Saturday, June 1, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Saturday, June 1, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 1, 1743, London, Middlesex the Loadoa Daily Poft, and General Advertifer. N*HB 4687 WEDNESDAY, June i, 1743. Deal, 30. [3 Morning -the Tenders failed for the fever, '".ftemkm in the _ Doms the AognftaMan of.War; \^Jainar, a SwedifiiShip from Eaft-fadias Aoguftos Gaenr, Hampton } the Safannah, WocxH and theI6liah'Merehant;"RiBierfor y Leghdrh^ Fleming, Dunkin^for Barbadoe*;Tf^^V^caajxism; . _ , v ah^ Agadairv I)oHbn; for Scnih zjirhary; Indian Queen, Maddwell; and the Baltimore, Bi^s, for Virginia ; Charles, AUtoghadi; and Neptune, Bartholomew, for Maryland; Pelham, TdJofinfon, for Gibraltar* Argyle, B9y ;^and^ Tyger, "White? Ibr, Port Mahone; the Queen"of Hungary,.,tampion, forli&on; l^mbert, Haymari; ahdStdbington' Whitborn'; for Oporto} Happy Couple, Jones, for Brirrol. Came down.-Happy-Grieve, Chapman, for Arandel. Arrived the Dike of Cornwall, from Falmouth. . Wind S. W. Grave/end, May 30. Pais'd by-Mary Yacht, Bridges, from Holland^ Sarah Prize* lolly 1 .and Catherine, Williams, from ditto ^ andBuke Demar, Tiller, from Boloign. The Harry and Betty, Farrington ; and the Grofvenor, Brown, .from Oporto, are arrived at Chefter. The Judith, Pain, from Oporto, a- Harwich. LONDON. Yefterday arrived the Mail from Holland. They write from Naples, that sorwithftanding the Neu-trality which the Court profds themfelves inclined to ob-fcrve, Orders are iffoed for making a new Augnienbtioa fee<hc Fleet before it pot* to Sea. * Coant Galbwio, who ~B tt&' have the ComnianaVbf it, ^fcas Orders to fieer direffiyjof :theCoait&SVredkn, and * make a Defcent there with the Land Forces. ^fhe Gbn-' .grefe of Abo, however, istiot yet "broke -up, nor wilRt * break up 'till the Court of Sweden has formally declared, ' that (he will not accept the Conditions of Peace profered * to Baron Nolcken.' Thefe are the Emprefs's real In- * tentions on this Head.: �* Her Imperial Majefty, for the n Sake of Peace, contents to reftore the greateft Part of *' .Finland to Sweden.^ovidedthatt^rowri^cclo^to^alEa 41 fome Port or ftrohgTowh in the fsime P/cvince, as a Security for theexacVObfervance of-the future Treaty " of Peace." M. Cyril deWich, Envoy Extraordinary * from die King of Great-Britain, had a few Days fince a * Conference with our Minifby, about the 12000 Men � which the Emprefs is to furntfh his Britannick Majeffy * withy by Virtuedf the Treaty figned the iiA of Decem- * ber laft. They write from Prague, that M. Robinfon, theBritifh Minifter, has lately had feveral Conferences with the Count d �Uhlefeldt and others in th� Anftriah^iniftry, concerning the definitive' Treaty betwcfh'ine Qaeen of Hungary and King of Sardinia, ;ahd alfo about a Treaty of Commerce, between his Majeity the J�ing of* Great Britain, and the'Hereditary Province! of theHoofe'of Aoftfia : The Difficulties that obftrafted the Coridufion of^e Treaty with Sardinia, are almoft entirely removed ; and the Treaty of Commerce is already in great Forwardnefs. By this taft Treaty the Englifh Merchants trading with the Au-firian Dominions, - are to wjjoy greater Advantages than wereever yet granted them. : \ 'vFroni katifbon" they give us a Report, (without any Particulars) of a bloody Rencounter itr the Upper-Patati-�ate, between a Body of French Troops and a Detachment from theArmy of^ PrmceLobkowitr. Welfearfrom Munich, that on the 17th oflaft Month, NiS. the Emperor held a long Conference with his Mi-siiers, about.theProjea foraCefiationofHoftilities, between him and the Queen of Hungary.' Letters from Hanover fay, that Baron Jaxheim. the Hungarian Miniiler, has received a Courier from Prague, with Difpatches which leave not the leaft room- to doubt of the Queen of Hungary*s being inclined to'cbnfent to a Sufpenfion of Arms, not provifionally, but onfolid-Foun-dations that may ferve as a Bafis to a fincere Reconciliation with thrEmperor.' "It is uponlhis C6hdTti6n7 along with certain previous Securities, that 'her Hungarian Majefty is willing to fet on foot a Negotiation in form, "by the Mediation of her Allies. However, 'till fonaething can be de-wpd on this Head, they fay that no Alteration will be raaide in the Meafures concerted with the Court of Vienna, fortht Execution of which the King wen: over to Germany. His MajeuVs Departure for the Army remains fix'd for the 15th of June, N.S. -*From Nuremberg we have Advice, that Coant