Monday, July 15, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Monday, July 15, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 15, 1743, London, Middlesex Numb. 272^ FRIDAY, July 15, 1743. Deal, *3- ARIVED the FoxV Prae, from Madeira, and (ailed forth* River; the Robinhocd, Lirilejbhn ; and Ruflel, Anderfon, from Jamaica} Ridge, Hawkins; and Ffaac and Elizabeth, Matthews, from Portf-mbnth; and Elizabeth, Thack-ftooe ; and the Difoatch Tender, from the Weftwardl Came down the Dorfet, Matfain, for Ja-naica; Victory, Htadly; for Havre-de-grace ; Prince of Orange,. Cabbot* $t.Jonn, .Beach ;f and, Nafiaw. Siffon, *rMihone; Sailj, CunpUn, for Morlaix;  William and �etty, Smith, fo* Beiftol; .and remain with the Men of War; and Gar*ftrd>b$ind. Jttft came down the - Rebecca and Mar/, Hampton,; for Virginia j Mary and Nancy, Bock, for ^atMmptoh; Stephen and Jane, Hellet, for Scarborpagh. Wind S.W. . Graveftnd, July 13. Bafs'd by Charles and Henry, Marr, from Norway ; Irtduftry, Clark, from Jamaica \ and James, Cbpk, from Nam. ".. , Arriwd at Jie^fral Ports. The Expedition, J&vellan, fibm Hondurasthe Swift, --; andBeckford, ->, from Portobcllo; Hod the St. Andrew, Stewart, from the Spanifh Coaft, are arrived at Jamaica. The Johanna, Rice, from Carolitia ; and the Roman-Emperor, Walker, from Virginia, at Briftol. The Poolton, Spender,.fo>ni Cape-Fare, off Dover. � L O N P 'P N, "': ' Letters from the Head Quarters of Count Traun's Army at Carpi, fay,, that feveral Piedmonteze Regiments have begun their March from thence for Savoy, in order to reinforce the-King of Sardinia's Army, which wants it fo much the more, becanfe  'th^Sjpj^i^oji';that'Side havjs laedy received confiderable: Reifefofceraeots, andfeemed re-folved to make very fpeedily another Attempt to penetrate into Italy, in which they are like tobeaffifted by a Body of French Troops. Some Advices from Ratifbon fay, that the French Gar-rifon at Straubingen, are fefolved not to farrehderf till reduced to the laft Exugmityi; anlefs "they receive cxprefs Orders to the contrary, from his moil Chriftian Majefty; and that they will perfift m this Refold tiari;k ^were^ic'dhl^ to wipe off. Che Reprpaich,' tHt th^ too fparing of. their Bravery '^'&r,&^,tbey entered Germany. '-Vi:. ...  . i : . . They write from Stockholm, that the Order of Nobfeffe have interceded fo earnefUy with the other Orders7 in Favour of the General* Lewehhaiipt and Bc^enbroeck, that they havepbtained B.Mitiga^Q9,Qf- *he Sentence paffcd on them: The People, howejttry jrmrmnr badly it it j and the Peafanto are not � t^ffif^fewed~ wi|h: the Cpart, for having charged an Prln^ ^i^arlQD^rs, not to brint or publifh the Protettsthey enaired^inthePyet againft delaying the Election of SoccdTor to the Throne. NotwitManding there have been many Letters pubh'fhed concerning the late Gtorious-Victory: at; Dettihgeh; we"ab not doubt bj^e'lfrftowifJg,T(wAich has been handc _or.,. ; hawed'about ampngtt Per/ons of ihe^ft(DirHn�tioo) wrott-by- a PfHon of. plain Senfe, ^wh^^id;.the ;Hfl�cw~ttp be near his Majefty during; &e rA&fen* will be agreeable to all our Readers.: k-' Cofr0/Letter from *Mr. Kendal', a Private Gentleman -^l^i^fim^f^^t'-ti, bis Wife. IHave taken the firftOpriorWi^ty to let you know I am very well, and Iblefs Godi I received no Wound in the Battle with the French, wh|chi I don't doubt you have heard of Vjefore you receivers ^ we have loft moft of our Bag- fage, both Officers^nd-Soldters, by the Negtea of the Of-cerg'not placing al^tiKrd over^it, when "ive' threw it :down where the Battle b^ft-jj $aye^no^g^i^ but; what I hiveon tny B^; ttariopfgiveyp^iatprefenta particjiiar Account :ot how many.