Saturday, August 17, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Saturday, August 17, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 17, 1743, London, Middlesex IS *Tbe Loo4oft:Oa3y Poft, Dtal, Augufl 15. BISMortring^edfor tfie-THtft* [ his Majefty's Ship the Ruby. Remain in the Downs his Majefty's Ships the Borfetlhrre and Shrewfbiiry, the Deptford's Prize, and the Difpatch Tender. Wind N.E. Graveftni, Augujl 44. �Pafs'd by the -Catherine, Rowlatfon, from Rotterdams and Thomas from -. .aad Hannah, Aaron, L O DO N. Ycflerday arrived the Mail frW Flanders. Ex/ra3 of a Letter from Pvn's, Augujl 19, N'.S.  It has been decided in a late Council that the Privateers � of France fljall have Xeave to.go on with their Arma- * ments, and that they fhall be exempt from all Admiralty � Fees or Duties, the King, having refolved to allow the ' High Admiral 50,000 Crowns *>er Annum, as aa Indem-� nificatien for tbofe Fees, as long as the War lafb.  Laft Friday the Marquis de la Chetardie fet out for < Peter/burg, where he is to nftde again with the Character * of Embaffador from his Majefty. We hear from Metz, � chat Marshal Belleifle arrived there the 1 ith Initant, and ' immediately demanded 20,000 Crowns of that City, the < Fortifications being a little out of Repair. � We talk of eftabltfhing a new Trading Company i if < this Proj:& takes Place, we (hall then have feven foch < Companies; we are likewife informed, that a certain  Sum of Money will be levied from every one of them.' Letters from the Hague fay, that notwithftanding the Pretexts of the Marquis de Fenelon and the Count de Sintz-heim, they are now pretty pofitive that thofe two Mini-fters are gone to Aix la Chapelle to confer with the King 4�f.Pruffia, who, they don't doubt, will take a Trip to that City, notwithstanding the laft Letters from Berlin make no mention of foch a.Journey. From tbt French Camp at Benbtim, Augufl 12, N.S.  The Troops thai compofe the Flying Camp under the ' Command of the Count 4e Clermonr, are exercifed every YChefaut Gelding, Bucephalus. And on Friday the 50 1. in Specie, for Four Year Old Horfes, was won by Mr. Metcalf'� Chefnut Mare, Lady Ca> olint. The Flying Mercury, Pahl $ St. Paul, Clopenbourgh; Unity, Carlteens; and Lady Elizabeth, Hewfon, from Hamburgh, are arrived in the River, richly laden. f On Friday laft died at Tunbridge- Wells, Henry Collyer, Efq; Ute of BreamVfiuildings, greatly regretted by all who knew him ; and who, tho' labouring under many Years Infirmities, was nev�r known to repine, but was ever refign'd to the Hand of Divine Providence. On Monday died at Uxbridge Mrs. Lawfon, Wife of Mr. Lawfon, formerly an Apothecary in Conduit-ftreer, near Hanover-fquare. Yefterday Morning about Two o'CIock, Jacob Cordofa a Jew, and John Eyres (both condemned at the Seffiow at the Old-Baily, the firft for Burglary, and the latter for a. Highway Robbery in Company with James Cropp, who was executed for the fame, but were both fince ordered for Tranfportation) having faw'd off their Irons, and taken two Bars out of their Window, got into the Street by the Help of a Rope, and made off; fevcral others were ready to come down, but the Keepers being alarm'd by a Man and Woman who were coming through the Gate, they were fecur'd in the Old Condemn'd Hold, and diligent Search is making after Cordofa and Eyres. On Monday laft the Wife of Mr. Jackfon, a Gardener, was ftopp*d near Brampton by two Foot-pads, who robb'd her of 71. and fome Halfpence, and made off towards Chelfea. Yefterday Richard Cobley was committed to Clerken-well BrideweB, by Col. De