Thursday, May 30, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Thursday, May 30, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 30, 1743, London, Middlesex Hie London Daily Poll, and General Advertifer. Numb. 26*8f. MONDAY, May 30, 1743. %)eaU May 28. IRRIVED theCoImara, aSwedifh Ship from Eaft-India ; and the Dove, JPord, from Carolina. Remain in the Downs the Augufta Man of War ; Supply Transport, and Infant -Duke, and Levant -Tenders i the Anguftos Csefar, Hampton $ the Sufannah, Wood; -and Italian- Merchant, Ribie, Tor Leghorn * Fleming, Dunkin, for Barbadoes; Try ton, Macnamarra; and Agadair, Dob-fbn, for South Barbary ; Indian Queen, Mackfwell ; and Baltimore, Biggs, for Virginia ; Charles, Allingham ; and Neptune, Bartholomew, for Maryland; Pelham, Tom-linfon, for Gibraltar j Argyle, Ray ; ami Tyger, White, for Port Mahone; the Queen of Hungary, Campion, for Iifbon; Lambert, Hayman; and Stubington, Whitburn, for Oporto; and the H�ppy Couple, James, for Briftol. Wind S.W. blows hard. Grave/end, l/lay z8. PaA'd by Mediterranean, Gregg, from Leghorn ; Bridget, Kerwan, from Montferrat; and Providence, Mitchel, from Oporto. Arrived at federal Ports. The Webfter, Stevens, from London, is arrived at Dublin. The Friendfliip, Redmond ; and Clayton, Hamer, from ^London, at Montferrat. LONDON. Yefterday arrived the Mails from France and Flanders.. Letters-from Copenhagen of the 20th Jnftant, N.S. fay, $iat the Marriage between the Prince Royal of Denmark and a Princefs of the Royal Family of Great-Britain, which has been fo long talked of, is certainly agrtrd upon, end that they expected it would be declared at Court in a few Days. ExtraS ef a Letter from Barcelona, May \z, NS. * The Court having been informed, that the Army of ' thejnfant Don Philip was not yet able to undertake any ' Thing of Moment, notwithstanding all the Reinforce-' ments fent to it from Time to Time, and that it fcarce ' confided of 16000 Foot and 4000 Horfe, their Majefttes ' refolved to reinforce it further with feven BatalJions of ' Militia, and 16 Companies of Grenadiers. But as thefe ' Troops purfuant to their Capitulation, are not to ferve * out of the Kingdom, they declared one and all that they ' could not affent to march, becaufe it was contrary to * their Agreement, and becaufe the greateft Part of them * <had Wives and Childreato provide for. The firft Batal- * lion which filed off from this City the 8th Inilant, * feemingly well enough contented," mutinied the next ' Day, fixed their Bayonets to their Pieces, and absolutely ' refufed to tnarch. All the Arguments ufed to bring them ' xojleafon were in pain: Upwards* of 400 of them re- * turned Home with a Drum anda Pair of Colours. Some � Troops were immediately fent in Purfuit of them ; with � Orders to bring them bade by fair or foul Means; but * as they are well provided with Ammunition, we appre- < hend that it will be no eafy Matter to make them fubmit. � A Courier is gone to Madrid with this News. We have � formed a third Batalliou for the Regiment of Savoy, < and tho' it it not yet compleat, it will be fent avay in a � few Days to Don Philip's Army, along, with 500 Mi- * qaelets. Letters from Madrid, by the Way of Turin, advife, that the Danifh Minifter there is negotiating a Treaty with Spain concerning the Succeffion to the Swedifh Throne. From Turin they write, that an Envoy Extraordinary from th� Court of Drefden, is arrived there, charged to conclude 2 Match between the Electoral Prince of Saxony and the Princefc Eleonora of Savoy. According to Advices from Berlin, there is a very good Uoderftanding between their PrufSan and Polifli Majefties; Baron Bohlau, the Saxon Minjfter at Berlin, is fet out for Breflau, in order to fettle a Treaty 0/ Commerce, with the Pniffian Commiffaries, between Saxony andSilefia, upon the fane Footing as when the Houfe of Auitria held that Dutchy. The King of Pruffia has received Difpatches from his Minifter at the Dyet of the Empire, relating, to the Methods whereby the Germanick Body may, in Con jun&ion with the Maritime Powers, bring about an Accommodation between the Queen of Hungary and the Emperor. � They write from the Hague of the tft of June, N.S. that they bad juft received Advice from the Duke of Arero-berg's Head Quarters at Zingejung, that General Palfy was arrived there with a Body of 4000 Hunan detached from the Army of Prince Lobkowitz. From the London Gazette. Prague, Mayzt. Prince Charles having had Advice fronV Tiefpach, that a Body of French Troops, confiding of between 5 and 6000 Men were atDingelfing on the Ifer, lie detached General Daun, with a Body of Grenadiers, Horfe and Croats, and fome Haubitz, with Orders to at-fackthem, whilft