Tuesday, July 23, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Tuesday, July 23, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 23, 1743, London, Middlesex The London Daily Poft, and Genefat Advertifer. S a T u RDAY, July 23, 1743. ^Beal* July ii. [AME down and failed the Alder., ney Man of War j and the Pe- ftfti�, Paterfon, for ^Carolina, enlain in the Downs his. Ma-Jcfty's. Ships the DorfetQrire, the 'Shrewsbury, and; the Granada Bomb. Grave/en J,- Jufyzx. -Pafs'd by William and Mary, Gray-ftock, from-Rotterdam, j and the John and Betty, Strahan, from Oftead. The Concord, Young; and the Grace, Trtnn, from SoutkCtJolina, are arrived at Cowes. - L O N D O N. By feveral Perfens arrived from Paris we are inform *d, -that it is of the molt dangerous Confequence to mention any Thing concerning the late Battle; that' the Etjglifh are narrowly watch'd, and their Letters frequently intercepted, or open'd, , . There was a Report Yefterday that the Plague -at Meffi-ita, has been cottimtinicated to GalHpoiy ; -but we'hope it is without Foundation: We hear that the Affair of taking the St. Philip Snow, Capt. Penkethman, by the Spaniard?, was as follows 4 as loon as the Ship got to a proper Place in the River Plata to Trade, the Spaniards cane on board, in theufualmanner, and amongft them One whom the Captain had formerly known, who agreed with him (bra large Parcel-of Goods ; this being difcover'd to the Spaniih Governor, he wasfeiz'd, and condemn'd by the Laws of the Country, which are very fevere in fuch Cafes ; in order therefore to Cave him-felf, he propofod to the Governor, that he would feize the Ship, on Condition of his being pardon'd, which being agreed to, he came in the Evening in a fmall Veffel, with aTfomber �f Men concealed on board her, along-fide the St. Philip, and taking an Opportunity, he ftabb'd the Captain himfelf, and giving the Signal agreed on, the Men he brought with him leap'd on board, and murder'd all the Crew but feven, and afterwards they earned the Ship into Port. The Succefs, Gibfon, from Oporto, is arrived at Lan-cafter.--This Ship was taken by the Spaniards, in her Voyage from 'Lancaiier to Oporto, and carried into Ba-yonne ; but was afterwards ranfom'd. In a few Days a Convoy will be appointed to take Care of fuch Ships as are bound to the Ifland of Jamaica. The latter End of next Week the Phoenix Man of War, of 20 Guns, now rebuilt, is to be launched from a; private Yard at Limehoufe. TheOorpfe of the Right Hon. Philip Cavendim, Efq; who died at the Admiralty-Office, the 14th of this Month, In the 6ad Year of his Age, was carried from thence on Wednefday Jail, and interr'd in a private handfome Manner at Hornchurch in Effex, near the Remains of his Lady's father the Honourable Edward Carteret, Efq; Governor of the Poflt Office, who died in April, 1739. He was Admiral of the Blue Squadron, one of the Lords of the Admiralty, and a Member of the Honourable Houfe of Commons. -.  y Col. De Veil, for burglariou% breaking the Houfe of Mrs. Rebecca Brown, in the Night-time, and lelonioufly taking out of it, a Pewter-Dim and fix Pewter-Plates, her Property. At RUCKHOLT-HOUSE, near Low-Layton, in Ef-iex, on Mon&ys during the Seafon, will be a Concert of ' VOCAL and INSTRUMENTAL MUSICK. The Vocal Part in the Morning by Mr. LOWE ; in the After- ' noon by Mr. BRETT. Tickets to be delivered at the ; Door, for the Breakfafting at ij. 6d. each. .And for the � Evening Entertainment, each' Perfon after Twoo'Clock, to pay 6 d.