Sunday, August 11, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Sunday, August 11, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 11, 1743, London, Middlesex Ml .-ffiii T H U R S D A Y, August n, 1743. Deal, Augufi 9. tAME down and failed ttfejcatfi*- '1 rine, Cranthorne; and Boulter* ,-\ Wcate, for Lifbon. Came down Radbufn, Mathia j and Europa, Templer, for Jamaica; and re-/main in tbe^Oowns with his Ma-f-jetty's Ships Dorfttfinre, Shrews* J boxy, and Leverpool, and Dept-ford's Prize ; the Naffaw, Wil-fon, for Gaineaj and-the Sarah, ^oberts/foTXeverpdol. Grave/end, Auguft 9. PafsM by the Catherine, Samuel, from Norway^ Salvadore, Dolinfon, from "ditto-; liambro' Arms, Mfers, from Halnburgh j and Prifcilla> PeweF, from St Kitts. > Arrived at feveral Port** The Jennet, Crookenden i Prifcilla, Carter; Loadon, Pipon i and Bridgtown, Furnefi, from Barbadoej-? the Chdler, Payne $ Olive Branch, Avis j and Wannintter, Thrawle, from Antigua; and the Samuel, King, from Carina, are arrived off Dover. The Carolina, Campbell, from London*; and Francis, Didear, from Barbadbes, at Carbina. The Hill Gaily, Gorman, From London, at Antigua. The Dtfve, Hihman/from St. Kitts, at Glalgow. The Queen \>f Sweden, , from Gottenburgh, at Anam. LONDON. Advices by the French Maif> which arrived Yefterday, inform us, that Marihal Noailles is not a little piizzled to find out the Route the Allies intend to take; however, this is what he has refolved upon in the mean Time': If the Allies come down towards Oppenheim, he will wait for them at Spire, in order to prevent their joining *Prince Charles of Lorrain ; but if they march towards the Mofelle, he will then endeavour to get thither before ihem. Prince Charles's Army, they fay, is ftill on the other Side of the Rhine, facing Fort Louis j the French Polls are all well guarded, and Count Maurice of Saxony's Army is at iand to oppofe Prince Charles, in whatever Place he attempts to pals the Rhine. They add, that a few Days ago a Courier from Marihal Noailles arrived at Versailles, and was immediately introduced to the King: His Majefty was then in clofe Conference with M. Amelot, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, but laid afide that Bufinefs the Moment he had opened the Difpatches, called a Council of State, and in four Hours after the Courier was fent back to Marshal Noailles. Letters from Chamberry (by the fame Canal) fay, that the Infant Don Philip's Army, confining of 45,000 Men, cccupies four.Camps, viz. Mpntmelian, Faucenis, St. John de Mourierina, and the 4th is in the Tarentaife; they add, that his Royal Highnefs ftill receives Reinforcemerits from Spain, and that he is to be joined by Part of the French Troops actually filing off* towards Provence. But, � From Paris we are told again, that it is not certain whether Marfhal Maillebois will command a Body of 25,000 French Troops in Savoy, as hath been reported. The following is a Lift of the Admirals, as they were appointed on Tuefdaylaft, vte. Sir John Norris, Vice-Adfniral of England, the Union-Flag. John Balchen, Efq; Admiral of the White. Thomas Matthews, Efq; Admiral of the Blue. Edward Vernon, Efq$ Vice-Admiral of the Red. Nicholas Haddock, Efq; Vice-Admiral of the White. Sir Chaloner Ogle, Knt. Vice-Admiral of the Blue. Wiliiam Stewart, Efq; Rear-Admiral of the Red. Richard Leftock, Efq; Rear-Admiral of the White. Sir Charles Hardy, Rear-Admiral of the Blue. They write from Plymouth, that the Straits and Lifbon Fleets, with their Convoy, are put back to Torbay. We hear, that the Harrington, Cape. Fowles ; and the Salifbury, Capt. Burrows, in the India Company's Service, have had an Engagement with 14 of Angria's Grabs and Callavats, which lafted four Hours, in which the latter received great Damage, and were obliged to fly to their Ports for (belter ; but the former had no Man kill'd or wounded. Yefterday came Advice, that the Halis, Brandon, bound from Anconato London, is taken by a Spanifh Privateer, ud carried into Malaga. The India Ships that came under Convoy of the Lever-pool Man of War, are all arrived fafe at their Moorings at Erith. . On Tuefday Iaftdied at his Houfe in Houndfditch, Mr. Jofeph Tantum, a wealthy Cabinet-maker, one of the People "call'd Quakers.' � � � He had the Misfortune to be thrown out of his Chaife a few Days ago, as he was coming to Town from his Country-houfe, and broke his Collar Bone, which occafion'd his Death.