Monday, May 20, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Monday, May 20, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 20, 1743, London, Middlesex �A mi* & R I D A IT, M'a-y 20, 1743. ay ai L*maon-iJridge gt $2 Minutes after 8.'________ liank stock 146 7 81 hs. India Ditto 190. South Sea Stock 113 3 ^ths. Ditto Old Annuities 114 3 8th�. Ditto New 115 1 8th. Three per Cent. Annuities 102 3 4ths. 1742, io2 3 4ths. Ditto 1743, ico a 1 4th. Milion Bank 117. Equivalent m. Royal Affurance 82. London Aflurance 11 5 8ths. Englifh topper ditto 41. 1 os. Welch ditto no Price. African no Price. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan 118. Five per Cent, ditto 77. Bank Circulation 5 1. Prero. India Bonds 4 1. 17 s. Pr. Three and a half Salt Tallies. 2 I 4th Pr. Three and a half per Cent. Exchequer Orders 5 Pr. Three per Cent, ditto 2 Difc. Lottery Tickets II I. 10 S. 6d. Pr. D H U R Y- L A N E.� For the Benefitof BR ADSHAW, Boxkeeper. By His Majefifs Company of Comedian , AT the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, this Day," will be prefented a Comedy, call'd The MERCHANT of VENICE. Written by Shakefpear. The Part of the Merchant by Mr. Delane; Portia, Mrs. Clive ; Baffdnio, by Mr. Havard; Gratiand, Mr. Mills ; Launcelot, Mr. Ne*le; Gobbo, Mr. Ray; s�lanl6, Mr. Croft; Neriffa, Mifs Ben-net; Jeffica, Mrs. Ridout; Duke, Mr.Winftoae; Tubal, Mr.Taf-well; Solaxino, Mr. Blakes ; Balthazar, Mr. Green ; Lorenzo (with Songs in Character) by Mr. Lowe; And the Part of Shtlbck by Mr. Macklin. With Entertainments, between the a&s, viz. a�t iii. a Serious Ballet by Madem. Bonneval and others. Ad iv. a Tyrolean Dance by Signor Boromeo, Signora Cofhuza, and others. To which will be added a Farce, call'd The LYING VALET. The Part of the Lying Valet by Mr. Vates j And the Part of Kitty Pry by Mrs. Pritchard. Boxes 5 s. Pit 3 s. Firft Gallery 2 s. Upper Gallery 1 s. To begin at Sir o'clock. % On Monday next, AS YOU LIKE IT, with The Lying Valet. For the Benefit of Fenn Stage, Door-keeper, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Fulwood, and Mr. Walker, Numberer. C O V E N T-G A R D E' N.* AT the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden, this Day, will be prefented* a Tragedy, call'd The FAIR PENITENT. The Part of the Fair Penitent by Mrs. CIBBER ; Sciolto, Mr. Rofco; Lothario, Mr. Ryan ; Altamont, Mr. Hale; La vinia, Mn.Stevens; Lucilla, Mrs. Hale ; And the Part of Horatio to be perform'd by Mr. QJJIN. With feveral Entertainments of Dancing by Mr. COO K E, Let Definoifelles ANNE and JANNETON AURETTI. and others. To which will be added, a Dramatic Entertainment, call'd The - R O Y A L ~C H A C E; O R, Merlin's Cave. The Character of Harlequin by Mr. Woodward; Aerial Spirits by Monf. Villeneuve and Madem. Augufte. Colombine, by Mrs. Kilby ; DoQor, Mr. Beftcraft; The Character of Pierot by Monf. LALAUZE. Boxes s s.. Pit 3 s. Firft Gallery 2 s. Upper Gallery 1 t. To begin exactly at Six o* Clock. S A D L E R's-W ELLS.- AT SADLER'S-WELLS, adjoining to the New-River Head, this Day, will he perform'd The U S U A L DIVERSIONS.  