-thete.' are. on both Sides kill'd,'for the Dead are not yet buried, but it is thought there are 6oooTrench kUled arid vVouitded^and 1600 Ehglim; we took one French General, and Several Offi^ejs, .Prifonew, two Standardsirom theG^.'d^Armet* iut Pa*�i.Colours, arid tzPieceiof Cannoa,' ^fs^' - i ;/ * T^-'lltttile'^ibb^lit-sis: fbQM; -1 On the icth; OS. the wfioU Army hadOrfers to ftrike ^t^i?(?^e[?I,� were-^W np.and feftt in� the $&S�&&^^^.&A that Night, but we �^p�ught what,it was^ibifi who were upon the &W|aGtf�d,c wifcft were 46, .^were ordered to have our Hc*W<*eaaybridled, to gp^ut wi* the'Kfng^at Uieht. at Two in the Morning Sie King mourited his HorTe, and wenti^J^e Fiejd, and reviewed the Auttrian and Hanoverian Troops, which by this Time were march'd to the Left of theEnglilh; the King &iifiVd his Review about Nine, and was very well plea fed, and well he might, for they are the flneft Troops i ever faw ; he then ordered all the Foreign Troops to march and join the Englifh, the King rode by them, and we thought he was going to Ha-nau, where his Baggage was gone, but we were loon convinced to the contrary, for he had not rode above a Mile toward the French,, but they began to fire at him from a Battery of ta Pieces of Cannon, but as God would have it, [they levelled too high ; I faw feveral Balls go within half a Yard of his Head: 1 was in the firft Rank next the King; our Captain had his Hat (hot of; the Man on my Right Hand had his Horfe foot, and the Man on my Left was foot in the Shoulder,, and the next to him (hot dead ; then they fired from three Batteries upon the Horfe, and the Balls flew as thick as Hail; all this Time the King was not all concerned, the Duke d'Aremberg defir'd him to go ioiit of Danger, he made Anfwer, Don't tell me of Danger, Til be even viitb them: He is certainly the boldeft Man I ever faw. This Firing happen'd juit+y their Baggage, and they ran with their Waggons among us, and almoft over the King; the Crying of the Women and Children frightned the King's Horfe, and he ran away with him, but he foon flopped him. Ey this Time the French were drawn in Line of Battle, and playing their Cannon on pur Horfe, especially the Horfe-Guards, Honeywo;d's," the Blues, and Legonier's, which were on the Right of the Foot, and had three Batteries playing on them for three Hours, before the fmall Shot began ; the French drew up their Left Wing in the Corner of a Wood,, in order to flank our Right; by this Time we had three Batteries firing on the French j the King then drew his Sword, and ordered the Hanoverian Foot and Horfe, and fome Englifh, through the Corner of the Wood, and rode about like a Lion; he drew them up in Line of Battle himfelf, and ordered fix Cannon on the Right, and bid them fire on the Flank of the French, he (rood by until the Cannon fired, which did great Execution, killing 30 or 40 at a Shot; then he went to the Foot, and prdered them not to fire 'till the French came clofe, which Were about 100 Yards diftant; then the French hVd upon lis directly, and the Shot flew again as thick as Hail; then the King flourifh'd his Sword, and faid, Now Soys \- Now ! for the Honour of England, frt, and Sthavt Brave, "and thejrencb will foon run. Then the Foot gave an Huzza, and fir'd, and. both Sides fiVd very faft, but our Men fir'd too faft for them, and foon made them retreat, and then gave another Huzza and fir'd; then the Horfes oh both Sides engag'd, theirs were drawn ap eight deep, and ours three; Bland's Regiment fuffer'd very much, but the French foon gave Ground, and we drove them over the River into a Wood; there were about 500 drown'd in getting over; our Army was drawn up, and lay under Arms all^ight; it rain'd very hard all Night, and Part of the next Day; we.had neither Viftaals, Drink, or Tents, to iiein: After the Work wai'daae^ tha King ftood in die field'tiU Ten that Night^hey who had Tents, pitch'd them, others laid^'oa jm*.