Thursday, April 25, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Thursday, April 25, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 25, 1743, London, Middlesex M AT, Apri l * 5, 1743. 23, is the Doras the Straf-,, Dicadmiagnt, Sutherland, �nd Greyhound Mai of WAr, .with tae Qntwvd-boand. Ar-nrcd the CbaimjirgMolly, Johnson* John, Leigh ; and fiaa-4c�,: Warnm, *bm Oporto; the Catherine, Mecknjght, from St. Kitta j: T^rton, ^Vddoir, from . Boflon'; Poke trf Oamberland, _ Sufemah,Styles j.and , Primer from Can* Ijna ;* andjtheMary Gailyy Sjmnot, from Leghorn. Wind #.s.wv - The Don Ccrte, Mozam 1 and Gaernzey, Daniel, from li^faa, at Oporto: The Prifaik, Trfia, from Virginia; and tbcHambcr, froai Cage Fare, off Dover. L ON D O N. Snceoorlaft arrived the Mail from Holland. Utter frym Staitam-btf, April zi, N.S. < Coant Matinee of Saxe and the Prince of Conn arrived 4 t hot Yefhwday, aadfet oat this Morning for. Straabin- * go, in order to-take proper Meafores frit preferring the < pofls we. hold' t� bom fides of the Ifler, inafraach as � KcrenhdDef's Army encreafes tonfiderabJy on the Vila; �and that Part of his Cavalry hare already patYd that � River. This Day two Coariers from Marihal Broglio � jaffed through this Place, one of whom took the Route �to Monica, and the other went to Straobtngen. They 'irported. that the Marihal having aflembled a Body of �jo,ooo Men in^be Neighboarhood of Amberg, fcnt a � large 'Detachment the 14th Inflant towards Hambach, < �bch ctiiged theAofirianTroops that were in thatNcigh-� hood, and-whofe Quarters extended as faras the Confines � of Franoonia, to retire behind the Naab ; that the next � Day his Excellency reinforced that Detachment to the �* Number of 12 Battalions and 40 Squadrons; that the � Enemy abandoned Kemnath, Ulmain and Bremgarten on � the 16th, and mat ibme Cattle and Prorifions were < found there which they bad not tune to carry off; that * the Day following this Body of Troops advanced towards < the Defiles of Egra, and the Cavalry had aSkirmiihwith * General Peftiritz's Huflars; and that on the 18th the * Enemy's Troops, which kept that Place block'd up, < had retreated towards WakUaxen, where General Fefti-' ntz has now fixed his Quarters. According to Letters from Franc fort, the Troops of the Allies arrive focceffively in tbofe Parts ; bat as they have no confiderable Magazines thereabouts, they don't think they will make any long ftay in that Neighboarhood. We bear from Dnfleldorp, that the. Aoflrian Artillery, which is very numerous, palled the Rhine the 24th; and it wasreckon'd that the whole Armycf &s Allies woaia be affembled ifffbar or five Days. ExtraSof aLetter from Stockholm; April 12, U.S. ' BaronJ&aefter and M. Bram^ ' Days ago tb Abo; with new InSruAions for our Plenipo-1 tentiaries; the firft 'took the- common Road, bat the < other was lent round about by the North. At the fame ' Time M. Graman, a Sea Officer was fcnt away to Abo � with a Duplicate of thefe Inftro&ions, and embarked on � board a Frigate. ' Since this an Express arrived from Abo, whole Dif-' patches were carried to the Secret Committee, who have < acquainted the Order of the Noblefle, that the Ruffian � Court has explained herfelf very favourably, and that ' then was great Room to hope that we mall foon have a * Peace j but as this Affair required great Secrecy, they ' t�uld-&y no more of it at prefentj that as .to the reft, * the Committee was going: to.difpatch ultimate Orders � on that Head, to our Plenipotentiaries at Abo. � The Clergy mid. the Burghers haying aflembled laft � Week, in order, tp give their Affent to the Meafores * takes by theNdhlefie m Regard to the Negotiation with * the Court of Raffia, the Boors declared to them, that if * they delayed any longer bringing to a Conclufion the � Amir of the Socceffion, they would return Home and � abandon the Dyct ,.In Anfwer to this .they were told, '.that itjdidjaoiJbdongjo_them to give Laws to the other * Orders of the ^ngdom ; .that if they were refolved to < depart, they might depend upon it that before they 1 reached-flome, the Provinces that deputed mem mould * be exadly informed of their ConducVin the Dyct. This A otW Panch-Houfe, are now on Sale, the beft Jamaica Rum at 7 s. 9 d. the beft Coniac Brandy at 8 s. and Batavia Arrack at 14 s. per Gallon; but if the Arrack is taken from the India Houfe, or the Brandy or Rum off the Keys when landed, there will be an Abatement.-And at the faid Warehouies are now on Sale a considerable Quantity of Brandy and Rnm made into Shrub of Oranges of this Year's Importation, and then in the greateft Peifedion.