he followed with the reft of the Army. Upon the General's Approach to the Town, he furamoned the French to furrender, which they refofing, he fired upon *tbe Town with his Haobite, and foon after feveral Houfes appeared to be on tire. Thereupon the Grenadiers and Croats fcaled the Town, and entered it Stoofd in Hand. The French were in the utmoft Confufion, and retired with great Precipitation; but before they could burn the Bridge on the Ifer, the Auftrians found means to kill and deitroy about 700 of them* part by the Sword, and part by pulh-ing ihem into the River. In the midft of this Diforder, notwithftanding the Care and Endeavours of General Daun to flop the Fury of the Flames, near two thirds of the Town were confumed. This happened uponthe 17th. As foon as the Auftrians had got Pofleffion of this Town, Prince Charles detached General Daun to Landau, to attack the French that were there, who were augmented by part of the Garrifon of Dingelfing, and he himfelf followed at three of the Clock in the Morning ef the 18th. On General Daun's Approach he fummoned the French to fur-render, which they refufed * whereupon the General got every thing in readinefs to attack the Place Sword in Hand, and was fixing the Petards, when on a fudden the French Garrifon fet fire to the Town, and retired with the greateft Precipitation, having alfo burnt the Bridge. When the Auftrians got into the Town, they found only one Houfe, and the Church Handing, all the reft of the Houfes having been confumed by the lire; and the Inhabitants were in fuch DkVefs, that Prince Charles diftributed Neceffaries to them, for the French had plundered it for two Days fuc-ceflively, and had/not left the leaft Thing of Value in it. The Inhumanities of the French have fo alienated the Mind9 of the Bavarians, that, as laft Year we could fcarce find a Spy, at prefent they affiir. us to the utmoft of their Power. Prague, June 2. We have Advice that the Enemy has all on a fudden abandoned Wcffenburg, where our People have got a corfi Jerable Magizine with fix great Cannons, ar.d all that belongs to (hem. But what is of more importance, is, the News we received Yefterday by a Courier, that her Majefty's Troops have taken Decken-dorf, "and in it 150 Prifoners, and made themfelve.^, by Force, Mailers, not only of the Bridge of the Town over the Danube, but alfo of the floating Bridge, after having repulfed the French, who had already Begun to break'down the Firft. By all which we loft no more than 60 or 80 Men. Prince Lobkowitz, who was juft come to Prince Charles, was prefent, by Chance, at this Action. Part of the Baggage of the Prince of Conti is fallen into our Hands, and we hear there are about 5000 French behind Decken-dorf, who, it is thought, can hardly efcape. We hear that three Frenchmen were lately difcovered as they were endeavouring to fet fire to one of the Magazines belonging to the Earl of Stairs's Army, and were executed on the fpot. By the London Packet, Capt. M'Hugh, arrived off Dover from Montferrat, we,have Letters of the 14th of April from the Leeward Iflands, at which time they had no - Account- of ^e^taidng'ia-Guerre.' On Friday laft a Dutch Man of War arrived eff Dover, from Lifbon ; and with her the Matilda, Blackwell. On Saturday laft an Account came, that the Beauty, Meliifb, from Menton, for Cork, is taken by a Spanifli Packet from Carthagena, and carried into Oran. The fame Day an Account came rhat the following Ships are taken by the Spaniards, near Gibraltar, viz. The Anne and Betty, Jenkins, from Naples, for Falmouth. The Try ton, Thompfon, from Leverpool, for Leghorn. The Brogden, Pope, from Poole, for Genoa. And The Nelly, Mitchell, from Cork to Gibraltar. The Aurora, Davis, from St. Kitts, is on Shore at Holy Haven, about eight Miles below Grave/end. We have Advice, that the Baracata, Bowers ; Catherine, Curtis; Bathfua, Smith ; and New-England Gaily, Smith, all from London for Jamaica, paired by Montferrat on the zoth of March. The Univerfity of Aberdeen have lately conferred the Degree of Doctor of Phyfick upon Mr. James Brecknock, of Holbeach in Lincolnfhire. Friday Night, about ElevenVClock, the Lady of the Hon. Mr. Baron Clarke was fafely delivered of a Daughter, at his Chambers inLincoln's Inn. Laft Week died William Eyton, of Crigg in the County of Montgomery, Efq; a Gentleman of fine Accomplifh-ments, but concealed in Retirement: He died a Batchelor, and his Eftateof 700 1. perann. defcends to his only Brother the Rev. Dr. Eyton, Re&or of Wem in Shropfhire, and Arch-deacon of Ely. On Friday laft died, at his Lodgings in Kentifti Town, Mr. Berry, a tfery eminent Woollen .draper, and a Perfon of good Character. Yefterday being the