Secken-dorff being -arrived with the Imperial Army in the Neigh. Bourhood of Landflwt, immediately threw 3000 Men into that Town, and then went to Werth," where he had an Interview with the Marfhal Broglio, who proroi&M him a Reinforcement of.French Troops. They lTkewife inform us; thata-fine Ttaha of Artillery was arrived inthe Imperial Army ; that the Imperialifts are Mailer of the Iffer, from Munich as far as Werth, and that the French line the faid River, from Werth to Platling. From the Frontiers of French Flanders we hear, that the Regular Troops have received Orders to hold themfelves in readioefs to march on the firft Notice, and are to be replaced by feveral Thoufands of Militia, actually en their march thither from the Heart of France. They talk of forming a Camp inthe Neighbourhood of Maubegue ; and add, that feveral Regiments are advancing towards that fide from Lorrain. According to Letters from Francfort, they reckon that upwards of 40,000 Men of Marlhal Noailles's Army are already on that fide of the-Rhine, 20,000 of which are di-Sributed along the Neckar, as far as Wiropfen, which Place they have feized upon : The reft lie on that fide of the Neckar next ro Francfort, and extend themfelves as far as.Worms. They afTure us, that 22 Battalions and 13 Squadrons .of the French Troops that are ftill on this fide of the Rhine, have received Orders to march forthwith into Bavarias and that the reft are to join Marihal Noailles. ' By the laJt Advices from ConUantinople, which come by tJxe way of Vemce, we hear, that the Porte had received a Courier from the Ba/haw of Babylon, with Advice, that Thamas Kouli Kan a as bringing back to the Euphrates" the Army with which he marched laft Year towards Dagheftan; and as that Army had fullered very much in its March to that Country, the Schach had refolved to reinforce it with the Troops that wore left in the Heart of Perfia. Upon the firft News thereof at Conftan-tinople, they began tofufpeft that the Drift of thefe Motions' was to feek^orne t&mx flb^quiaVrel with th^ porte; arid t^.Su^iciohhas^fe i Letter which KooB^ah'pr^eretf to1 he ;writ to the'GiWnd Vizir, import-iiigi"'*' TJuc4iiffUtMS^^'h^^^ndt(^'to fehd'him, ( according to his UfefiTe^Tam* Doftors of the � Law, with ftitLAwt which he had de^ * manned, would fet but very foonfor the Frontiers, with * an Eicorte of 30,000 Janifaries, and fo'me otheT Troops.* They write from the Hague, of 'the cth^Inftarit, N.S. that on the 6th a Day would he fet for the Match of the 20,000 Men defrgned to afiift the Queen of Hungary, and that thePIace where they are to encamp would be"appointed at the feme Time. ' T ~- " T On Monday laft the Rev. Mr. William Cooke, was unanimoufly elefted by the Provoft and Fellows^ of Eton College, Head-Mailer of the School in that College, m the Room of the Rev. Dr. William George, lately elected Provoft of King's College, Cambridge. On Monday laft- his "'Majefty's Ship the Deptford Store: Ship, arrived off Dover; from Pi fcataway. ItisfeidTin her Paflage file fell in with a Spanim Ship Of '40 Guns, which me engaged feveral Hours;'buVthePrivateer thought fit to lheer off, and the Deptford being Ibaden'wirJbf Mails could not purfue her. It is laid that Captain Balehen, of the Onflow Indiaman died in his Outward-bound Paflage. - It is rumour'd, that Capt. Gregory, Commander of the Norwich Man of War, died of \ Fever at Curafoa, alter the firft Adion at La Guerre. - " Yetlerday about 1 o'Clock the Highlanders, to the Number of ib�,' were brought" through'the City to the Tower, guarded by two Troops of Horfe, and a Company of the Foot Gaards. ' YeftefJay Morning died, at her Houfc in Charterhoufe-Square, Mrs. Beal, a Gentlewoman-of Very confiderable Fortune. - - Laft-Nightwas interr'd, in a very handfome manner at St. James's1 Church, Mr. Willis, formerly Agent to feveral Regiments. Yefterday Morning a Woman who was committed on Monday laft to the Gatehonfe, was found hanging in her Apartment'in'the laid Goal. She was near fix Months gonVwkh Child, � Yefterday Charles Andrews was committed to New-Prifon, by Col. De Veil, for felonioufly taking out of his ready fumilhed Lodgings, a great Quantity of Houlhold Goods, the Property of Mr. Thomas Macculloch. As was Eleanor Flower, for taking ont of the Houfe of Mrs. Elizabeth Dean, a Printed Linnen Gown found upon her. Yeflerday about Eleven p'Cfock, a poor Labouring Man going thro' Vinegar-Yard^ Drury-Lane, had die Mjsfortune by fome Accident to Aide