Friday, June 7, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Friday, June 7, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 7, 1743, London, Middlesex MLB. T U E S DAY, Juns #f n vtii-->,ri/-f ,fi c The Molly, the Sound. &eal, jtouf. k fa the Down* iR'e Aii-" W War. Wind Jimp A- Paf^d Margaret,"Myers, from, ' ; and Ahrie and Elite, from Dantzfck/ eJen&,June PafsNTby thell&daftiy, Jack, from Nor-wltyj aoid Pelter, lidkin, from torfr. :ca,'kft frora.PJy-fcijm Beterfbargli, .in * l^itofohoriis;, 3tft3ttro% from London, at Smyrna. . ThcR'tby/Nickolfon/from Lancalbr/at AnUgtk. ' L ON & O N. Vefflbfday arrived the Mail from Holland. Eitrb8 *f �* lettt**ff*m tfo .Governor General of the � Pfltehfi^Indies, znbn&;hsrc the'iift, of JaftJBfonth, � on board-the Refldrer* with the Fortune, the'Concofd, * the Anne, ?nd the Wickcnberg. The Squadron is very < healthy, and met with no Accidents in the ;PafTage. V Baron Imhofffbund here the Dregterland which arrived < from Batavia the 3d of laft Month-:" By that Ship we * were informed that all Things were very quiet atBata- < via and all overthe Ifland of Java ; that the Emperor * and the other Princes of that Ifland do not make any * Motions that can give room' to' fufpeft them; of being in- * -dined to break the Peace j ihat the other Settlements of * die Company enjoy perfect Tranquility, except W the ' Coaft of; Malabar, where the Dutch Factories are fre- < qoently. nralejtod^by the adjacent Inhabitants. Upon this ( News the Governor-General immediately difpatcheda-' way the Wickenberg wich 500 Men well arxned, in order ares'to Reafonj-:and his Excellency in-' tends to proceed on his jz or 13 Day*.' "' They write from Madrid, that Don Manuel Pontius de Leon, whom the King of Spain appointed tocdnduc^mto; Savoy the^Body of,- Militia dejigned for. the' Lnfahf Don PhiGp's ArtnyV has fent an E*p#F$" tp.Cpurt, wprefenjjhg; that it is impoffible to conqaer.ihe Repugnance of this-Mi-litia to march-oat i^''mfib^^m'j:!^hat-''ah^>]iBff>:ot' them nave deferted, Pahdima^tne'' t^thje^^^Bj|:^|; in their own1 Defence, r"|f Janjr! VTofence %e, pffe^fla^,: The laid Exprefs has been fent back to.BaTcek>n,�, with ecdm' to fafpwai ptovifoaslly the March oTthe'ijfc� litia. ' ~-sV>- � --� - " The Velt Marfhal Count :Twon has {entj^e^.pt-, tachnients into t&e Bologueze, and the reft of his: Army 1m, received Orders: to take the .fameL Route :. The General-Rendezvous is to be at San-Gio in Perfichetto, near Bo^: \ts}gBS7~^iieYiG^mi^^TiM^i are attempting in "toe' NeighbniTliopfof^ " ' The'DukeoTMpa'ena.has ordered the.Spanifh Army in Romagnia, to Wifi Re^dintfs to ma/ch j what; Route they are m.t^.�'^^'^M*^' .'Uppaiifam, toat theiVh&vy Ba^ to Viterbo, and fhat their Sick are tabecortveySi to Troligno.' . letters from Munich of tiieracftnlfent? -N.S. fey, tljat an ex^rdina^Cduncp; was1.^kT;f/pie Eniperor-s -Pre-v fence a few^D^^l^re^ wh^ Fropo(als"roraCeffation of Hoftilitieabetweenhis Imperials Majdry- and ^thtyQaeeh 6ffitm&rf'r?Fh*r add1,* that, feme Alteration^ weNinade in thefPlan/ bifwhichlthe Coh- SiapEi theEnjgl^^dlfanoyeri^^ have pailcdthe Main,, MajfWiNoaillesf has "fent a large Body oY Troops: e^rtheithme,--�na formed~a^ Cain^r of" rta-tf'Mtt :at' ^n^llttMBe^^Saaflel " V � 17 :r ; 1 V*^##^^riw5>?