London Daily Post And General Advertiser, May 6, 1743 : Front Page

Publication: London Daily Post And General Advertiser May 6, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 6, 1743, London, Middlesex The London DaflyPoft, and General Advertifer. Ktt*B *66f- FRIDAY, Ma y 6, 1743. Deal, May 4. IN in the Downs the Aai gafta Man of War j the Tryton, Whelden, for Haqibprgh * and the Tranfport. WindN.byE. Grave fend, M*y 4. PafVd by the San, Lawfon, from Norway ; the lady Elizabeth* Barns, from Amfrerdam.j and the^ Caroline, Mary, Fubbs. Catherine, and Charlotte Yachts, L O N J> O N. ~4* ExtriS from a privafi Letter, dated'"fit timhargh, April 20, from an Officer in the EngliJh^Army there. � We came to this Place Yefterdayj and expecV in a Day; ' or two to go on to the Neighbourhood of Francfbrt, * where'tis {aid we (hall encamp in a little Time; we hear * die Emperor has retired from it, upon bur moving that * way ; 'tis not above two long Days March from hence ; � what Projeft we are upon, or what we are to do is a pro- * found Secret. Our Army, when joined, will be about * 54,000, and we hear about 7000 Hanoverians more are being confiitenc, and fo unbecoming a Minifter of the GoT-pel of Peace, that it will take up. fome Time to difplay it to the World in its proper Colours ; but that you may not ' lull your felf in a falfe Security, that we are intimidated from profecuting our Defign, we take this Method to-acquaint you, that we areuiing our beft Diligence to prepare it for the Pref*. In the mean Time we leave you to con--fider ferioufly the above Texts; and to the Reflections of your own Canfcience, which we are perfuaded (notwith-ftanding the Mafk you wear in Publick) are tormenting;' enough, and fha 1 at prefent conclude, by way of Contraft 1 ith Verfe above cited. But Thou 9 Son of the Church, true Follower of thy Re--verend Chief haw greatly haft thou pe.verted the good V Advice of the Apoftle ? and infte.d of fallowing after thofe amiable, and peculiarly Gofpel Virtues of Love, Qatjence, Meeknefs, halt, to the utmoft of thy Power, promoted Envy, Hatred', Strip, Difcord, and e

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Publication: London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: May 6, 1743