Thursday, June 6, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Thursday, June 6, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 6, 1743, London, Middlesex MONDAY, June 6*, 1743. ptal* $B*e 4. E ffewk from Hamburgh, in the , / ". $Uver,T: ": ~ ~ X 0 N D ON. Yeflerday arrived -the Mails from Frasce and Flataders. Letters from PaSkn ol the 28th of. May, -N.S.fayy 'dlSf Geriena Hohencnibs continued the Blockade of Braa-!*ao with about 7000 Men, beflefes a thoufand Warafdkw, WHo were polled within Half a League of the Town on the Left Side of the iiin. . . The Emprefrof Ruflia, following the Maxims of Peter the Great, has ordered that more'CaV be taken for the fiitare, than there has been of late Yeari; to fend the young Nobility Abroad, in order to acquire the ne-. ceflkry Knowledge and Experience for qualifying:them-ifelves for ferving their Country, both in the fidda&d< In the Cabinet. According to Advices trom Ratabon, there are not a-bove.2oHoufes left fending at Dingelfing and Landau, all the reft; being a Heap of Rubbilh. Letters from Toulon, Marseilles, and the other Ports of Provence, fay, that they continue to make all VeffeU per?" form'O^arantain that have been*ftopt: or vifited by/ the* Ejiglifh. Squadron j which Precaution is taken* became tfcey pretend dUt. there is an Epidemical Diftemper in- that Squadron. ,1 . - * We hear from Bruflels, that the Garrifon of Luxembourg is ordered to join the Army of the Allies on die Main, and that that Town is to be garrisoned" by Dutch Troops; "' They write from Barcelona, that a great many Waggons laden with all Sorts of Warlike Stores,, have beenfe,ht aw^y froni then� totbe ^ wo*? a ^di^ Way of ifijppjying bjm, they judge, much farer. than venturing them by Sea. From Rimini We have Advice, that the Duke, of Mo-dena has tent 2.000 Hbife and Poor to Ford\ ^n'lnl^' jriation that the Veil "Marinal Count Traun was marxhjhg; P^rt of his Army into the Territories of the State of' Bologna. :� " .- -, They write from Stockholm, of the aTth difcft U N.S. ttet^ Anldr olT the-'Sncce^ trpoa the-Tapis inthe Dyjarriie *crJfr____ ^tSe peafimts iflflfted upW nTvthgTnTPnnce 01 ejefled, and were backed by Part o� theCigj ten: that the Nobleffe n^reieBted that ;die^ Eleven having fo near a, Relation to tfejS[ego&tfr Peace,' and Mr. Nolcken-being joft j$^&jk rSog to ornize before that Harbour j efoedally as tjbey are informed that he has lately received about iooooBombs ; that; in Cafe of a Rufkre with Eng^i toart c^nts JM fliat �id�/;f|e^ ; t|be)r/ ^y," rteyjuivfti}6t above 7000 regular trodp^V -three Bat^iom of MiKtia, and aisobt io�oooof wiCototry People^ armedporpofi^y to g^rd the Co#s. They �dd &at; fiime Etsglnf) Meh of fl^hivicf' pMoed ^ Bpanifli.V^Rels' np lo theinn-l^mse^ofIjft^pt'^ffi^, ^ llor'ts ^playftd 19P� then, Hand did them w> inconficienible: Baoafe; The Govern%rof Twlon^'^ni^"zi fer^; m&eaj to re^vifreihOrd^ih^i^ ^ rtnThnrfdav ^^^^MMpM^ otw9 Span^.private�rs fta> hate lately oaidladtha^ Oia Saturday Morning jeveral Officers of /dw-Bonrd of Stores, Their Excellencies the Lords juftices In Council have been pleaYed! to 'appoint Edward Croxhall, of Sbuftock, Efq; to be Sheriff of the County of Warwick, 4n dw rooin of Bourne. Eaboorne, Efqj deceafed. Z ttfa&fMng the firft Sunday in Trinity Term the Judges were at St. Paul*s Church,1 and* afterwards din'd with\he Right Hon. the Lord Mayor.  -: Ail^the Aoyices; from Germany agree that the French, who'have fo long made a grand Parade, are Dancing bdek " withitbe, utmoff Precipitation; and, maej with Loffes and Crowes conftBoally^: In one Place their'Artillery, in an�-�^^^(k^^aariia ithiird their Ammunidon, in a foufth^thett "Baggage; in a fifth their Litinen (juft after tfiey had waffi*d' iq all Places their Honour; and moAly^ taken from them by a Bo^ None will be admitted but with a Ticket, which will be delivered at the Door> at'0ne^Shilling j and that no Advantage n^%y be made, the fame is ordered^ to be rtaken for the Ordinary at Tygg. o'Clock,, ;or^inrrany otber. R^dconing^5V*iJJ. ^The Doors "free, ..withlFrench-Horns