Monday, May 27, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Monday, May 27, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 27, 1743, London, Middlesex Poft, and General Adveftifer. NffM6 � RI DAY, May .27, 1743. AME 'down the Queen of Hun- firy, C^pion.forLilbons the altimore, Biggs, for Virginia ; l^eprane, Bartholomew, for Ma-* ryland ; and Sufannah, Wood, for Leghorn; -and remain with the Man of War, Tender, and the Outward-bound Ships. Wind S.W.byS. A Arrived at fiver-alTorts. The Elizabeth, Tanner, from Lifbon, is arrived off Pover. ... The St Iago, Glenn, at Galknas-Road, from London. The Young Green*Young,- from -Lofton, at BrrAol. The Hooghtpn,.Merger,, from,Lifbpn, in the River. LONDON. Yefterday arrived the Mail from Flanders. �xtfa8 of a Letter from Conftantinojite, May 20, N.S. ' We are farce yet recovered from our Fright in Rela-* ladbn � to the Proj efts of the Perfian Monarch : Nay, < we have not been without fome Sufpidooa, that-the � March of the Ruffiat^Troops towards Aftracan was con-� certed with Schath.Nadir,: that they might/all tlporr this � Empire with their united Forces. However, we begin � to be pretty eafy about the Court-of Peteribargb,: the � Ruffian Mi�ifter having given "usI the ftrongeft "Affurarices ~* that their Troops marched towards Aftracan with no Mother View but to keep in Awe the Perflate,' who then 1 threatened his Court* ...... They, write frpm Naples, that the Comrniffarylately ftnt ijy the Cotrtt to vifit the Fortifications alorig jhe Sea-Coaft, is come back, �nd has affurrdhis Sicilian "Majesty, that he found them in fuch a Condition, riiaxr^ereii nothing to be feared from an Enemy. Letters from Madrid, by the Way of Genoa, fay, that there is a Treaty on Foot between the Courts of Spain, France, Denmark and Sweden. Advices from Ratifbon, reprefent the Electorate of Bavaria and the Upper Palatinate, in the moft deplorable Condition that can be imagined ; and add, that the Con-flernation of the People increases every Day, and that the Inhabitants of the Town* and- Villages round about Ra-tifbons -Sock to that City-with- theirlaft Efieft?, in ftich Numbers, and in fuch Con/uiion, as is fcarce" credible. From Hanover we .have" no other Advices, but that Couriers are continually going to and fro," whofe Difpatches are kept fo fecret, that it is impoffible to penetrate the Subject of them ; all they can fay to. the Matter is, that they are affured there are fome Negotiajaons on the Tapis of the greateft Importance. The laft Letters from Turin, entirely deftroy the Report that lately prevailed, as if a Treaty between his Cathplick Majefty and the King of Sardinia was going on ; fo far from it, that they now affure us the Piedmonteze Troops have received their ultimate Orders to hold themfelves in Readineft to march and feek the Spaniards, From Brufiels we hear, that Geocral Nadafty with his Huffars, is harraffing the Army of Count .Seckendorft, who has retreated from Wafferbourgh, and that he has even carried off feveral Prifoneri within Cannon Shot of the Gates of Munich. ~ His MAJESTY's moft gracious Letter to the General AJftm-bly of the Chunb of Scotland met at Edinburgh, May 12, 1743. - . GEORGE R. RIGHT Reverend and Well-beloved, We G rest-You well. It is with great Plea&re and Satisfaction, that We- refleft on the wife and prudent Behaviour, of the former Affemblies of the Church of Scotland, and as we are perfuaded,..U?at ypu: come together with the