Tuesday, April 2, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Tuesday, April 2, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 2, 1743, London, Middlesex The "LoMfa My Vd^jsad General Atetifer. ^ SATURDAY, Apr i l 2, at at ARRIVED, the came out ^ Company with the Plymouth Man ofWsjr; but was Separated in a violent Gale of Wind, and wa| obliged to throw her Guns over-board ; therefore the Arrival of the Man of War, and the reft of the Ships, are impatiently -expected. j � ' " - The Stanford Man of War, is arrived in the Downs, from Cork. On Thurfday laft Admiral Vernon fet out/ for Bath, with a handfome Retinue. � "k On Friday fe*nnight in the Morning was found dead in his Bed, at his Lodgings at Kingfland, Mr. Bright, aged 80, who kept the Crown Ale-houfe in St. CJu-iflopberV Alley in Moorhelds; but having made a considerable Fortune, he had refign'd his Houfe for fome time* paft to his -eldeft Son.--Mr. Bright came on Thurfday to keep his 3irth*day"at the1 Crown, with his Children, but foon after finding himfelf ill, returned home and went to-bed ; and in the Morning was found.dead, by the Servant, who went.into the Room to light his Fire. He was a Very good-�aWVi Man,\and was well �fpe&ed by the Gentlemen that ufed his Hoafe.-Mr. Blight's Father died within thefe three Months, aged upwards of 100. Yefterdaydied, at her "Houfe in the Old Jewry, Mrs. "TOdt^fc^^ her Acquaintance. On Thurfday lafl died in the Fleet Prifon,---Bate-man, Efq; who had been fourteen Years confined in the laid Goal. It is obfervablethat there was an Increafeof above one Hundred in the Bills of Mortality laft Week. Great Preparations are-making for the Evenings Entertainments at Ranelagh-Houfe, which we hear Will-begin ia about a Fortnight. The Breakfafting-and Mufick'will be carried <on as afual. IRE L A N Dl \ ~ Dublin, March zz. The Rev. Dr. Samnel Madden has fignified' to the Dublin Society, and by them to the Pub-lick, his Resolution of adding fome further Prxmiuma to tfcofe he beftow'd in former Years, for the Improvement of Arts and Sciences in this Kingdom- laft Saturday died at Rathfemham, Mr. Doyle, formerly an eminent Dealer in High-ftreet, who retired fome . Time fines from Bufinefs, on Account of his great Age. The fame Day died Mr. Reily, an eminent Cooper in Charch-ftreet. ^ Laft Week three Soldiers were fried before a Court Martial for linking their Major; and were Sentenced to receive �ach 1000 Lames for that Offence. A Band of riotous Ruffians have of late infefted the Streets of this City,, particularly about Kevan-ftreet and that Neighbourhood, where they infcft, and knockdown every Body that has the Miifbnune to come in their Way. To the PURL I C K. Ladies and Gentlemen, THE Play of OTHELLO, with Dancing by.Mr. Cook, Monf. Picq, Mr. Delarnain, Les Ddmolfelles Ann and Janneton Auretti,'(Vc. being to be acled for my \ Benefit on Monday next, at the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden; arid having accidentally heard that a certain Per-fon being" poflefs*d of a great Quantity of my Tickets, has fome Thoughts of getting them up to. a cbnfiderable. Premium. I outof meer Friendfhip, - not at all with Regard to my own Intereft, (if you'll believe me) do privately and secretly* ^n this pub'i^c Manner, advrfeyou, to fend away " ' the Corner of Bow;ftreet near the faid The"- Beginning. Saturday* . April*, 174a* / am, Tvmt mojl Obedient Humble Servant, Tho. Chapman. A' *alTd Sank Stock 146 3 4*hs for Opening. India Ditto 1 St) 1 4 Ananias, Mr.Morgan; Tribalation, Mr.Tafwell; Surly, Mr.Havard jX&f-per, Mr. Leigh ; Lovewit,. by Mr. Turbutt} Kaftril, Mr. Nealc j Dame Pliant, Mifi Bennet; Doll Common, Mrs, Mackfin ; Face by Mr. MACKLIN. With Entertainments between the A&s, viz, . Aft I. Singing by Mr. Lowe. Aft II, The Sicilian Peafint, by Signor CHECO, Signora CH1ARETTA, andOthen. Aft HI. Singingby Mr. Beard. Aft V.