Monday, June 17, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Monday, June 17, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 17, 1743, London, Middlesex en i fl1 Yeftmlay ^an^j^hpftr. i Hackney Coachnwjt, committed;to 6l6ffg*te. Jb�^Je?|,^Ete for>iffiuli(rt�g > rfl jona'Dei^fo^ I^MV^gift, *trci "tftfonlly&l^npon him Wth&u Haxkney^Cftim i� a... : folftti^xSm the ^fOnbr,"4 ' One HorYe-Chair, breaking hhn iJdwnV putting him 5in the Ferret SoapyforPortfooo|ht;' ..gitattfearand D�g*rofh� Life, and afterwardsbejMig, 1 thcRwdsi Wa�^%'feittj(bob t ^Dtttfi^i ^d wc^^ ' Willuuili Ciit&ftJ Jerfev � � '^Tfitf:^'WVWK�.1frM* sill- �h� Ii* :Mairf Waldon and ftp*Bite-* Ren^fo G�p. .SH&nna Newman, with acting, and ravittifig thcm;a J-------. ----1 �� ,g c o; T L A D. >�'�:� L O N D O ff. > ' : We areaffmrd, that the Qi^ of H�ngar>;> Miniiter nas received Advice,, thajl^^offiriahs'hate; wder theni- -felves Mafteja of Qraunaa,:'ja wbiek there ivair aGirrifoh of 1700 French, who have engaged not to. fetre againK' hier Majefty for two Years; There is'alib Advice, that the Marual de Np^Hes bet% sefolved to make himfclf lifter of an .liJmini^i inn Poft, ordered a Body of Troops to march for that Porpofe; which being onderftood by the Earl of Stair, he made anextoapd* dinary March, andpo&fi�dhimfelFof the fafd(jEo44$r'' ^oon%efore the French cameJnp; wh^ gpeal�formi.v tibn' thereof, retreated wiUipot awaking any "Attemjit^tto recoverit.;,, r.:s-i to �� 1 - �"� � , f Tb/5 Jtight Hon. the Earl of Wihcheliei is chafed ah Elder Brother of the Trinity-Houie, in the room-of�Sir Charles Wager, deceafed. . ------,.- On Wednefiiay laft theGreyhonnd Man of War arrived , ^>MA^, .-^.j. - -v- ^rr- ft in the Downs, from ;a Crui�: on the SpanuVPrifatefcri. ?- ' "Welcn ;dltto4id;Piioff.-:; Afrjcan'ha Price.' ;^ven\p>r;Cini The fine Obdiik in--the Earl of "LinehtbVrm^n*'. *l V ^oemr?i..JU>an:. lio ^^t^'Bh/^'p^rx^t.^mji Bank- Circukfion 7 j. 6'dl: Pir,' IndjaBahA Hi .^npon,thcaotaft'la,c�ir^|a^Uite,j^pjp9f9CttS^. thattbey might be-inroHed, in order tdhe taKen into th$ Charity: W6rkhoufe, which is to-be opened oh Monday the aothliiftan^ whfen . they are to be taken, in, maintain^, and 6^107^} -and, in the jne^..Tfine;\gaye> proper Allowance,?with CerH-feuionV* i(;:they-weie''ibund-begg^nji^jAa^t^r u*ou]d $e fcnt to. the Houfe of Corredion xirfd- accordingly ^iafe t gi^eft^jfbric^ Orders to: the City�*^Gaard &hdSerjeaffo to . ^rdhiforyrfiehse and- apprehend all and whatever PcrYofos ihould be found .begging after the 7th-of. June jnftant, arid . did earoeftly entreat the Inhabitants, that theyr would1 not give.Charity, or any Manner of Eftcoaragemedt;"to. the . ;far^nec�nW^ how brought |o a Bearing,, it is not. doubted^but tnafc ete'ry Perfon vify 'Wimev M fc|^eiiefc and Sloth fopprelMv and dte'Poor majnaiiBSiWM ?m chearfulFy "contribute to promote and foppprt. fo ufe/ul an Under-: taking. � - �  J _: .... .