Sunday, March 31, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Sunday, March 31, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 31, 1743, London, Middlesex nClm&owlm Daily Poft, ^4|iepera]i Adverfifer... NuMB'.2634 1 iVhk i* % H IT R S DAT, M a kc h 31, 1743; March ' kRfVEii :thtf.Spi^ywpfe. Tar- i -ke�; and � ""B*ad. it0^ � Jamaica ; anii^Atgent,Nowe{', �� from Opond; Remain in tbe "fcowna -theShofeham, and Deal-' i2*ftieMehofWa*. Tkrrgr and : TGraoaii lomb; the* Plymouth : T�nfport,; = wd the Outward-'. rfttf*ey*s iamyMt. .vpae*ack ? Betfeyi Bu'dden, for Pbdadel-ph�. Wiaa'W.bylyr,." ; j jSrrifviJat;fevtralPcrtj. . Tfa Abraham and Sarah* Triffer; Judith- and Bichael, = Sttfttidf and Ne*T-Excbaoge, Hair, from .London, are am?ed-at-Jamaica. ��- f": The Betty, Janoy; .from Briltol at Carolina. - , . *" * T^Vtlehght, tawes,' from Carolina ; aad Cape-Fare", . Alien* :fro*n ditto, at 'BriftoL' �^emna;7ffia2;iromn3aTl5po]y, "afBrldgwater. . _ The Cranbury, Tjuillaume; and St. Jofeph and St.. T$i- ( cholas, from Oporto, atCowes. \ ' ;The Tring-GaHy, JDorriford, from Oporto; and King j George, Cabbat, from Carolina, are arrived off Dover. , ThcGiegorius, Boliumuvfrom Bremen, in. the River. "'* L O N D ON. " 'Yefterday arrived the Mail from Holland. ' According to AdwCes. from Stockholm, the 31ft of March,! N.S. was fixed'for the EJe&ion of a Suoceflbr to the Throne, and in' the 'mean Time, the Several Parties 'ivjere; labpuririg hard jo carry, the Election for their ref-pe&ive. Candidates^ .Many Members of the Dyet infixed j on putting..-off th$ Affair, 'till they (bould fee the Succefc cf the;C��rft^ces <at Abo-; "bat it feems they were over.. Toledf. ^"r^J^pre^^QQ* are carried on as vigproufly, j 'as if , that they begin to think themfelves fure of carrying their : Point. . In the mean time, their Warlike Preparations are carried on with.the ntmoft Diligence, and they reckon- that in the Month oft May next, they will be able to bring -40000 Men in'the Field, and alio fend out a ftrong jFIeer. ""Extra8 of a Xetttr^from leghorn, March 16, N.S- * AH oar Letters from Corfica egree, that-Lord Theo- p,- be fet (ail again for fome Ports in * Italy, in drder to take on board Warlike Stores, and fi-' ver�lCorficam wholiad promifed to join him. Thefe ' Letters add, that theCorficans have made themfelves * Maters of a very important poll near Calvi, and that ail * the lahabitants of the Province of Balagna, and feveral * other Places adjacent have taken op Arms in Favour of � Theodore.' ., � We hear from Majta, that on the 20th, azd and 2 3d ' of Jaft Month,; they felt violent Shocks of an Earthquake, * which have deftrbyed -Part of the City, and done confi- * durable Damageto the Qrand Maffer's Palace and other 4 Edifioes> Many People were buried in the Robbiflj, and * * a great many more hart. * P.S. An Englilh Ship is juft arrived in this Road, and * 'tis (aid Lord Theodore is on board of her." By Letters from Sicily we hear, that feveral Shocks of  an Earthquake havrbeen felt in that Iflimd. . " And from Naples they write, that the fame Earthquake '� w�s felt at Lecce andNardo, in the Territory of Otranto, where above 3po.P�rfbri� periflied; in the Rubbim of the Hoofes t that about 40a were killed in the fame Manner at Franca-ViUa, a Town in Citerior Abrozzi? ; and that fhe) Cities of Taranra' aivd'Brindifi, have received -cbnnderabie! Damage thereby.  They add, that the Great Doke jof l^fcany's Mmilter at Naples having prefented a Memorial demanding tbe Fiet6, Palates and Lands poffefied by the; late Elefirefs Dowager Palatine in that.Kir.gdom, was an. fwered by the MarquisdeMontalegre, Secretaryof State, * That the King would always pay the utmoft. Defeknce, * tc every Requeft^of the-Great Duke, in any Thing that .'was not prejudicial to*, his Mojefty's own Rigitta: That ^tt-�i�pe:s�*a9acqaamted witft the QJaina he has to the ��� Ailodial Effeai*f the Houfe of Medieis^ :ib Right of ' the Queen of Spain: That thofeRights.wettacknow-'.ledgedby the late Emperor Charles the 6th, in the defi- '* nitrve Treaty of Peace between that -Print* and the '* French Gburc ; that it was meerly upbn-thi* Gonfidera-' tion that hjs Cath6licfc Majefty revived totaccede to that * Treaty} and that in Porfuance of what is there ftipula- ; .