Friday, June 28, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Friday, June 28, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 28, 1743, London, Middlesex *  Ferrer Bonib, and 'Baltimore Sloop failed Yetterday Afternoon. �<^&Wn ittd fril'd lkpdb*a*s [^rifce-j the; Nancy, Whiting, far Cent; and Stnor. de Pedro AI-meta, Baptifta, for Portugal, tffcmabl itf the Downs bis M w 3tab�>ThaiBe*, Marchant; for 5 arid the Matilda, Welds; �fofGibrtlflit."1 Wind ftdjgfcV? h'' ^" . . :. A GriiwfMf5imez6. Pafi'd by Mayflower* Ebenezer, SaraliraWl^^l^iiiW4 iM�*nv Prioee;Frtderiek* KirJg George, Wright, aodiit'Ndfon, afrfcom Ntt*v�y rtje Eliartieth,Edd, from Havre-de-grace^ 'aad'Flander* Mer-duH^^Qtife'^^Qft^: � r : v. -  ,' TheTdwofen^ Wflfen> from Barbadoes, is arrived at The Rowland, Stilk>aa> from StyKkts, at Dartmouth, in ^pQft,*--. :; .-...:,'.;..>: : k. *'' L O N p O N. Yefterday arrived the Mail from Holland. Our Accounts of the Ja� Battle on the Main, from the French -pimp. aearSeligenftadt;- are: dated the :a8th of Jwie,.N,S.and'xan thuy* �  " ' ..M/ribaiNoailles having been informed that the Allies intended tor retire towards Han .u, tefolved to pafe the Main/with Part of his Troops id order to f�tt- opon the Rear "Guard of th&Enemy*. Corfequence^of this, t& Excellency havingpnt-himelf at the Head of feverirlRegiments, both Horfeand tftot, troffed"the River Yeflerday Morning with ho Troop, fit �e;on due Bridge ha had boik> and the reft on �tbeJ'oxd. near SeligenSadt. > ;Then the Maribaladvanced op. along the Main at-fa* as Deftingen'l butinftead of,the Re�Guard; he- found the wholei #fmy cf the Allies; which he nevertheiefs attacked. Thq-Battle was very bloody and obftinate*. and laftcd feveral Houie; bat the Mari^.finding he; could not-r^Uybeardowta the ABlea*.flwiight proper1, to. withdraw WTrodpsy *whff re-pafieclthe Mam without being purlued by the Encmyl: We returned'towtr cId Camp,: ajg .ftiU pr^rw W-Bridges. We baVerlikewife taken. AfebafFehbqrgbv' which was the Head. Quarters -of thet Allies.- -Wr>reckon that our Lofi amamt$~to�o^;M*n killed, ahd*woundcdT _T4* Enemy's cannot be de^if it fanor'-sw^ cbouatt^Brifeadier, 'fokflfijd. � Amou^thV^wounrlid**, the ebunt'^Bo, Xieute&ahr.Genccafc. ck�(IMfe {, the Ktarch of the 6titijl>M rfiraniand 4frob HwoveriaBs> thtrweitfceipefted ifcfce �#ufc*sM*6Sm oafee?rM6tion wthrRightWith' hts f; his beS Troops* -r' i^ao% **bm'"wtre > adiBiet abov^rbeWflla^e^of^:l)tttfrig^^Th�^ me�i;'tbeifi^4ieejv^5A13^ Adotiooa mf^the Freoeii;vib^can$ mi^^rmyvwithihb?ruardsj and'1 the reft ^ ^.Troops Vweae tidied- Jo i^advance;v T^o^ tbiir French" did not- exped to find the whole ConfederatelA'rmW in-Meikdir yet *faey!hditt�g(Hn ej^eflentObfer toa^ack it before k totdd^odite firmed^ This fifft^A ttadc they^|)to� them? in ^^bia>: and. K'^a^tV; o^^^lay Jusd^Br vCc^r wndl^^^y^tlb.?iitrid^^ Frej^g towliplratird tteCdnjrufiohi:: ^o&OJBd