^0�- ^e J�nA-Troops> at Welx are-fbrfiryu^ that Poft in all Hafte there are/ every Day fmartSkirraifhes between tbein and the Auftrian Troops atST^d^am^IfffJ; ftffi &.&toee<3hJxks,6f Lor-1 rain's Army^iistar |)e|k)md^ ever.aga^^^g^rwtere &eJJP^c|i^ye;a�phfj^ rable-Pif^ iaad^ Major General The French Garrifon" at Amberg,' have evacuated:l$at pkt,~m �f|fjr^afi^*.^r^�^\ goiftadt.' � "u''1'-..J* | - We hear from prancfort that the. Emperor has given [ hU Aflent to theRefolutionbf thei Dyetof-theEmph-e-of the 17th' of; May, rtfX*f6f j^tli^"the;Me^aiftw 0f; the Germanick j^y:td'tto.oTthe'^ -ra'prdor, Extraft efa LHt'trfrm-IittMvtri iStowj, N.S, ; ' We wait impathmffy'for ^Pieco/^r^ * bevery welctfn*;^aU tb*.^ iod ' that is, C^ndufi<m of an ArmUlici between the Empeior * and the Cjuee�of; Hoogary." Jjl^ k wasfornied * by the King, and has been communicated to the two Par-* tin oanccfoed^-This-AfEur it.already in fbch- Forwatd-� nefs, that it now depends only on one fingle Article, � about which weexpeath*e^nalConfentpf,the^In\^ � Court. But hisMajefty's.Viewsarenotccujfinjcd to this * Object only; a Cciurier was fent a few Days agq tb the 'Cwtftf of Drerdeh, with Difpatches cbntetning ;the. < Means to adjuft the Difputes ltill fubiiftin^ beVeen that ' Court and the Houfe of Auftria ; for when his Polifh ,' Majefty' withdrew Tiu Troops from Bohemia, he exprefly ' declared, that he meant,v notwithstanding th^t.Step; to * remain as before in Poffeffion of all hisGhthas^upotf the �� Auftrian'SuctefGon.' :-? *~:/'�'�} Ftdtr Cologne we have Advice, that Cou^Coben^el is arrived at Bonn, in Quality of PleniMteftdary from the* t^oeeribf iHuftgary, and^ has ah-ead/^|^*^.ry .Con-^ ferences w|th the Eieclolr and.'his Miniftry, ^^;the^l�e)-',. tHods to be taken to facilitate an. Accommodatuh between the Houfe of Aottrla and that of Hprfes ; "that the Schach is makmgvaft Preparationsto attackj-the Turks, and that the Porte is; not much .behi^-hanlJ |/ith him in that Aniclei : ' ''' ' '' �. " . � ';'.: We are informed, that his Majefty's Ship thi Greyhound being on a Cruize, -fell in with a Dutch ManfpF War.frOm Curafoe.whoput.on board the Greyhound a Packet of. Letters, which fhe has brought to Falmouth, the'Contents of which were not known jliiit the Crew of (ltfputcnttfen faid they believed it related to" fp'ihe^fpc^s^.'jli^on^f the Englifh in the Weft Jndiesr-^When this; Advice came from Falmouth, the Greyhound was preparing to fail again, to finifh her Cruize. . i : They write from. Dover, that .one of tieir Cutters came in thereon Sunday, the3 Commander of which" fays, "that to the Southward they-had heard Gnns firing Very fmartly, and foon after faw, that it was'thr SauirrtnjjLfah of War adda"Snoyengag'd j and was at,ieng^n^b^neir as to.hear the Show call for Quarter. It is fuppos'd that it was one of the two Privateers which the Squfrrelwenffn quell pf: But they heard nothing fdrtfier at Dover, when the Poll came away. On Monday next his Majefty's Ship the Berwick, of 70 Quns, wjllJ)eJaunch!datDeptford........