^t?|biMct| I have not had a-bove half a Pound of Bread thefe two Days.--We are marching back to Frankfort to refrefh the Army before the next Engagement, if the Monfieurs dare face us. ; NJl. The other Part of the Letter wa? chiefly about Family Affairs, and the Particularsof thofe that were killed and wounded of his Acquaintance. By Letters from Jamaica we have Advice, that the Oxford Man of War, Captain Mayn, with the following Store-Ships under her Convoy, viz. the Gordon Frigat, Crawford ; Shirley, Thompfon ; and Carteret, Chevalier, were fafcly arrived at the Ifland of Jamaica. : Alfo, that the Seahorfe Man of War, with the Martha, Brown; Abraham, Doyle ; and the Mary, Lee, from the South-Keys, were arrived at that Ifland. And the Affiftance Man of War, is arrived there from La Guerre. They write from Antigua, of the 26th of May, that Commodore Knowles in the Suffolk, Capt. Edmund Smith in the Burford, .Capt Watkins in the Eltham, and Capt. jStewart in the Lively, Men of War, arrived at that Ifland the Day before,' 4irom the Coaft of the Caraccas. The two laft were to Sail in about ten Days for England, with fuch Merchants Ships under their Convoy as would be ready by that Time. They write from Barbadoes, of the 25th of May, that his MajeftyY Ship the Ruby was "arrived there from the Coaft of Yefterday William Greenhill was committed by Col. De-Veil, to Clerkenwell-Bridewell, for willfully, mali-cioufly and wickedly, driving his Cart on a full Gallop (letting in it) upon Mr. Benell, Servant to the Honourable Levifbn Gower, Efq; throwing the faid Servant and Horfe under his Cart; to the great Hazard of his Life, at which ITime the faid Mr. Gower, who was alfo on Horfeback, had much-adoe to fhun the fame Fate. t The fame Day, Hannah Kitchenham, otherwife Rencb, was committed to the fame Place, by the fame Gentleman, for. robbing her Ready-furniuYd Lodgings of fome of the Furniture in them, the Property of Mr. Samuel Cooley. On Wednesday laft died, at his Houfe at Stepney, the Rev. Mr. Hubbard, Minifter of the DhTenting Meeting-houfe there, and Mailer of the Academy. He was a Gentleman of good Senfe, great Learning, and of fo affable a Difpofition, that thofe under his Tuition ever regarded him through Affeclion rather than Fear. He has left behind him a Wife and feveral Childien, who are inconfolable for the Lofs of bim. A few Days fince was manied at All-hallows Barkin, Mr. John Camphire, Son of Mr. Camphire, Owner of the Oyfter Pitts at Leigh in EfTex, to Mifs Wright, an agreeable young Lady, with 1500 1. Fortune. Yefterday the Rev. Mr. Burke Cuppage, of Trinity College Cambridge, A.B. was unanimoufly prefented, by the Irifh Society, at their Chamber in Guildhall, to the Rectory of Colerain, in the Kingdom of Ireland. High Water this Day at London-Bridge at 27 Minutes after 5. Bank Stock 14.8. India Ditto 192 1 half. South Sea Stock 114 1 half. Ditto Old Annuiities Uf 1 half a 1 4th. Ditto New 115 5 4ths a 3 8ths. Three per, Cent. Annuities no Price. Ditto 1742, no Price. Ditto-1743, 100 1 half. Million Bank 119. Equivalent 109. Royal AfTurance 84. London AfTurance 11 7 8ths. En- -glifhCopper 41. 