Friday, July 26, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Friday, July 26, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 26, 1743, London, Middlesex General ^pft#ffice. ijondoijl- July *3, 1743- , " T - C H A I S E S 4 E t W "ft E K LONDON and TO RK A N D, � , � , Q ND ON and O � 5TH Mi* 7 O.JV. 'HIS k 4o acquaint the Public, that the ftitral Ptft*Mafters on the Read between London and Y<orkt aifi London Northampton, are ready tofurnifh gentlemen or otberi wWPofl'CbaifeSy fafe, eafy, and well ifecared pern ibe Weather, upon as fieri Warning as for ftfr-Hor/es* at anyftiuis either theDa)< or Night; Gentlemen who have Oce&fson to .go 'Poft vn the above Roads, ttre defied to apply to Mr. jofepb Plaifity, at the Saracen's-� 'Head; bit Snow-Hill.; "J PeftChaife may be had at any of the Stages on the York WNOrthattpton Roads, to go'Fart or all the Way, #*r.jwejir snore Stages, far tbofe who do not cbufe to travel in -the Night. "� N.B: All Gentlemen that travel ha Poft-Chaifes of their Wn upon the Roads, where Poft-Chaifes are already fct up, '�fcjrtilt" Authority of this Office, may be fuppHed with Horfetat the feveral Stages on chofe Roads at the Rate of Nine Fence per Mile. By Command of the Poft-Mafter-General, GEORGE SHELVOCKE, Secretary. Southward July 2 $, 1743. _^THlL Governors of St. Olave's Free Gram- * mar School i give Notice, that they intend te Lett by femeral Leafet for 61 Tears, the following Lots. 1. A Mejfuage or Tenement, on the Eaft Side of Bermond-fey-fireet, near Tooley freet, late in the Occupation of George Hayes, Smith. t. A Parcel of Ground tmtb four Houfes thereon, en the Eaft Sideyf Partfb-ftreet, next the Workboufc, in the Parijh ef St. John, Sputbiuark, containing in Front 5 3 Feet or thereabouts, and in Depth 45 Feet. 3.A Slip of Ground in Horfleydvwn Back-jlreet, containing in Front front. Freeman's-Lane to HorJleydoivn Lane 12 \ Feet and a half, and in Breadth from North to South at the Eaft End 16reef, and at the Weft End 14 Feet, on which is built three Brick Houfes. 4. three MeJfuages or Tenements in Parifb-ftrett and Horfieyio'wn-ftr'eet. two of which are fronting the Chui ch-jard, in the PcJfejfitn of Georgt Saunders, Shoemaker, and Mary Spurrier, Linnen-draper i and the other in Parijh-fireet, in the Pojfejfion of James Cooper t Broker. 5. A'Mejfuage ortenement in Bermondjey-ftreet, in the FoJfeJJion of Mr.Richard Ellis, Hatmaker. And the faid Governors will fit in the Vejlry Hall, near Sr. Qlave'sChurch, on Wednefday the zpb- Day of July Jnftdnt', at Ten of the Clock in the Forenoon, to receive Pro. pofals for the fame; and all Perfons bidding for fucb Lots are to fend in their VefpeSilve Propofals in Writing. John Butler, Clerk. To be SOLD, And Entered upon Immediately ^ ALarge Houfe at Twickenham in Middle- ' which will be each Day at Eleven o* Clock. Catalogues will be deliver'd at the Place of Sale, and in Ironmonger-Lane, by i- William Wigan, Auctioneer. fhj} Day is publijh^d^ Price i s. " ~"~ BRITISH GLORY Reviv'd. Being a CompleatCollection of all the Accounts,- Papers, Eiprefles,j and Private Letters, Relating to the late Glvious A&ion atDettingen, between the Army of the Allies of the Q^een of Hungary, under the Command tof his Britannick Majefty : And the French Army under the Command of the Duke de NOAILLES. Wherein is contain'd, All the Particulars which have been publiflj'd it London, Paris, Franc-fort, the Hague, &c. and feveral Private Letters, never before pub-li^ed. With an Appendix^ containing the Accounts publifh'd