Monday, June 10, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Monday, June 10, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 10, 1743, London, Middlesex $ R IDA Y, Juste io, 1745. HIS Morning the AtignflaMatt df War failed for Portfnroath. 'ISrmveJind; Jwut.: ftfs'd by the Dunkirk, Smithy from'Bun-' kirk? Philip, Boyefman, from firemen. ... L O N D t> ..N. ; � ' We are iaformM, &a^L*tfers are amS^ajhis Grace' theDuke of NewcaOIeYO&ce,impprjting thatthe AuAri-ns are in Pdfcfficm of Straubiogen snd Munich, andjhat. at the lift Place they found 46,065 Rations of Ha/> �ad BgreatQi^dtx of" other ProvifioDs. IfeWay.E^hteei; beabuibl Horfes, mtended as a Pre-(eat to the Qpeeo of Hwgux, and Prioce Charles of jLorr jam,' ptffed thro' the City tor Gravdeod, where they are -upf Hnngiry, ther Liqncta lb the Populace, who affembled in iaft, Nfl^nbersy to wilb Health and Profperity to the Lord cohaly* Heir' to- the noble Houfe of KiMafCvwh** is thceldeft Earldom in Europe. -:--^-� � .... - r.r �liii>ni ,V 11 - High Water this Day 'at London-Bridge at 4$ Minnies aft�r 1. , , Ycto&x}Advice ic&e, ;that.ihit;........ cark, boaadfroa FtJifaouth in NewrEngtand, to Jamaica, is taken by the St. Joachin, a SponuV.Galkon,, and carried into the Hayartnah. >� Alio, that a Brigantine, M'Taggart> from New-Eiig-land, .with Fifh for Jamaica, is taken by a SpaniQi Privateer, and carried into the &ne Place. : i I ~ y As is likewife die Saccefe, Hartley, from London fcr Bermudas.. theBarracan,;Bowerst Batfaiwa� SmitJuaiid Aria^-Gally, Wigg, aU from London^ are arived at Jamaica. It is find from Calais, that the Squirrel Man of War, Capt. Geary, has taken a, large Spanim Private^, on the Coaft of Prance : But we do not hear irom our^Wn ftftt|* any Particulars of the Action. . ':',; '�:-,- On Wednefday laft was jtfSarried at Greenwich Chorch> Ws Mackdoe, Daughter of Capt. MacKdoe; tq M*.BadrtV' Attorney in Broadftrect j,a Lady of great Beauty add coV1' fidenble Fortune. Laft Week the Rev. Mr. Hill, Matter of the Grammar School at Feverftani in Kentj to which he was iately pre-fen ted by the :^al^q^(:a|n^^^3tt1^:tf^ ^j|.^Sb)6Sr -'.College, Oxford, was married 49 Mr^.Sj^ndspf Ofpnng, an a-greeablelady, witha�3od-Fxjrftwe.T <r. . - r..'.. '.'.�,.<.,.' A fay Days fince died a*  � i*L~A�-~x>-o *J '�-.-.�> -.x^vr On Monday lafidiedat hwHoofcaiThaines-Dittt�, Mr. Whiten, Haberdate at Holrx>rn-Bridee, who hadretn^i fromBafinefi aferliehad gain^ji jpjentifol Eihte by his Trade.-- � . : .1 -,:-- i^lt -Vefierdaf a Child. �M>t Seren^em of Age, DangsW ofBcsk-Calipro^ ^Bfttfara^^-s^ff^tt^F^^ feeiogaSaJmon beat�g*frif upor. W$h|)r%^ft *td>W/ Water,. weifc ihand fewed k:bjr the/GJlti j^.4bejs$:|go. ftrong for her to carry witr'tM^ca^/^^^^whep^ne Eldrldge's Boy about her Age,$Mj 'ThedK^ weighed ai Pounds, and was^^ifoKi fofr a^p^ Trice at^Bli^ tag%ateMarket.,-: .