farae Zeal for the Q lory pf, v�h of Popery; and the Tuppreffing of- Vice, We moft wiHFngty'Coumenaoce tffis yp^'r pr^ferit MeiSting, With Our 'Royid Approbation a'jid Auuio'rjiy.; - ' 1 ' :The fieady.Loyalty and AfieQiqn, which the Church has on allOccafions, (hewn to our Perfon and Government, and her teirfa Adherariee to" thie Pritel&nt :Jn tereft in general, an# tcLtneCauje of Virtue ariQ Rejijgion in particurajry ate Rea(op^s^ifficiwt to induce .LTs, to give^freA.iU3finirices of Qur> J&faluiiaai to protect and /maintain ihevGhnrch of SaKlahd^iH^theftrll'Enjoymentof aU Her Rights and Privileges,, as by Law eftajb^'d* ...... Ypa 'i$yj&*jtoiji2w<to& Ow Readinefs to concur, in wjwtewaTmay iend to promete true Religion, ^fupprefs Vice- and:.Imrnoralityy andiiecuce the Peace and Prpfpe. rity of the Church.: Not dpubring, but that yon,: 06 your Part, \v^;fincerely endeavour, to the utmoft of your Poiyer, to !do every, Thing, rt^.at can conddeeto Our Service, and the Weifere of ducPeopk * *B�tehat:yoar Debates and Proceedings-be managed with a Spitit of Meek-nefs, becoming fo venerable an Aflembly j carefully-avoid, ing whatever may create unhappy Divifions, which are the nsoJTelecluarTvTeMsT^nW1fht^riem1esi5f Oar Happiriefs and tranquility, can lay hold of, to difappoint the good End, for which you are now aflembled. The Experience you have already had of the Abilities and Integrity of Our Right Truity and entirely beloved Coufin Alexander Earl of Leven, of his Concern for the Church, and his Zeal for our Service, will, Wedoubtnot, render Oar Choice of Him, to reprefent Out Royal Perfon in this Aflembly agreeable to you ; and We are per-fuaded, that his Diligence and Application, in the Dif-charge of fo Important 3 Trull, will be affiled and encouraged, by the Unanimity and Difpatch, with which you wiH go through the feveral Affairs, that fh^ll come under your Confideration. And fo We bid you.heartily farewell. Given at Our Court at St. James's, the zjd; Day of April, 1743, in the i6ch Year of Our Reign. v By His Majeftfs Command, TWEEDD ALE. DireSled to the Right RevereruhandWefl-beloved the Moderator, M.nifttrs and Elders of the General /tffemb/y of the Church (/"Scotland. Sir John Norris is upon the Point of fetting out for Portfniouth, to hoift his Flag on board the Vi&ory. OnTuefday laft his Majefty's Purfe of ico Guineas was run for orflyierrbw Downs near Guildford, .which was won By Mr. Grefwood's Horfe JZadger: 0n Tuesday laft Thomas Bowyer, of-Ewern in Dorfet-ftiire, E,fq; (a Gentleman poflefs'd of an Eftate of* 2500 1. per And.) waslnaffied to Mifs Bowyer. The Ceremony was'iTferform^d it her Brother's Hoiufe in H^rtfordlhire. . :Y.elterday Morning Mr. Rivingtbn, an; eminent Book-feller in St. Paul's Church-yard, w� married at St. Paul's, to: Mils Gofling, Sifter to Mr. Gofling, Binker in Fleet-ftreet; " ^ A - :' " ' T'r "On Saturday laft was married at Low-Lay ton, Mr. Philip Dowfe, an eminent Cooper in Diftaff-lane, to Mifs Johnfon, Daughter to Mr. Johnfon of Hounfditch, a very agreeable young Lady,.with 2000 1. Fortune. - Weiiear from Exeter, that Sir Henry Northcote, Bart, one of the Members" of FarliamentToY flfat City, died a few Days ago at his Seat near tlut Place. 