~N.B. The Doors free with French Horns i every Day in the Week except the above-mention'd ;; and [ every Thing as reafbnable as at any Houfe whatever; and ' the Nobility, &C may haye^ any Quantity ,of Fjfl}, either alive or drcft, the beft of Cooks being provided. ' .* .. I R E L A !N D. ' Augbrim, July 13. Yefterday being the, izthtf July, j theAughrim Club met at the Warburton's Arms in the 1 faid Town, 10 celebrate that happy Day whicii delivered \ ns from Slavery, where we drank the King, Prince of; Waleij and Royal Family; our young Hero the Duke of Cumberland, the Glorious Memory of King William, all | the Members of the Boyne. Club, . his MajdtyV Forces-'by -Sea and Land,- Succefs to the Queen of Hulfgaryy and feve- \ ralotherioyalToafts; at "Night y^\h^i^bp&ri^.t^e jj Spot Where St. Ruth was mbt, afid Hogmeads;#|le?r Jor f the Populace; at 1 2 at Night not one fober Man was to be " Seen in the whole Town; we don't part'tillSaturday Night, according to Cuftom. Cork, July 5-. Yefterday Mr. Randall Weftrop was e-lecled Mayor; and Mr. Robert Wrixen, and Mr. WiHiam Harding, were eledled Sheriffs of this City for the enfuing Year. The Affize of our 12 Penny Loaf, by Order of our Worfliipful Mayor, is to weigh Twenty-five Pounds Fourteen Ounces. Dublin, July 16. l^aft Tuefday at a Commencement held at Tririify College near Difblin, by his Grace the Lold Primate, the fol owing Gentlemen commenced ; the Rev. Marmaduke Philips, Rev. John Towers, Rev. John Webb, Doctors'in Divinity. Anthony Relhan, M.B. Doftor m Phyfitk. The Rev.--Crump, Rev. John Jones, Dodors in Laws. Four Batchelors in Laws ; twenty-two Mailers in Arts, and three Batchelors in Arts. We hear, that the Dragoon of Sir Robert Rich's Regiment, thatre-to4c the Standard, whofe Name is George Daraugh, and w that five Men of War, two Bombs, and two Firelaips, failed from thence for Naples. This Morning died at hh Houfe in George's-Lane, the Rev. Charles Wittingharo> D.D. Archdeacon of Dublin, and Vicar of St: Peter's Church. Wednefday laft died at his Houfe in Peter-ftreet, Mr. Jacob Walton, a very eminent Math:matician. We hear he has left his Fortune, which was above 40001. to his ,two Maid-Servants. We hear that a Regiment of Light-Horfe, and two of Foot, will fpeedily be embarked for Flanders. An odd Adventure which. happened to Oliver Crofton, Efq; laft Monday Morning between One and Two o'CIock, has made a great deal of Noife in Town. As he was walking Home alone, a Fellow on the oppofite Side of the Way, from the wafte Ground in Grafton-flreet, very near his Lodging, and within a few Yards of a Watchman's Stand, witnout Speaking a Word, fnip'd a Piltol at him, which miffed Fire. Mr. Crofton on feizing the Fellow, found a naked Hanger in his Left hand. On his being examined next Morning before the Lord-Mayor, he could in no Shape clear up the Matter, but laid he was aCobler that worked in the Neighbourhood, where Mr. Crofton lodged, and had a very large Family, and that he lay there in wait for fome Rogues that he expected, in order to apprehend them ; and firft faid that he fnap'd the Piftol, which was loaded, to try it; and after faid he fnap'd it accidentally. He was committed to Newgate. Laft Monday Mr. Laurence Toole, Coaft-Officer at Bray, made a Seizure of Tobacco, valued at 40I. near Stephen's-Green, under three Load of Furze. High Water this Day at London-Bridge at 21 Minutes after 12. Bank Stock 148 a 7 3 4ths a S. India Ditto nothing done. South Sea Stock 115. Ditto Old Annuities 115 a 1 8th. Ditto New 115 t half. Three per Cent. Annuities 104 a 14th. Ditto 1742, 104 a 14th. Ditto 1743, 101 1 half. Million Bank 119. Equivalent 109. Royal Affurance 83. London Affuiance 12. Engliih Copper 4I. 10 s. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan 114. Five per Cent, ditto 77. Bank Circulation 5 1. 12 s. 6 d. Prem. India Bonds 41. 15 s. a 16 s. Pr. Three and a half Salt Tallies 3 Prem. Three and a half per Cent. Exchequer Orders 4 3 4ths Prem. Three per Cent, ditto 1 half Difc, Lottery Tickets 111. 7 s. 6 d. a 8 s. Southwark, July 23, 1743.. 'THE Gwerncn of Sf. Olave's Free Gram- * mar School, give Notice, that they intend te Lett bj fcveral Lea/et for 61 Tears, the following Lots. 1. A Mejfuage or Tenement, on the Eajl Side of Bermond-fey-ftreet, near Tooley ftreety late in the Occupation of George Hayes, Smith. 2., A Parcel of Ground with four Houfes thereon, on the Eajl Side ofPariJb-Jlreet, next the Workhoufet in the Parijh of St. John, Soutbnvark, containing in Front 53 Feet or thereabouts, and in Depth 45 Feet. 3. ASHpofGroundinHorflcydonunBack-flreet, containing in Front from Freeman''s-Lane to Horfltydoiun Lane 121 Feet and a half,; and in Breadth from North to South at the Eafi Mni \fsFeet, end at the Weft End 14 Feet, on which is built three Brick Houfes. � - N ' \.'Hhree 'Meffuages or Tenements in ,PariJb-ftreet and 'Hoyjtty^^'n-ftreei, two of which are fronting the Churchyard^ fn, theBaffeJfian of George Saunders, Shoemaker, and Mary Spurrier, Linnen-draper; and &e other in Pa rijb-flreet, inthe Poffeffim of James Cooper, Broker. r. 4 Mejfuage. or Tenement in Bermondjey-Jlreet, in the Poffffpon ff Mr, Richard Ellis, Hat maker, r. {jfrdtb* fold Governors will ft in the Veftry Hall, near St, Olave's Church; on Wednefday the zjth Day of July Infant, at Ten of the' Clock in the Forenoon, ti> receive Pro-pofals for- the fame; and all Perfons bidding for fuch Lots are to fend in their rejpeclive Prpp<yals in.Writing. John Butler, Clerk. SAD L E R's - W E LL S. AT SADLFR's-WELLS, adjoining to the New-River Head, tbfe Day, will be pcrform'd Tb' USUAL DIVEkSI O.N S. With Variety of Tumbling and Vaulting, by Monf. GUILIOME, Monf. DAVID, and Signor FRANCISCQUE ; Rope-Dancing by the two Mifc RAYNERS; . Pofture3, and feveral new Equilibres, by Mr. Rayner j With feveral Entertainmenti of Dancing (both Serious and1 ComicJ by Monf. Froment.'Mr. Darenport, Mafter Matthews, Mr. Pelling, Mr. Olb.ldifton, Mr. Miles, Mr. Rayner, Mr. Clagget, Mr.Deli-Talde, Mrs. Bullock, Mrs. La Font, MifsWright, Mrs. Phillips, Mift King, Mrs. Vallois, Mrs. Anfley, and Mifc Rayner; With federal new Songs by Mr. Hemikirk and Mils HILLIER. The Whole to Conclude with H A R L E Q_U I N PROT E U S, Alttr'd and Reviv'd, with the Addition of feveral new Comic Scene* (never before perfonn'd) call'd NO MAGI.CJ LIKE LOVE. The Scenes. Cloaths, and Decorations, being New. To begin every Evening at Five o'Clock. % Monf. GUILIOftlE and Mon� DAVID will throw a Somer-fet over a Man and Horfe, with feveral new ExetcUes nevrr performed before. O O O D M A N's-F IELD S.