them tt>-retreath/ 'Sflie^glifc^rbrie a^Dragoo^^pWaed them as hat�the3aB^o{4Be,MaihiJftnbfw ma^o&fhatEnemf* weftld^imoed^:: P^:ti^ intop-i."Wfipdsfr Theva^blb'GB�nadiers;who IJ�a^.iw�e-fof Hnger>n- tbe'PuTiult;^aiiiome^theoi> juraped im^^e^veVaftei; this ErtncK .,> jJ .rtr TW5$c%drl'-faitedfix flours in all; the King was pre-fent every where, fometimes on Horfcback, and fometimes on Foot-j his Prefence contriboied much to the Victory*' in | which only a 'Part of tfre�a�6verims ha^(a Shate; the reft f having been^ left at' Alc�a1r^|i�lwh. The Duke of Arem-1 berg, who ftgridlize^himfeirirtan extraordinary: Manner jf in this Action; received a^ MuiketHfcof in ihe (shbulderi'ind II cwld flot-rtrfy tfr'feethe-En^df-the'Affair*: TJ*' Pjemiflx31 and^Aaft<im- frobps did Wbndfers, as well "as tfiejbnglift. m&Wk?- of ^u1nb�^?n :(hot, in the Legi :H�ttbe Wbur^ls^rfroih being, darigewws.- � It �reckoned; that.the-Frencfr left about jooojlfen on the Field of Battle, exclflfive of the frifiners, ao�ong whom there -are TomerLieu^e1ia1ttJ|$e^'rals;'',^hd a great many Field Qffi-irs.' The Houlbold'Troops fiifterltd^ojj. We took from tbero io'Pieces'ofeannflfh.atid federal Standard* and EolouR.-' - We have-loft' upwards of'i ebtf Mtdj ianfon^ Whorais 'General Glaytcfii; Wh^'thbilgh: ^f^/fli'afe Beginning of the Adion,. continued 'flgnring-*^uJJT/anbtHer Mojket^BaH^iathtm;in',tbe' Diiftt The Lieutenant-Gene-rais'literi and Monroy, Hanoverians; are wounded. Of the Engl ilh Regiments, Ligoniere's fuffered feVerely t &h Aultriaa Regimenttof Sty rum and Ligne fared"noAbttter. Ori the fame'Day that this Battle was fought, the French Troops having raifed a Battery over-againft theCaft e of Afchaffenburgh on the other Side of the Main, ^ed-feveral Volleys at it. His Majetly being wijliog to jfpare ihe Cattle, where he'Kad^his'Quarters;' moved our/of it atra o'Clock-atMigh^ anU went to Hanaii. T^hr Morhing (29th of Juner^r.S.) the Army Stuck their Terifci;and went to: encamp^ betieen Doinigheim: and'^mheim. Every Toihg is?" getting ready for another ^r'u(fi wltjb- the; Frenchf wltd, indetd, donot- feem to have any Inclination to avoid it. / � They write from the Hague, that by the Letters which the Marqunde -Fend6h has received', it appears that the French repaflVd the Main^in very good <)rd*n ' They aod, that they have received Letters' from Sweden, which fay, that the;Dalecarliansl perfift in their Demands, and that a-bout 20,000 of them are a^oallytnarchihg up to $tock-holm, in order to force the Dyet to elecV the Prince Rofar of Denmark, and ponifli without Delay the Generals who commanded in Finland.