'He marriedt he only Daughter and Heir of the laje Hug^ Str. ffjrd, of Pynes in D.evonftiire, Efq; by whpm he has. left Iffue. A few Days fince as two or three Perfons were looking at the Foundation of the FounoMhig-Hofpiral, in Lamb's Conduit Fields, feme of the Bricktnakers. at work there, impudently came up and feized one of the Collar; and, under a Pretence of their Work being injur'd by fuch Perfons'coming there, detafn'd and very much abu^'d him, by putting him in fear, and extorting Money from him to let rnnVgo * at the fame time- threatrifng Deftrqclion to his Compahions, if they offer'd to releafe him. A^id Colonel De Veil)- upon Application, having granted^ hit Warrant to take up the Fellows concerned in that Attack, a Cqd-ftable, on Tuefday Night, took one of them at a Houfe in Red-lion-ftreet j upon which feveral others came to his Affiftance, and refcued hinT, bearing the ConftaWe and his Affillants in a msft violent manner : But on Wednefday a large Poffe attended the Conftable, and feiz'd two of them, and carried them by force before Colonel De Veil, to whom they behav'd very impudently ; but wire handcuff'd there, and committed to Bridewell, in order to be profecuced j which 'tis not doubted but the Perform fo abus'd, as well as the Conftable, who was beat in the Execution of his Office, will take care of, for the Publick Good ; thofe Fellows in general being the very Peft of all Society. On Wednefday laft a Warrant of Diftrefs was made out by Col. De Veil; agairift a certain Inn-holder at Highgate, whofe Wife affifted one John Pratt, a Deferter out of Lieiit. General Cornwallis's Regiment, to defert, knowing him to be fuch. j for which Oftepce, her'Hufband paid the Penary .of 5 1. purfuant to the SUfute in that Cafe made and provided. The fante Day Mary Blayin was committed by the fame Geritjeman '--to ClerkehweH Bridewell, for Sealing from Mrs". "Jane Dunn, a WalhTrW^imanfeveral Shifts arid Stockings. Laft Thurfd3y fe'nnight was committed, to Maidftone Goal, charged with ftealing a Marfrfrem out of the Parifh of Exton iri the County of Effex, the property of Philip Hunt, Farmer. And on'Friday laft was committed to the faid Goal, John Merchant, charged on Safpicion of ftealing a black Iron Grey Gelding, a Bridle arid Saddle, the Property of Mr. Thofeas Carey. E P I G R A M, On his Excellency the late Lord Gal way, and his Cook. Says my Lord to his Cook, you Son of a Punk, How comes it I fee you, thus, evVy Day drank ? Phyfiriariv they fay, once a Month, do allow A Man for his Health, to get drunk-as a Sow. That is right, quoth the Cock ; but the Day they don't fay,  So for fear I ihould mifs it, I'm drunk ev'ry Day. High Water this Day at London-Bridge, at 22 Minutes after 2. Bank Stock 147 3 Sths a 1 4th. India Ditto 192 a i half. South Sea Stock 113 7 8ths a 114. Ditto Old Annuities 114 1 half a 5 8ths. Ditto New 115 1 4th a 3 8ths. Three per Cent. Annuities 103 1 ha'f a 3 4ths. Di to 1742, 103 1 half a 3 4ihs. Ditto 1743, 100 5 Sths a 7 Hths. Million Bank 117. EquiviUnt 111. Royal Affurance 81 3 4ths. London Affurance ii 5 Sths. Englilh Copper ditto 4 1. 10 s. Welch-ditto no Price. African no Price. Seven per Cent. F.mperbr's Loan 119. Five per Cent, ditto 77 1 half. Bank Circulation 5 1. Prem. Jndii Bonds 4 1. i6s. a 18 s. a 17 s. Prem. Three and a half Salt Tallies 2 1 4th Pr. Three and a half per Cent. Exchequer Orders 5 Prem. Three per Cent, ditto 1 1 half Difc. L ttery Tickets ill. 10 s. 6d. Pr. DRURY-LANE, For the Benefit of Mr. Stephens, Mr. Brooks, Mr. Waters, Mr. Hajf-^ and others. By Hn Majefty's Company of Comedian1, AT the Theatre-koyal in Drury-Lane, To-morrow, will be prefsnted a Comedv, call'd The BUSY BODY. The