*� lited,ihe King iwould ever be ready to come idaS ami- . * cabl^rAgreement fln this Head with the; Great Duke of c Tufcany.' The Neapolitan Troops that .were oh their ! 1 March to join- Coiunt Gage, haVe received Ciders to" halt ! 'tillrfurthcr Notice.- : . .. " . ' , ..By Letters from Bologna we hear, rjba^ Count Gage is actually advancing towards the Panaro, and has fent towards1 Rbmagna, all the Baggage that i9 rtot: abfolatejy � "wanted, being deierriiiqed to give the Adftria^is. Battle a | -fecond-Time.  ,From Mo^ienathey write, that Count Traah, has pailed -the Panaro, on Advice of. the Motions of the Spanilh Aijny, and that the Piedmonteze Troops Were preparifjg to follow him: So that the News of a. fecond Engagetnent on that Side is f xpefted every Day. ^ J- A Body of 20,006 Hungarians, are actually tarriVed in . Bohemia, and march with alt poflible Diligence to join Prince Lobkowitz, who, *tis faid, will undertake the Siege of" Egra in Form, as fobn as he receives that Reinforce- : meat. :.....   � ' " ; Letters from Fraricfort bring Advice, that Thetefarfie-nedidlina M^ria^Barba, .the fecond imperial Princefs, died- there of the Saaall-pox, the 29th of March, N which Offence is thereby made High Treafod. Yeftenfey th? Honourable tbe Commiffioners of the F^t- ( cife licenfed Mr. Matthew Wenman, who keep' the Lo^l- J dbh-Bridge Puncb-Houfe on London-Bridge, to rerale Spirituous Liquors; where aay Gentleman may be accommodated with Punch, ma.c of the bell Brandy or Kum, and in as deganr a manner as any Punch-Houfe in London, and in as fmall a Quantity as Three Pennyworth (as ufual.) It i& very-remarkable, that this Houfe is not only now, but under, the former Aft, the fecond Houfe licenfed in London. ^gn Water at London-Bridge this Day at w Minutes By S U B S c R I p. T j o N laft Might this, Seafon. -2 T the Theatre-Royal in Coverk-Garden, thit Day, will be p?rfotm*4 an Orttotio, cali'd S AM SO N. A CONCERTQ on the ORGAN, . Aad a Solo on the Violin by Mr. DUfcOURG. Tkkeu deliver'i to -Scbfctiberi this Day, at tile Office in Coveht-Gardea Theatre. Pit and Boxes to be put together, and no Perfcti to be admitted withW .Tickets, which will be deliver'd thii Day, at the Qffice in Covent-Garden Theatre, at Half a Guinea each. Firft CaUery 5 s. Upper Gallery 3 s. '6d. ; TheGalleries will be open'd at Pour o'Clocfe. Pit and Boies at Five, H A Y-M A R K E Tr- 9 AT the KING s THEATRE in the Hay�^ Market, Taefday, April 5, will be perform'da New OPERA, eall'd S I R B A C E. With PancEs andother Decorations entirely New. Pit and Boxes to be <puc together, and no Perfons to be admitted without Tickets, which will be deliver'd that Day, at the Office ifl theHay-Matket, at Half a Guinea each. Gallery 5 s. By HIS ,M A JESTY'i Command, No Perfons whatever to be admitted behind tbe Scenes. Cv The Gallery will be opea at Four o'Clock, Pit aad Boxes �t Five. ^� u R U K )f:L A N E- By His Majefty's Company of Comedian- ^ T the Theatre-Royal in Drurv-T^r A'l the 1 heatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, Monday next, will be prefented a Comedy, caJi'd The A L C H E,- M I S T.. The Part of Abel Drugger to be ^erform'd by Mr. GARRICK, (Being the 2d Time of hi* appearing in that Character.) Sobtle} by Mr. Mill*; Sii Epicure Mammon, Mr. Berry ; Ananias, Mr. Morgan ; Tribulation, Mr. Tafwelj j Surly, Mr. Havard ; Dapper, Mr. Leigh ; Lo.vewit, by MT.Turbutt; Kaftril, Mr. Neale j Dame Pliant, Mus Bennet; Doll Common,- Mrs. Macklin ; Face by Mr. MACKLIN. With Entertainments between the A&s, viz. A�t I. Singing by Mr. Lowe. Aft II. The Sicilian Pea&nr, by Signor CHECO, Signora CHiARETTA, and Others. Aft III. Singing by Mr. Beard. Aft V. The Italian Gardeners, by Signor CHECO TOR1NESE Signora CHIARETTA AQUILANTI, and Others. To which will be added a Farce, eall'd The DEVIL TO PAY. The Part of Sir John Lovejule, by Mr. Lowe, (in which Cba-racW will be introdue'd The Early Horn j) lobfen, Mr. Tuxbutt Lady Loverule, MifiBecnet $ Butler, Mr. Rafter j Aud-thePattof Nell by Mrs. CL1VE. Boica 51. Pit 3 �. Firft Gallery a s. Upper Gallery 1 s. To begin exaOJy at Six o'clock. Jdvettifemnti of a matter at *r it Two Shillings each. a

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