- - - To-morrow a Court Martial will be held at the Tower for -the Trial pftlie Highlanders, that defeated from, the Lord Seniple's "Regiment:' .' J -On Sunday Morning died in Durham Yardin the Strand; Thomas Beayojr, Efq; in the 75 th Year of his Age. ' Yefterday. Richarxl Hackett, was committed to Clerken-well iJridewelV by ColV De Veil, for feloniouQy taking out of the Stables! of Theobald iTafie^ Efq; a Pair bfCBoo^ Mdfqme; other, Things.-' ' - : - , r , - s- j. LaftNight the famous Ballarice-Mafier, jail arrived from Paris, theJNe^-Wclls in GpodmM's^fields, aixl^m^ wlA ery gn�t ^pj^a^fe iahS wiil^r^pfai' evefy Night a different Pexfornunce.' Briffol, June 4. .We '.have.rweiyjsii jhe fpjrpwing Advices from bur Cofrefpondents at Virginia, viz. . }Filtiamfi6urg;*M&eb\p-Afew^DayVfftaej'Capjain Lucas arriv'd at HaniptonV from GeSr^t v?r&n; wh^nfce w�aVeinform'd, ;tha^'fli:ey are'ln^ Vjfit from the Spaniards; but by a Letter from an-Officer {here, to a Perfon here, it feems the Geoigians ha�e an Inclination to prevent it, by paying their Compliments to the Spaniardsr " ; " '�Extrdiiy:of q Letter frM an Officer in Georgia to bis ,* VW�arc juft'nowembarkingtin board, xapay a Vifit � to our Neighbours, .who are Jar more numerous I but � the Spirit of^ur,Me�$it: di� ^xpSMooi**---- New-Tori; Aprili\. Wednefday laft arrived here the I brtve Car^. WaVreh, \ from a Cruize, by whom we nave an Account of Comrjio-| dore -ICnowlas's attacking' Lff Guerre^ 'CapCTWarren^in I this Cruize*"has c^enjtnree*ye^rils~; .onea Spanifh Sloop ; which he has fen.t;intp Antiguaj.anpther a.French Ship of 300 Ton?, loaded with Proviuonsi fome Arms and Powder, bound to tjie Havanna, ivhich hefent to Jamaica; in order to becondemn'd there; ahd the third a Spknifh Brig, load-' ett^fth Taper,':Canary-, ^ which I oftfw^-forthif P^^ ' \-Viilpt, May ii. .Early Yefterday: Morning died the Right Hon. the Vifcouhtefs Charlemont, who Was brought to%ed about a Week' before': Her' Ladyf^ip*s Death is much lamented, as fhe was enduedlwith may good Q^kies. "Sutiday Morning laft "the feig^t; Rev. Michael'Cox, Lord JBifhep of C&ry-, was coiifecrated at St. Patrick's I Church by his Grace the Lprd Atehbifhop" of - JDublinj " afEftedby the.Ri^Rev.theBimbpiofMeathandDerry. .On Saturday laft' John pgott, Efq; eldefl^dn:of South-; weliPigPtt, of Capard in the; Queen!s Covnty, Efq; was married to Mifi Brownlow, at the Houfe-of? Sir Johii Denny Vefey, at Abbyleix in the faid County, Bart, a ^idy^figre�-Awmpiu1ito�Ksra*d a~ confiderable For? tune. , On Sunday}ii|g died,^^^ /m.ttcX|a|ne4lBd> atjbxs Seat'at Bray in,the County of Wicklow/ Jeremiah Doao-van, Efq; and w* hear he has fefr histEftate, to the B^kt Hon. the Eario'f Meath.--By this Gentleman's Care.the Countre^eppje on that Part of ; Coait ha\5e j�<ora,ott" that barbWpm Cuftom,of plundering Ships, and^arin^s,; who have the Misfortune to be drove on Shoar^. jngrJeV^-A particiilat lnftance of which happen'd when he was Hi^h Sheriff of the County j for his Vigilance, and fadderuy raifing all his Tenants,_he Jkv'd a Ship and Cargoe yada'd aV"io,oobT.