Tuesday, May 28, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Tuesday, May 28, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 28, 1743, London, Middlesex J^vtefi. 2684. S A T U R D A Y, May 28, 1743. Deal, Ttifay 26. AME doton Lambert, Hay man; 'tea s^in^ohr'Whitbttfe; for -Oporto f-and iraahr-twth--tbe Augufta Man of War ; Auguftus Caaar, H&mptoii j the Sufannah, Wood* amr ItalianT Merchant, ' BJbie, for leghorn-; Fleming, ' Ditakia, to-Btf?bado�f Tryion, -Macnaxnawa, for South Barbary; Indian Queen, MaickiWeUy /for ger, White, for Port Mjthene;*, the'Queen of Hungry, Campion, for UAon; - -Artitred �rj3 bailed for tfee-River hisMajefty**Ship th^ajrjlltorlfronyC^rdina-r Cafafina. Packet,.-, from .ditto ^J^pltfuv Saul, from Leghorn j *Ad the Don Carlos,' Claikyln eigKt Days from Oporto-. Wind S.byW. .V*: v  ;to)eU: Hlrri^hatBarpn^olchea will-'not) ' return to Abo, 'till we receive pontive; Advices,- that the ; * Ri^an'P]eB^ten^eY^arfe'-dtathbr1s^''tii-fign tbe-Preli- \ 4 mmariei' df Peaipe upon the Footing "latejry prqpofed by ; / our ^linlulerti , The Prince of .peflrnarkV part/encreafes. 4 ' daily.' We hear'from Carelfcrobn, that our" Grand * ' Jlcct, confiftiogolx^Msn:xiLWii,:0{she LJne,^ four ' Frigates, and eight Bomb-Ketches and Firefhips, is ac-� dually cruifing on the.Cdaft of Eftonia: The Gallies ' cruize on the Coaft of Finland. The chiefCoinmand of ? the Arniy: is given to the Velt Marftial Hamilton, and .'that of thePhxt to Admiral Taube: His Majeity's Choice .* is ^generally applauded." ;K --* This betng theDay fixed for the Election of a Succef ' for to the Throne; th& Queftion was moved in the feve-'ral Colleges of the Dyet; but after long and warm De-' bates, a Refolution paffed, that the Affkir &ould be.polH-< poned for three Weeks more. 'Several Deputies extraordinary from Dalecarlia are ar-' rived here, and have declared, that the Inhabitants of * that Province will tamiflr neither Soldiers ri6r Moiaey, V-unjefs^thefe. four Articles or demands be complied with. n That the two Generals under Arreft fhall be put to ' Death. 2. That ftrict Inquiry fhall be made, in order '* lo'JSnd out who'were the Authors of the prefent War. ' 3. That the'|*firice Royal of Denmark fhall be chofen ' Sqcceflbr, to, the Crown. 4. 1 hat the Noblefle and the -'..Clergy.fhall contribute as much towards the publick Ex-' pences, as the other Orders do. The Dyet did not think f it proper for thein to take Cognizance of thefe Demands, ' but referred the Affair to the Xing and the Senate ; fince r' � which a-Declaration has been fent down into Dalecartia, 'exhorting the People to return to their Duty, and threat-�* ehing:them at the''fame time to bring them to it by force, if no other -Means will do.' According to Advices fromRatifbon, the Body of Troopi under Prince Charles' of Lorrain encamps near Than, in order to cover the Blockade of Braunau ; the reft of the Audrians encamp between the Ifer and the Vils, and are going to intrench themfelves there, in order to difpute the Paffage of the Vik with the Imperialifts, in cafe they fhould attempt to march to the Relief of Braunau, while Prince Charles might be buly with the French: As to Braunau, the Auftrians will not befiege.it inform, becaufethey hope to reduce it by Famine. The Imperial Army is in the Neighbourhood of Landfhut; the French are marching to join it, and after this Junction, the Emperor is to take the Command, and try his Fortuneiagainft the Auftrians. From