\-ii On Wedndday m^/U^lt^i^di^;]}^ Hilt near Greenwich, a Widow Gentlewoman. ftit>a! b'mh _" I Bank Stock 149 a 148$ 4ths. India Ditto 196 a 1 halfa t$6. South Sea Stock no Prices Ditto Old Annuities...nhalf. a-i. 4th.. Ditto New 115 \ 4tbsi ^ half. Three per Cent. Annuities 104. 1 half. Ditto i74�, rx>4 1 half. Ditto 1743,..101 7 8ths sV 1 half. Million Bank 118. Equivalent in. Royal A^urance Ba. London, Afforance u 3 4ths. Eoglifh Copper 4.I i o s. * Welch ditto no Price. Africa* jJojPxice.. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan 1193 4ths a 120. ' Five per Cehf�tfifl6^7�:i,:balfi- Bank,CirCulatioa 5 1. 75. Oct f^rJ^^5^4f^-V^!' ^ rThro$. and a! ^alfSalt Tallies^ Pr. Three and a half per Cent. Exchequer Order's y Pjtftn.' TJiree per Cent ditto 3 41 hs Difc. Lottery Ticketi 1! 1. 15 s. a 14^ E>;l e R^-AV el L S. With Vwierjr of Tumbling and Vaulting, by Monf. CVILIOME knd Signbr FRANClSCINr, hterjr. itrif'd from Pwit; Rope-Dan-ciog by the two Mifs RAYNERS. 1 - PoIhiri8,.a)ia ftrcalnew EqaiEbrej, by Mr. Rayner. .WTth^.IHaangfbot&'Serioui and Comic) particularly , ,4'18�t^J��Dd By;'Mi'fter' Matthews and Mifi Wright, f A btw'tSaad'teipee, �alPa Li Maftueradt, by Mr. Davenport, . <. .. , .and othen. .. A16 a Grant EarertiiniBentef Singuig and Dancing, calPd Baccbut pnJ Ariadn, by Mont jFromout, Mr. Davenport, Mr. Milo, Mr*. !BuNock, and others. Wkh-fareral new Songs by Mr. Hemftark and Mi& HILLIER. Concluding with an Entertainmeat of Dancing, call'd j V U JL e A N's N E T T S. � i Tabepn every Evening at Fire o'Clock. i GOO DM A N�s-F I E LD Sr-f) AT the NEW "WELLS the bottom of LttBU'firtttiCoddmanU-Fi^Jt, this Day, will be perform'd The UStlALi DIVERSIONS. With Rope-Dandflg by ' * Madeowjfelle t'Etrafige, Monf. Movire, and- Mr. Hough. : : - Wtb^ierehdireW^ALLANCES by , Mwf$%ll�AW arriif'i from Paris. ;.\bf ,Mr.Ath^r^ Mad^tn, Perraolt^ the two Atafieri and Grader, ||� St^^Chettle, Mrt.Hongh,; and Mr. Dariy." \ 1 ' 1 - *, Spaing by M.t..Brett, & ' 4 ' '  -v : 'SiA wr-P SiO N RAG Ar T Z I, Ti^W dm^Man and.Horfe ; likewife flies .through a Hogfliead, Oh^m^M^htMm^i^ fii^MaWW%.6!W |J r forces thetworHeadsout. Aha the celebrated for HaghesofAikford^ Carfen�cs,,4.., ^____________ of Frances Smith,^WiftTof Henry Smith, of Afefcrd afdre> ftid, HartiW^fciler.' :: - x- - - < ..Yefteiday, there was a- qricfeet-Match at .Hadchflithi between-, 1' 1, Gentlemen^; o^London,. 'and, -j^il of Giteji)tfi4h r and Deptfimlji' <f WHm i^�B%Jgr tht latcer^ ;[- .^�-Ttsi�; r.i ,di.�2 v-.';-5 � .-.T ;.-/) 'if. : Ji-'' )i'.V p ,Ti.o-.i!T j'ijfr;jfc \o ^Sr'x.cZ - . ::�{�}{. R i" ;A .*Jirf;0il Q ^ J.Toi^i^C? CoafideraMe Body of TalpaJhes. at� tmim ^;j^wtibaidjf, and are to niarchro thcAfliaance, ofite JCin^ofiSaj^Hua, in orc^^^^p^ tl�^^^^ot> t^^M^^^geiciK, CQnuagj^n^^^ * This Day. ihetGciidemen^  WghtHdiLRobert 1^ULmhtetn^MM^M  Xfflkeai CatfedersBot, and Craw?,- inefrto celebra�;tbei k L6io1hipVBriA^jr;"wBe4^  Twenty-one Years 1 where 'they '-l. #lTeaH^rh^,Ha^*ct^ttftrrr, wirlruiany uiher^oyaf f Toafts} and had Bonfires, Illuminations, Rejoicings,  &c proper on this' Occasion. Who1 p^^tasi.