Saturday, March 30, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Post And General Advertiser on Saturday, March 30, 1743

London Daily Post And General Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 30, 1743, London, Middlesex WED N E S t> AY, Ma rch jo, ijtf. tltlVED tfcShotthamMm War, ftona Jamaica; land the Deal-Caftle^ from a Cruiw i the Neptune, KbowIct, from Opono. *at back Afhted, Olrircr, for Atfti|ua";*L6ndpn, Newhain, for V�^afftiiePrdfperd�j5 Hcftcr, ; Northooatt, for Maryland, with fcveral otherss who remain with -  -v - the two Men of War, the Borab- \eKebs and*Plyiaoath ^Tranfpart, with the Tofeph, Ewes, lor leghorn. Wind W.S.W. , "\ , ' '� "The Lambert, Hajman, from Oporto, i> arrived off * Dover., "' L O N D ON. Letters from-Liege, dated Match io> fay, that there are �forae^ Adribes there, which tntfhtion'tfiat the French are at Work in widening the Road, repairing "the Bridges, and .pending the Cauleway, between Givet: and Dinant, and -that 400Q Cart Loads of Stones have been -feat down the ^Maeze, from Charleville to Givet, for this Service i and oppnjheJ'ronuers^ -thaLthe French intend to march a Body of Men into the Pais de Liege. It is faid, that the Town !of Sedan, which lies upon the Maeae above �Giro, is fdfell of Troops, that two French and three trifii Regiments are quartered upon the Burghers, and that fifteen hundred Artillery Fibifes are ordered from Doway to "Sedan. ".' ' / -: Yefterdaycarne an AccoHnt that the Falmonth Man of War, witb_the. following Ships iibder her Convoy, from London, are arrived at Jamaica, viz.^ Induftry, Clarke; Green-Caftle,- Eramerton ; Anne, Marihal i Oxford, Bur-nett; Two. Brothers, Ryan; Queen of Hungary, BUck-born j and Nathaniel, Hill. The Diamond, Wells, from Portobello $ and St. Thomas, Orpin; and Ruflel, Anderfon, from Bofton, are alfo ^arrived at Jamaica. . * By the feme Advices we have an Account of the Death, of Mr. Mearryweather, a,very eminent Merchant. And alfo of theJDeaths- of Mr. Blair, and Mr. King, .^0 Perfpnj of good Formne an the Ifland. ExtraQ of a Letter, from on board the Falmouth, at 'iT " Pert-Hoyal. ' One of our Men of War fell in' lately with a Spanifli ftrR Malls;: butnot examining he>r Toffriffly as they (bould, v* they"to&�anlybe\ievM;her^;beTrench:; arid the Ca�-.rain of the I^^f .Wat;(ia.;bn^r:'�>^tteCorrei' * pondence between the two Nations) affiftedI her, 4tnd ~tow*d "her'iirS Port -l^cois, in H.ifpamola; at which * Place the Miib&e was then no longer a Secret, ^beSpa-niardtr^ingbim^ a*d het$ed�is. proper Cdiqnrs; f*^ndtlie'P^^^|h� ^:^�^aXw)thingleft but .^Sorrow, iormiffingAerich^ fallen * in their mj.^tati:Doits r^in^ refitted their: SW^ verftuVd againrto Sea/ under Convoy of a Fwhch Gaa^d* * C6Ita,..wh0 undertook to fee her fafe to Europe: But * fdoni afar their pemfi^thfy met with two .Rfcode-f Ifla^Pjivatwrs, ^ wia fo much Bra- veryK that the Frenchman was glad to quit his Convoy, *toSvrc .himfelf.----The Lyon. Maa of. War has ' taken a Prize, which was afterwards ranfom'd for 12006 . '-Dollars: -y """' * Our Settlement on the Ifland of Arratan goes on bravely; 1 it is a rabft plentiful Place, and will produce any thing ; ' and in Time may turn oat to be of great Confequence to '. * us, and a Curb to the Spaniards.-Sir Chaloher Ogle has * been very ill, but is now much better.