Francfort we find, that both Parties keep pretty quiet in their Quarters ; a Detachment of Auftrians paffed the Main a few Days ago, but immediately repaired it at the Approach of 2000 French, no Hoftilities having been committed on either Side. Letters from Munich fay, that the Emperor has pub-lifhed a Proteft, and fent it to Prague, againft the Queen of Hungary's Coronation in quality of Queen of Bohemia. His Majefty's Ship the Greyhound is hourly expected in the Downs, to take under her Convoy the Ships bound for Portugal* to St. Helen*, where fhe is to be join'd by the Diamond Man of War, toiMxjth proceed from thence immediately with the whole Portugal Trade. The Right Hon. the Lords of the Admiralty have ordered aFrigat to cruia injjaeft of the two Privateers that failed lately from Havre-de^race.' Their Lordfhips have alfb been pleafed to fignify that a Convoy for Barbadoes and -the Leeward Iflands, will be -ready to fail from Spithead in. 14 Days ac fartheft. Yefterday Advice came, that the' Catherine, Shea, from Waterford for Leghorn, is taken, and Carried into Algui-zares. ^ Yefterday a Party of the Guards muched from the Parade in St. James's Park towards Highgate, in order to conduct the Highlanders to Town, who are expected this Day. v! On Monday laft died at Porton Jn Wiltfhire, Mr. James Huffey, an eminent Clother of.Salifbury. He died a Bat. chelor, in the 33d Year of his Age, and has left behind him about 15,000.1. which - he .acquired, with a very fair Character. ~ yefterday James Bo wen was committed to Clerkenwell, Bridewell, by Col. De Veil, for breaking into the Room of Mrs. Seth,�and felontoufly taking put of her Cheft of Drawers, a Silver Tea Spoon, feme Wearing Apparel, and 30 s. in Money. The fame Day JefferyEverett, the other noted Gambler, jointly concera'd with John Wright, {lately committed to Newgate by Col. De Veil) in endeavouring to fuborn Rebecca Burgefs, by perfwading her to (wear falfely, that a Street-Robbery was committed upon her by Sainuel Webb and Philip Webfter, promifiogvher great Rewards, and giving her a Shilling to do it, and^beating her"for not performing it,' was committed 16 Clefkenwetl Bridewell, for feveral Affaults, and Subornation of'Perjury. On Monday next will be a'grand Concert at Ruckholt-� Houfe, with Singing by Mr.: Lowe, and Mr. Afpey. Tickets to be had as u/ual j and the- Break failing will begin at 9 o'Clock ; and the Evening Entertainment at 4. SITTINGS appointed in London and Middlefex, before.  the Right Hon. Sir John Wflles, Knt. Lord Chief Juftice of his Majefty Cotift of Common-Pleas, in and after.Trinity Term, 1743. MIDDLESEX. Tuefday June 7 Monday 1.3 Thurfday lb After Term. Thurfday *3 LONDON. Thurfday June 9 Tuefday 14 Friday 17 After Term. Friday 24 IRELAND. Dublin, May 21. This Week died the Right Hon. Lady Vifcountefr Dowager Ikerrin, Mother of the Right Hon. Somerfet Hamilton Buder, Lord Vifcount Ikerrin. Wednefday Morning died, Mr. Tobin, fen. a noted Linnen-Draper in Bick-Lane. A fewt Days ago died, greatly lamented, Mrs. Hand, cock, at'her Houfe in .King-Street, near Oxmanto'wn-Green. Laft Week died Mrs. Evaiis, aged 105, who had her Memory to the laft. On Tiiutfday laft Mr. John Perry, a very eminent Quaker, dropt dead fuddenly at his Houfe in Wicklow. Yefterday the Right Rev. Bifhop of Offory, with feveral other Perfons of Diftinction, arrived here in the Dublin Yacht from Park-Gate. High Water this Day at London-Bridge at 10 Minute after 3. Bank Stock 147 t half a 148. India Ditto 19;; South Sea Stock 1143 8ths a 115. Ditto Old Annuities 114 5 3ths a 7 8ths. Ditto New 11; 1 4th a 1 half. Three per Cent. Annuities 103 3 4ths. Ditto 1742, 103 3 ijths. Ditto 1743, 101 a 1 4m a 1 8th. Million Bank 117. Equivalent 111. Royal Affurance 81 3 4ths. London Affurance 11 5 8ths. Englifh Copper ditto 41. 