- The Italian Gardeners, By CHECO T.OR1NESE CHIARETTA AQUILANTI, and Others. To which will be added a Farce, call'd DEVIL TOP AY. The Part of Sir John-Loverule, by Mr. Lowe, (in which Character will be intmhic^d The Ea^Iy Horn s^Jabfon, Mr. Turbutt LadyLoverule, Mifs Bennet j Butler}'Mr. Rafter; And the Part of Nell hy Mri. CL1VE. Boxes 5 s. Pit 3 s. Firit Gallery 2 s. Upper Gallery 1 s. Signor Signora The CO V EN T- G A R D EN. At the Defire of fii)�r.al Ladies of Quality. For. the Bienefic of Mr, CHAPMAN. AT the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Gardcn, Monday next,- wjll be prefent(�d the Tragedy of The PartoJOttello.to he perform'd by Mr.QJTIN ; Iago, by Mr. Ryan; Cafllo, Mr. Hale; Roderigo, Mr. Chapman; Brabantio, Mr. Gibfsin;' Lodovico, Mr. Rofco j Montane, Mr. Ca-(hell. Emilia,-Mr�� "Woodward:; And the Part of Deflemona by Mrs. CIBBER^ With Entertainments of Dancing, particularly The Dutch Skipper by >i Monf. DELAMAIN and Madem, ANNE AURETTI, A new Grand Ballet, call'd Le Rendtwaai Gallant, by Mr. COOKE and Monf. P I C Q* Les Definoilelles ANNE and JANNETON AURETTL Young Matter GILLIER, and others. To which will be added a Dramatic Entertainment, call'd The-RAPE OF PROSERPINE, With the Birth and Adventures of Harlequin. None will be admitted into the Boxes but by printed Tickets, whicH will be deliver**! at the Office in the. Lobby, at 5 > Pit 3 s. Firit Gallery a s. ~ Upper Gallery 1 s. . Tickets to be had of Mr. Chapman, at his Houfe in Bow-ftrtet, Covent-Garden. * ' ' SAD L E R's-W E L L S.^ . J^imr jtt J^n<ioitp�iidge this Hay at 51 Minutes AT SADLERVWELLS, adjoining to the Ntzv-River Hud, on Monday next, will be perform'd The USUAL DIVERSIONS. With Variety of Singing and Dancing (both Serums and Comic) Concluding with' an' Entertainment, call'd V U L C A N's N E T T S j , . �. i . . or, Harlequin a Captive in Spain, 6fr. To begin at Twoo'Cloek in the Afternoon, ini again at Six in the Evening, during the Holidays. '__ ""5" - O O D M A N's-F I E JL D S. AT the NEW WELLS the )botrom 6m~^iShx& Lemon-ftrttt, GotdauufuFtAdt, Monday next, willbeper&rm'd '1 of the beift S SE VEK A L N EWE X ER C 15ES ---------M CyRope-Dancing, Poflores,. Bal^c^/Eanaibrej5 and clinging and Dancing, both Serious and Comic. ROPE-DANCING by the celebrated Mifi Rayner, Mr. Hragk, and others. Dancing by Mr. Carney, Mr.Granier, Mr. Hayes, Mr. Chettle, Mr. Rayner, Madem. Penult, Madem. Maori, Mrs. Hough, Mtt. Rayner, and the twoMaih^saiJd MifiGrahler. With aeveral new Songs by Mr. Brett and Mr�^ Hill. Pofturet by Mr. Rayner. . To which, will be added, Several SCENES ia GROTESQUE CHAR ACTERS, (never per. � .-iorm'dbefore)caJTd ; i  HARLEQUIN DABANNO; - - Or; Tife Inchanted Cafl1er~~" Compot'd bj Sifter Bonifatio Avogadro, lately trriv'd from Venice. Harkquin by Mr. Hayes: Colombifle, Mrs.Hough; Pantaloon, Mr. Chettle }�cap1n, Mr. Hough, The Whok to Ceoclude with a CotmcDanee in Gnttjout Firiira. To begin every Night at Piveo'Clock. .... \* �ytryOir*toilltesdmtitdfir a l$nt*f a-pitct at ufual. Admiralty-Office, March 25, 1743^ [RKJS'iftfij, tfjb* longing to bhMajefift Ship the Defiance, have$tin turned over t� tbiMfattty at Holl,"��rfa dike'Nambe'r to the Aldborough at; L^ergotoje} and fenders are njrm.&t SHeerneff ready to chny'tbem to. their tefteakoe ShjfsXjhe Lords Comtniffleners oftbe.Jfdmiralty+ do. hereby firitjly charge tbi /aid Men, immediately to repair -on'board bis Majfftfi\ Ship the Princefs* Royal, at the Note, twhjre they /l/ariyf'i onboardtb*�jm&{\Wnyi\ m m ph if nnr Mmh. iiud _______XT> -in ait any of them fail to be then on board that Sh'}r thfi / Tenders ivill fail'av/ay without them, after which they S^"* Tenders will fail avtay without them, after tuhich they will not only loje all theWd^es due to them for r�f Defence, but ivill he taken uf, if they can be found, and tried ah * Court Mai tial as Peferters. > _ Tho. Corbett/ General Foft-Office, London,- March 10, �7fz. TM7HEREJS notwithfiandtng the publick No- T- fit?