-All Expeditions in this Pa'rtof th6 World feert to beat a ftand at prefect; * but Ms fain* that fomething will be attempted, either � aeainft PortOrRico, or La Guerre, in a fhort Time.' Kefterday'Mr. Robert Winter was chofen Beadle of Gbleoisn-itreet Wkrd, in the room of Mr. Cotton, deceafed. Laft We3peGIay> died at-Windfor, after a lingering 111-nefs, in tfie'^h .Year of his Age, Sir John Rivers, Bart, ofaa:ahcientFamiryiin Kent, defcended from John de Rivers, wh^:wai;ftmm6n,d among the Barons the 25 th of %.. Qb S^o^p^-Mrs. Graham, Wife.of. Mr, Gra-. naih^ a Vexy^einijientTurner in Oxendon-flreet, near Lei-cefter-fields; ifter'a wdious Illnefs. She was a Woman of ^a^'Uftdetromdinj� ^nd was much refpeOed by her Acquaintance. . "..;'/ "-\ V  Yeflerday ;d{ed of ^ t^i^s Illnefs, in Great Orraojid-iftreeit,* ^tJBbam,' El^; "at3chtleman of very good For- its �Wki E^y 'the Jn'ter'metit' of the Corpfe of her Grace >tipittjel^t�i^�r^^ is fixed. 'uVfaid, vftr.�|wr^ayth"e 7th ofApril, which, will be very Grand j.ajtf JjpJmn* *yery Thing being preparing with the utmoft Magnificence, the Crimfon Velvet Cafe^ which contairis 4im^3^nrW"y^h^K- ,;i ; . -.. * The .moft'foghv ��ighty> and moft puiflant Prince * '^dmcihd-&ikcof Buckingiamihire and Normanby, * Earl of Mulgrave, and Lord S^heffield^ Baron of But-' ** "terwickV Son "6F J6MtheTa1uT15uk"e, ty his third * AVifyhe Lady Catherine^Darnly, Daughter to King v James the'Second, diedaVRome the jotli of O&j- * be'r 173;, .afied 19 Years o Months and 19 Days ; 'by whofe Deaihr all ^efeTitles ere extinct. T^isMorniqg'early 80 Felons, under Sentence of Trarif-1>ortJtiori, were' conveyed from Newgate to Black fryars �Stairs, and put. on board a Clofe-Lighter, and Toon after fell down to the Ship appointed to take them on bosrd. On Friday laft was held atHaberdafters Hall the Anni-. verfary Feaft of-the London Infirmary i&far a Sermon fuit-able to the Occafion.preach*d at Bow Church by the Right /Rev. the Lord Bifliop of St. Afajph'J at" which his Grace the Duke of Richmond, and feveral other Perfons of Dif-tmclitn were ptefent, and a haUdfome Collection was made. John Hopkins, Efq; gave a Behefadtiqn of 40 1. -Her Grace the Dutchefs of Richmond, and the following Gentlemen became Annual Subfcribers, viz. Sir Roger Newdigate, Bart. Sir Charles Pedley, Bart. Francis Hopegoodj Efq; Thomas Alfton, Efq; Richard Riccards, Efq; Richard Warner, Efq; Capt. Rich Crabb, Capt. John Chapman, Mr. George Garrat, Mr William 'Hodfhon, Mr. John Faber, Mr. Robert Carter, Mr. John Gignoux. Mr. John Hutchinfon, jun. Mr. Robert Avis, Jan. Mr. John Collet, Mr. Thomas Quarrel, Mr. Price, Air. FrahcisHUl. Richard. Chiftvell, jun. Efqr took his Place as Treafurer, in the room of Thomas Boehm, Eiq; who had refign'd, to whom <he unanimous Thanks of the Governors were returned for the extraordinary Service he had done this Charity in the Execution of his Office laft Year. The Right Hon. the Lord Baltimore, Sir Roger Newdigate, Bart. Sir Charles Sedley, Bart. Richard Chifwell, jun. Efq; Solomon Baker, Efq; ' Thomas Minors, Efq; Mr. Henry TJnwin, and Mr. John Faber, were chofen Stewards for the enfuing Year. From the London Gazette. Whitebait, March''29. The King has been pleafed to conftitute and appoint" Thomas Smith, Efq; Commander of his Majefty's Ship Princefs Maryi to be Governor and Commander in Chief in and over his Majefty's Ifland of Newfoundland in America, in the Room of John Byng, Efq; The King has been pleafed to present the Rev. Samuel Grove, Batcbetor of Laws, to the'Rettory of Eaft Barnet, in the County of Hertford and Diocefe of London, void by the ReCgnation of the Rev. Daniel Beaufort, Clerk. BANKRUPT. William Harvey, late of Falmouth, Cornwall, Mercer and Chapman. Hign Water at London-Bridge this Day at 46 Minutes after 2.' ii A Y-M A R K E T. For the. Benefit and Increafe of a Fund efta- blifid for the Support ofDeca^d MUSICIANS, erjheir FamiUei. j. . AT the KING'S THEATRE in the Hay-Ma/Icet, this Day, will be performM '� & A MUSICAL EN1ERTAINMENT. The Vocal Parts by Sign.or Montkelli, Slgnora Vifccmti, Signor Atnorcvoli, Signora Ftafi, and Sigtiora GaJJi. Wkh a Conterco on tht Girman Flute by Mr. Weideman, A Concerto oh the Violor.cello .by Signor Caporale. A Concerto on the Jlautboy by Mr. Tho. Vincent, jun. And a Concerto on tlje flaiFoon by Mr. Miller. Pit and Boxes to be pat together, aod no Perfon to be admitted without Tickets, which will be delivered this Day at the Office in the Hay-Market, at Half a Guinea each. Gallery Five Shillings. The Gallery will be open'd at Four o'Clock. Pit and Boxes at Five. . #  The Tickets deliver*d to the Subfcribers to this Charity for To-morrow the 31ft, will be taken this Day the 30th, and will adroit one Perfon into any Part of the Houfe. H A. Y-M A R K E T. AT "the KING s THEATRE in the H^y-Market, Tuefday, April 5, will be perforata New OPERA, call'd x S I R B A C E. With Dances and other Decorations entirely Ne*v. Pit and Boxes to be put together, and no Perfons to be admitted without Tickets, which will be deliver'd that Day, at the Office in the Hay-Market, at Half a Guinea each. Gallery 5 s. By HIS MAJESTV's Command, No Perfons whatever to be admitted behind the Scenes. The Gallery .will be ope* at Four o'Clock, Pit and Boxes at Five. D R. U R Y - L A N E. By His Majtftfs Company cf Comedian', AT the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, Monday next, will be prefented a Comedy, call'd The. ALCHEMIST. The Part of Abel Drugger to be perform'd by Mr. GaRRICK, ' (Being the 2d Time of his appearing in that Chancier.) Subtle, by Mr. Mills j Sir Epicure Mammon, Mr. Berry ; Ananias, Mr. Morgan j Tribulation, Mr. TafwelJ j Surly, Mr. Harard; Dapper, Mr. Leigh 5 Lovewit, by Mr. Turbutt; Kaftril, Mr. Neale j Dame Pliant, Mils Bennet; Doll Common, Mrs, Macklin : Face, by Mr. MACKLIN. With Entertainments between the Acts, viz. Aft I- Singing by Mr. Lowe. Adll. The Sicilian Pea&nt, by Signor CHECO, Signora CH1ARETTA, and Others. A�l III. Singing by Mr. Beard. Aft V. The Italian TJardeners, by Signor C HE C O TO R1NESE Signora CHIARETTA AQUILANTI, and Others.' To which will be added a Farce, call'd The DEVIL TO PA Y. The Partof Sir John'LoveruIe, by Mr.Lowe, (in which Cha-rafter will lie introdue'd The Early Horn j) Jobfon, Mr. Turbutt Lady Lovcrule, Mlfs Bennet j Butler," Mr. Raitor ; And the Part of Nell by Mrs. CL1VE. Boxes 5�. -Pit 3 s. Firft Gallery a s. Upper Gallery 1 �. ' ' To begin.exaflly at Six o'Clock. COV EN T-'G Al D E N.* At the Dejire of feveral Ladies of Quality, For the Benefit of Mr. CHAPMAN. AT the Theat-e-Roya] in Covent-Garden, Monday ne'xt, will be prefented the Tragedy of OTHELLO, Moor of Veni ce. Written 'by Shakefpesr. The Part of Othello to be perform'd by Mr. QUIN ; lago, by Mr. Ryan ; Caflio, Mr. HaJe; Roderipo, Mr. Chapman j Frabantio, Mr. Gibfon j Lodovico, Mr. Rofco j Montane, Mr. Ca-fiieli. Emilia, Mrs. Woodward j And the Part of Defdemona by Mrs. CIBBER. With Entertainments of Dancing, particularly The Dutch Skipper by Monf. DELAMAIN and Madem. ANNE AURETTI, a new Grand Ballet, call'd Le Rendc&voui Gdlant, by Mr. COOKE and Monf. P I C Le< Defmoifelles ANNE and JANNETON AURETTI/ Young Mafter GILLIER, and others. To which will be added a Dramatic Entertainment, call'd The RAPE OF PROSERPINE, With the Birch and Adventures of Harlequin. None will be admitted Into the Boxes "but by printed Tickets, which will be deliver'd at the Office in the Lobby, at 5 t, Pit 3 s. Firft Gallery 2 Upper Gallery 1 s. *#* Tickets to be had of Mr. Chapman, at his Houfe in Bow-fireet, Covent-Garden, 5/ ii U H !) l R 1 r 1' I O N.