Tuesday, April 23, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Tuesday, April 23, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 23, 1743, London, Middlesex TheJLonaon M^M, $xd Crsaeral Adveftiler. 4^ IliilriVi . j ft. Wif I i*m+mmm�!U�J*mtM**milmtim^^ SAT U R D A Y, A^ril ig, 1743. '11-I-: x. ^ .r.:.V ^ --L Aprilli. JAME down and faifd h� NKjefty's Ship Dreadnought. Remain, the Sutherland and Greyhound Men of War; and the Outward-boand, ^540 my laft.- Game down the Alexander, Reeves, for Portf-mouth. Arrived William and Mary, Hittoh, from Jamaica; --, Lefley, from Antigua; Bifliopfton, Ayres, from Briftol ; and Saphire, Wbitwood, from Sfc Kitts. Wind S.W. Arrived at feveral Ports. The Theophila, Goddard, from London i and the Con-(lantine, Whitchurch, from Briftol, are arrived at Venice. The Fame, French, from Montferrat j Charming Sufan, Scott ? and Neptune, White, from Carolina ; and Charming-Molly, Welft, from Oporto, of� Dover. The Samuel, Wakldn, fi-om Carolina, at Cowes. The John ai^ iBetfey, Jones, rrom ditto, at Poole. The Pbcenix, Ellis, from London, at Genoa. The John Jandine, from London, 'at Naples. LONDON. Yeftdrffly arrived the Mail from Flamflers. -Letters from the Hague fay, that the Army of the Allies on the Rhine^* wiH not march into Bavaria, as was given ( outat#rftj bat is^o take Poll in Swabia, in order to give an Opportunity to the Princes and States of that Circle, -to declare themfelves openly, the Superiority of the French dn that Neighbourhood, having hitherto kept them in Awe. - Letters from Savoy bring Advice, that the Spanifli Army farters corifiderabry by Defertion; that there is a Morta- licy among their Horfes ; and that as the Infant. Don Phi-lad not appeared in puolick for feveral Days, they apprehended he was ill.' "Extra3 of a Letter from Stockholm, April 12, N.S. The Affair, of the Succeffion will not be brought upon ' the Carpet again, untill after the Return of Baron Schef- * fer and Captain Graman, who have been fent to Abo to 4 know precifely what Progrefs has been made in the Ne- < gotiations,; and what we, are to expect from Ruffia. In ' the mean time, we continue to compleat the Forces both * by Sea and Land, and feveral Regiments, together with the greateft Part of the Sailors, are already gone on < board. Several Men of War are actually put to Sea, 4 and, if there be Occafion, the whole Fleet may follow � them in a few Days. The High Admiral Utfal com-' mands the Fleet fitted out at Carelfcroon, and Admiral ' .Gyldenkiep, commands the Gottenburgh Squadron ; � but it is not certain who is to have the Command of the � Men of War and GaUies fitted out in this Port. . We � know very well who is to be Commander in Chief of � the Land, Forces, and his Field Equipages are actually in ' Readinefs ; but we dare not yet publifh his Name. * What was mentioned in our laft concerning the Iflands of * Aland is confirmed.' According to Advices from Geneva, the Dutch Minif-ter at Madrid has wrote to the Canton of Bern, that jhe had' ^madffrffi tnftanres-and prefented a new Memorial to that JGourt, tonceraing-the Spaniards Approaching too near the Frontiers of thatilepublick j upon which the Spanifli Mi-niftry gave him the ftrongeft Affurances, that the Marquis de la Mina ffiould not undertake any