1 o s. Welch ditto no Price. African no Price. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan 119. Five per Cent, ditto 77 1 half. Bank Circulation 5 1. 5 s. Pr. India Bonds 4I. 17 s. a 19 s. Prem. 1 hree and a half Salt Tallies z 1 4th Pr. Three and a half per Cent. Exchequer Ordera 5 Prenv. Three per Cent, ditto i#i half Difc. Lottery Tickets 11 1. 10 s. 6d. Pr. S A D L E R/s-W ELLS. AT SADLER'S-WELLS, adjoining.w the New-River Head, this Day, wilJ be perforro'd "The USUAL DIVERSIONS. With Variety of Tumbling and Vaulting, by Monf. GUILIOME and Signor FR ANCISCINI, lately arriv'd from Paris j Rope-Daa-cing by the two Mi& RAYNERS- Pofhires, and feveral new Equilibres, by Mr. Rayner. With*Dancing (both Seriou� and Comic) partitnlarly A new Grand Dance, calPd Le AfafjueraJe, by Mr. Davenport, and others. A Scotch Dance by Mafter Matthews and Mifi Wright. Alfe a Grand Entertainment of Singing and Dan dag, call'd Baubut and Ariadne, by Monf. Fromont, Mr. Davenport, Mr. Miles, Mrs. Bullock) and others. With feveral new Songs by Mr. Hemflcirk and Mifi HILLIER. Concluding with an Entertainment of Dancing, call'd VULCAN'S NET *T S. To-b^nvKrf-EMSis&itJae (/Clock. G O O D. M A N's-F I E L D S.- AT the NEW WELLS the bottom of Ltmm-flnet, Goodman"t-Ficldx, this Day, will be perftrm'<f The USUAL DIVERSIONS. With Rope-Dancing by Mademoifelle L'ETRANGE, jujl arriv'd from Prague. Tumbling by Monf. JANNO, Monf. Movire, Mr. Hough, and Others. Dancing by Mr. Carney, Madem. Perraalt, the two Mafters and Mils Granler, Mifs Story, Mr. Chettle, Mrs. Hough, Mr. Ds-vey, and Mrs. Thompfon. Singing by Mr. Brett, Mr. Cunnisgham, and Mrs. Hill. And the Company of Hungarians, Slavonians, Pandours, and Croats, will perform SEVERAL NEW EXERCISES. #� Every One lolll be admitted for a Pint of Wine a-piece at ufuaJ. To begin every Night at Five o*Clock. At PHILLIPS'S NEW WELLS,- Near the London Spaw, Clerkenwell, THIS Diy, and during the Summer-Seafon, will be perform'd The USUAL DIVERSIONS. To which will be added fe�eral new Exercifes, by a Company of Hungarians, Sclavonians, Pandours, and Croats, joft arriv'd from their Travels. Particularly SAMPSON RAGATZI, Jumps over a Man and Horfe ; likewife flies through a Hogfhead, forces the two Heads out, and fires a Cafe of Pistols at the fame Time. . Alfo the celebrated -Madernoifelle-K E R M A N, Who performs the Erercife of the Flags, and dances ajiggon the ..... Stiff-Rope in a Pair of Stilts. With extraordinary Performances ob the Ladder, by Monfieur GERMAN. Likewife fhr C M S A k POL AM BIO. Who performs a new Exercife founded on the Principles of the Mathe-maticks, much admir'd by the Curious-To which will be revived an Entertainment of Singing and Dancing, .call'd . The HARLO T*s PROGR ESS. By Mr. Phillips, Mr. Shawford, Mr. Blogg, and Mrs. Phillips. Concluding with a Grand TYROLEAN DANCE, by M*. Stanford, and others. To begin every Evening at Five o'Clock. #% Every one will be admitted for a Pint if Wine as ufuaL Advertifementi of a moderate Length are taken in for this Pam it Two Shillings each. 9 -9. 9 /

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