Tuesday, July 9, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Tuesday, July 9, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 9, 1743, London, Middlesex (EMA^-itftffc Downs?1iis 'Maje-:" 4ar, and ^Sarland5 $ the Matilday V^Ws, for-Gibraltar "j- ^iwleyv ; Robert and .&lice? Cqfack,;. .., iJtetteidamtfor ,Phi&delph�.-$HndHN15M >^... " PafsM porell y.nd iS� Qfjortw^m* Adveprare; Atchi*;\ arid Betty-Pka&n\ j(i^iiai(jr�^<R�iry, MaMnV.f.oro Faroe ^"Betqvf&ici^ ; Fortune; B^ntly, from Porttiwi^^pi^lio^;HntchWp�i from jSanta Cruz j The Atine;r Vaoghanj<iroft^i^iij^^-arrived atv Madeira. �:<; r-'. " ' " ; : The Lojral RichaoJ, Obriani froni LifcofliUt Leverpboli; The Chatfield-Jqllif�, Brixley, frodfCar�lina, at Pool? The Amif/i Purches,*from Oporto, at -Guernwy. ' - T TheGaJei'Wiifo^fo^ Downs. � ' G N D >C N.'> ^.-��i Yefloday; arrived:tke Mail H^Jand. * * Letters-$5�V^ the raft. WaVliKi Treparaticns:;Ua1cj^&'-tte'Tito3^bf'' Perfi* byThamai &u|^^ got, together-* prodigious ^qantity ^Ptpvjfipns and. Am-. -xnanitidni sndhasordered his Generals v1by^dle; Ga�i�on with1J *! their Sma ]-A rrosi andi�*rpie6ei of Csrroon *bairg*d with '*1 '(Cartridge .which h^iqjpkih^^iiifot^.X>al�j^�.T *|A�jm kndlKTerea^mao^?|r|feiiers V:land in this Manner '/was the Mntiny happilyquel'ed. . j :w .-^i ' y5.%r^ay ^?^.ng� ac?P^ by the 5epate, went to %the" great "Hall 'where the Sates werc-Qtung. and there - ' .Duke, Kre^iickiAdolphu!, Bi/hop *o|^.abe%kV a^diAd- 1 ' -animdufl/ efeded {Weeeflbr to this Crown," fend�jt&at&r. , '{aiely a^riprofelainjed by Sound':of'Triimpets,1 f&tat-- '*D;ffi^lty.prpyailed upon.stOAdrop ihe^Prince RoyaL^f [ ' Denmark bu�atifeft; ttey chiraid in wich,:thc bther Of-  -ders, in Confideratidn of the great Conceflions made by b ' {Roffi*.- Theiame:D3>rrris'Majettyfent tp'Abo the;Ra- ' |tification of the P^eiim��ary{ArHcles figned#he.e, \n or 'ider to be exchaligeidt^., v -,-v^^-.s;-. �: , l Letters Aorn Cofenha^eri\�fthe rjtjh Iuflan^ NtS. .fey, f that jfcme^bo'n^ the o^he/^pi of ^the i.i0e^ -were to putrtoSea.7the f^liowiDg Day;, and that th&'reft >df thf -Fim'-woaldtflot''ftays:-&^dit'' long after them. �  ^ - :' "5; - -;i ?f;:i� * iThey write from PrincelCharlei of;^r^infsHead;Quar:i tersatRain, of the ^d Initanti ^.sV't|ia^uvthe3pWiwhr *njarcrfed'tfilf of Bavaria (o'.|udd�3y,"^fi^'^a^noT^^oT r Time to flay in Provitf W Wroag& to g& in phrfuit of themt in.:Jt^3�^|�refli9cew|fehindered*by?ntgs�^ Rains' that r retanied. tbe-Garriagei; 4>ot as the'ir^riJvifiorbarrivcdayy, �''a^d^be Ciimmiflariesiof .the:.(Sircl�stof ^Wlabla'-Md^Frdn-| cdnia are .come to^the Gamp^to ffcttli^th^iPaffage of the ] Army, they wpoUbegin their. March; forthwith,' Geiie-i^l Berenciau is tor b* Jefi i.a Bava4a;fWirh~ >.$ooo: tegular |fifroeps.iandzcfitxyHungarians^.bwtbd^'add, that~Tev which isMay8>' H^i.\in^i^.f^l!i^ki^f Artillery', lately calt a^Topkana.-,, -: \ Other' Way feated ' A fewDayi fin^citheOrig^atfi^ � ralpm\^^ Went lout teAn^ � dangerous C^nTe^i^^ p^h1i#|tbT^^^^^ .... � Liwtenani<^pr^lLingea:-WT*^^-)^ fqunii^ri t^ider^QnT tt%u?en p^ti^g^r^^^ir^^jkjm. 4 to gftTto J�ly * �tney'^ad'noVyer rifonN of 'EgraVftrreno^ they iikeWifit tell I. uj|, thatths^PrecchGarrifons.