Friday, July 5, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Friday, July 5, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 5, 1743, London, Middlesex Jfeneral Advertifer. *l*"flt ,T:tJ ESD A Y, -JbIy 5, i?43- lVED die Amn.- Woodward, l3ro!i>^>KKtf<}%e* Nad&rriel, rfftoh^1br;I^a<bc^r^^^ the k'*rifcflk Twder^ ��b|hft Weft--wjtdiRemain in the Downline i Men of Wtfr god *e-OctwiW-^bbiBkl^bj. Wftid s:w: /.-V- j Union, jCfti^eiyj fiats -Anifter-. �dam r iheMtry arid-Margaret, irk* Koning*^Hoirtd/fron?Eil)bd�*i T�o.&iei�^ LeCtoix, from Jjerie^  Eagle, Pa^,u from Oporto j Duke Dcmar, Tilret, from Bbloign j. Pifpatck, Tbiftleth*�it. from KoniDgfburghi and Rowland, Sullifcin, Arrived at Jevtral Ports. ^The Fpend's-Adftntore,-Ikfi9/ from Briflo!, is af-nire^t :South.GaroIina^' '  ^ r ' The Mary, Coraifb, from Cape-Fate, at Yarmouth. �  r L O N !D O N. tatetmStoday Night arrived a Mail' from France, and >-'\ �Ye&^y7iri;fnt; Ewepingoat from-Holland,-.w. � Accdrding to Advices f/omcfVbi1 the Geridarinerie ate ncujoanirch for Provence;-as war iarety g1v>n outrhut are going toithe Rhine, where it. if reckoner they arrived the 15th Infiang N.S.  '  We have a Confirmition of the Evacuation of Egra by the 'French- Troops, which,, they fey#. was- done i> cun-mfiglyv that they-ftole-.three Day� March upon General Feffitfa. * .MarflulBroglm is arrived at Heidelberg with the Army, aad>i* to jour Marihal NoailleV forthwith, who will then give Battle to the Allies-once more. Letters from the French Army on the Main infinuate, that the" Allies are going to -transfer the Seat ofWar to Flanders, it the Recjueifc of the Circles- of Franconia and Swabia, who complain of their being burthened with fo many; Troops. From Toulon they write, that a French Ship has funk one of ours, that was chafing her in that Harbour. ExtmS of abetter fram Stockholm, Juut 18, N.S. �-About .five Dry* ago we received JAdvice, that the * Body.of armedPeafkats, that had -begim-their March ' from Oalecarlia, were arrived in the Neighboorhood �f * ^Upfid, to the Numberof 15000Men,^wnKalfeWftece� ' of, Cannon 5 At ^he fame Time wr areioforaed^ that * they havedifperfed a Declaration inthe Places they palTed * through, wherein they proteft, " That ihi^Stepof^theirs 44 .-does, not proceed from a Spirit cfMqtiny,Vbut merely " 'fromxa Defire to defend the Rights and Liberties of th�, *' Nation, and prevent airy. Encroachments-upon them." " A� yet there reigns a great deal of Order ^mopgft riiem i * they abikin fjfflm ail Sore c^'Hoitm^r^ .ai^lia^exie? * claied, that they wflh'put tof Death any, of theirCom- * rades that pilfers or plunders. .Major General Wrangel * is gone to them wiUi thetDeputicvofthe Senate i but * p>ey bave made Anfwer bjr ticrr Chiefs, = Joves all' hirSabjcfts, * akjd 'id ever inclmed io Lenity*'  is* revived ^to -tryonce ' fiKa^whiu^frie^y Exhortations wrll do;' Id thcir.ean � ome, the: Approach cr^ thefc-Peafanti gives'ns a great * deal; of Unotfmch*  T^e'Danifh Miniltef :haa again, de- * difed, trrartlie'King'huMailer * BifUrbancR*. ibat'ae^r^k6Jus Dani&iMajefty is* very ' gla&ttXeeVib griat>By�ait4>f ithe Swbdiih Nation efpoufe ' the.Iroejrf^h�Soo#"^that4lewi1IeBd^avour t? im. * pic^that;^pbfition-byevery juSand'eqanaWe.MethDdi ' TJtUDeckrAtipaJ^be^eommonic^ Lelt^s fraa) ^rfa tl)at.dte ^atile^tb^ Allies. : T , j\>,- , According, eo Letrerjl, fri2m Ritifb'in, there is aprelimi-tury;G�^fic4^]%a^ Bavaria, l^nyeeo^ Coju�sSecJ<endorfE^^ the Arr |icli*efi^�hai�^foltow,^'va '�/'....' ... . ' I. TiwEmperor^iaU^remaia Neuter as long as the pre- II- HM^p^isl Majefty's Troops engage themfelves not 0 ^f^^*gain^'the-^ue�1 of Hungary^ Alue�..^ y*-*: � ..^ u. .,u i ^< III. Un^ a.Peace be ctmcluded, they ftali take np their fitt^eiri^a-iiuiCircle (tffejinjionia.i ,..^��'1 w , 1 a *Vr Jararift isiiocremam in the Queen's Hands until �ha�.Time.^: � v-:... '��,. Yrrkamiatt and StrauWngen (hall be^"delrfered up to the A^*�^�W^u'#r|d {he^re'acfowd a�vaiia�Troop� ae-t�aliy.ihe��^jB�aU iWevKberty to wrtMriw; ' \L -.Thz&Btc Ubertyiis-granted Mr the' Frehch Gam-ibn at Ingolftadt, which Place (hall begarrifoned by Bava1-rianTrtoDs; but the Bridge,_etid that ^aji..o�jh�. Town which is feparated from the Caftle, mall be at the Dirpofal of^^o&la��h�-e^�-0aafion^ ----- VII. Ail the/At6Hery,- Magaimesi and Warlike Stores belonging -'i5^Iiillant�-N.S. they made!'ari Atteiift to throw a�ridgeiacrofr that Rfve^'butwVrepreytnced by the HandverliflJ Arcilliryi' whidfjpljy^-ve^Tina^nDrn them.- J rentryreii6fteff^that".tTw ate going to murnito their Old Caaip at Hochfc  � � Wehearfrpm the Hague, that "the Emperor and the Qieen of Hungary have lent Requifitorial^Letters to the States of the Empire for the Paffege of the io^coo Dutch Troops, defighedforthat?ilnee��>Service. J- J The private Letters from Pam inform us, that the " FreBch,-wte* ta4fe�tf'm; t^!Cfeffei*-houfes'of their Succefa on' die Main, aire rof 'a fudderi'ftruck dunib, and not'lhe leaft'^tnentidto ;nladef of the Engagement,- exceptw&at ft-lafes^d the great Conduct of theC%iarmal deNbailltfs,which Nobedy^etfesi  � ,v > - -  -On Saturday the Superbe Man of War, arrived at Spit-headifromheY'erdiie.^ - " -  - *  -^TfiefemepAy tne Seaford Man of War, arrived there fromPIymottth* - ..,1 -i . - -The Serpent Bomb-Ketch, with the Merchant-Ships fromGuernfty atfd'jerfey, dnder hei Convoy, are fafely ri v*d �t Soutbamptgri. Yefterday Morning the Lady of the Right Hon. the Lord Gower was-fsfefy delivered of a Sod, at hfs Lofdfhip's Houfe in- feitf* Brooto-ftreet; near Grofvehor's-fquare:- -^Yekerday'Morning diedtuddenJy, at his Houfcin Auftin Fryafs, Mr. Atkins, an eminent Merchant-of this City. A few:Days fince died at Briftof, :bf a';Fit of; the Apoplexy, Mr. Ebenezer Burdock, the oldeft Apothecary in that-City: A Perfon of unfpotted Reputation, and a great Proficient in the Bufinefsof an-Apothecary-; whofe lieath is of great Lbfs to the City in general: Lalt Week John Pee.'e; Efqf Was admitted Colleflor of his Majefty'fCuftoms in'the Port of Great Yarmouth. On Saturday Night,' about 