down, wh?,reby-he dulocated his Neck, and died on the Spot. From the London Gazette. Admiralty-Office, May 30. Letters are received frotn Commodore Anfon, giving an Acceunc of his Arrival in the River of Canton in China, on the nth cf November : laft ; and he is expected in England fometraie this Summer. Wh;Ie he was in the South-Sea, he took the following Prizes ; A Sr ip of 500 Tons, 4 Gun?, and 75 Men, her Cargo cenfifting chiefly of Bales of Woollen and Cotton Cloth, Bays, and Sug.r, with a cocliJerable Sum of Money^ . Another Ship of about 600 Tons, 4 Guns, 65 Men, loaden chiefly with coarfe Bays and Sugar, with fome Money and Plate. .Ar.other of 300 Tons, 4 Guns, and 52 Men, loaden with Plank and Cocoa, A fourth of about 270 Tons, loaden with Bale-Goods, Iron and Steel. Another Ship, and a Launch, having each a confiderable Sum of Money on board, and the former laden with Wine and Brandy. A Bark of about 60 Tons, of fmall Value. He al(o attacked and took the Town of Payta, with the Lofs of one Man killed, and two wounded, and found a large Sum of Money there, befides Jewels. He kept Pof-feflion of the Town for three Days, in order to plunder it, and then caufed it to be fet on Fire, in order to deftroy feveral Storehouses filled with Bale Goods, Jefuits Bark, and other rich Commodities, which his Men were not able to bring^ff. He found a Ship, two Snows, a Schooner, and two Row GalGes of 36 Oars each, in the Bay of Payta; all which he caufed to be funk or deftroyed. Whitehall, May 31. The King has been pleafed to order a Conge d'Eliie to pais the Great Seal; empowering the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of .Wor-cefter to ek�l a Biftiop of that See, the fame being now void by-the Death of Dr. John Hough, late Bifhop thereof ; and alfo to name and recommend to the raid Dean and Chapter, the Right Rev. Father in God Dr. Ifaac Mad-dox, Lord BiOjop of St. Afaph, to be by them elected Bifhop thereof. B - A" N K R U P T. Owen Larton, of Chiift-Church, Sokatfidds, Middle fex, Dyer. - ' Bank Stock 148 a i 4th. India Ditto 195 a 1 4th a 4 1 half a 9 j. South Sea Stock 1151 4th. Ditto Old Annuities 115 r 8th. DittbNew"Ti5 5 8th. Three per Cent Annuities 104a* 4th. Ditto^tj^i, 104 a 1 4th7 DiSo vffa ibt 1 half a 3 4ths-a;r5 8ths.: MilUonJ^ank-i^i-Equivalent 111. Royal"Affurance 8z. London Affurance 11 % 4U1S. Englifh Copper ditto 41. 10 s. '.Welch"dittD no Price. African no Price. Seven per Cent. Emperor'a Loan 119 1 4th. Five perJCent. ditto 78. Bank Circulation 5 1. 5 s. Pr. India Bonds 41. 148.893. Pr. Three and a half Salt Tallies 2 1 4th Pr. Three and a half fper Cent. Exchequer Orders $ Prem. Three per Cent, ditto 1 1 4thDxfc. Lottery Tickets nl. 10 s. 0d. Pr. LINCOLNVINN FIELDS.- For the Bsnefit of Melts. Stevens, Waters, Brooks, and\Hujfey.~ AT the Theatre-Royal in Lincoin's-Inn Tie^,^ridaynext, wDTBe prfTented a Comedy, call'i The B U S Y B O D Y. The Part of Marplot by Mr. Macklia j Sir George Airy, by Mr. Mills; Sir Francis Gripe, Mr. Tafwell; Sir Jealotu Traffick, Mr. Turbutt-j Charles, Mr. Havard J Whifper, Mr. Wood bam j BatJer, Mr. Wright. Ifebinda, by Mrs. Ridodtj Patch, Mn.Marlrling Scentwell, Mrs.HoTfingtonj  - ..->..., ' And the Part of Miranda by Mn.Clive. With Singing by Mr. Beard and Mr. Lowe. To which will be added a Farce, calTd The M O C K-D O C T O. H #* As we could net have our Benefit on Saturday lift, the Com'* panv are fb kind to play for us at the Theatre-Royal In Lincolns-Ina Fields i we humbly hope our Friends will exenie the DUappoihtment, (It not being in our Power to avoid it) and favour uswith their Com7 pany on Friday next j when Tickets delivered out for the zStfai of May for Dnuy-Laae> will be taken that Night at Lincobu-Inn fields. - - _- _ Eait-India-Houfe, May 27, 1743.^. rH E Court of Dire&ors of the United Com-pany of Merchants of England, trading to the Ea/ir Indies, do hereby give Notice, that a Quarterly Central Court of the faid Company, <witl be ho/den at their Houfe in Leadenball-Street, on IVednefday the zzd of June next, upon Special Affairs. 7hat their Transfer Books will be/hut up on Tburfday the z^dof the faid June, at Tv:o 0'Clock, and be opetid again on Tburfday the zif of July next. And that the Dividend Warrants due at Midfammer next, nuill be ready to be delivered out on Friday the 2<)tb of the faid July. so 9 Mvertifcment, of a moderate Length are taken in for this Patrr M Two Shillings each.

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