Saturday, August 31, 1754

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Saturday, August 31, 1754

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 31, 1754, London, Middlesex SATUR'DAY, August 31, 1754. ?^f^ A MB iTow* and UWd, the Otrland* ^ Rogersf for firiftdl^ Remirin hi* i'Mijefty** 6htp Somize; Croizer the jOubilin Merchanty \froni Ncvisf the Frtifendfhtp* $rowh, frfeim Mbfttfcrrat ; the Q>iiden!>am, Norrijr, from Malaga, and the Terrible, Wright,. froja They, write front* iJiiWirt, thai ilia Path'ament of Ire!andr which Itood prorogued^to Tucfdty the 27th Day of Augaft inlKaht, is furrhcf prorogued to the 2 2d Day of Aprit nexr. Yeftcrday �n Accpuot came from Porrmcmb, tbtrthe John and EUzabetii^ jGdjpt. Ham/from Amllerdtai.with^ 250 G?man Paitengert, bouinl fojr P))ila4e}f|u3> u fafe aifiwed there.  ^Z' Oo the 26th inftam fail'd, /rpih Cowes the Experiment Man of War for Iceland, and the i?o�-MahoB Maa of War for New-York. . - TheCorpfeJlf the late Duke of Bolton wll be carried f^poT Tunbndgc, aitd interr'd- at Btfiiig In HampOiirc/ siBongft the Anceftors of thai nq^Ie ^Faihify., V.ctterday diedi Mr. Brovyn; an emittent Attorney, in Lincoln's Inn. . On Tburfday died, at Totteriham, Thoma* March; Etqi an eniinprrt; Merchant .of this. City. fori, Augiifi tj; Laftinrcfday Night was committed to tlieCalUeby Sir Henry^Ibbetfon, Batt, tinder a Gaord Of iaidiers, 1]bh9 Clatke of Leeds, on SorpicloQof robbing J.^biit yVilfoo, of Nottiiigbani, Hofier., and Edward Elwick," ct', Wakefield, Upholder, on th\: tSth of July laJl, iipon 7i i$tween johnJParber, of this Citjr, and l^ioujM Thonipfon; "of QIbaJdwi fo-uioF IhaitchVi up ^ Con,!UbJc*s Staff; and ftruck the^^othcr a violent. Blow on -the Head, aiid fraftu^d of w'Kitii Vyoand he diid on barker is coximitQKt to�Ouz^bridge?G^(^.- ' V'.-.- 'J he Appt^ranqe of Cbmpa^^ Races was ex-; trenieiy m'a^nificerjt." ' ..On'Thurfaay the tord Mayor of this City gave � Ttry We hear tromearrrcK-on Sure, that on Wcdnefday laft " ewe Ximenes, end Fittoij,/both Troopers in General Ligo-n efTiiorfc,qv�a!r,i|red ^?l:pje*, foogbt a Duel, wherein the former �vaa'fertcd on'the Spo't.^^^. Ycfterdiy SfiJinuel Levy, a. Je\v, eiitbraced the ChrJftian Htiigiqn, and w^s baptized in PeterV Chureib*by the Right Rtv. the J-.wd Bifhbp of Cork and R;ofs. DulUhf'jfu�uP i4.. .Axi-Ivl^ granted againll carrying the famqi� Hfitf^ Black, and ail Black, but the .Perfon who 10 execute it did not arrive in Town til thii Horfe had failed^or England. . � Next Monday, being the fecond- of~ Scp'cmbcr, a SeiniOii will be preach'd in the Parifli Church of St. Artn wiihin AM^tfgate, by the Rev. Mr. Slmiih," Leaorer of St. Giles in the Fields, Prayers to begin at Elcv-en o'CIoek in'tbe-Forenoon.''