^tf^e^'.'bfthe Flags on � the Stiff Rope. ' With extraot^ary Performances on tie Ladder, by Mbttfieur G E R M A N. ... ... Likewife the celebrated . c-': LC'M S'A R JPG L AM.BIO, Who performs a new Eierdfe founded oh the Principles, of the Mathe- . ! ^-'�'i^ihatttksi-' O 'V' To which wiUte adbW .! J  : ' -a! ACoiicertl>BT%caI^aridIn/WinentalMtfckj eallvd <  'x ^pi^.'h^lr: Joh^bn'j i^menaiS^rs. Jackfon.1 InterAerfd -with^fcVeral Nnp$twi after the Italian Mamtr\ t TheCharaaerof.HarTeainWMr;PKiilipij CQlotobine,.Mrs.PhU-Qn,; 0junt FJa>;:M6nf.; rjflm^pVOown, Jtf6nf. HendWj. i^iA^eTWnAfiaBcei7^^ Madepu LEftRUKE, ;-�t:FJ^VClock. tea P4at cf Wine at ufiiat Admiraity^Offibey June: 7, 1743^ toners ^and Stamen, from thhr Duty, da fffetr on board tbt Jaid Ship at Sheers vt/s, on or btfort tbt t^tb Day of ibis Moaib, on Pain not oid^Jmag.mi4*a\w otnb*Shif*S0oist but of- being-ap-prtbtndtd, and tried at a Court Martial as Ptftrters. � V ThOnias Corbet^ Adffiiralty-Office, Jilne 7, 1743^- TffHEREJS tbi Patty Officers and "Furmajt- W Men belonging to his Majrftjs Ship the Strafford, art" trdtred one half on board the. Prince of Orange at Chatham, and tbt otbetrhalf on board the Berwick ar.Deptford, at.the Expiration of thetr Leave, *wbicb expires lomorrrw; and as tha/i Ships-are not yet ready to receive them, the Lords . CtmmiJJioners of the Admiralty are pleafed to give them 'Jonger Leave to ie abfent frot* the Ships they are turned into. xuntil Wednesday tbt \$tb lnjlanf, at which Time, their. 'Lord/heps direQ them to repair onboard their tejpecrive Ships} fin Pain Hdt only of being made Ran on their Ship* Books, but cf being apprehended and tried at a Court Martial as De-ytrttrs. Thomas Corbett. � .1 n m.r rr r ' in, , � , , �-1 ' ' ', -  ir-'., General PoiV-Office, London,- June 8, 1743. IAS the P oft-Bey with the Barn* jiaple Msii, <was knocked off bis Horfe, at the End lofNtwport, near a Mile from Bartifiaple, the ^d of thii Injtant, between the Hours of Ten and Eleven at Night, by a Perfin unknown, moho carried off both Horfe and Mail, and the feverdl tatters therein for Exeter, London, �Brijlol^ and other Places. Thi Pofltnitftir Geniral thinks proper to acquaint the Pub-lick, that whoever Jhall apprehend and convi'J, sr ri?"/' Wended and convtaed, the Perfin, or Perfns, who, committed(this Robbery, nvill be entitled to a Renxtard o/Tw* Hundred Pounds, befides the Reward given by A3 of Par' liament fir apprehending of Higbvoaymen ; cr if any Perfiti or Perfons, tiobetker Accomplice or Accomplices in the /aid  Robbery, or knowing thereof, /ball make a Difcovery, where-. by the Perfin or Perfons, who committed the fame, may be apprehended and brought to Jujlice, fuch Difcovertr will, upon Conviclion of the Party or Parties, be entitled to the fame Reward, and alfo have his Majeffs mojl gracious Pardon, By Command of the Poflm