Veil, upon the Oath of Mr. Patrick Leefon, for being concerned in felonioufly picking his Pocket of a Silver Watch, found upon him. On Saturday laft one dark, a Cobler, foon after his Return from hearing Mr. Wefley preach at the Foundery near Moorfields, went home to his Lodging in Nettle ton-Court in Alderfgate-ftreet, and hang'd himfelf in a Clofet in his Room. He has left a Wife and feveral Children behind him j and for a Man in fuch a Bofinefs, h#, 'tis faid, died rich. From the London Gazette. Pettrjbourg, July 23. Laft Wednefday Night theEm-prefs came to Town from Peterhoff, to fee a new Palace which is finifhing with all poffible Expedition for her Imperial Majefty's Refidence, fne intending to celebra.e here the Feftival of the Peace on the 25th of the next Month, for which great Preparations are making. Her Majefty returned Yefterday Morning to Pererhoff. On Tuefday next Prince Sherbatow is to fet out for Hanover, with the Character of Envoy Extraordinary and Minifter Plenipotentiary from her Imperial Majefty to the King of Great-Britain. Stockholmt July 29. The Nobles came to the Refolution, in the Plenum on Tuefday laft, to fend a Deputation to the three other Orders, to intercede in Favour of General Lo-wenhaupt, but the Clergy and Peafancs abfolutety refufed mitigating the Sentence pronounced upon him ; fo that the neceflary Preparations are making for that General's Execution To-morrow. Stockbslm, Augufl 2. Laft Saturday, being the Day appointed for General Count Lowenhaupt's Execution, feveral Detachments of the Horfe and Foot Guards were pofted round the Scaffold, as is ufual on fuch Occafions. The Executioner was Hkewife there; but when the Detachment, ordered to conduct the faid General jo the Place of Execution, came to receive him, they were told he had, the fame Morning, made his Efcape through a Hole that had been cut under his Bed, and led into an Apartment which belongs to Major General Wrangel, the Colonel of the Guards. He was out of Town, but a Perfon, with whom he always leaves the Keys, and who is gone off with General Lowen-haupt, was perfuaded to come into this Contrivance, in order to fave the condemned General. This Affair raifes a great and general Murmuring here. Two Nights before General Lowenhaupt made his Efcape, he was allowed to be without a Guard in his Room. Vienna\ Augufl 14, N.S. The Queen of Hungary was fafely delivered Yefterday in the Afternoon of a Prmcefs. S A J> L E R's-W E L L'fir AT SADLKR's-WELLS, adjoining t� the New-River-Head, this Day, will he perform'd The USUAL DIVERSIONS. With Variety of Tambling and Vaulting by Monf. GUILIOME, Moaf. DAVID, wul'Signdr f RANCISCQUE 5 Rope-Dancing by the two MiTs RAYNERS; Poftures, and feveral new Equilibres, by Mr. Rayner ; . Wit!h feveral Entertainment! of Dancing (both Serious and Comic) by Monf. Froment, Mr. Davenport, Matter Matthew*-, Mr. Pelling, Mr. Olbeldifton, Mr. Miles, Mr. Rayner, Mr. Ciagget, Mr. Deli-falde, Mrs.BuUotk, Mw.La Font, MifsWright, Mr*. Phillip*, Mift King, Mrs. Valloh, Mn. Anlley, and Mik Rayner { "With feveral new Songs by Mr. Hemfeirlc and Mi6 HILLIER. To which will be added. The LYON K O U S'Dj O Rj Monsieur in the Mayne. Being an Exaft REPRESENTATION of the Late BATTLE at dett1ngen j wherein every Circumftance which attended that Glorious Engagement will be ruly exhibited. With a New CapUte, Set toKufick by Mr. Davit, and Sung Mr. Hemlkiik. The Whole to Conclude with V U L C A N's N E T T Si o R, Harlequin a Captive in Spain : o R, The PRIVATEER BIT. Harlequin by Mr. Vaughan j Cotombine, Mrs. Phillips ; Privatf* Mr. HemJkirk j Sancho, Mr. Scolleugh ; Vulcan, Monf. Fromont Mars, Mr. Davenport; Venui, Madera. Sandoni; Cupid, Made* Matthews ; Graces, Mifs Wright, Mifs King, and Mrs. Anfley. The Scenes, Cloaths, and Decorations, being New. To begin every Evening at Five o'clock. % Monf. GUILIOME and Monf. DAVID will throw a Somer-fet through a Hsgfliead, with (everil new Iiercife* never perform'* before. G O O D M A N's-F I E L D S.