- . H 'Jh Wa�:rjthrt l>ax jf1 London-^idge-at 115- Minutes Bank Stock 148. Indu Ditto 1,94j^tjifca j^i: South Sea^tock; *i 1*4 3' ^ths' a 115. j fettaiOldvAnnaitie* i 1 c ^ 4% a: 5'8ths". Ditto New no Price. T%te jjer Cent. Annuities 104 t half a 5 8thsi 'D^tja 1742+ 104-1 ha^ at j8tb. '.DittQ^F743, ioi+ 1 4th a 3 8ths. Milhoi-Bank li ft,vha& 3 Equivalent i i iRoyilAiturance� j ii Affura'r^e. 1^.-7 8th>,. Engl�fliK ^opper-^ iS.ijp i. Ptill,LIPS's K'feW WELLSr .^.Jfear) jit-.. London Spaw, Cferkenwell/ , tURJNG ' the' Sufhrner-Seafon, wiil be _*- perfornW fe�>ral new Exerdfw, Iqr a Cpmpmy of HaHgaraai* particularly ^ . *S" A M PSON R A G A T Z I, 'Jomps over a Man and Horfe ; likewife fiies tJuDUgh.a-Hogfliea^, --^-force* the mrHeaelV out. " Alio tie celebrated Ma4eino)felte K K R M A. J^I. , � Whar perform* t^JEtarcUe of the Flags on the Stiff Ro^e. .*) ...: � WithT6tfVaorilaary"Peribrmantesoo the ladder, hy . ^Monfieur G E R M A N:, - v Likewife the celebrated C MS A R POL AM B I Q, -Who performs a new Exercife founded on the Principle* of the Mathe� ,..... dHk-iw-the::'E^lof I4nc^!iGar^fch|4 Weybridigelin Snrrjey\W8 "ir^^much'flBU^Er'di by a.lFteft of Lightning on Monday Iaft. " _. t  - -This Day comesTHrin^^hiJl�fajeT^s^c^6TExcliequer| the^reat Canfo jo leng.depxfidtDg Dttwr^-the Dty?of ^r/Johft W^kman, an enaoent Briber, .$ *ths _ ___ a-8>- ^. Thue ani a^half SaltTaUie&jPn TJrtoBp and .a half per Cent. Ex6ha�uer Order* c Prem' Thfoeper Cent, ditto-1 naif Difc . Lottery Tickets concerning theBJght MJfbrce.the Diffeoters torfenw, thtf 1 --' ' ��' 11  V.L .�*'� -' ^ Offioeo/lherirT, Sf ^CiletfxU^ |o levyMifua| V^' AU S^Jt?SE li JL S * : Fine upon tb�. On[Wednei&y.A^l&xafSd laft died,^""atchiiSeathear ,.,-^-----jT,^ Richard EUis/Eiqt a Gemkman of air anx^t Faniilx in; - chatConaty, arjd poffefiM of a plentifor�n^'%;wa '*.-.:' ' On Friday laft died atChelhnnj in Hmf^fhire, Mrs.- " Hughes, a wealthy Widow Gentlewoman, Mother to the-Lady of .Judice Peck of Spital-FieHs. ' ~ This Week4ied Mrs. Rawlipfo^ Wife^ toKr. Rawlin.; fon, a confidereble;GTOC*fr, at: ; '^T^y^&tt&ia^ ll^. W�tg3�gety of Tambling and Vaulting, by Moaf.GUILIOME [.�^:fli^r.PRANCISCSINI,..lately arnv'd from Paiisj aoperDan-^ �a&ibytie twbMilk RAYNERS. v . ' . ; . r:- Poftura,:and feveral new EquiBhres, by. Mr,R�yner. - ; With TJaaeinf (both Serious and* Con&J fartictilarh/.;.,; j  Scotch:Dance bf Mafler MattheWs -MdM^ Wright.) .: A ne* Grand Papcf* fijll'i Z-' Af<^w&, . by Mr, Dayenport, ' Alio a Grand ErUert^mrjent of Singurg and Daridng, calTd Bauble* and jixiadiurtyMor^ttm&ltWuVnai&tt, Mr. Miles, Mrs. Bollock, aqd'othert. With teteral new Songs br M/. P^ikjrie and Mifi HILUER. ^ A Coramon�Couricil holden in the Chamber of the .Guildhall of the City of Jandonr- 'on f^triilay. the �';*" J 16th Day of June, 1743^ aod.jn the Semiteenth Year of the Reign of onr^ovi-^giLbrdGSo^es - the Sepndi ;King of GrealtrBira�,'&c. 