and'B^eakfafting every Day in the Week, except 1 he abc^-mentioned; ^and every Thing.aa reafonib.'e :asr at any Honlfe whatever j and the Nobility, &c. rofiy have any O^aatity of Fi(h, enher A^vewdrefi'd, the. bjjft;0f Cookjjyng^provided. . - l&om die; London daa^te. ,UU11wlilT Hon, . , be&g foy- a.Ctaize* received Intelligent of a Batch Ship on the 20th of laft Days.Before he had ra?t with a SrjanimjKrtvateerinthe Lat. of4e.,2|.N. whicfo^ when they palisiid, flood to the N^ordiW^tfdj withdefigo, as he believed; to cruize on the Coift'ci&eJand: Upsm this^Capt. Aylnier wentin^ueftof the Privateer, and on Sunday the ztjth, in the Lat. of 50.* 16 N. fell in with her, and �fter maintaining a running fight, from Five till Ten o'clock in the Morning, foe flruck ; and Captain Aylmer has brought her into Sing-road. She is called the Sana Therefa ,de Jefos, ofSt. SebafUan^ of 16 Carriage Guns, and ^147 Men of different Nations, ten of which were killed anid fourteen wounded tn the Eng^ge^nent; arid was commanded by Francis Bonnetti aFren^bjqaap. Sh? ba^ be^^uttw^nty Days, but had taken no Poze." The Portouibon had butf one Man wounded injthe Arm. BAN K R U -P T S. . Antbojoy Watfon, of Spennithoro, in the County of York, WooM^pler and Chapman. � WiUianVJOrd^, lateof ISjlham, in tie bounty of.Berks, Dealer mTlri^-and'C^ ; Robert Corderoy, of Blewperry in the Ctoaty.of ierks, Mercer and'Chapman. .'. . RotterC^Tate bfthe Town and Cpant;'of Kewcaftle upon TynerA^arc^apt. ; ' ' . '.. ^he Portma-: , Atitmer; thefMafter that three. High; Water th;U %yjatL no -Price, t Seven per Cent. Emperor's Lam 119. ; ~" ~ ' Bank - CircelAtion-51/j s. fteni a 15 s. Pr. Three and a half Salt Tallies' i 14th' >iK^Thre^and&=a^.^ 5 Erem. Y*l^I18&t*f&FQmt. moTTithmc. Lottery Tickets ' b A D L E R's-W ELLS,--Q AT SADLERVWELLS, adjoining t� the "New-River Head, this DayV w& bb perforsi'd': t "r TSe USUAL Dl.V E K^t JOgMtf and Signor FRANCISCfNf; I^tefy jimy'd Ifrora.'Paruj i^e-Paa-ring by the twoivfifeRAvifEfts. ' , ' Poilures, and fevera] new ^oUibres, by. Mr. R^yner. v With Dancing (both Serious arid Coptic; ^surpcuiirlx - - . m" A Scotch Dance by Mafier MattbewsVandMnVWright. ,AC?huii Danced I V,E %S L O N S. *With Rope-Dancing by .' -~ � �> Mademoifclle L'ETRANGE, juft. ar^k^nm^a^it. TnlHblinf[^Y M""r JAWWAi, ' :-.r . .-��?d�CWi*rt^.  Dancing by -Mr^Carney, Ma*nii-pirrattlt,'VtEe7tw^ J&a&en and MifcCranier, Mifs Story, Mr. Chettle, Ato^Hojjgh.",Mjr| Da- , �in�a& by Mr. Brett; MrrCain^riaiara^dTlIri.'Hiir. /And the Conpany of Hcwgariant, Scbvbniint, ^>and�nr�, and Croats,' will perfonrf ?r- - tO ' - .. '1 SEVER A L NE fiEXERC IS E S. To .7::C.-jvk ifj >.o lii"-' At PH:Il.LlPS's{ N(EWl W iSnRV�% ^.SAiT^of^tMrJM QJttfeai^t^ge^.jMriShawfordi M6rrU/Md^*Heh'dnck7 and Madem. Kerman. .i .' ai.-.s Ibe Cloaibi atrfjSfity iptig,-#airtfy New. To begin- every Evening at Fiveio^lock: - 'V #% Every ohewfll beadjinit^di:%.a Pint �iVYV3ae a�:ufiial�- . ' London, Jane 4, 1^43- t crHE Committee dj^K&tyj^'C^'lf , ^^'9f.4hf^n^.]^arit o&iUi Ci&,i4*ot-~Natice, that fhiy intendto feat'the Gutldb'all, London, on Wedntfit&fibe Stb Infant, at Tenof the Clock 'in thi\ forenoon, to receive ; Propofah frdm Juch Perfqnf^ who, are <uaIJutg to contrafi i 1 ' ;-' , / ; VV M & ^musical :-w^rdnTimm^^f^ -J/WJQEN. OiRCASTLE!s in CokUBaih-iFieMs, -XXE.G1NS eatery Eveniflg at Sixo??lockj X5�d continues'rill Ten. The Gardens are laid out in the Maimer" of Vaiix-^all; and s Band of Mofick, congftingpf the beft2Yfa4er% proi�dea^ ( As the utmoft Care will be taken tq rnake-the 'Entertainment'."per-:; feflllyagreeable; wld|'.tt$|ft> fkmxfo'i*,fr^.as.'the Cheapneft ' and Goodr^ of Provi^;-i the*!River Thaotts^ fliihed. " 7 Green-HJBBfet: weli^ftr-) ' For f^erPartScn^^eDaaireaithe iaidHoufe; or at Mr.Brad< fhaw*�1i-JfcaL-*''- - " The Kouieis compleatry furahii'd, and ia very good. Repair, and fit to accotjusodate any KdbleiBan or Gehtleaian's'rx1"^" m�2m 5 e . Adverttfip^iofa mtder^iL^b ate t^kmnffr thnfMHtM^w Shillings tack

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