Thing that might give the Ieaft Umbrage to the Republick ; and that, ex. ceptafew Regiments, which muft absolutely be fent to reinforce the Camp ofVeaux, the reft of the Troops mould Bever more approach the Frontiers of Geneva. However, they fay, that thefe ftrong Affurances have not yet diffi-pated- their Alarms. As to the People of the Valalfe, they are fully perfuaded that the Spanifli General has Orders from her Catholick Majefty, to attempt a Paffage into Italy at any Rate ; and therefore they are refolved to oppofe him at all Events, fince their Liberties cannot be fafe, if the Spaniards mould prove fuccefsful. Some Letters from Florence affure us, that Baron Neu-hoff, who has been there lately incog, is embarked again for Corfica, on board a Man of War ; but they don't tell us what Nation that Ship belonged to.' We have an Account,, by Captain Lefley, arrived from Antigua^ that Commodore Knowles, with the Ships .Under his -Comraand-,--feiled from Antigua the 7th of February, and from St. Kitts trie .1 ith .of the fame Month. His Squadroncfcnfiflsidf"the folIbWingShips,,YJZ' ' The Suffolk, Commodore Knowles", of Seventy Guns. TheBurford^ Capti Lufhihgtbn, ofSeyenty Guns. The Affiftance, Capt. Callice, of Fifty Guns. The Norwich,. Capt. Gregory, of Fifty Guns. TheEltham, Capt. Smith, of Forty Guns, The5carborough^"C�pt.Lifle, of.Twenty Guns. The lively,' Capt. Watkins, of Twenty Guns. T&e Otter. Capt. Gage, of Sixteen Guns. The Pembroke's Prize, Capt. Stewart, of Ten Guns. . !The Comet Bomb, Capt. Burville, of Ten Guns. The Two Brothers, Ryan, as a Viftualler and Hofpi-tal'Ship. A Bomb Tender,, two Sloops, and a Schooner. We bear that Sir John Morris will in a few Days hoift hisFlag on board theViftpry, a^ Spithead. . His. Majefty's SM^s.'^/Pmce-FWericI^'-TorringtOD, and Leopard, are, purfuant to Orders, gone to Spithead. And the Dreadnought ,Man of War (ailed thro' the frowns on Thurfday laft, -for the fame Place. By Letters from Montferrat we have Advice of the Death of Peter Leigh, Efq; a Gendeman.,of.a confiderabie Eftate on that'Tfflindj and bae of the General Affembly there. As he-was a Pcrftm of the greateft Integrity and- good Nature, his Death is juftly lamented by all that had the Plea-fcjre of his Acquaintance. , The Betty, Cahill, -from Boft6n, is arrived at St. Kitts, who was blown out from thence with 120 HogfheSds of Sugar on board. , * Yefterday the Corpfe of Mr. Newman, an eminent Undertaker in, Little-Britain, was carried out of Town in a Very handfome manner, and interr'd in the Abby Church of St. Albans. On Thurfday Evening died fuddeniy Mrs. Goodfriend, Wife of Mr. Goodfriend of Tibbald's Row: She was in feeminggood Health, and drinking Tea with fome of her Acquaintance about 6 o'CIock, when of'a fudden (he was taken ill, dropt down, and expired immediately. Yefterday -Mary Wade, otherwife Cavall, was committed to Clerkenwell Bridewell, by Col. De Veil, for dealing from Mrs. Mary Davis, a Quantity of very fine Linnen found upon her. I R . E L A N D. Dublin, April 12. Laft Saturday Morning died Mrs. Mary Mervyn, Wife to Henry Mervyn,- of Caftle-Mervyn in the County of Tyrone, Efq; She was a fond Wife, a Lady of true Piety, drift Virtue, and very charitable, which makes her Death univerfally lamented by all who knew