after General, George Shelvocke, Sec. N.B. The Perfin who committed this Robbery, is a thick, Jhort Man (as the Boy deferibes him) with black Hair ; and the Mare taken from the Boy was of a dark Colour* with a white Face, and a Tailfame what longer than ufual, fome of the Hair under the Mail Pillion was rubbed off, and � tlft Mere af�\ui 13 Hmd\ ,,rr;\ irrnf1 iti'i iff 1 ij/r Y'i"rv 1 I old. 7. LONDON INFIRMARY__ A General Quarterly Meeting of the Governors of this Charity will be held at HaberdaJbersHall, this Day, tbt \otb Day of June Injiant, at Eleven of the Clock, To receive the Reptrt of the Houfe Committee ; To Elc3 a Committee for tbt enfuing Quarter, and on other Special Affatttr Rich. Neale, Sec. *T*HE great Encouragement given hy the No- bility, &c. by Ordering Entertainments at RUCK-i^OLT - HOUSE, occafions the Proprietor to provide a I' fufiicient Number of Cooks, and the Choicefi ofPrevijtons of all Sorts, but in particular very fine Carp and Tench, &e. and proper Care is taken, that every Thing is conduced in the mojl gunutMuUWf unit lifavg'dtifibt mujt uufMabtl Prices. Note, Such Gentlemen as Jhall chufe to order their own Provifeons, may fend them to the Brandy Warehoufe in Lombard-fireet; or to the Punch-Houfe at the Royal Exchange, and they Jhall be carefully convey*d. " JOHN DBLAPORTE, Hair-Merchants BEGS Jeave to inform hisCuftomers, that .he has now open'd a WAREHOUSE, on the Pavement in St.. Martin's-Lane, oppofite May's-Baildings, and it Doers belvw bit late Htufi that mat itjhefibjtbe dreadful Fire thai bafpen'd tit i%tb of laft Moptb, and being now compleatly ftock'd with the frdheft and be* of Goods of every Kind, hopes the Continuance of their Friend-Hup* being determined to fell only fach as he can warrant the Gobd-neft of, and (a* dfuaJ) take particular Care to prepare every' Sort of HAIR after the moft approved Methsd, and be anfwerable' tor tha CURL. ' N.B. Wanted by To-morrow Noon, any Quantity of French Lotntd'Ors, not exceeding a Thoufand. Any Perfon applying as a-bave, may have One Guinea and Two-pence for each, which is a-bore the intrinack Vjuae. ': .yk-S the 5*efent Seafon pfi Leifure and Re* jT\. tueraent'hai drawn into the Coonrry the greateft Number of thofe, who are engaged is Lftetaiy Purfaits, it is thought neceflary to advertjfe the Pnblkk,' that the" HARLEIAN LIBRARY ^rMarybone^ Jlk sfntnirn nftly I11 llii fiifl nfjaljj imlllm I Ihuil Virtnrnr v. the Cxrabgue will be pubUfliei in November next,' in order ta a Sale of another Part of the feme Library, which will be oavtnat Oc-cafion removed to Greys-Inn, where T^OSBORNE intreats rjbe Coo* tinuance of that Favour from the Learned, by which he has been hitherto, happily.fuppoited. ,______.-�..�, Catalognes-may be had at the Place of Sale, and of T. OAorne'in Ctrays-Inn, whs will give Moaey for any Library or Parcel of Book* or Maaufcript*. 3 �3L -2 -2 -2 hZ-0

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