*t 5traubingen ahdUng'ol. fiadt haye^iriot.yei/evacoated.thofc fwo ^owns, nor-will-t|ey do it.tilt they receTve^pfffiSvr Orders* to t^tpurpbie from MarwahBrpgiio::- Thefd^Advicea alfo obferVe;~that 'Mh^jfe la-Noue^the ("^nChV^iniftetit Ratifbon, has de-^r'd iis IJep^rture. ;for Fiancfortir^aiid lately ^ad * ar lpng Cfdnfere'nce1 with" Barop P^lm>; the "A uftrian Minifler, at'^ t|e Iffue of wiicji.the.fauef; ftt^^^qu^for\pxince,Charles of "'drrain's.AfTjny. ; � v. By Jitftrs irpm Fraricfort of the' 11 th Inftantj N.S; we arjithe Allies 'Were ^U^je^^^'fae^^'i^at^City arid-a^^lmtilwjffl'br to W tm ,^ ,*-t-. �^ Spain, in the fame:8pifit,-that ^6 Mdm^t he thintoit *\ his' IntM to! adja&'biiDm^r^ericlislwitH Engjatad,^ nfc� need ; not let flip' any Opp^rhrnity/oPiB^'klfi|i afg�6d -V Peace. -' ' " "'; : '' ":V . .,  � As to tie reff, his Majefty is 'fti'l, as.m ?h idcliped^to �i pacific-c Meafurw.'as ever'}, '.;b'u.t. tl]ep l.e has'declared, 4 that.he isfo far frombej^n^dilMfed.w^maJ^any^Ce^^,^ _ ^tnTniewfll 'reJefiF T^eace, anf ��ule"to contSue, the War, rather than part with the- pboreft-^il&ge m-Lbrtain, 6* in any pt^er. Part of his Doiriihioris. '�* :[ 'A r.l '] ,\ '' If.�a generaltPacificaripnjdawvnojt.take place; theGoult ;.w will aimoft doub'e^ the lumber of Land F6rcw.snow.16K * Foot,' arid fit out a Fleet of. ya^Ship* of the Line of ^Battle.'.-; :- � ' ' ,ovw By I etters from Plymouth we hear, that the Hampmire Man. of Waf^came in there crn Ae-^th Mfectj "froni icf/j&4 v* iagi having fpruog her Main^maft. P^'d} r-' * ;,; ^ j i The fame.Day.arrived therp tbe Dfake frpnj Pprifoabj|itB,r,7 ^having on^ board; 202. Spanim.. Pnibners, which are to.' be exchanged, by the CarieL r t. 'The Prize taken by the Fox Man of War j arrived on Thprfoay-lanVatPortfitaoaUiy^fwrnrLifbbn. ' ' v  -\ Wp5 Irtsartbat a Regiment of rLtghiH&ie, and. jtwopj > I Ijjobt wfll fjpeedily be emoirkedfor tfanders.: '.'C> fi ' TfeE^^i^ean^en;^ alouj? the Cbaft, in order tb: Mana the Ships intended for ike Channel Service.. " . ViJ CJ'l A '.'i 'l li i Yefterday came on at the Court of King's-Bench at Guildhall, a Trial between tbd B?nk of England and Mr. John Waite, tbeir late.C^ier;^nan-A'flionof Trofer;MdfCoo5T \ veriion, which lafted atont fix ^onfs, whenrthe �JUr^-gi've'7' :a ^wS|nVr of.TaTaftiai JVJ. �T�ni��Army. , fT ... . We hfarirort ^Q^^fM^^.f^W. at .Work in pJSrx%Lap.a!�j^^ing,theForu rdl ^^Q�^maM9m^f .-and- that the Regiment called. RoyalCoriican.:w^h-ntneother Re|hnehte�oth.-irifi� arid T i^^S^^^SfTi^^C�r^^ltM^. Royal Co^fican,:wifh*mrie,other Regmiehts toth-irifl� and 1 Accordmg. to fon)|.|^afe * are ...^ ..... � Tk^^Jteciitj-r^e5 � bytthenft � beencMi .Jet �pMnj6ejd;to Ma|y^bo{^isto:fei out.t|ie jtpth Kaarit^N.Sl, injprder ..to ^tiiroWfi at^ Head of; the Army affemblifig in Dan- ' Tnfe ^^niEfBt ^^e^rt&i^;' *h�'te^ teen al- > ' 3 or 4000, w^feauda^ipns a\�.lei^njbpl^^�>c&.. * *f Can&nv an** 4twWaggons:.l^ienlm � Store*; upbn^^whick tKeKfeg= ^ ' ^fonthe^iinMgJjg^ ' were froide&i the Mutineers gave them no other ohine and Provence, wirieH^ we>areito1di -is to act in fa- .1!. 1 Th^gp^ jde.G.rim^igoe,. Embi&dor Ext/aprdi-naryiromifieEmpbtOrr'nad aJprivate> Audience of. the >: King the zd Imtani^a^eriaHles,: cni Occafiori of fome * D1f^ah&;nie^aa;j^^ Ftancfortponcemingfthp & UKemtmvBM^^tS^ ofBabgary. ] The MaaV '* ner in which the.