her, particularly by the Poor, She is to be interred at the Parilh Church of Dromore, the antient Burying-Place of that Family. Laft Week died Mr. John Anderfon, fen. an eminent Apothecary, who had acquired a fair Characler, and a plentiful Fortune in his Bufinefs. Yefterday feveral Felons attended by a Company of Foot, we re carry'd in open Carts, with all their Faces expofed, from Newgate to the Water-Side, to be tranfported to America. - On Thurfday next Mr. Sherridan, will perform the Part of Othello, at the Theatre in Smock-Alley. Bank Stock 146 1 half. India Ditto 187. South Sea Stock m 1 half a 3 4ths. Ditto Old Annuities 115 3 8ths a 1 4th. Ditto New 114. Three per Cent. Annuities iot 3 4ths. Ditto 1742 101 3 4ths. Ditto 1743*98 3 4ths. MillionBank 118 3 4ths. Equivalent 111. Royal Aflurance 82. London Affurance nx 5 8ths a 3 4ths. Englifh Copper ditto 4 1. 10 s. Welch ditto no Price. African no Price. Seven per Cent. Emperor's Loan 114 a 1 4th. Five per Cent ditto 76 1 8th. Bank Circulation 4 1.15-s. Prem. India Bonds 4 1. 9 s. a 8 s, Prem. _ Three and a half Salt Tallies 2 Prem. Three and a half per Cent. Exchequer Orders 5 1 half Prena. Three per Cent, ditto 2 1 half Difc. Lottery Tickets 19 s. 6 d. Prem. HAY-MARKET. *- AT the KING'S THEATRE in the Hay-Market, this Day, will be perform'da New OPERA, call'd S I R B A C E. With Dances and other Decorations entirely New. Pit and Boxes to be put together, and no Perfons to be admitted without Tickets, which will be deliver'd this Day, at the Office in the Hay-Market, at Half a Guinea each. Gallery 5 s. By HIS MAJESTY'S Command, No Perfons whatever to be admitted behind the Scenes.' The Gallery will be open a,t Four o'CIock, Pit and Boxes at Fire. D R U R Y-L A � N E. By His Majefty's Company of Comedians^- AT the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, this Day, will be prefented a Comedy, call'd The RECRUITING OFFICER. The Part of Capt. Plume to be performM by Mr. GARRICK. Silvia by Mrs. Woffington; Serjeant Kite, Mr. Berry j Bullock, Mr Morgan; Juftice Ballance, Mr. Winftone ; Worthy, Mr. Havard ; Scale, Mr. Raftorj Scruple, Mr. Woodburn ; Conftable, Mr.JTur-butt; Pearmain, xMr. Neale; Appletree, Mr. Ray j Collier, Mr. Tafwell. Melinda, Mrs. Crofs; Lucy, Mrs. Bennet; Rofe, Mrs, Ridout j and the Part of Capt. Brazen by Mr. Macklin. With Entertainments between the Acts, viz. A& II. A Comic Dance, call'd The Neapolitan Punch, by Signor CHECO TORINESE Signora CHIARETTA AQUILANTI, and Others. AaiV. LaFIorana by Signor CHECO, Signora CHIARETTA, and others. To which will be added a Comic Opera of three Afts, call'd The DRAGON OF WANTLEY. The Part of Moore of Moore-Hall by Mr. SULLIVAN, Margery, Mrs. LAMPE, and Mauxalinda, Mifs YOUNG, Gubbins, Mr. Waltz j the Dragon, Mr. Mefling. Boxes 5 s. Pit 3 s. Firft Gallery a s. Upper Gallery 1 8. To begin exaftly at Six o'clock. �#* On Monday next The CONSCIOUS LOVERS. For the Benefit of Madem. BONNEVAL. When Tickets deliver'd out by Monf.LEVIEZ will betaken. CO VENT-GARDE N.