8 o'clock, cfte Mb Barrow, a young Gentleman of Greenwich; was floppy oh'Black-heath by two Fellows, whorcWd him of his Money, arid afterwards bear him very cruelly with a Hanger, which one of-them" drew as foon as they came up to him. Yefterday William Norman, and Jofeph Doody, were committed to Clerkenwell-Bridewell, by Col. Dt Veil; for .fteafting^-Hamper foil; of 'lihnen out of a Waggon^ a Part or which- were found upon Them, the Property of a Baronet. -  � " ' ' * . 'The fame Day Jonathan Berry was committed to the fame Place, by the fame Gentleman; for Sealing a great ^Quantity of Scarf-Silky and Silk and'Hair, out of the Shop of'Mf. Spfagg,r4 Dyer.'V- - >� ' We* hear, that ttic Waterman lately cemmitted by Col. De Veil, for rowing af '."�>  ........ I Laft Night was perform'd at the New Wells near the London Spaw, the exail Repreftntation- of the Victory gain'd by the Englifh over the French, at the Battle-of Dcuingeo, to a Crowded Houfe I with univerfal-AppIaufei The Gloaths were all new, and the whole* Affair executed With the greateii Decorum. -O . ' - r ' ! ' f From the Merchants Warehoufe in Lombard-ftreet.- We having bought a large Quantity of ARRACK, at the lafrEaft-India Sale, do Jiere% give Notice, that the Pub-lick may befupplied With* the faid Liquor at a very fmall Advance above,thePrice the-fame was boughtat; as'fhall be made appear to the Bayer's Satisfaction : And to prevent impofition, irfhallbe debver,d: from the Eaft- India Com* iany'fe Vaults, 'where itcannbt receive any Adulteration:- N.B.AtT the.faid Warehoufe Traders and others may be fiipplied with thebeft RUM and BRANDY^ at the loweft Price&theycanpoffiblj^be'afforded/'' ' > High Water this. Day, at ixmdon*�ridge at 37 Mi-nute^afttr^... i.y ' �  & -A 5^s-W EL L Si AT SADJCErl's-WELLS, adjoining to the New-Rsw Head, tbn D�j, willte pwfcrm'd ; The US UAL UIYEUSIQ N S. WfthVirieryo/T.BmMngandyiolting, by MantGtJILIOME, MonJ-.XJAVlD^aHd Signer FRANCISCQUE j " ^^e-pinaifs, bjr -^^o ^Mi^RAYNERS; Poimra,. and feyei4�w,^&y>ilibrei, by ~. Mr. Rnyncr ; With fevef^ En^rtayJjw^.ofJ^ ini Comic) by l^pnf, Froment, rJ^.D^��po�i, Maflcr Matthew, Mr. Pelllng^ MriOjWdifton,. Mr, MiI^^.Mr. Rayoet, Mr. Ckggrt, Mr^Ddi- �iig; Mrs. Vallofi; Mr* Anfley, aadMifilUJnerj : TWith/ereral pes Soi^ijy Mr. HaaQ&k?aA Ui& HILLTER. '". ' . .'..J�je W^ble.teConctade.irith ' H A fcL E QJJ IN PROT E U S, Alttr'dtnd'lleTiv'd, with the Action of feraal new Comic Scent* a {neverbeforeperfonn'dl call'd ,. ... s NO MAGIC K LIKE tOV'E. TheSeeaei, Cloathi, arid Decoratigni, being New. -- Xo be^o ertry iTening at*Fi� o'clock. - Bank- Stock 146. India Ditto fedthing ^one. j$outh Sea Stock nothing (lone. DJtto Old Annuifjes ii 3 3 �ba don Affurance .11 ^tre-. -  - E^hW^$eir 4I.' Toa. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan 120. Five per Cent, ditto 78 1 lhalf. Ban�' Circidatibn 5 I iQ*?.Pr.r.c India Boiias 41. 