�ing%e3tplainedtJ)imwlf:on this Heab\ I* ^^^H^m^^i^l^M havefalbnf t� my.wejl :plealed/witht any -Thing-.that the Emperdr i* might think to be'for hi�^ Glory, the Inters8s_ of his U' i^ntty-and his 'Houle^; and'faiwbh*"tofthe Exigency bf * his AfEurs ; that for his Part, being 06rfitent8with haviHg thing from any Body ; nor did he"de�ap -that his Inte .4 t�e.C't.y Bells1 were rung,. Bonfires erected in fcveraiT^irts " -:/bf the Street? andin-ihprt nodnng hindered the Joy from, being compleat, but the Death of General Clayton, wlichl as jtjs a publick Lofs,; is^hpre univerfally lamented. ' Hel was poffefi'd of all thofe amiable Virtues, whiclyan adorn � 9, publick tor private Character, and which rehefered him beloved by his Acquaintance, adored by ftfs 'Tnfeibrs; and efteem'd by all. In hkn the A^my has loft a good Gene* ral, the. King-a: ftiriifol Subject, and: %h Cpuntry a firm Friend and 'Patriot.; As ibi^J^.'^/bappy^rfo., his. Death was glorious 'for he fell, when he was- vpry' old, fighting for the Peace of Europe, and the Lib*Rfes jrf MwHu�d' . 1. � � . ���... Faine'cait hyinie J. ^ No'brighter l^wrd'roa^'.hia/a ToiJiygjvjj^'agi �*f.Wiv-,.:-The .Go^�all^t(|-^aBy>; -\^(^[^:^-Yx ^' Witheqaaliailr^ !sVBreffiri^''H�iv*jrl Select from all the chofceft Buons of Fate, And with a fparingHand oh'few beftbws. Leonidas. A few Days fmce Rowland Oakover, of Warwickihire, Efq; was married to Mifs Gregory, eldeit Daughter of Mr. .4 Gregory, a wholefale Silk-Mercer ? a young Lady of fin* f Accompli/hmenlb and a' large Fortune. : ' " .' ' A few Daysfince Mr.; WWteVa,wea|thy Copperfmith in Hpundfditchj was marriedtoM�.Phillips, Relict of Mr. Phillips, late of Stratford, an agreeable Lady, with a cpn-^derable Fortune. � Yeflerday Chriftiarr Proctor was committed to Clerken-well Bridewell by CoL DeVeil, for privately taking out of the Shop of Mr. Green in Cranbern-Alley, a Leghorn-|Hat, andarpieceofRibband: * / / ! -Thsatame Day two Watermen, who had fome few-Days ago ufed a Gentleman of Character and Fortune very ill, at hjsLown Stairs at Teddingipri, afiaultin^ him, giving him.. Very opprobrious Language, and with Staves and Poles, at-. tempted to deftroy ot throw him into the Riverr were taken by Col. De Veil's; Warrant, and brought before him, where they enter'd in:o a Recognizance to appearat Hicks's JHall, toanfwertHat Gentleman's Complaint next General Seffipns tobe ield for the County of Middlefiix. . "\" i fniht Mwftfmm\U$H?tAt efa TJ^^baleur'dDtgLdf,, fUrevoat a Miftaktrn tbt Defcriftlon tftn'm, vik. iafitsd ef Whitt, �Fui, mly tit 77ft of tit Ftre Fat Ma Wbiu. . . . ' ,,..ji; High Water this Day at lx)ndon.rBridge at 35 Mi-nutes after 1. Bank Stock 146 3 4ths a i half. India Ditto 190 a , 1 half. South Sea Stock 114 1 4th a 114. Ditto Old .Annuities i 14 5 8ths ay 8ths. Ditto New 115 a 1 8th. Thjrw per Cent. Annuities ioi 1 half. Ditto 174*, to* ,1 half. 0^1743, ^00 1 8th. 'Mfllion Bank 115. Equivalent 109;. Royal Affurance 84. London Affiirance 11 3>ths. EngliibCoppot 41. 10 s. Seven; per Cent. I Emperor's Loan 1.19 t half. . Five per Cent, ditto 78^ Bank Circulation 5 l.V'ip.s. Pr. India Bonds 4I. \z a. j Pr. Tiree and a half Salt Tallies 3 Prem. Three and %, .JiaU,per^Cenjt,.,Exchequer. Orders c^Fjem. , Three pet Cent, ditto 1 half Difc. Lottery Tickets 11 I. 8 s. 6 d. - �v .if- X

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