- For the Benefit of Mrs. MULLART and Mrs. WRIGHT. AT the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden, this Day, will be prefented a Comedy, call'd The R O V E R ; O R, The Banish'd Cavaliers. The Part of the Rover by Mr. Ryan ; Hellena, by Mrs. Vincent; Angelica, Mrs. Horton; Col. Belvile, Mr. Hale; Don Antonio, Mr. Gibfon ; Don-Pedro, Mr. Rofco; Frederic, Mr. Bridgwater j Sancho, Mr. James. Florinda, Mrs. Walter; Valeria, Mrs. Hale j Moretta, Mrs. Mullart; Lucetta, Mrs. Kilby 5 And the Part of Ned Blunt by Mr. Chapman. With feveral Entertainments of Dancing, viz. A Minuet by Mr. Villeneuve and Mrs. Wright. To which will be added a Dramatic Entertainment, call'd PERSEUS and A NDROMEDAj 0 R, ' The Cheats of Harlequin. Boxes 5 s. Pit 3 s. Firft Gallery 2 s. Upper Gallery i 8. Ticksrs deliver'd out by Mrs. Lefont, and for a Perfon under Mif-fortunes, will be taken this Day. To begin exaftly at Six 0' Clock. %* On Monday will be prefented The CONSCIOUS LOVERS. For the Benefit of Mr. STEPHENS. By Command of their Royal Highnefles the^ Prince and Princefs of WAJLES, ' * Prince GEORGE, Prince EDWARD, and the Princefs AUGUSTA. AT the Theatre-Koyal in Covent-Garden, Tuefday next, will fce pie'fented DUKE AND NO DU K E. With Dancing-by Mr.Cook, Monf. Picq, , Mr. Dela'maine, Madera.' Augufte, Madem Janneton Aurettlv and others. Likewife (by Command) a Dramatic Entertainment, call'd The RAPE OF PROSERPINE, 'With the Birth and Adventures of Harlequin. *,* The Tragedy of KingvLEAR is oWig'd to be defer'd 'till Thurfday next. Tickets delivered out by Mr. RUou , Mr. Goodall, Mr.Dupre, and Mt. Stede, for Tuefday, will be taken. S A D L E R's-W E L L'S.- AT SADLER'S-WELLS, adjoining to the New-River Head, this Day, will be performM The USUAL DIVERSIONS. With Variety of Tumbling, Rope-Dancing, and Vaulting by Monf. GUiLIOME and Signor FRANCISCINI, juft arriv'd from Paris; Singing and Dancing (both Serious and Comic j particularly a Grand Entertainment of Singing and Dancing, call'd Bacchus and Ariadne, by Monf. Fromont, Mr.Davenpert, Mrs.Bullock, and others; a Scaramouch Dance by Monf. TESCIER ; a new Scotch Dance by Maf-teir Matthews and Mifs Wright; the Drunken Peafant by Mr. Miles 5 a new Comic Ballet (after the Manner of the Faufans) by Mafter Matthews, Mifs Wright, and others. With feveral new Songs by Mr. Hemikirk and Mifs HILLIER, (Being the firft Time ot her appearing ox any Stage.) Concluding with an Entertainment, call'd V U L C A N's N E T T S ; O R, Harlequin a Captive in Spain : O R, The PRIVATEER BIT. Harlequin by Mr. Vaughan ; Colombine, Mrs. Phillips ; Privateer, Mt. Hemikirk ; Sancho, Mr. Scollough ; Vulcan, M�nf. Fromont; Mars, Mr. Davenport ; Venus, Madem. Sandoni; Cupid, Mafter Matthews; Graces, Mifs Wright, Mifs King, and Mrs. Anfley. Ibe Cloatbt and Decorations entirely neto. To begin every Evening at Five o Clock. G O O D M A N's-F I E L D S^- AT the NEW WELLS the bottom of Lmon-firtet Goodman"s-Fields, this Day, will be perform'd SEVERAL NEW EXERCISES Of Rope-Dancing, Poftures, Ballances, Equilibres, and Singing and Dancing, both Serious and "Comic. ROPE-DANCING by the celebrated Mils Rayner, Mr. Hoagh, rind sthrm- frmii j.L]' f' f - HVs WT Chettle, Madem. Perault, Madem. Mauri, Mrs. Hough, and the two Mafters and Mifs Granier. With feveral new Songs by Mr. Brett and Mrs. Hill. To which will be added, Several SCENES in QROTESQUE CHARACTERS, call'd HARLEQUIN DABANNO; Or, The Inchanted Caftle. Composed by Signor Bonifatio Avogadro, lately arrived from Venice. Harlequin by Mr. Hayes; Colombine, Mrs. Hou�h.  