--T-.f ^J-; t ^^ .I'y.'-.''- - ^ r'f-. Sa^'.er'sVVclhj Ifllngioni ThT an(ing by }tir, JqW Qrfniec 1^^^^ ? with le��i- tal l^e�3 0/Adivity by li^rJ Johiiibn, M^r,,R.iy Ma!*cr Sturgcs, and others. To concfude'witb a hew Entertjunment. cali'd, The Novelty-  ^The i'oiotinei MuGc, and Habits ail inurely new. 'Toil>egtn at Sixii Places for ih� Bo^cs tp be taken at the Bar of the Well). ,*1 , Pbr thc'Benefitof Mr Maddoxi atSadlefyWclls, Ifllngton.' on Monday Of xt, will be Variety of ncwPerforiharices by Mr. M ddox, with Rope-Dancihff and Tombnosj; particularly pipe by Mr. Maddox. Boxei ?s, ^jJ^Pit or Gallery j �. 6% li'Jacis /or the Boxes tO-batafceB atJtfie Bar of the Wells. VVe are aflarM tHat the GrantJ T^mpfo of Arts is juft iirrivd in England, wlilch has giVen great Satisfaaiou at jncntSi On Wcdnefday next will be play'd in the ArtiHery. Ground, Lpndon, a Match at P/ifoo-Bars,, b�^ween the twc veChtllyr^ Meathatgayfl th any rwdvelhkk. p Enda Gumca a M^,' tfpUy^ pinr:; f^iaeetjaQM o^ldcfc. ^f^M^^Km^r^m^f^rU'^p^r y^iihe very bell fupcr^nc ClacfcC Bfuesi GNy�,anv1ctJ, Fteath Grcys.^ pJain Colours, ^c. Iikc�yif r..cs>. ��. iaS^ert*. In tluf ISAMBaiy ill hf fnrtU a.c^nip ct� tWy cf Cto^riphy of tht �ltt|a W�tU, csfiami oa t�nf) -lev Sh�t^ VIoIdtilt Grain iVupsrfine Drsl�?, Scarlett, and alecond Sort m Proportioti, allvfreih made, and fent-io Town weekly. A f)|tta!I Sizs cheap Silver Watth, fome new Silver Seals, a funalt Diamond R:n|; for * WbmaA. a Parcel: of Worfted Piece* for Breeches * new Camblet Riding Habt:, and feverai good cat Wigs, to be fold ex;raorilinary cheap by Mr. Qemen�. jji Cock-Cdart, r.udgaSe-Hill, where all Sorts of Cfcods are rcd::eis''d'dui df Pawn, or bought if not pawtk^d. ic. , Portable Soaps, or SrJtd Broths, made asd fold by ElizabetH Da Bois. at the Gelded Head iii BrOwnlow-Sarcct, Loog-Ac;� Thefc Soips wiil never fpotl If kept dry, wd are difloived in a-few Minutes in boiliftg Warer. Price 6d. each, or 5 s. a Dozen. Sold aifo at Wilfs .vCoffee-IIodfi: in Scotland-Yifd; Mr. Brooke, in Dowcing-^irefit, Wdl^infkr, and at U,e Rainbow Co.tee-Hou^, CornhUr. * ^ Gendcittea of the Prorduoa of Phyfick and Surgery attsnd, .withont Fes-or Reward, add give Advice in all Cales every Morning, from Eleven to One, at the fcccnd Hottfe on tbs right Hand in /'ohnfon's Court, Charing-Cirols, where the msd complicated Venereal Cafes, ftnd Ufriaary Obfim^KKis, are ccred without the teaft Confinement or'iSQnidlf^cedf^fi^ - TbefoMowteg is an ocWaoraTnary tnilance of the Efficacy of the Revl. Mr. C!eQdosi*s Specific in ihs Small Pox. Mr. Cox, at the Tarn of t^eJDiftecapcr, was feiz'd with raving MaJnefi, andJisd conunucd