Anniverfary of the Reiteration of King Charles the Second, the fame was obferved as ufual. On Thurfday laft as two Dog? were fighting in Long-Acre, a Child belonging to an eminent Coacbmaker was thrown down, and trampled to death by the Crowd. BANKRUPT. William Wright, late of the City of Chefter, Flax-drefler. High Water this Day at London-Bridge at 19 Minutes after 4. Bank Stock 14P. India Ditto 195 a 1 half. South Sea Stock 115. Ditto Old An mities 114 7 8ths. Ditto New 115 3 8ths. Three per Cent. Annuities 103 3 4ths. Ditto 1742, 103 3 4ths. Ditto 1743, 101 I ?th a 1 4th. Million Bank 117. Equivalent 111. Royal Affurance 81 3 4ths London Aflurance 11 c, 8ths. Engliih Copper, ditto 4 1 10 s. Welch ditto no Price. African no Pries. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan 119. Five per Cent, dit o 77 1 hilf. Bank Circulation 5 1 5 s. Pr. India Bonds 41. 17 s. Piem. 'I hree and a hair oalt Tallies 2 1 4th Pr. Three and a hatf per L'errt. Exchequer Orders 5 Prem. Three per Cent, duto 11 half Difc. Lattery Tickets ill. 10 s. 6 d. Pr. S A D L E R's-W ELLS. AT SADLFR's-WELLS, adjoining to the New-River Head, this Day, will be perform'd Tee USUAL DIVEkSIONS. With Variety of Tumbling and Vaulting, ty Monf. GUILIOME and Signor FRANCISCINI, lately arriv'd frum Patisj Rope-Dan* cing by the two Mifs RAYNERS- Poftures, and feveral new Eqailibres, by Mr. Rayner. With Dancing (both Serious and ComicJ particularly A Grand Dance, call'd The Folly, by Monf- Fromont, and others. A Scotch Dance by Matter Matthews and Mifs Wright. A Grand En ertainment of Singing and Dancing, call'd The Amcti-cant Triumph over the Sorvaget, by Monf. Fromont, Mr. Davenport, Mr. Miles, Mrs. Bullock, and others. With feveral new Songs by Mr. Hemfliirk and Mils HILLIER. Concluding with an Entertainmeat of Dancing, call'd VULCAN's NETTS. To begin every Evening at Fire o'Clock. G O O D M A N's-F I E L D S.- AT the NEW WELLS the bottom of Lmon-flreet, Goodman t-Fields, this Day, will be perform'd . The USUAL DIVERSIONS. With Rope-Dancing by Mademoifelle L'ETRANGE, juft arrived from Prague. Tumbling by Monf. J ANNO, Monf. Movire, Mr. Hough, and Others. Dancing by Mr. Carney, Madem. Perraolt, the two Mailers and Mils Granieiy Mifs Story, Mr. Chettle, Mrs. Hough, Mr. Da-vey, and Mrs. ThompCon. Singing by Mr. Brett, Mr. Cunningham, and Mrs Hill. And the Company of Hungarians, Sclavonians, Pandours, and Croats, will perform SEVERAL NEW EXERCISES. ##� Every One 101/I be admitted for a Pint of Wine a piece as ufual. To begin every Night at Five o'Clocfc. At PHILLIPS'* NEW WELLS,- . Near the London Spaw, Clerkenwell, THIS D.iy, and during the Summer-Seafon, will be perform'd The USUAL DIVERSIONS. To which will be added feveral new Exercifes, by a Company of Hungarians, Sclavonians, Pandours, and Croats, juft arriv'd from their Travels. Particularly SAMPSON RAG ATZI, Jumps over a Man and Horfe ; like wife flies through a Hogfhead, force* the two Heads out, and fires a Cafe of Pilte-ls at the fame Time. Alfo the celebrated Mademoifelle K E R M A N, Who performs the Eiercife of the Flags, and dances a Jigg on the Stiff Rope in a Pair of Stilts. With extraordinary Performances on the Ladder, by Monlieur GERMAN. Likewife the celebrated C/ESAR POLAMBIO, Who performs a new Exercife founded on the Principles of the MatBe* maticks, much admir'd by the Curious. To which will be revived an Entertainment of Singing and Dancing, call'd The HARLOT's PROGRESS. By Mr. Phillips, Mr. Shawford, Mr. Johnfon, and Mrs. Phillips. To begin every Evening at Five o'Clock. #% Every one will be admitted for a Pint ef Wine as ufuaL Admiralty-Office, May 23, 1743.- crHE Lords CommiJJtoners of the Admiralty are pleafed to direfi, that all fuch difabled, or worn-out Seamen, <who have been Minuted to be received into the Royal Hofpital at Greenwich, do make their Appearance at this Office, on Wednejday the firft of next Month, at len o'Clock in the Morning. Thomas Corbetr, Eaft-India-Houfe, May 27, 1743/- rH E Court of Directori of the United Corn-party of Merchants of England, trading to the Eafl-Indies, do hereby give Notice, That a Quarterly General Court of the faid Company, tuill be ho /den at their Houfe in Leadenball-Street, onWednefday the zzd of June next,-upon Special Affairs. That their Transfer Books will be Jhut up on Thurfday the i^dof the faid June, at Two o'Clock, and be open'd again on Thurfday the z 1ft of July next. And that the Dividend rVarrants due at Midfummer next, will be ready to be delivered out on Friday the zytb of the faid July. MvtTtifementi ef a moderate Length are taken in for this Pfttrt Jt Two Shillings each. 0^ /f-o

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