-He was a very honeft Man, and much efteem'd by his Acquaintance*. V On Tuefday Night lafl died, at her Lodgings in Portu-gal-ftreet near Lincoln's-Inn, Mrs. Barker, an ancient Wi- qualified to vote in the Elecihn of a Member of Parliament, as the late Act for regulating Elections, directs, and defirifig that they may be. expunged from the faid RoiU and have no Right, for the future, to vbteat fuch Election. Extra 8 of a Letter from Greendck, dated July z8, 174.8-� Yefteraay arrived here the Prince William of Glalgow', ' Captain Hugh Brown Matter, fro.n Virginia, who has ' brought the true and certain Account that my Lord Batnff ' in the Haftings Man of War, has taken and carried into ' Yotk River in Virginia, a larg?-Spanifh Merchant-Ship, � with a very fine Cargo, befides i^Chefts of Silver; and 4 it is faid that his Lordfhip will have upwards of 18000 U * Sterling to his own Share of that Prize.* High Water this Day at London-Bridge at 5 Minutes after 4. bank Stock 147 1 4th. India Ditto 188 t half. South Sea Stock 112 3 ^ths. Ditto Old Annuities 115 1 4th a 3 8ths. Ditto New 1135 8ths a 3 4TI1S. Thi�r per Cent. Annuities 103. Ditto 1742, 1^3. Ditto 1743, 101. Million Bank 119. Equivalent 111. Royal Af-furance 80 1 half. London Afiurance 117 8ths. Eng-" lifb Copper 41. 10 s. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan 117. Five per Cent, ditto 77 1 4th a i half. Bank Circulation 5I. 17 s. 6 d. Pr. India Bonds 41. 17 s. Prem, Three and a half Salt Tallies 3 Prem. Three and a half per Cent. Exchequer Orders 5 Prem. Three per Cent, ditto 1 balfDifc. Lottery Tickets 11 1, 51. SADLER's^WKLLS, AT SADLER'S-WELLS, adjoining � (iit New-Rivtr Head, this Day, will be perform'd m USUAL DIVERSIONS. With Variety of Tumbling and Vaulting, by Monf. GUILIOME, Monf. DAVID, a*d Signor FRANCISCQUE j Rope-Dancing by the two Mifi RAYTTERS; Poftures, and feveral new Equilibres, by Mr. Riyittr ; With feveral Entertainments of Dancing (both Serious and Comic) by Monf. Froment, Mr. Eavenport, Mafter Matthews, Mr. Pellingi Mr. Olbcldifton, .Mr. Miles, Mr. Rayner, Mr. Clagget, Mr.DeE-lalde, M�.Bullock, Mrs.La Font, MifsWright, MnVPhillips, Mifr King, Mrs. Valloit, Mrs. Anlley, and Mifs Rayner; With feveral new Songj by Mr. HemJkhrk and Mifi HILLIEIU To which will be added, (nrrer perform'd before,) The L Y 0 N R O U S'D-, OR, Monsieur in the Mayne. Being an Exaft REPRESENTATION of the Late BATTLE at DETTINGEN j wherein every Circumftance which attended thai Glorioui Engagement will be truly exhibited. With a New Cantata, Set to Mufick by Mr. Dan*, and Sung 1# Mr. Hemikirk. The Whole to Conclude with VULCAN'S NETTS; O R, Harlequin a Captive in Spain : o R, The PRIVATEER BIT. Harlequin by Mr. Vaughan 5 Colombine, Mn, Phillips; Prirateef , Mr. Hemikirk } Sancho, Mr. Scolleugh ; Vulcan, Monf. Fremont J Mars, Mr. Davenport; Venuj, Madem. Sandoni; Cupid, Maft�c Matthews ; Graces, Mifs Wright, Mifi King, and Mrs. Anfley. The Scenes, Cloaths, and Decorations, being New. To begin every Evening at Five o'clock, % Monf. GUILIOME and Monf. DAVID will throw a Somer-fee over a Man and Horfe, with feveral new Exercifei oerrr per-ftrm'd before.____ O O O D M A N's-F I E L D S.---- By a Csmpaity </"Englifh Performers, AT the NEW WELLS the bottom o� Lmm-firttt, Goodman't-Fitldt, this Day, will be perform'd The USUAL DIVERSIONS. With Ruyu'paiiUlJg bj Monf. JANNO, Monf. Movire, and Mr. Hough. Dancing by Mr. Carney, Madem. Perrault, the twoMaften and Mi* Granier, Mifs Story, Mr.Chettle, Mr. Hayes, and Mr�. Hough. And TUMBLING by Monf. JANNO, Monf. Movire, and Mr. Hough. Several New Songs by Mr. Brett, Mr. Cuaniagham, and Mrs- Hill viz. A Mad Dialogue by Mr. Brett and Mr. Cunningham. With feveral NEW EQUILIBRES by tht RUSSIA BOV, wh� performs feveral entire new fiaJlances. To which will be added, feveral New Scones in Grotefijue Cha* ratten, call'd HARLEQJJIN DABANNO; Or, The Indian ted Caflle. Harlequin by Mr. Hayes} Colombine, Mifs Story ; Pantaloon, Mr. Chettle j Scapin, Mr. Hough; two Sailors, Mr. Roberts and Mr. James; two Soldiers, Mr. Smart and Mr. Long ; a Porter, Mr. Knott ; the other Characters by the reft of the Performers. The Whole to Conclude with a COMIC DANCE in GROTES* QJJE FIGURES, by Mr. Granier and Madem. Maviere, the tw* Marten and Mifs Granier, and Mifs Short. Tht Cloatbt, Scents, end Mufick, bring entirely New. *0* Every One will be admitted far a Pint oflVint a-fittt as ufuah To begin every Evening at Five o'Clock. % This Performance is quite different to what has been perfoiroV this Seafon j and every Week we fliall make a new Change in all the Songs, Dances, and other Performances. ,-� � < To be LETT, In Market-Street, near St. James's Market. AVery good Houfe, being an old accuf-tomed Grocer's Shop for above Thirty Yean pare. Enquire of Mr. Henry Biafield, in Bcli-Coart, GrayVlon Laae* ......-cy 4dvtrtififflvtfs $ * wbrtti Untfk uri nkjMittftr tkff Paftr #/ Shillings mb.

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