trie Right of doing ic for the Good of the Kingdom ; and in-the mean time, the 7iw7//fhall be pat upon " the ancient Footing, i.e.' a Livre//r Chimney.| 6. A Pardorifeallfe granted to iUPerfonj, of whatever Quality or Condition they he, even to fuch as have been put ' in PrifoA, ieither upott Sufpicion or for haying been concerned 'i in the paft-or prefent Trouble*. hly ob- fejved, that (ihe. Republick j fhall frecLy- reHnqoifh all the - I^nds and Places belonging to Communities or private Persons, that have been taken from the Corficans, and then . make", an * exprefs Declaration, that the Fifcal. of Genoa . (hill never .more, have k^tS^t\^iaS&^ knyjThuig in this Kingdom, agreeablei Itegidatba.mluie'fo long as the?Y�ar y.?r>V.' rtm'-h.t:.^ ���� .v,. ... 7;ftwill te^rffperUoenUrge/urthet on the 6thA'rticle; > but no DifficuTty� 1half be made7 to dejiberafc. on the) two Demands (hat haVe?been made comxro^g BeneficeBiri tbe Churchy -atid Employments in the Stpte, nor to fac^itate fe'^bepufy"orfWea&carisi* tvho fhall'make a ^Piole to Brandimawe, Mark'and ietry,;-his Colleagoes,- M. jCimpi Report v , 8. Theibove Articles fhall take PIace-fofoon;� the Troubles oeaTe/ and the People give Proofs of their Submiffion Yo"jKir^e>eTg�jtanrtK9"t6v'commenc^ �thathri�xceJlencjrfhanfixflpon., . J 'AnTww^The Troubles fhall ceafef ^ Mtfment that the :; ;^^Wick reihbyw^?!p^fe �, of them, j by beginDJng $, ^�jg^^0^^t(^ a^d pftice, and; forbearingmake' ; Attempts on the Livi^i, the Honour; and; Efbites of private: Perfbns, a^ fhehath^done heretofore. � ' :; - r :- \Dont-dt Baftia\ibe 16t& of June if43ji N&~ ': Befides thefe Anfwera to the Propofals of the Republick, the Corficans hayeTalfo made, hew Demands ;�which is 'the ~ Jteafonwhy the Senate of G�np^have'taken fo mucu'Care )ri$^;ai^^ . , ;' Ac^tfding to - the Aavices arrived by the laft French � Mai^Marf&l Noaiilei: has been joined by all the Houfhold � Troops/ and was gbihgtb Fort Ltrnis, in'order to pais the Rhioe, While Marfhal Co%oy does the fame In another' jPlace; thVtDefign of which is to bring Prince Charles of ^Lprrain between two Fires^ or force huii to*ietrear: For f thia Puipofe! they^ve .g6t. Rridges in '� readings' ia;t Fort il^uis,, Hnhniag^ieh aci ^helefhtdt; ^u^jfeen^vfrj^)p^den^;, !of:Sfaccefsj becaufe,; &y- fheyv'theAjj^c^o^ihm ibr fllould the Latter force ihe Lines of wieffembot^'and; . LauterbbUrgr which is-a Mr. John Goodchild, an eminent Linnen-draper in London, on account of the fignal-Service he has done to the'Scots Linhen Manufactures. ' On Saturday laft two Men difputing who ihould be firft ferved-withftWater at, the Nether-bow Well,-, one of' them ftabbMth'eotherwitha;Fork, andI'twiftingit about, the? .Forklftutkjdeepin his;Breaft, while the Haft came -away. The W'ound is very dangerous, and 'tis thought/he cannot recover. I R E L A N. D. Dublin, Sept. zo. His Majefty has-been pleas'd to figtt ^-^JC3onimiffion;. 'dated-atihit' Head'Qs8!^3'''^ ^foniw,; the zcuh'ofAuguft, O.S. 1743. appointing Charles Bucknall, EfqV to be-FortMajbr of his Majefty �� Fort of Duncannon, in the County of-Wexford.'V. * - OnTucfday.laft two large Ships bound for Liverpool, and Part of tbe Fleet from Jamaica/put into Cork without Mafts, and much damaged. ', We hear from ^Antrim; 'that on? Pi!%i laft lfflrs, j &�\i&\ifoj �i flailed at St; PatTick*8?Church^ . r 'LmericHStpt-16. Uft Weejcdttdi �. hei' Seat5��r-Nathkeal; N&s.Ag^Southwell;,Re|^^p^dSouthV j well, Efq; atady of a v%:go64 CharagBr.