- By a Company (/"Englifh Perfurmert, AT the NEW WELLS the bottom of LfHBn-ftratt Gadmatfi-Fhlds, this Day, will be perform'd The USUAL DIVERSIONS. With Rope-Dancing by Monf. J ANNO, Monf. Movire, and Mr. Hough. Dancing by Mrl Carney, Madem. Perraolt, the two Matters aad Mift Granier, Mifs Story, Mr.Chettie, Mr. Hayes, and Mrs. Hough. And TUMBLING by Monf. JANNO, Monf Movire, and Mr. Hough. Several New Songs by Mr. Brett, Mr. Cunningham, and Mrs. Hill viz. A Mad Dialogue by Mr. Brett and Mr. Cunningham. With feveral NEW EQUILIBRES by the RUSSIA BOY, wh� performs feveral entire new Ballances. To which will be added, feveral New Scenes in Grotefque Characters, call'd HARLEQUIN SKELETON* a r, A Trick to catch the Olb Onfr With feveral New ALTERATIONS and ADDITIONS. Harlequin Skeleton, Mr. Hayes ; Monf. Gravicula, Mr.Chettie^ Blunder, Mr. Hough; and the Part of Colombine by Mils Story, The Whole to Conclude with A Reprefentation of Water-Works, as in the Z><g�'s Garden^ at Venice. Tbt Chatbt, Scents, and Mufdt, bring tntirtly New. 9i* Every Ont tmll be admitted for a Pint of iVrnt a-picct as ufual, ' To begin every Evening at Five o'CIock. % This Performance is quite different to what has been perform'*) this Seafon ; and every Week we faall make a new Change in all tho Songs, Dances, and other Performances. By a Company of Enghjb, French and Germans, At PHILLIPS** NEW WELLS, Near the London Spaw, Clerkenwelt, THIS Evening, and during theSummer-Seafon, will be perform'd feveral new Eiercifes of Rope-Dancing, Tumbling, Vaulting, Equilibre*, Ladder* Dancing, and Ballincing, by Madem. KERMAN, I Monf. GERMAN, and \ SAMPSON ROGATZI, j Monf. DOMINIQUE. With a new Grand Dance, call'd Apalh and Dafbnt, by Mr. Phil-lips, Mrs. Lebrune, Mr. Shawford, Mrs. Morris, and others. Singing by Mrs. Phillips, and Mrs. Jackfon. The extraordinary Performance of HER VON EECKENBBRO, who imitates the Lark, Thruih, Blackbird, Goldfinch, Canary-bird, Flagelet and German Flute. A Sailors Dance by Mr. Phillips and others. And Monf. DOMINIQUE flies thro' a Hog/head, and forces tht two Heads out. To which (by particular Defire) will be added. The H A R L O T's PROGRESS. The Charaaer of Harlequin by Mr. Phillips j Mils Kitty, Mrs.Phil� lips j Bean Mordccai, Mr. Shawford. ALSO, An Exa3 Refrtftntation of tbt late Glorious Battle and Viclory gain'd voir tbt French by tbt Engliih, at tbt Sattlt of Dettingen, v/ith tbt Taking of tbt White Hooftold Standard by tbt Scots Greys, and Blowing up tbt Bridge, Defirojing and Drowning wfi Part of tk* French Army. With feveral New ADDITIONS. To begin every Evening at Five o'CIock. c*# Every one will be admitted for a Pint of Wine as nfvaL This Day is puBlifh'd* Price 6 d. AN Account of the Proceedings on the King's Commiffiont of the Peace, Oyer and Terminer, ant Goal-DeHvery, held for the County of Surry, at Kingifem ur*� Thames, Aug. 4, 1743 and the following Days of the Affitea. Wherein is contaia'i the Trial *t large of Samuel Belcheu for t&t Murder of Thoma  Wrench, Printed for W. Webb neat St. PatJ'a. Adwtifcmtm if a midsrttt Ltntfb *r$ t$ksn in fir tbi; Papr *t Shillings tack* -3

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