- The lafi Night this Seafon. . AT the Theatre-1<oyal in Covent-Garden, To-morrow, will be perform'd an Oratorio, call'd S A M SON. A CONCERTO on the ORGAN, And a Solo on the Violin by Mr. DUBOURG. Tickets will be deliver'd to Subfcribers this Day, at Mr. Handel's Houfe in Brook-ftreet. Pit and Boxea to be put together, and no Perfon to be admitted without Tickets, wfiich will be deliver'd To-morrow, at the Office u� Ccwent-Garden Theatre, at Half a Guinea each. Firft Gallery 5 s. Upper Gallery 3 s. 6 d. TheGallerieswill be open'd at Four o'Clock. Pit and Boxes at Five Monday, next the \tb of Af/il, -r~-- AT PHILLIPS's New Wells, near the London-Spa-zo, Cltrkaiwll, during the Summer Seafon, will be-perform'd feveral new Entertainments of Singing and Dancing, by Mr. Phillips, Monf. Lapierre, Mr. Shawford, Mrs. Phillips, Mn. Thomfon, Mrs. Dove, Madem. Dumont, Iftadem. Nivelon, and Signora Reverant. To which will be revived an Entertainment of Singing and Dancing, MERLIN in LABOUR; o R, _ -IfxTrrfeQyiN at "All. The Character ot Harlequin by Mr. PHILLIPS, (From the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane j) Merlin, by Mr. Johnlbn j Swellhead, Mr. Dove ; Lodfedeal, Mr# Shawford ; the Old Woman, Mr. Scaggs ; And the Character of Colombine to be perform'd by Mrs. PHILLIPS, (From the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane.) Ibe Cloetbs, Scenes, Machines, being entirely new. With an extraordinary Band of Mufick. *., During the Holidays the Doors will be open'd exaSIy at 6n^ o'Clock, and again at Five._ General Polt-Office, London,- March 10, 1742. TJfHEREJS notwithjianding thepublick No- V* the, that has been fo repeatedly given by this Ofue, as iv el I in the Gazette as in other News Papers, concerning the Foreign Pojiage which is to be paid here for all Letters that are tog* to Germany, Italy, or any other Country beyond Holland, France, or Flanders, Mijtakes have fome-times been made, and Letters have been delivered at this T}jf:e., dirp,1,-d to thofe Countries -without pawig tilt laxu^n P of age, as required by AB of Parliament: The Pofttnafter-G en era I has thought ft to advertife, that the Pojiage to he paid here at this Ofice, or at the refpeclive Receiving-Houfes or Offices, appointed and authorized for the taking in of Letters in Town or Country, by all Perfons correfportd-ing with Germany, Italy, y any Foreign Parts in the North or the South, by the Way of Holland, France or Flanders, is after the following Rates, vi%. s. d. Between London and any Part of GerO Single 1 many, Italy, Sicily, Switzerland, ( Double 2 Denmark, er Sweden, and all Parts f Treble 3 of the North [through Holland.^__J Oun��__j�_ o o o 6 o 6 3 6 9 o Pay- BetweenLondon and any Part of Spain I 1 or Portugal, through France, 0r by \%ou�e 3 Packet Boats direilly. \o^/e % Between London and any Part of Italy "1 Single 1 or Sicily, thro" Francs, by Way of \ Double z Lyon?, or any Part of Turky, by {Treble 3 Way of Marfeilles. J Ounce 5 f And � it is to be obferved, [that on Failure of fuch ment of the above Rates, no Letters to fuch Foreign Parts, can be forwarded from this Office, and that for all Letters direcledto Foreign Countries, by the Way of Holland, France and Flanders, as above, fent to this Office to be forwarded from any Parti of the Kingdom of Great-Britain, dft ant from London, or from any Parts of Ireland, the ujuai Inland Pojiage to London, is alfo to be paid over and above the Foreign Pojiage. N.B. Hy a Cover of feparate Paper to a Letter of a fingle Sheet, it becomes a double Letter, and if fuch Cover be to a double Letter, it becomes Treble, and is to be paid for accordingly. By Command of thePoftmajler-General, Geo. Shelvorke, Seer tary. This Lay ispublijtfd, trice qd. --- Or, One Hundredfor i 1. 4 s. THE Rational Communicant  Or, A Plain Account of the Nature, Ends, and Benc-fits of the Sacrarnent of the Lord's Suppir. Suited to the meaneft Capacities. Printed for John and Paul Knapton at the Crown in Ludgat.-Street. Mvertifimenti <tf a moderate Length are taken in for this P<mr Jt Tw9 Shillings each, x s -9 -2

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