8 s. a i'6 s. sPr. IJhreeand a naif Salt Tallies 3 Prem. ' Three: and a half perCer.t.'Exchequer Orders^ Prem. Threeper Cent, ffitto 3'8 hi Difc. -Xo/tery Tickets n L to s. ii 1 iii � �------ U _ - G O O D M A N/s-F I EL" p Si*- AT the ifPW'WELLs the bottom pf �Lom-firut, GootlmaJtiFiiidssihh Oky,- wiUbe^fbrm**1 The USUAL D 1 V St&WS. -' With Rope^Danclng by- -Monf. JANWO",' Moftf.'Movk*, 'and Mr.�oagh. With fcvera! Ntfw SALlANCE*^ by Monf, jufi 'arrm'd^fnm Paris, Who thli Evening will perforni Several'New Efaiiibttt^inxoiluiy ys One-With a Boy on the Top- of a!LadderJ'pla�*d,iBn'the Edge-^fi Da&cing by Mr. Carney, Madem. Perrault, the two Mafter* a&i Alifi Granier, Mifs Stoty, Mr.Chettle, and Mri..Hough. Monf. JAN NO, Moiifi Mbvire, ^nd Mr. Hough. Singing by Mr. Brett, Mr. Cunnia�hani> and-Mri-HaV particularly A NEW SONG, doipetibj a tiery Celebrated Mafler, andjyig by Mr. Brett, in Praife of the EngtA Anns over the French. Ant , if Mad Dialogue by Mr. Brett and Mt. Cunningham. The whole' to "conclude with femal-New Scenes in Groteique Cha� *-* � " raeten, callM ----- �- ^ -.^-^ ^  ..... or, ^ " ; " ". � 'The Enchanted Jfland. Harlequin by Mr^ Hayes J Colombioe, Mn. Hough } Pantaloafi) Mr. Chettte ; and the Ch^rafter of Blunder by Mr. Haough. . - - ..^7be Chatbt, Sctm-f&rd'Muffcli', bting'mirily New. *m* Every One mil be admitted for .a Pint efWhu,- a-pitteaj ufuah To begineveiy Evening at Five o'clock. At pmi.iip S's NEW WELLS,: Near the London Spaw,-' ClerkenWell,'- * 4 THIS Evening, and during theSummer-Seafon/ will be perform'd fereral new Ezercifei, by a Company of Hungarianii particularly  - SAMPSON R AGAXZI, - '' �k'Tunaps',oveT a Mas and Horfe ; alio the celebratad MademoileHe K- B- -R -M- ^ N, - ; f Who perfdrtnV the Exercife of the Flags oft the Stiff Rope, an* dances on the Stiff Rope in a Pair of Stilnr -With extraordinary Perfbrmancei on the Ladder, by -Monfieur' GERMAN.  Likewife the celebrated C JB S A R POL A "M BIO, Who performs � new Exercifc founded on the Principle! of the Maths* I1,'. , - i-. .matkki.: -   ^- To which (by particular De&e) will be added, The HARLOTs PROGRESS. � a l so, An ExaS Reprtftntttkn tf tbe late Gloriou* Viftory gain'd tver the French by the Englifir, aftVe BaitU ^Dettingea, vritb tbetakt-, f�f �/fc6# White Ho^hold Standard^ the Scott Greys. Netey The PubHck iailfo defir'd to take Notice, that both Ar-nuea are Ne*-cloath'd, with all other Accdutmnenta, aiDruai*, Kettle-Drumi, Trumpets, Hautboyi, and French-Horns. - �� =:Cotlcludingwith a;Orand ChoTui, calTd Hail I England's Prince, if Jl/r: Johnibn, and others, ,-ct: : To begin 'every jtoning^at F4�e o'clock. . Admiralty-Office, July 2, 1743 ~ T'HE I exve~ of. Abfinct given' to the Petij- Officers andForepiqfi Men turned over front bis Majiftfi Ship the Defiance into the Aliemcy, txfiringw the'yb4*� ft ant, the Lords Cthnihiffiohers ~of the Admiralty do hereby firialyeharge them, at the Expiration xf tbatTiMe,Jo re* pair'immediately on Board the faid Ship ALdtmty^at the Nore, where they avi/l he paid thtir-Wages fb*4be?Dc&asi i4k$ni�fsr ibisPafer'at'Tw9 Shilling tank.

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