With Yariety of Tumbling and Vaulting, by Monf. GUILIOME and Signor FRANCISCINI, lately arriv'd from Paris; Rope-Dancing by the two Mift RAYNERS. Poftures, and feveral new Equilibres, by Mr. Rayner. With Dan ring (both Serious and Comic) particularly A new Grand Dance, call'd he Masquerade, by Mr. Davenport, and others. A Scotch Dance by Mafter Matthews and Mifs Wright. Alfo a Grand Entertainment of SingUg and Dancing, call'd Bacchus and Ariadne, by Monf. Fromont, Mr. Davenport, Mr. Miles, Mrs. Bullock, and others. With feveral new Songs by Mr. Hemfkirk and Mifs HILLIER. Concluding with an Entertainment, call'd VULCAN'S NETTS; OR, Harlequin a Captive in Spain : Q Jt The PRIVATEER BIT. Harlequin by Mr. Vaughan j Colombine, Mn. Phillips; Privateer, Mr. Hemfkirk ; Sancho, Mr. Scollough; Vulcan, M�nf. Fromont; Mars, Mr. Davenport ; Venus, Madem. Sandoni; Cupid, Mafter Matthews; Graces, Mifs Wright, Mifs King, and Mrs. Anfley. To begin every Evening at Five o'clock. AT the N EW WELLS the bottom of Ltmm-Jireet, Geedman'i-Fieldt, this Day, will be perform'd The USUAL DIVERSIONS^- With Rope-Dancing by Mademoifelle L'ETRANGE, juft arriifd from Prague. Tumbling by Monf. JANNO, Monf. Movire, Mr. Hough, and Others. Dancing by Mr. Carney, Madem. Pertault, the two Mafters and Mils Granier and others. Singing by Mr. CUNNINGHAM, jufi arri-vd in England. And the Company of Hungarians, Sclavbnians, Pandours, and Croats, will perform SEVERAL NEW EXERCISES. #* Every One will be admitted for a Bint �/ Wint a piece at ufuaJ. To beg'" every Night at Five o'Clock. At PHILLlPS's NEW WELLS* Near the London Spaw, Clertcenwell, THIS Evening, arid during the Summer Seafon, will be perform'd The usual DIVERSIONS* To which will be added fe�eral new Exercifes, by a Company of Hungarian', Sclavonans, Pandours, and Croats, juft arriv'd from their Travels. Particularly SAMPSON RAGATZI,' ' Jumps over a Man and Horfe ; likewife flies through a Hog/head, forces the two Heads out, and fires a Cafe of Piftols at the �ime Time. -il Alf" ^ rrlrhr>t^ ""~ ' I ' Mademo'ifelle K E R IvTA N, Who performs the Exercife of the Flags, and dances a jigg on the Stiff Rope in a Pair of Stilts. With euxtraordinary Performances on the Lad<!er, by Mcnlieur GERMAN. Likewife the celebrated C MS A K POLAMBIO, Whd performs � new Exercife founded on the Principles of the Ma the-maticks, much admir'd by the Carious-To which will be revived an Entertainment of Singing and Dancing, call'd  The H A R L G T's PROGRESS. The Charaaer of Harlequin by Mr. PHILLIPS ; And the Charafter of Mifs Kitty to be perform'd by Mn. PHILLIPS, (From the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Laae.) Concluding with a Grand TYROLEAN DANCE, by Monf. La Pierre, Mr. Shawford, and others. ,t To begin every Evening at Five 0'Clock. WHEREAS the Ship Tinley, Capt^-COLLINS, Mafter, from Rotterdam to London, was coming up the River Thames, and by AccideHt fet on Fire, and there being two Cafes with Cambricks, mark'd GVK, which arc miffing, and fuppofed to be ftollen or conveyed out of the laid Ship..*. Whoever will give Information of the laid Two Cafes of Cambricks, or any Part thereof, to Meff Hayes and Cahham, at their Office in Caftle-Alley, Cotnhill, fhall upon fjeh full Difcovery, receive of them One Hundred Pounds Reward for the whole, L AMPORTS, at the Angel in Cornbill; alfo fome exceeding fine old Japan, Jars, and Beakers. With Variety of new China*, Double FJint-Olafs,Sic. n.B- As the whole muft be difpos'd of fo foon, the Ioweft Price U fix'd on each Sort. The Flint Glafs at 6 d. per Pound. ~9 This Day is psblijb'd, -- APropofal of Chriftian Union: for the Eftablifhment and Perfection of the Britifh Monarchy, for the general Good of the Nation, and of every particular Subject. Grounded upon the Word of God, and upon evid nt Reafon and Experience. Hac diet aliam vilam adfert, alios mores pofiulat. Terent. Andriae, Acl l. Scene z.~ Printed for M. Cooper, at the Globe in Pater-nofter Row. ? jfdvertifemtnti of a moderate Length are taken in for this PaM it Two Shillings each.

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