- And as Perfons may be defirous of having Samples of the fame, the above Brandy and Rum (if fold in a lefs Quantity than a Gallon] is 1 s. per Pint, and Arrack 1 s. ^d. BANKRUPTS-Thomas. Dumball late of Manchefter, in the County of Lancafter, Vintner and Chapman. John Roofe, late of the City of Briftol, Cornfaaor and Chapman._!___ tiign Water at I tV. A new Haflar Dance by Stgnor Borosneo, Madem. Boh-netal, and �tacrs. A�k V. A Concerto by Signer Piaqtanida. To which will be added, The L Y I N G VALET. The Part of the Lying Valet by Mr. Yates ; And the Part of Kitty Pry by Mrs. Pzitchard. Boxes ss. Pit 3 s. Firft Gallery * s. . Upper Gallery 1 s. Tkkets ddGser'd oat by Monf.LEVIEZ will Retaken. To begin exactly at Six o'clock. To-morrow (by partknlarDefire) KING LEAR. With lereral new Songs by Mr. Hem&irk and Mi& HILUER. Concluding with an Entertainment, call'd V U L C A N's N E T T S or, Harlequin a Captive in Spain: o R, The P RI VA TEE R BIT. Harlequin by Mr. Vanghan ; Columbine, *Mr*. Phillips; PriTXtaer, Mi. Hem/kirk; Saacho, Mr. ScoIIoaah; Vulcan, MenCFrament f Mars, Mr. Davenport ; Venus, Madjem. Sandani; Cupid, Maftor Matthews; Graces, Mils Wright, MnsKhsg, and Mrs. Anfley. lie Clcrtbt end Dttorstitnt ewtzrth nnp. To begin every Evening at Five oXlock. G O O D M A N's-F I E L D S. AT the NEW WELLS the bottom of Laaes-ffrttt, Coedma^t-Fidds, this Diy, will be perfonn'd SEVERAL NEW EXERCISES Of Rope-Dancing, Poimres, Ballances, EquDibres, and Singing and Dancing, both Serious and Comic. ROPE-DANCING by the celebrated Mas Rayner, Mr.Hcngh, �vi oriuR. A French Pea&nt ty Mafler John and TKfifiGrsrosr. La Mafon Sabotier by Mr. Carney, Mafter Gtanier, Mr.Granier,*Mr. Chett^, Mr. Davey, Madem. Pcranlt, Madem. Mauri, sad Mi& Rayner. Le Cavaber and Courtesan, and his Man La Rose, k/tfas twoMaftersand Mils Granjer. To which will be added, Several SCENES in GROTESQUE CHARACTERS, ealTd HARLEQUIN DABANNOj Or, Hie Inchanted Cattle. Campes"d hy Signur Bonifatio Avogadro, Lady errrw'd fitm Venic& Harlequin by Mr. Hayes; CcJombine, Mrs. Heogh ; PantaJoosi, Mr. Chettle ; Sea pin, Mr. Hough ; two Sailors, Mr. Roberts and M>. James ; two Soldien, Mr. Smart and Mr. Long ; a Porter, Mr. Kaott j the other Characters by the reft of the Perfbrmerr. The Whole to Conclude with a Comic Dance in Gnajbuc Fignrtt, By Mr. Granjer and Madem. Maviere, and the two Maftersand Mils _Granjer, and Mi6 Rayner. To begin every Night at Five o'clock. *#* Entry One xnfl be admitted for m. Pint af JFint a-fieu as afnal. The BOWLING-GREEN adjoining to the WELLS will be opened Tor-morrow. AT PHILLIPS's New Wells, near the Ltndan-Spew, ClerktBvatB, during the Summer Sea fen, will -be perfonn'd Variety of Tumbling, Rope-Dancing, and Vaulting, 1 j Monf. GERMAN, Mafter VAN GEWELL, Mont LEBRUNE, Monf&UGE, and Signora LINE. With extraordmary Pcrfbrjrur-ces on the LADDER by Monf. GERMAN. Likewilc feVenlnew EQUILIBRES, by Monf. la TARE, lately arriv'd from Hungary, quite difierent from any hitherto exhibited. With leveral new Entertainments of Singing and Dancing, by Mr* Phillips, Monf.Lapierre, Mr. Jokmon, and Mrs.Phillips; anew Sailors Dance by Mr.Shawford and Mr. Coventry, in which Mrj, rhi'lifl-:" ^TT^'"1 ----TT 1*1'. * ��� - TIiiIDmb. � Mafter 4Vrg and Mafter Morris, after the Manner.ofGambo deFerro; a new Pantomime Dance, call'd 72c Rroml Ptafats by Mr. PhilKpt, Mr.5Shawford, Monf. Lapierre, Mr. Smith, Mr. Coventry, Mrs* Morris, Mrs. Jackfon, Mrs. Dove, and Madem. Dumont. Likewife Vaulting on the Slack Rope by Mr. PHILLIPS, as he perfbrm'd it at the Theatre-Royal in Drary-Lane in taste A-la-MODE. To which will be revived an Entertainment of Singing and Dancing, call'd The H A R L OT's PROGRESS. The Chancier of Harlequin by Mr. PHILLIPS ; Beau Mordecai, Mr. Shawfbrd ; Colonel Charter, Mr. JohnJbn ; Mother Midnight, Mr. Dove; Porter, Mr. Coventry; BetiBrindle, Mr. Davis; Ladies of Pleafote by Mrs.Dove, Mrs. Jacklba, and Mrs. Morris; And the Character of Mifj Kitty to be perfbrm'd by Mrs. PHILLIPS, - (From the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane.) Concluding with a Grand Serious and Comk DANCE. _To begin every Evening at Five o'clock. For SA L E by the C A N D L E*- On Wtintfday next, at Twelve o Clock at Noon, At LLOYD & Cofftt-boufe in Lombard-jfrtet, XH E Ann Gaily, a new Ship, with 10 Carriage and fix Swims, a Prime Sailor, Square-ftern'd, . Boftoa-built. and (heath'd. Burthen �o Tons, more or lefi, with excellent Dimen-fions, fit for ihtWeft-India orPngadm Trades, and well-found, now lying at the Greet Wet-Dcrt, Edxoerd Oliver, ComojaiWer. Inventories may be leen on Board the tail Ship, and at the Place of Sale. TebeSoH By JOSEPH WATKINS, Broker. Jdverttfementi tfa meacratt Lenpb are tskeninfor this Pom it Two Shillings each.

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