Saturday, May 4, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Saturday, May 4, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - May 4, 1743, London, Middlesex The London7Daily Poft, and General Advertifer- Numb. 2 \ (c 5. .E'4 %the ' JDowtfs the Try ton/ Wheldpn, r ^H^^^:;^^.���� ; ; GravtfaJ,Mef ^itfm&tch&fim'A\io> ing Peace wijh Jipffli, the&uflian Piaripofetrtanes having ^^^^^"^^^^ by ao^Mea^s 7 ^.^^^^ .W^ref^g iiya: xroro*u^ Cam^ . .jsillgB*; ?^;I�vip^d^^ats ^ ^^occMotgdi byj Aifenrfi^b^ Name to ' .The|80�yS^ j> the. WpatBh�iiie,la^MffWiT^/tom ferfeJq&ttaWajr; - �: *f :G�>da x  -Tbe Preparations, that were making for -&e{ ^IBiijflflBjVij^ � ner cf OpprefliM and Deceit. M have the; Honour to be; GehUemen,- ; YonrmblrlJuttWeVatia '- '- - ' execute an^importenr>�nte>pT^^ "v \ According to Letters from Hahover, the Duke.of Cumberland is to go thither with the King, and his Majefty, >after:lfaymg therea few Days, tinllgo; to the; Armfwith the^uke;" His Royal Highnefii:theVieli us, will fay fti ihe Aimy;-bjt:the King is � gbback to Hanover^�hit he,may^a|Mfend both'. a!'0yi^"-t^^\p^tiie^A Of � -^air, aiocdRon reqiu to \ fome oAer-*Af&'ir>fbr the Go>d�f {he Common Caufe.-f- | Theyvadd^ that the 6600 Men, which, hi* Majeffy: i| tb furnilh the Hpafe of Auftrj$, aa^avPrinceof theJSmpire|, - who is Guarantee -of the Pragmatick SanQTpn, -have rc;- -ceivedOrders-fcA begin theirMarch fbrthe Rhine^ We hear from the'Hague, ^bat'.the.Durch Troops deft  if^\�'jgarofon Mons, Ae^Cfearleroy/andjSt.^pain, "are actually on their March tQ:tho&:P^ce^ . 1 , 11. "�V t N.S. theBririfh A^eillei^hjaifi��ery namerous, was to \ have arrived at G^ogf^ihejiD^ltd^, in order to be fen t ^ffir�i sJwfe�e��i mmem#* wjw^baviaU fsthat^fiitery ^^AtiatottKaag^wards q|h*dST .^fofcaVEwPS .?/ws*a^qgr"gi^& thej ^MasjEbictf^^�tent^i^rpM|{n^O .� Sue V .T .r^o'^wM ^w?g^#afe^hex^^ that^-n^ Ovarii! d Command____________,____________ v\ ^iScaber^calbfis^rYia^ ^V^^^awB^toer ff�ffltho��l(of;5tau. ,^-4^. . * Mafier-Gei .Qflarteij il of tbTp^ga Forces^^te^^^or Ir^ldierBftaUt^iwiltefe.borllhal n*w^mm*� ._______. bnt to help Germany to fhakej ^���?�lip1 ^e^^aMs/Bsafar prdper;R*gTikfioii� mthh�tt;�n. ^fteliJ^f^fliatt'oiAti i^^tb'b>?Yaeisn>�jwHh ftha ;l -.kill o\ * :-:-}.> 1;: �'� r-'> Whitehall, May 3. Advice^i^fewived this .Morning from Harwich; thartfie 'King anchored bey6nd:'ri�i^'led'� way near Harwich,'fanSun^y'Byetiirig^t Eighti of the Clock, with the Yachts and Men of VVir.  " ' ' ' Whitehall, May$: His ;Majeffy his- been pferfed to grant, in" Reverfidn,. unto Henry Jr'en^on, ETqi the.Qffice or Place of Court Poftf ^ow ewpyedj;by tennis Bond; Efq; HisNajefly has been plisfed B'cbrjftuute^artd! appoint Sir Daniel O^Carral, Bart; to be Lieutenant-General of his . Majcfty's Fjpices. , ..... ..... L , is Majeiiy- has beea plegie<f'to.cfenftituteand; appoint , John vVajte, E( � ^^iT-^is~Mirjelry^'d out of this Hari bour about Two�b*J^^'^^igj^ whotf Fleet was or^t,^3^r^'^;>a contil nues.'fe nownat five in the Evening,-tho* the WimdLis conf trary. .z>:�-l-A.-rvr,r-\' -1: '.^i >;.'; v.;.- rVJ : " ' 1 ....... ' I 1 HA Y-M A R 1^ AT the KING'S THEATRE in th6 Hay- f\ Marker, Satoniay next; will be perftral^a a NwrtJPBRA, caii'd  "   ' - " ;  �-;j';s";;i, R ;.b A q E. . ^if*& BancW midotherDzcoRATiQtisfntirefylfav. i' Pifand^oxM to fe~put together, an3 nol^eilonj to^>e admitted without Tickets, which will be deliver'd that Da^af the Office in the HaV�Marker, arf&lf a'Guinea �ach. paHery 54. By HIS MAJESTY'S Command, No J^rfi^ whatever to be aimltfijd oehirid the Scenes.' ""v.:m^benne^;,. . i^/i' Majefty'$ 'Compaupef Comedian*, __Tthfi]bay, will be {^�krf-aC�m^y, <aU' paDgton, Mr. Macfelli�.w Lady Betty Modiihi Mrs. Woffingtoni Lady faSj, Mr*. PKtcharf i l^^'.GWesdlff/lf^a '^eanetj and the Paftof EfJpaffcy MrJ.tiihre. \, \ J , With-EptertahiirientJ between'tfie'AtB, viz*r '' Ad I. A F/encfr Peasant by MonHFromcnlt and Madeoi.'Gon^a. A&ll. >elliaiid^i^1>r^:�eart. \ '7 'Aft fll. A new1 ^^ij^lte by B*5af. Wffl^|Jw.^4lte>; fee. . A C6mttcaac,ei, cdl'dUf Juranajl^by jibi. CHIARETt A AQUILANTI, Ti(wMcVwill be added, ,. .. , 3, (tr.. , the 'Part' 'the tying Valet ly.^.^Sfe'j :'. Cajrfc& Mr.-Blake^ (:' Me^. Mif^fieanet i .......... �'1 * * tJtkfcb to he/tta artWkWalter, the *rfeV^eenj. In New-Street, ,C^-Ga^^ ~ (r;tw^t8,deli?erfd o^by; Wf-r|^TO^>?4/^^^;objJDOU .^11 be.taken. ;. . . , .. ^,  ,v, . ^ ' A ,YClQiNfe'B NST-G A1 E Nr-- FdK t^e Benefo^ 'Mr. AMtrfinJ  Mrs. i> T'tfre Theatre-Royal in^ovent- T?an3hourihe1*yfiMr.:?MJOi^*wi others.- TickitJ^eliVered* oiitty^vMrs?FAl ated The F0P>fOM*UNBi For of Mi5. Eraniand Mr. Vaughak,$oz* keepers. Jdvertifement; of a moderate Length are taken in for this Par* it Two Shillings each. 0-/3^0

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