P^StilcCH" Mr. Chettle ; Sea pin, Mr, Hough j two Sailors, Mr. Roberts and Mr. James; two Soldiers, Mr.Smart and Mr. Long; a Porter, Mr, Knott; the other Characters by the reft of the Performers. The Whole to Conclude" with a Comic Dance \n.Gzetcfquc Figures, JBy Mrr-eranier anTMadem. Maviere, and the two Mailers and Mi�j Granier, and Mife Rsyncr. To begin every Night at Five o'CIock. \* Every One mill be admitted for a Pint of Wine a-piece as ufual. AT PHILLIPS'S New Wells, near the-Ltndon-Spatv, Clerkenioell, during the Summer Seafon, will be perform'd Variety of Tumbling, Rope-Dancing, Vaulting, and extraordinary Performances on the LADDER by Monf. GERMAN, Mafter VAN GEWELL, and Monf. LEBRUNE, juft arrived from Paris ; feveral new Entertainments of Singing and Dancing, by Mr. Phillips, Monf. Lapierre, Mr. Johnfon, and Mrs. Phillips; with extraordinary Rope-DaRcing by Signora Line; the Drunken Peafant bf Mr. Phillips ; a new Comic Dance by Mr. Shawford, and others ; a new'Sailors Dance by Mr. Davis and Mr. Coventry, in which Mr. Phillips will introduce a new Hornpipe ; a new Buffoon Dance by Mafter Ferg and Mafter Morris, after the Manner of Gam bo de Ferro; a new Pantomime Dance, call'd The Rival Peasants by Mr. Phillips, Mr. Shawford, Mr. Davis, Mr. Coventry, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Jack-fon, Mrs. Dove ; Let me wander not unseen, fung by Mrs. Phillips. Likewife feveral new EQUILIBRES, by Monf. ALTARE, lately arriv'd from Hungary, quite different from any hitherto exhibited. To which will be revived an Entertainment of Singing and Dancing, call'd MERLIN in LABOUR; Or, Harlequin at All. The Character of Harlequin by Mr. PHILLIPS, (from the Theatre-Royal in Drury-LaneMerlin, by Mr. Johnfon j Swellheadj Mr. Dove ; Loofedeal, Mr. Shawford ; And the Characler of Colombine to be perform'd by Mrs. PHILLIPS^ jFrfim *h- Thretrr-T>"y*1 :" The whole to conclude with a Grand TYROLEAN* DANCE. With an extraordinary Band of Mufick. To begin every Evening at Five o'clock. *#* On Monday next will be reviv'd an Entertainment of Singire and Dancing, call'd The HARLOT's PROGRESS. _ R A N E L A G H-G A R D E N S_ J/f/IL L be opened for the SUMMER. V" SEASON, on Monday the 25th Day of April, 1743 ;-and next Day the Breakfafting.Rooms ivillle open d as ufual. Note, There will be Lamp lighted on both Roads,- and Patrole all Night. To be peremptorily SOL D,- Purfumt to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery befire Thomas Ben-net, Efjl we of the Mafert of the (aid Court, at bis Houjt in Chan-' eery-Lane, London, on Wtdncjday next, between Five and Seven in the Afternoon ; ' ALarge Capital Meffuage at Llanidau, with the Gardens, Stables, Coach-houfes, and other Appurtenances thereto belonging; together with feveral Eftates fituate in the Counties of Anglefea and Carnarvon, of the Yearly Value of 1556 1. 10 s. 2 d. whereof 95 J. is Leafehpld fubjecT; to feveral Outgoings, a-mounting yearly to 941. late the Eftates of Thomas Lloyd, late of Heightley in the County of Salop, Efq; deceas'd. Particulars whereof may be had at the laid Mafter'i Houfe, �3- 2 .z5 . ? - JdvertifemM of a moderate Length are taken in for this Paper. j* Tm Shillings each\ h s

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