by the French relating to that Action, with proper Remarks thereupan, To which is prefix'd, Aff^mpartiaJ Introdu^Uen. Printed for J. Roberts, in Warwick- L�ne. This Day is publi/h'd, Price i'Sr- (To vibich is prefix'd a Portrait of the Highland' Piper inl his Regimentals, neatly engraved by fix,) A N Hiftory of the Highlands and High /"V land Regiment: With Obfervations on the prefent State of the Country, Inhabitants, and Government 6f Scotland. Rippolitut ciiit, quia ecvercar grtdkum eft, Cajfandr* quia non credit urn, .ruit\H(um j Ergo exphranda ejl Veritas nullum priutt S^uamftulta prave indie et Sent'entia. PhaE. Printed for Jacob Robinfon, Publiiher, at the Golden Lion, in Ludgate-ftreet. The Print of the Highland Pjper may be had alone, Price 3 d. This Day are publifaed, The following Maps of the Seat ofWar f*. Germany, .viz. ANew Map of Germany on four Sheets,, fliewing all the States aad Sovereignties> in Germany { alfo" the States of Switzerland, the United Provinces, the Netherlands,' Lorrain a Part of France as far as Paris. Taken from Meff. De L'lfle, Sanfen, Per, Moll, and other eminent Geographers. Price 4 s. Printed for Tho. Bowles, next the ehapter-Houfe in St. Paul's Church-yard; and J.Bowles, at the Black Horfe in Comhill. Wbtre may be bad, 1. A new and accurate Map of the Seat,o� War in Germany, on two Sheets, Price is. 6 d. By Emaii. Bowen. Whereunto is added, an Account of the Pragmatick* SanAio'n, the Claims of the feveral Princes to the Auftrian Dominions, and the Alliances formed a-a gainft the Queen of Hungary; alfo Mr. Templeman's Survey of Germany, Slewing the Dimeafians of the Empire, the fuperacial Contents of every Country in particular; alfo the Proportion which) each Elector, and moft of the Sovereign Princes Territories bear to each other* with1 feveral curious political Calculations. By Esnan. Bowen. zi-The Seat of the War on the Rhine, being a new Map of the. Courfe of the Rhine from Strasbourg to Bonn, with the adjacent^ Countries, fliewing on a large Scale all that Part of German), where'; the King" of Great-Britain is encamped with the Allied Army ; and* Marfhtl Niailles's March from Silligenftadt to Manheim, where the "' j French Army is at prefent encamp'd^. �WWllfc Right7 Reverend Father �- JX Cod, D* BENJAMIN HOADLY, Lord Bi&^f^ hogaRth. ~*~^ami*'*j��**ft: To be had at the Golden Head in Leicefier-Fitlds, Price 31 This Dtyis publtjb'd, -__ A DefcHption of "�'V E NT A L AT OR s  , �\ whereby greifQi. ntiticsAifcfreux Air ma^with, Eaftba^ '* . ve.y'd into Mines, :Goais, Hbljjitaltf ^orlthouf^rf^iijF^ Exchange for their noxious AirV An j&ccouni;jillb of Uiajr^r fulnefs in many other Refpec>s,J as^ preleiiving ajj^p'thiar %/ ' 7^-7 Reclor of Farringdon, Hatnpjhire, ahd^Mi^iftervfQrM^mn Ma'dltfex. � y.Z:.J, Printed for W. Innys, at the Weft End-of St. Pajitsj r. JWaabj, over -againit ihie Old-Bailey on Ludgate. Hill; and T, Woodward. Where may be bad, by tbi fame Author, PhifofophScal Experhnents, containing ufeful and htictSjfy Ihnhic-tionj for fuch al undertake long Voyages. ANTI-S Y PHIL I CON., THE only'fhort and molt ftrfn l|^b4er even \v(iei\ the Blood and Juices are thoroughly contaminated with its maligna^ Pirui, and the very �ones are affefted with it. . \' Freih Infections, iall'd Claps, with all attendant Svmptoftti tho' ever fo fevere, site entirely carried off by it.i"fj a ' few. Diva,,' arid ibas effectually to prevent the Blood ana Jniewfrom being ,tainted with any remaining Relifts in one. Hand, or a Seminal Gleet orWeai. And