'JX is A$jf*e&. and Ordered bj tbts*Court, jbat A.rif fittj'Ptyfbn-'UtSo bad< been nominated te be Sheriff of .ffrit. Cityiikd County of'Middlefex, in Purfuance of an A& of Common-Council made tbe:i zzd $f QStobirt 1703, pall on orbtffFe tib'urfday' tht Z$d Infant, at Six o'clock in the EvemngrjMJi^jfaCbamber for tbeUfe of this City* thfSuhj^^^^^�<4 ^SH^s pMrJ**?* to tbefaid * - -9 W*�--FI EJJLD S, the. bottom of iU^peribrm'd - 1o be S O L Dr A .Houfe'called HILL-HOUSE, in the . JML Parifl> of Write Wahbtm in the County of Berks, containing i�v�a Rooms on a Floor, neatly fitted �p, with two Coach-houfes, two Sables, Pidgeon-houfc, Brew-heufc, and Laundry, withOardeni �<f fa iteM, tlii. ILiUlua-OuJeji wallul hi/ the wrrcltr-~~ ___jftjyere;.atrfchroywtoatsby'the ;^wt^j||pe^i^^^ them brtbtttd^utfra % .��Whoi thfiE^r ^Etiange, .Eoml Moyir*,,fn& MrvHougi. i&J&Q ^lALLANC�S*y-ii.v,2^ v ._- -^^-j^twill fer&iTm Several JMi EptiSbm (never yet feeniip^ rJ�'Er)(glJfli Stage,) particularly One wHhJfceFoint of . aSword bn'the Edge of a Glals. . ' s ?" Rwwag by Mr. Carney, Madem. Pemult,;the t�^"'Ma|eri-�n4 * delightfuj Profped j with two Farms thereunto bektnginf cf. �ae J. .�y |nn I Ibis Djy is publijb'd,- i?^?ii^WTpMefi an^vipft 'I^SbES&^W*' * g^'':Grick^^R^e^ Stchelors, on Black-Heath, for a ccflfiderable Sum, which w� won by the married Men. \* B+ery OntmUbe admitted for\a Piui�$fae a-fikt as ufual, r'tV,;. S Of L ^ The Second Edition, with large Additions,-* In Two. Volumes, jDelavo, 1 nPHR ATTORNEYS PRACTICE iri X -. the Court of KINQ's-BENClfi Qr,1 An IntroSoenon to theJCflowledgeofthePraftkeoftBat'Coart', ashnowfbsds under theiUgulat^.ofleVeiallate'Acts^^c^ Rules and Deter- rmMtiMMc^theis*diC�rt. With Variety of curkws Precedents ia EnglUh, fettled'or drawn by Council j and a complete Index to the .Whole. , . ' By a Gehtleman of the Inner-Temole. empl -Pii4jN ^t^jw^WuodajiAf JUid fuhr Lyji OlhuiJJ Li rilcl. noftwIfar.iX�rTOwkiftt^^n4>!l?. Walter in Fket-ftreet; IV Where *>oy be bad, t. The Attorney's Pxaftke ia^theCburt of Couaon Plaos. By the feme Anthor.' 3 ..' ,;. 1  z. The frcond Edition of the Laws relating to the Poor. By Robert Foley, E<q; itSvLoij^h^CJoftiff.HalrVa-Pleas-ofthaCrows,In2toL foU ' aTlMoittn Entries, ia % vol. fol. ^'�TSif'Day', Jvt a  Wigutt^lby JSattxiiay; P*rcel of ve^lft^^^MAlCA X^whkh was lodged then accordtng to die late^a of Parliament, but not to be firfd in kfi Quanritiea than TenOfllons, and the Over-Pwpf to bepaijlibrai charged afrthfrOsjaWw kanh^^''^' 3 ZllbOi?. & io -* j- '^^^ijh�^j^k^i4rrm hn^b^tatininfor ib^ftm u Tyo Shillings each. :, A

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