- � '- �-  , * ' '  ; According to Letters from Ulm, Marital Broglio having left Garrifohs-in Ddna f^Mentf;^ Lbi Carreer; are �xpeAed fa tbar4%y/'abe4i( rbifae- ittpbrcai Neg�(iatio�,' whreh they iMc^Whi'm Acc^mmmW before*theQoecn'ofITdngary nal^i^aSii^-W^^ ^PheyteK os from" BruJBSlsV that;Aey:fa^^ttj;thiafe^^ � fent Jb'Germ�y;'i�ecaBfr, ^coofiderlng Situation : of Afeirs,- theft �^fbtte T^* ienSg^l^Sf WM� $p therkwds; for tr^Tail'AdvIccsTrom4f^Frontiersc^ that the3 French CourVhas reTplyed. toaAjmblc a he^ A ifmy on theMaefeor theMofelle^-whrch-iy-ta confir>of about 40,000 Meni under the Qbmmand of 'Maribal Bclleifle. * Wo have taken feveral Eftficns and Siahd>nis,rand 1 B^NBttberlb/^|f^ners tifM^^Tm i pain;oi�boirnTSJdes'-'cannot^ fcknown..1.-:'"?o d'Ajyen badfeVeiarHbrjes'kily , , ; Itiialib &tdiAthat tbe "'Kinj^i 'Hbo^f^pj^a- JfpB �tW-WrntrSuUta^di a ^1u>jg wJ|uc|i never happen'd te-� them^as'^et. *i,t*3J'' .-" flairi!, and5 fonie hundred;' PTifoners tte' j^m-' flioW fijfer'^ moftr'The EngHfli ..baye*]to(|jabdiifc j'500 < Meil. nmorw .whom are Generals Clayton and Monroe, and 7 or  800 * e^"Carinja?at -|8e_ a ^ajor of Horfe, 'Which waj' On Saturday laft their Royal Highhefles the |trjpce and Printers dfrWaltt came to:' C^^oii'Hou'le,' "fy&Jhe Country. ^ ^  ' '  : Yefterday came Advice, that the Swift, Legard,- fcem I Genoarjfor^^jSbndbn; V taken by a Spanift Prirtgr, a|d * carried jrito Bilboa. ' --r--^^"^" A few Days fince died at Edinburgh Alexander.. Baird, "" ' John Baird of Mewbaith, Bart.'i 1 *: Efqf Brother to' Sir , XOo Sunday laft died, after a long Indifpofition, at hit %dging at Hampftead, Mr. YelWlyj a Maibn of cqnfide-n|ble BufineO, who had gained ahauuTo^l ^ttWbjfMi Tfiuftiy. Ht had been imY^i^^^^fsm ^e^day^^'fjwg:l^�|''at ^Iort.hombjerland Houie in the Strand, aged about 8o| Mr. Brjdgwater^ who badbeen in"th� Family "of hTs'Grace the TXaSfe of SomeHet. above 46 Years. rand was Hoiihold Steward fomsGrac^ " ^w Yefterday Mormng^ tie&fudde*'lft' at CfE^wal^ers-H^l, M|r.\E4waid Butler, Attorney at Law, and Clerk of t&at Tefteiday Morning the Corgfe of JohnTajbotV EfqJ waacarrfed/oufof Town in a grftnd manner; to^^r^err'd at toagforditfShropi^rirJ fhe;Bu%at l^ce'of th�"ancient Family. - ^ i Laft Night the Cprpfe of Mr. l^rker, a very eminent ' Ucefxfen m!:'Barb'ica5, late one Jot the tommtai-Ceuncil for AldeJfgJte^ani wasprivately^interr'd at ^fSs Church  of St.Botolph ATderj^afie, agreeable^^d^ bis own Defire. ' OnSund^rthe rith'Inftarit 'a Strolinfj Fellow went to a. ; Hpufpat^etfclesin.Sermon-'time, iki'&a^sSitiom '', of the ChurchwardenWife; (h'erH^ ftegaveifhimi and had aleCeipt:" Qn her'Hulblnifs 1 �-� ', A Letter from an Officer, datedfam the Camp ofihirr/IUies* J ' 'beivoefn'Hanauand' ^Jc^t^aiurgl'^an^'i^ *&Mf?"'� We had Orders tir dec^p'olpWediafday lSffie&t at Sun-fet. to be ready uod^-Arms*till ri^e^k'of;l3a>r:ffien, to'march'wirhbirt BehtoY Drfimyor Sound of Trumpet." Tie French who had tfdtice of our Defign-, rmniediitely began their March, paiRdthe Rrver, ,and'par,tr�ffifavW in Order of Battle, to the NunSber of 3jbrJo Men ; Cab-nonading began at Nine, afld-lhe Aebbh'ar bo MiriQtes~: after it; General Gfeytenj,,wbo1was'killed at 3, com-mandedthefirft^Linefi 'Wg^eFwft&'WDfi^eof Qrai-berland, which bore the Fire bf.the whole French Army, which wasfo ftriou?, tfa?