the" moft inveterate Degree of the French IHnefs, attended, with Noclttrnal Pains, univerfal Brealiihgs out, and all other theinoft �-afpertted Symptoms^ are'foon overcome by it, and eftefrually aid. much more fafely cured than by Salivation Inungation, ot aViy*othty Methpd.whatever) and in-fo .eafy .and pleafent a Manner,.without impairing Strength, or occationing any Inconvenience, as loudly to befpeak it the only appofite Remedy, ot true Venerea 1 Antidote in the World ; and this fomc Thdufarids have to'their great Joy experienced, It is pleafant to take, occafions no Sicknels or Diforder, nor requirt |  Confinement; but fnay be taken, and the. Cure be accomplish'i, without the Knowledge of the neareft Friehd. Thofe who fufpett they have received an Injury> may by only a Dofe or two of it be^perfetlly freed from all Apprehenfions; for it fufters no lurking Venom to liehid in the Body, but wholly extirpated 'it Root -ami Branch", in a gentle, eafy, and moft effectual ma'teqh All fuch Iikewife- a* doubt they have fome- remaining Re8ck"s et former Injuries, may. by a few Dofes of it, entirely free/themfelrts from all Sufpicions of tjiat Kind j for it admits of,no FQulnei'sv Corruption, ot Putrefaction whatever, to remain in the Fiuids; ortp ad. hefe to the Solids, arid' oh that Account, in all Scorbutick, S'cfophu. lous, and even Leprous Eruptions or Fonlnefles of the Skin, Glandn-lous Swellings and Imparities of the Juices, ft dees more by one Dole than any other Medicine yet known can by ten. a 1 The Price of this moft noble Anti-Syphilicon is but Six Shilling) a Pot, which confidering its extraordinary Efjicacy, cne Pot only bgkg fufliiiciU' hi nmft Cjfes To-tfcgPlwplltt the Ct"'e; "ot'^entn^PaTt f ks-Value j aj^i- h appointed by the Author to be badbnly at Mr. Radford's Toyftttp, at the Rofe jind Crown. againft SUClemsat's Church-yard in the Strand, ready,/"eal'd; up with a B&ok oflnftfjK-' tibns, by the Perufal of which,-all perfons who were e^eraffeftcd with any Degree of the Venereal Dffeafe, may perfectly underflaDd their own Condition/and e'ertainry know when, and when not;'tJi� Venereal Poifon is dntirtly rooted out of th ' ^  j'l' I � 'r .1 I � 1 w ..---- The; TJniverfal Fa'rnily> MEDICINfiJ\f Still snore and more J,ant d^ rfiy twenty l(ears Succefs <viit' \ thf "Pub/ici, Is fold bythe Author s Appointment, by Mr King Printfe'ller, in the Poultry, r,tir tht Royal-Exchange ; by. Mr. Mar-tin, at t^"^igi'rf,fi' n^AmfCtitrr"'1"*1^, n'j1- Alliy, near. Leicejier-Ficlds ; and by Mr. Hildyard, Booifeller, inYbrk, At 3 s. the Bottle, Retale. It it to be taken at any Seafm of tbcYcQr, and 11 fniery agreeable n Young and Old, that Children take it ivithiut Trouble, a few 'Drfyt being a Dofe ; andjo gentle, that it wakent not the mtfl Aged :� Fir it it afafe and ejffeffual Alterative, to be taken in a left Dofe.than where Purging it neeeffary ; an Excellency inherent in this Medicine, which it a fi'gular Property well intwn te the Learned, to- be in foot Catbartick Medicines. It Is in particular, ' ACertain and infallible Cure for the �. near the Pump in Little* Br tain, wher-e ADVERTISEMENTS of a moderate Length, are taken in at T\vp. JSlHillings each. - - -..... Advertisements are alfo taken in by Mrs. Chapman, over-^giin^# the ki^s^im* Twerp,/m.fyUr.M/tili Mr. Amy, a Pamphlet-fhop, over-againft Craigg's Courts Char'mg-Crofs; at the Sun, next' the %ner-Te>hfe-Gaie, Flees-fireet i Mr.'Ijrackjlw, BoakfeJIer, at the Globe, in Cornbills and at the Rofe in St. PauSs Church-Tutd. >-\ o 3SO