Part of Marplot by Mr. Mackiin ; Sir George Airy, by Mr' MiHs;3ir Francis Gripe, Mr. Tafwell; Sir Jealous Traffick, Mr. Turbutt j CharJes, Mr Havard ; Whifper, Mr. Neale ; Butlar. Mr. Wright, lfabinda, Mrs. Ridoutj Patch, Mrs. Pritchard } Scent-well, Mrs. Horfington ; - - -And the Part of Miranda by Mrs. Clive. With Entertainments between the Afts, viz. A& II. A Concerto on the German Flute by Mr. B. Thumoth. Aft IV. Singing by Mr. Lowe. To which will be added, rfhe King and the Miller of Mansfield. The King, by Mr. Winftone; the Miller, Mr. Morgan ; Joe*, Mr. Lowe j, Mr. Blakes; Peggy, Mrs. King 5 Margery, Mifs Betnet ; Kate, Mrs- Ridout. Boxes 5 s. Pit 3 s. Firft Gallery z s. Upper Gallery 1 8. To begin at Six o'Clock. S A D L E R's-W E L L S.- AT SADLER'S-WELLS, adjoining to the New-River Head, this Day, will be perform'd The USUAL DIVEKSJONS. With Variety of Tumbling and Vaulting, by Monf. GU1LIOME and Signor FRANCISCfNI, lately arriv'd from Paris j Rope-Dancing by the two Mifs RAYNERS. Poftnres, and feveral new Equilibres, by Mr. Rayner. With Dancing (both Serious and Comic) particularly A new Grand Dance, call'd he Masquerade, by Mr. DaVtnportj and otherj. A Scotch Dance by Mafter Matthews and Mils Wright. And^i new Comic Ballet (after the Manner of the Faulafls) bjr Mafter Matthews, Mifs Wright, and ethers. WithTeveral new Songs by Mr. Hem&irk and Mife HILLTER. Concluding with an Entertainment of Dancing, call'd V U L C A N's N E T T S. To begin every E*eniBf'�tK?eV Clock.- G O O D M A N's-F I E L D S^- AT the NEW WELLS the bottom of Lemtm-fireet, Goodman s-Ficlds, this Day, will be performM The USUAL DIVERSIONS. With Rope-Dancing by Mademoifelle L'ETRANGE, juft arriv'd from Prague. Tumbling by Monf. JANNO, Monf. Movire, Mr. Hough, and Others. Dancing by Mr. Carney, Madem. Perrault, the two Matters and Mils Granier, Miis Story, Mr. Chettle, Mi's. Hougb, Mr. Da-vey, and Mrs. Thompfon. Singing by Mr. Brett, Mr. Cunningham, and Mrs. Hill. And the Company of Hungarians, Sdavonians, Pandours, and Croats, will perform SEVERAL NEW EXERCISES. %* Every One will he admitted for a Pint of Wine a-piece at ufual. To begin every Night at Five o'clock. At PHILLIPS'S NEW WELLS,- Near the London Spaw, Clerkenwell, THIS Day, and during the Summer-Seafon, will be perform'd The USUAL DIVERSIONS. To which will be added fe�eral new Exercifes, by a Company of Hungarian*, Sdavonians, Pandours, and Croats, jail arriv'd from their Travels. Particularly SAMPSON RAGATZI, Jumps over a Man and Horfe ; likewife flies through a Hoglhead, forces the two Heads out, and fires a Cafe of Piftols at the fame Time. Alfo the celebrated Mademoifelle K E R M A N, Who performs the Exircife of the Flag*, and dances a Jigg on the Stiff Rope in a Pair of Stilts. With extraordinary Performances on the Ladder, by Monileur G E R M A M. Likewife the celebrated CiESAR POLAMBIO. Who performs a new Exercife founded on the Prindples of the Mathe-maticks, much admir'd by the Curious. t \ - -To which will be revived an Entertainment of Singing and Dancing, call'd The H A R L O T's PROGRESS. By Mr. Phillips, Mr. Shawford, Mr. Blogg, and Mrs. Phillips. Concluding with a Grand TYROLEAN DANCE, by Mr. Shivr-ford, and others. To begin every Evening at Five o'clock. #% Every one will be admitted for a Pint cf Wine as ufual. Adiimifemenli of a moderate Length are taken in for this Patrr V Tm Shillings 0- each.

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