Monday, April 29, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Monday, April 29, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 29, 1743, London, Middlesex ifer. F R i DAY, Ap ril 19, 1.743. ;EMAIN in the Dawns tfis. M^e-fly^s Ships the Dreadnought,'and Sti-afibrdi .the America, Noble, for New-England 1 the Lovrag-Friendihip,' Lowry, for Lifbon j and Vernon, Manly, for Barbados. Put back the Saudades, Blackabee, for Lifbon. Game down Endeavour, Newton,, for. Barbadoesj the Golden Fleece, and the Levant Tender. Wind South. -Grawfeni, April27. Pafs*d by Dake of Cumberland, Pope, from South Carolina ; Dunkirk, Smith, from Dunkirk ; the Robert and William, Soans ; Mary, Ham-anond; Everly, Tramnore; and Three Unities, Nelfon, from Norway. Arrived at feveral Ports. ' , The Conftantine, Whitchorch, From Gibraltar, is arrived at Venice. � Fantine, Read, from Briftol, at the Leeward Iflands." . The Warminlter, -, 60m Bofton, ac Antigua. The Bremen-Faaor,. Tifliurft, from Lifbon ; and the St. JGeorge, Dormer, from Figura, atBriiloi. > ^ P N DO N. "Yefterday arrived two Mails vfrom Flanders. " TJjey give us a Report from Paris, that the French King will fend over a Body of 10,000 Men co Corfica, under the Command etf Marihal Maiiiebois. According to fome Advices from Stockholm, which come by the Way of Hamboargh, Preliminaries are iigneoV between Ruffiaand Sweden; and the States of Sweden have' again taken inbaiid'the Affair of the Succeffion. ^ It is currently reported at Florence, that his Sicilian Ma-jeftyhas made over to his Brother Don Philip his Preten-fions-to the Allodial Effecls of the Ho'ufe of Medicis, as alfo to fome Fortrefles on the^Coaft of Sienna in Tufcany: Tfey'add, that they can't yet'vouch for the Truth of this Report, tho* they are very well perfuaded, in the mean time, that it fqnares exactly with the Queen of Spain's Way of Thinking. f&xtracl of a Letter from Stockholm, April'20, N.S. The Senate refumcd their Deliberations immediately '* after the Holy Days; the King; conflaritly affifriat them. * TAe Secret Committee, and the feveral Orders of the '* Dyet affemble regularly every Day, bat make no great * Progrefs in the Affair-of the SuccefSon. Neither En-� treaties nor Menaces have been able to make the Peafants � fwerve in the leSft- froBaf their Attachment to the Prince * Hbyal of Denmark : It is not improbable, that the other * Orders of" the Kingdom, are not lei's inclined to that ' Prince ; but they are apprehenfive -of the Danger of * feting a Precedent in fo.'important an Affair, by yielding ' Jto. the Clamour, of the Peafan_ts7atptefent. Baron Schaef-*/&r, who was fentf with Difpacbes to our Plenipoten-*�taties at Abo, is come ljack fijomwhence; but the Pub-*^idi are entirely iri.tiSe^park m^ard to the News he  1 ]�as'broughti aril'are tHcely- to remain fp, until the Re-*.tom. of Capr, Graman from Finland, as thareareiome * 'Things which cannot' now be fhewn to the People in a * very agreeable Light.' They write from. Caffel, that feveral Officers having defjred.Leave of Prince William, to go and ferve as Volunteers in the Army of the Allies actually affembling on th* Rhine ; iis Serene Highnefs told them, that he could ^bt.confeht to It, becaufe it is probable that Affairs may take fuch a fudden Turn, as to oblige him to affemble all theHeffian Forces on the Frontiers of the Landgraviate.  