^el6ngTngtofrjmel^Sant8 of London j wEo in return, prefenfod him withVveryifine Service of Plate. Laft Week died at his Seat .in\he.C.Qu$ty\p^^ofcom^ mon, Michael.Moore, Efq;. ; r,-,..; . .. *  * " Yeft^day dj'ed Alexander N^lbit, Ef$;. So^ijci^'tp||W Cpmnvflioners of his Maj^y's- 'T^ffm^,gCAi(^a^^ik very m�ch efteem'd. ' -.5 Laft Sanday Evening died Mr. Ralph Leland, anemi- tation -The Gentlemen of r�r CASTLE-SOCIETY-- of M^tk; i�ho intend to accompany\-tbr. StefuarJt at tbtir Annual ' With feveraFnew Songii by Mr.-Harifeirk and Mrft HILLIER. ; - - <*piy:lu.ding with an Entertainmeat of Dancing, call'd y. JU X C A N's. .J^f E XX s.. T/� begin every Evening atFWe o'Clock,., , T GOO DM A N's-F I ELD S. AT the N �W M EL LS the bottom of /^\, 'Ltmti-ftrttt, Goodman"s-Fieldt, this Day, will be performed "Xlie- U'S.U"AL' PIVERSIONS. With MademoifeUe L'ETRANCiE, jaft drriv'd from. Brague. -Tumbling by Monf. J ANNO, Monf. Movire, Mr.Houghi �(- l-'-rrr r�ijd cthert. 1-----"r -f--: Dancipg by Mr. Camey, jiljdenJ. Pcrrault, the two Mafien an* Miis Granier,. Mifi StoryrMr. Ch'ettle, , Mrs^JIough, :M.ri Daf vey, andr.Mrs. Thoinpfen.  v . Singing by Mr. Brett, Mr. Cunningham, and Mrt. HLU. , Arid' rhe^ompany of iiungarana, Sclavonians, ftndsurs; -an4 Gfoa{�y will-per fornv- ; begin eVer^'EvejjM^ At PHILLLBS's NEW WeLL$# Near ibe'Lonctotf"S^aw, CFeirkenweTif, lr URJNG tRe^SurrjrnerTSeafon, will be 'perform^ fereral new Eterciies, Err a Company of Hungarian^ particularly ft-. ~-rr-v . ^^--i .-.  \ S A MP SOU 1 R A GAT Z I, � Jumps over a Man ^nd Horfe } likewift flies thtpugh a'Hogfliead, forces the two Heads out. A1& the celebrated 1' . MademoifeUe' K E KM A N. Who'performs the Exercife of the Flags on. the Stiff Rope, With extraordinary Performances on the Ladder, by ' MonOeur - Gs * E R' vM AN. Likewife the;celebnited ; ^ .....JC JELS-AJl-P-O XA M-R:l-0. Who performs a newEzercuVfounded on the Principles of the Maths* * �'� " maticki. "'�' x. To which w^lrhe added, . A Concert of Vocal and uftron^ntal Mufick, calTd J U P IX E R and A L CM EN A. Jupiter, by Mr. Tohnfoh ; Alemesa, Mrs.Jackfon. Interfpers'd. with feveral NemSctmoi jiaion�^^JtaJianf^�>ur. Tht Chfcaer of Har%inby Mr. Phj%s j ^rabine, tfn-fm lips j Count Flaft,'. Moh^JJornimquej Clown, Mor^. Benderlcfe " Wim fetreralpew Dances by, Mr.Pliilli^'':4im*1^Bmr|^ (belne; the H- Time of her appearing on that Stage,. Mr. ShawFora| Mr�.'Morris, Mbnifi ^lendrick, and Madein. Kerman.. :2&C!oatBt ami Semi being tittirily. Niefp. To begin every "Evening at Fife o'Ctock. Everyone will he admittea for a Pint *( Wine at nfUal. .  London, June 4, 1743*- |j HE Cpmtnittee appointed by the Court of Lord'Mayordhd Aldermen to provide'Coait for the Poor ofthefewrallVardt of tbit City, give-Nttec?? tkat tbey intend to fit at fbe Guildhall, London, onWedntfdayrtbe Sth Infant, at Ten of the Clock in the Forenoon, to receive Proposals from fuch Perfons, who are willing to contraS WitinbemfoTWe Delivery of'Six Hundred Md*thirty Chaldron of Coals for the Ufe of the faid Poor. MA n; Mvertifementi of a mderattJLen&b are taken in for tin s P46& M 7m. Shilling each. 0' 10

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