~ AT the NEW WELLS the bottom of Litim-ftreet, Goodman1 t-Fieids, this Day, Will be perform'd The USUAL DIVERSIONS. With Rope-Dancing by Monf. JANNO, Monf. Movire, and Mr. Hough. Dancing by Mr. Carney, Madem. Perranlt, the two Maften and Mi6 Granier, Mifs Story, Mr.Chettle, Mr. Hayes, and Mrs. Hough. And TUMBLING by Monf. JANNO, Monf. Movire, and Mr. Hough. Singing by Mr. Brett, Mx. Cunningham, and Mrs. Hill, particularly .4 NEW SONG, compoi'dby a very Celebrated Matter, and Jung by Mr. Brett, in Praife of the Englifli Arms over the French. And A Mad Dialogue by Mr. Brett and Mr. Cunningham. With feveral NEW EQUILIBRES by the RUSSIA BOY, who performs feveral entire new Ballances. To which will be added, feveral New Scenes in Grotefaue Characters, calfd h A R L E qu IN statue, O R, fbe Venetian Outwitted. The Whole to Conclude with A Reprefentation of Water-Works, as in the Doge's Garden's at Venice, lit Cloatbi, Scenes, and Mufick, being entirely New. Every One will be admitted for a Pint of Wtnt a-piece at ufual. To begin every Evening at Five o'clock. *#* This Performance is quite different to what has been perform'4 this Seafon 3 and every Week we fhail make a new Change in all the Songs, Dances, and other Performances. For SA L E by the CANDLE, On Wednefday, July 27, at Twelve o'clock at Noon$ At LLOYD's Cojfee-bouft in Lombard-fireet, THE St. JOHN BAB-TISTA, a Spani/h Snow, a Prime Sailor, Lute-ftern'd, Foreign-built, Burthen 95 Tons, more or left, with proportionable Dimensions, and well-found, now lying in the Stream againft the Hermitage, John Ranny, Commander. Inventories may b� feen on board the faid Snow, aad at the Place of Sale. To be Sold by joseph watkins, Broker. To be SOL D,- <?mitmn tt 1 hi fti�w Tliumu, uad Ofuu�Huufes well-fUr1: nifted. For further Particulars enquire at the �ud Houfe ; or at Mr. Brad-fliaw's in Sobo-Square. *#* The Houfe ij compleatry fumiih'd, and in very good Repair, and fit to accommodate any Nobleman or Gentleman's Family. Fine SUGAR-BRAND y,- 1o- be had at 4 s. per Gallon (for Ready Money only) By the Author WILLIAM DAVIS, At bis Only Original Warehoufe, In Charles - Street, Covent  Garden ; APprov'd of by the beft Judges to be much fuperior to all Cora and Fruit Spirit, (the Foreign Grape only excepted.) Its Coniac-like Flavour and Softnefs renders It pure, delicate, and palatable: By itfelf, both grateful and cordial; in Punch, plea&nt and agreeable j and moft excellently adapted for all Sorts of Mixtures, as Cherries, Ralberries, Sec. whofe beautiful Flavours are often deftroy'd by a rankand fetid Spirit. As to the Goodnefi and Wholefomenefs of the Commodity which I prepare and fell, I leave it to all judicious and impartial Judges, whether it is inferior to any, and may not very juftry be efteem'd the Perfection of the Briti/hDiftUlery, notwithstanding the coalitions Lifinu-ations of fome Perfons to the contrary. This Day is publifil'd,- (Price Five Shillings bound,) An Impartial history of the Proceedings and DEBATES in both Houfes of PARLIAMENT, beginning with the firft Seflion of the 9th Parliament of Great-Britain, appointed to meet at Weftminfter the firft Day of December 1741, and-from thence continued to the 15th of July 1742. Printed for B. Cowfe, at the Globe in Pater-nofter Row. Of whom may be had, The DEBATES in Parliament, 21 Volumes, 8vo. I And Entered upon Immediately^ ALarge Houfe at Twickenham in Middle-fex, lately inhabited by the Right Hon. the Lord Mount ague, with all its Furniture, Outhoufes, and Stabling, plea fan tly fituated, -C -2 Jdvertifenunts ofra moderate Lengtb\an1 tektri'in for ibis Paper at Tw? Shillings each.

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