Letters from Nuremberg fay, that the Bavarian Troops have been very roughly handled in a Rencounter-near Bur: glengenftld, the whole. Blame, of. which they lay on the French, who, inftead of fuccouring them as they oyghuo have done, fneaked off and left their Allies to deal the Blow^with-the Auftrians. - We hear his Majefly is detained by contrary W.'nds at Sheernefs. - Yefterday their .Royal Highnefles the. Prince and Prin-SeEfof Wale^weiit r^JSpfom, where they intend'to refide fcr.a few Days. . ... . V .; e Cloatbs and Decorations entirely new. To begin every Evening at Fite o'clock. G O O D M A N's-F I E L D S. AT the NEW WELLS the bottom of Lmon-ftreet, Goodman"s-Fields, this Day, will be perform'd SEVERAL NEW EXERCISES Of Poftures, Ballances, Eauilihrefi, aj f, n^Vi_ -#A"RXTTQ]LJ I N DAB AN N O j Or, The Inchanted Caftle. Composed by Signor Bonifatio Avogadro, lately arriv'd from Venice* Harlequin by Mr. Hayes; Colombine, Mrs.Hough; Pantaloon, Mr. Chettie ; Scapin, Mr. Hough ; two Sailors, Mr. Roberts and Mr. James; two Soldiers, Mr. Smart and Mr. Long; a Porter^ Mr. Knott; the other Characters by the reft of the Performers. The Whole to Conclude with a Comic Dance in Grotefque Figures, By Mr. Granier and Madem. Maviere, and the two Mafters and Mifs Granier, and Mils Short. To begin every Night at Five o'Clock. %* Every One will Be admitted for a Pint of Wine a-fiete as ufual, The BOWLING - GREEN adjoining to the WELLS is now Open'd, being in geod Order. To the Worthy ElecJors of the Borough of SOUTHWARK. GENTLEMEN, HAving feen an Anonymous Paper, addrefs'd to you, handed about, and publiffc'd in the Daily Poft, in which one-of your Candidates is pointed out, and reflected upon in a very extraordinary manner; which make it in-, cumbent on as to tremble yoa with this, not having Time (as the Election commenced Yefterday) to enter into a Paper War againft thofe who, without any Regard to Truth, afperfe his Character, and as Authors of a Calumny for Shame keep themfelves^ concealed ; We therefore take the Liberty to enqaire which of the prefent Candidates is moft worthy of your Favour to reprefent fo great a Trading Bo-Hough in Parliament * a Gentleman, yvliu, though by hiJ ' Calling, has render'd himfelf famous in Phyfick as an A--y, fkilful in Arts as a M-n M< 1 e, neceffary to the Publick as a J.of the P. yet wholly unconcerned in Trade and Navigation, or even fo much as acquainted therewith ; or would you give your Votes and Interefts to a Merchant, that is well verfed in thofejvaluable Branches, deeply interefted in Shipping and Merchandize, of known Abilities and ample Fortune, entirely independent, and capable of employing your Poor, and of doing great Service to your Borough, we fubmit to your ferious Consideration, and are, Gentlemen, Tour Well-wijhers, and fellow-Voter:. Borough of Southward April 29. 1743- SIR <Y*OUR Vote, Intereft, and Poll (/ needful) are humbly dejired for ALEXANDER HUME, Efqy To reprefent you in Parliament, in the room of your la.'e Worthy Member, Thomas Inwen, Efq; deceased; being a Native of the Borough ; a Gentleman every Way qualified to difcharge fo great a Truft ; of known AffeQion to his Ma-jefty King Ceorge, heartily difpofed to preferve the Religious and Civil Rights of bis Countrymen, and greatly concerned in Trade and Navigation, on which the Welfare of this Borough fo much depends. N.B- The Election is to be this Day. To the Worthy Electors of the Borough o� SOUTHWARK. GENTLEMEN, TfJPlNG been encouraged by a sreat many of the'mo 1} iubliantial InBabitants, to offer myfelfto -A ferve you in Parliament, in the room of your late Worthy Member, Thomas Inwen, Efq; deceas'd ; I beg Leave to ajfureyou, That if 1 am fo happy as to have your Approbation and Choice, I will endeavour to difcharge my Truft with the utmofi Integrity ; and on all Occajions convince you-that I am, GfiNTLEMEK, Tour moft Faithful Obedient Servant, Alexander Hume. Y3 � o Advertifemem of a modem* Length are taken in for thk PjfW � sbmr mh* h 3^

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