^ Left -began- to give waya-little; the Dake ordwedme rogato ^eGenerarofjfie Hbrfe. and a& -for **ReM ich lay e��e Gromid.- tTJfe"E*pK * Aiiflr^^dtfnc&oiithe fianoveriiiis as were there'be-l^ttoflgallttey>'a^a aliho^dnly Part of the Englilhi H^n^eriinV-^ Jfcffiani were m'the Aclten,: yet we, � havV�lfieo"^^ii1brfcut tf^greaM^umblr to PieceS," 0 anjl56b)^tbe^eft W'tttirt wlrif great Precipitation^ theitherrfiJe -of *itit Rrvgr^leaving: us Matters of the^ * Field, twitlrt'* Pieces bftannon j : '"Hii Royal Hi^bneTs the j>uke of Cumberland wounded irf tlAi'Leg. " : � lS."-: ;�?&:'�-�! Joflm%n1i5-L^�ot*ff. * Wor Honeywot^momlly^oSnded, * -Captain Mcritorf-killed.'-' ** * Anda Liemetiaitt Cdlonel, and fcme other Officers. � TJie-Frerrchhavetaken PoiRiulonof- Afthafienbuigh, theErigiah havfng quitted k� thVEngKm Army^wlll eb- * campsbetweea-Fxarkfortand^Hanatf: " * but on Friday laft he made rmrifeape, and in half; an Hour  after Jtfwfrfiriho* ttrowift in the^ivel witii ^vtf^Mctr-on but no aothes ovefthCm, and 'tii Ibpio'^d he "endear ivoufdto fwim owrfefliSW^.-'^ ..x r^ ' Yefterday one Wllfiaoi^Ojtyis was, committed to New-gate, b^f Col;tie Veil, for:;SboptiJEting; ftealijig Leather Breecr^'from the S^pof Mr.JohnGteok. - As was Charles Vokins, a Vyaterman, by the fame Gerv tleman, for afTaulting John Dudley, bearing, bruiftng him and then throwing him in the River. IRELAND, Dublin, Junrxi. Satur<Jiy laft Johri Borce^ Ejfij; DoAor in Phyfick; wafmarried. tdMift Cofeck;'ajpung^. Lady of .great fieadty, rlne' Accompliihinent^'' and,ajatgfe-Fortune. 0 iV 1' " " ' '"' : The fame Night Roger Mp. Neill, Efq� was married to Mifs Pricej" a young Lady of great Beauty and a-large FortuneVv' " " We hear that Henry Cavendifb, Efq; is made CoQeclor of Cork, in the room of the late Henry Hamilton, Efq; High Water this D^y at London-firidge^=at755= Mr--i notes after- 3.  - -'!^-'^ o . i "^**-"^*",*"l�'^*a�**�aM�a�B�B��MB^ �� ' Bank Stock 147.1 half/ India Ditto no Price." SoutF ' , Sea Stock Books (but. Ditto QkJ Annuities 1137 8ths � a- 3 4ths a 7 �hs..' Ditto NeW Books Ihut. T^rec per"" i &Bt. Annuities-102 rjtoilf. Dit�:T742, 102 i balf*' i ^it^o I74J, 99 ihalf. f MilUWBaW "hB 1% T Royal Affvlrarice'Bjr^L^doa -Awradce) In. Englifls Copper 4 1.. 10 s. Welch ditto no Prjce, ; African no Price.� Seven per Omt: -Emperor'a Loan 1 119 3 4tbf.' Fjfre per Cent. dittof^S t 'halfT Bank, <iif-5 celation 51. 10 s. Pr. India Bonds 4I. 13 s. aios. P{, I;; Thrceuand a half SaltTaHier^PtT ~ Three and"a lialf^ per Cent. Exchequer Orders 5 Prem. Three^per CenK  ditto 1 4th.Difc. - Lorte/y Tickets si I. 1 r^ jfdvertifimtnti ofawdentt Lenjjbare tdiinfofw'ltos.Pdt*r 1/ Two Skitiings each.

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