^v 'l/'^'-'>'� ' Laft Night a Fire^broke MtJm a-Houte'm Mungwt^ ' Lane, which burnt wriCfuch.^oleh^ with � two or three other Hotties adjoining to it, confumed to j A^hes in lefs than two Hours Time, i - : ' " ' " HighWab^ thjs^ after j. . Bank Stock;iMK India j>ittoiify'.t half. \South SeaStock 111-ifil^rt 4th. Ditto-Old Annuities ny 1 8th a 14thi Ditto New 1135 8ths. Three per Cent. Annuities toi jSthsa 3 4thsi Ditto 1742�~.1 r'. S' a 3 4ths.. Ditto 1743, 99 3 4AS a 7 8ths; . Million BadK 119;; Equivalent in... � Royal-Allurance ;8o'. London Affurance 11 7 Sths/ Eng^Copper 41. 10.3. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan no Price.' Five per Cent, no Price. Uank Ciroulation^ 6 V. 7 s. 6 d. Prein. Ladia Bonds 41. 16 s. a .17 s. PWmv .Three and a half "Salt Tallies 3 Pr. Three and a half per Cent. Exchequer Order 5 Prem. Three per Cent. Ditto no Price. Lottery Tickets 111; 7 �. ^ : _ :: D RU R Y li A .N Ef By His Majefifs C&mp&ny'of Comedians T the Theatre - Royal in Driiry - Lane, tbis D�j, will be preiented tbe Tragedy of C A T O. " '.' '" -W�ttea bv the hte Mr, Addtfira. ' The 'But of Cato by Mr, Dclane; Seinpiohioi, Mr. GiSaid % The Part of J�ba hy. a GENTLEMAN j Syphar, by Mr. Bridges; Portius,. Mr.W. Gifiardj Marcos, Mr.* Crofs 1 iucwiL Mr.Winftone j DednSj. Mr. TafwelL Marcia by Mm. Roberta ; Loda, MiswBeaaet^ To which will be added a farce of T^oASs, call'd The LYING Y A L E T. , The Part of the Lying Valet by; Mr. Yates } Gaylefs,. Mr. An-derfon; jaftice Guttle, Mr. Tafwell j Btira .Tnppit, Mr.Neale; Meliila, Mrs.Benoet; MrsJ Gadaboot^ Mri. Sgefton j Mrt.Trippt, Mr�.Kingj Kitty^Pry, Mn.Vafes. : ' At ftJD M M O N PRICES.  pjacei for the Botfi id be taken at the Stage-Door of the Theatre, V To begin exactly at Six o'clock. CO YEN T G A R D E N; AT the Theatre-Royal i n; 0>ven t - Garden, . To-morrow, will be prefented. the Tragical HiAory of King R I CHAR D the/ Third. / " ContaiBihg, TheTJiftreffes and Death of King Henry the Sixth, The artful Acquifidon of the Crown by King Richard, The Murder of young King Edward V. and his Brother in the Tower, � The Landing of the Eari of Richmond, And the Death of King Richard in the memorable' Battle of Bofworth-- -Field, being the laft. that was fought ^between the Houfes- of York and Lancafter. -, . - . With many other Bifforical Pafiageu , : � "The Part of King Richard ;by Mr". Ryan j King Henry, by'Mr. Bridgwater j Earl of Richmond, by Mr.^HafcjTrefly, Mr. Chap-, man.} - Prince Edward," Mifs Hippifley j Dutcb^cfa of .York, Mrs. Woodward; Lady Anne,' Mrs. Hale; Buckingham,'Mr. Cathell j Stanley, Mr. Rofco j Norfolk, Mr.Stephens; Catefliy, Mr. Gibftnj Tyrrell, Mr. Carr j Lord-Mayor^ Mr. Marten; Ratcliff, Mr.An-derfon; Lieutenant, Mr. Ridout j Oxford, Mr. Bencraft; Duke of York, Mifs Morrifon ; ....." .And the Part of Queen Elizabeth by Mrs. HortOHJ i To begiaexaclly at Six o'clock, -n'. . of- To the Worthy Liverymen of the City London. GENTLEMEN, . <v*a U are dejired. to meet your Brethren this X Day, at Siree o'Cloei in tbe Afternoon* at Ftntners-HaUitiThatnei~Jireett in order to eonjider of. ^mo-proper Perfons foSeKreturn'd to tbe Court of Aldermen at tbe Com* men-Hell to beheld'onThurfday Jo ?i r^*^?^ Ms Pater* 7wtf SkWngi each i -3* A '2

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