* *hat has been fo:repeattM.givepby:tkis Qfce, "ainvefl hi tbrtSetUtte as in other' Tfcivi Papers, concern^ ing the Foreign.Pofiage. which is to be paid here for all Letters that are tog� to Germanyr Italy, or any other Country jbeyond. Holland, France, or Flanders, Mijiakeshave fame-times* been made^ and Letters have been delivered at this � Office, direiJed'to thofe Countries without:paying the Foteigp Pofiage, as required by J&: ofP-arliapjent * $be\j>aflmdfler-Gtnerai has 'tbo^bi-^..t$\a^e^i^-it-bstt lis Pofiage to be paid here at tbis-Offtte, Oratthe-'reffeSive Receiving-Houfe's or Offices,' appointed and authorized far the taking in of Letters in Town or Country, 'by all Perfonr correfpond-ing with Germany, Italy; oranyFofeign Parts in- the North or the South, by the Way of Holland, France or Flanders, is after the following Rater, -viz. -j s.d. Between London andany-Pdrt'ofGer-'^Singli i " many, Italy, Sicily, Switzerland^ {.Dbable2 Denmark, or Sweden; and all Paris of the North {through Holland.') 2fefcvfi� London and any Part of Spain or Portugal, through^France, or by Packet.BoatsdireiVy, � -. - ' Between London andfanf>T^r/~^ Italy"!-Single 1 " cr.SiciJy, thro' -France, by Way of I Double^ : Lyonr, or any Part if Turky, by CTribte^ Way of MaTfeille*. J Ounce .5 jfnd it is to be obferved, that on Failure of filch Payment of the above � Rates, no Letters to fu'ebxForeign Parts, ^�Ott-ie~^Brvinydedfrom\tbis UJfice, and tbaffor'all Letters direBedtoForeign Votsfriries, by theWdyJbf^^ti^ Treble 3 Ounce 4 Single 1 Double 3 Treble 4 Otsnce ver of fefwte^a^: to a Letter ofca Tingle Sheet, it becomes a double Letter, andif ihc&Cover be to a doubleLeoer, iibieoomeVTreBI^/andfJe to^ paid for accordingly. v  .. \ By Command of ihePoffmafier^eiieraf, " " Geo. Shelvocke, Secrttfury^ <TH E Rehea rsal for the SONS pfthe- * CLERGY, will be at St; Paul's, on Tuefdaytbe 1 ztb lufiant, the Feafl the Thurfday following; 9 ST E W The Lord BHhop of Bangor. The Lord Bifh. of St. "Afiph The Rev. j.Chapman, D.D. The Rev. J. Taylor. D.D. The Rev. F. Turfman, M.A. TheRevG.Maddocks, M.A A R D ;s. The Rev. j. Cre^i ni.A. Ttt RtyW. Tanner^ MiA. The RevSilv/Vincent; M.A. The Rev. W. Lloyd, M.A. John Probyn, Efij; Jofeph Wilcocks, ^qj. Tickets to be had at the following Places j Tom's Coffee-' Houfe 1'in Cornbt7l;'Kthgs^^^ ; GuiM Fr� r"tfr- v'vf'j v'"if �i\' Tffrf M^1a~ vern, Cheapftde; Chapter CoffjeerHoufe^ and King's Arms' Tavern, St.PaufsCbtttcbiyard; Browris Cojfts-Hwfe, in Mitre-Court, Fleet-fireet j DicPs Coffee-Houfe^ Temple-Bar', Soutbampto^'Cofie'-Hoafe^Cb^ancery'-Ldne; Rainbow-Coffee-Houfe, inLa}i^.er'Cpurt;tbe Exchequer Coffes-Hostfe, Palace ford, IVefiminfter. -2 foS O -Li Di At the New Iron-Founde'ry, :atr,the Stones-End, packman-- � free/,. Soutbwark L L Sorts of -Joha Fowler, it th� abovementionedPlaee.  - ... ... -xr : To be LETT, i TP HE late Dwelling-Houfe of JOHN .1 BASKETTiEiq; deeeafed, adjoiniagtothe Priatii�.Hoisfe in31acl>Fryars j-beinga new wellrhnilt-BrkkHouie, contaMngtwo luge Rooms and CJbfcta oai.a Floor, with a .handfeme.Stair-Cafe ; the whole completely fitted up, well wainfeotted througboa*, w4h sin* Marble^hjmnei-fjecesr&c> * hrge %tch��, -^antpef,; Vaults, and other Offices, a large Coast-Yard paved with Portland, a Plazta, with. a^Com^jafcHouJe^^p^a^ Spring-Water, and fuadry other Conveaiencies. And to it Sold fir tbeRtmaindtref affirm, . His late DweTung-hodfeTolBam,withv�rge Gardens,' Canals, Fifli-ponds, and_feveral Acres of Pafiure, Coach-hoofes, Stables, &c. For ' Fryafs} ir furtherPartkulars, enquire at the Pfinting-Heufe in] rs i'ior'of Mi^ ChHfropHer'C^ay? Gasoner^at^Fulhaa.^ Blacks Mvsrtifmsnii awderatelst&iarito ibis P<M M Two Shillings each. h 12* A.

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