10 s. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan 117 1 half a 117. Fi�e per Cent, ditto 78. Bank Circulation 5 1. izs. 6d. Pr. India Bonds 41. 145. Pr. Three and a half Salt Tallies 2 1 half Prem. Three and a half per Cent. Exchequer Orders 4 3 4U1S Prem. Three per Cent, ditto 1 half Difc. Lottery Tickets 11 1. 8 s. 6d. S A D L E R's-W ELLS. AT SADLER'S-WELLS, adjoining to the NeW'Rivtr Htad, this Day, will be perform'd The USUAL DIVERSIONS. With Variety of Tumbling and Vaulting, by Monf. GUILIOME, Monf. DAVID, tad Signer FRANCISCQUE; Rope-Dancing by the two Mifi RAYNE&S; Poftnres, and feveral new Eqailibres, by Mr. Rayner ; With feveral Entertainments of Dancing (both Serious and Comic) by Monf. Froment, Mr. Davenport, Mailer Matthews, Mr. Pelting, Mr. Olbeldifton, Mr. Miles, Mr. Rayner, Mr. Clagget, Mr. Deii-fijde, Mrs. Bullock, Mrs. La Font, MusWright, Mrs. Phillips, Mift King, Mrs. Vallois, Mrs. Anfley, and Mils Rayner; With feveral new Songs by Mr. Hemfeirk and Mi6 H1LLIER. The Whole to Conclude with H A R L E QJJ IN PROTEUS, A^ter'd and Reviv'd, with the Addition of feveral new Comic Scenes (never before perform'd) call'd NO MAGICK LIKE LOVE. The Scenes, Cloaths, and Decorations, being New. To begin every Evening at Five o'clock. %* Monf. GUILIOME and Monf. DAVID will throw a Somer-fet through a Hegfliead, with feveral new Ezercifes never perform'd before. G O O D M A N's-F I E L D S. AT the NEW WELLS the bottom of Lmm-Jtrut, Goodman*t-Fitldt, this Day, will be perrbrnM The USUAL DIVERSIONS. With Rope-Dancing by Monf. J ANNO, Monf. Movire, and Mr. Hongh. Dancing by Mr. Carney, Madem. Perraolt, the two Mafters and Mi ft Granier, Mifi Story, Mr. Chettle, Mr. Hayes, and Mrs. Hough. �v And TUMBLING by Monf. [ANNO, Monf Movire, and Mr. Hough. Singing by Mr. Brett, Mr. Cunningham, and Mrs. Hill, particularly ^tfNEW SONG, compos'd iy a vtry Celebrated Mafter, and Jung by Mr. Brett, in Praife of the EngL'u Arms over the French. And A Mad Dialogue by Mr. Brett and Mr. Cunningham. The whole to conclude with feveral New Scenes in Grotefque Characters, caJI'd HARLEQUIN HERMIT; o R, line Arabian Courtezan. The Character of Harlequin by Mr. Hayes : Don Burlardo, Mr. Chettle; Bullcalf, Mr. Hough; Doll Drudge, Mr.Janno; the Cob-Irr, Mr. Granier; and the Character of Colombine by Mifs Story. The death, Scenes, and Mufick, being entirely New. \* Every One tmBbe admitted for a Pint offline a-fiect as ufual. To begin every Evening at Five o'Clock. % This Performance is quite different to what has been perform'* this Seafon; ancH&very Week we fall make a new Change in all the Songs, Dances, and other Performances. Far S A L E by /feCANDLE,- On Wednesday July 20, at 12 o'Cloci at Noon, At the Jerufalem Coffee-houfe in Exchange-Alley, "^IVE Parts of Eaft-India Ships, in five Lots, viz. Lot 1. One Sixteenth Part of the Ship Royal George, Capt. Tbamat Field, now at Home, off her zd Voyage. Lot a. OneTwo andThirtiethPart offiittt, Lot 3. One Sixteenth Part of the Ship Prince of Wales, Capt. Jobn Pelly, Jan. BOW at Home off her fecond Voyage. Lot 4. One Sixteenth Part 0f the Ship Godslfbin, Capt. Francis Steward, now at Home off her third Voyage. Lot 5. One Sixteenth Part of the Ship Cajar, Capt. Robert Cum-ndngs, now at Home off her firft Voyage. -Catalogues to be had at the Place of Sale, and of SAM. BROOKS, Broker. ~-,4v. .1 ^ f �- it. - r dtfaertJiftmHli a moderatt Length art takgninfor this Paper at Two Shilling each. 0, (�� � &

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