t'�, for a Week, but, by taKtng a few Doiesof tbe'^d $pcci&; is rrftor''d to a foutfd Mind and Memory. Enquire at Mr.. Witfaerftoa's Brewhoufe, Haydon^Yard. Liitle-Minories Thvi^toft cScatioiB sad fafe Remedy ever difcover*d for the Dropfy, whidi never fails of giving immediate Relief, by dilcbai^ng iererai Qa'^ts of Water each'Timeof taking it, to be fold atMr. Ya^es's^^dCb. Engraver, in Foiler-Lane, C^ieapfide. and at his Shop az the Royal Exdhange. and no wliereclie. at 7 s. 6dJ die three PbtaTs. "nioCe who cbufe Atte^anoe mif be waited '4Na' By direfdng .as above. Lettm, Poft j^aid, ttri]l be doly anfw . ^Ro^a'Com Silvft, trbic^ ill a fhoit Tyat cares Corns. mVkdsxi vi die hard or Jbft KJtui, and prevent* their Retarn, by refio^a|{riieiotieaQp$ed.Cn it not otity cores, but gives ^aferioft^lidjr, foM at the Goldeii; ilcad skI Rey II^C r6d! ttitb proper Dcefik>ns., \ To be fqld^at j9r. EeuiainiB Gtjdficy's General Cordial Wareboo^ &b Co-n�x of 4410^ icftl -PiftJ!araUos^ .whidi by loi St�dy anld Exp;riehce he has found to be-a csrtaitt Cilrc Ibr'all lJi<xr� in the BUd<!i-r, and bringing a'orar 'jthe Swne. it gtvisg Relief in' the mOtt violeoi Pains,, and caet� a great Difcfaargi&of l.Trijy^as Teveral Periotts can teffifyn wb� have proved the E&z^^ tKerepf; |>articnlarly one Perfim. wh . violent a Maitscr, that 1 could make  Watsr only by Drops, and that tvitb extrsme Pain ; but, * being adviied to try Dr. Geffrey*s phemical Preparation ' for the Gravel. I fcimd Relier, and a perie^ Curs, as � can be teOified by an eminent Siirgcon who faw the Set-  tlcment of my Uricc* Yellerday B^ek %'tock was 134- iedia ^codr, rS/ ^. Soath-i>ca Stodc. 117 f - Th � 1 half per Csci. 0:d Acnuitin i(k Seb. ic6 f Dhit^ ad Sub. 104 f. Diuo ffcw iB. Sab. 105 f Dato rd e puhlffl)% (in 6nt large l'e/M,7;e, O^luvb, Pfice 6/, S^tir/) ACoiciftion of Cafes an 1, Obreryations ia mID W i F ERY. By WILLI A M ^5 .M E LL (E, M. D. |o tlmfiraie hi* fcrffler Treau'e on i lad, D-. Sm#l.if*� TrMtife on fhe Theory and Pr^jflice of Mnwifery,-iA Edir. torrtftwl. Price 8r. bovtnd._____- Thi't Day are- :fubUjh'dy Gii N UIN � and Irnpartial Memoirs nf ELlZ.'\B�.'*rH CAM,Nit|IG. Conta-nine � fmplefis HlfttJry p or unfortunate OtI. fr-^rti her B rth to tke pr.fent T.rtje, an/l par-Hcntarly e� iy retnaik'ahic Ouurrrnre frotn the D e'� tnquUy. -^ No'c/rhis Hifloty ij co".p!�ri aad pri^tfd at tlu Eip*nce of a Society of CeniJcmen, unitr4 fcf.iheSupFojt cf Truth and loflice, and hy their" Appmntmert fnld by .G. Wdodfall, *t Chjring-'. icia, J Bouquet, ia I^reraofaf-Row.rnd T. I^avgf. in BifliopfiMteVStrttt. li'tlb lit M A J � sT T''s frinjilt^t and Lict^ci, . J*|Janibcr^ XXX. (to ht cohtir.nrd ifteify} of 'TpHE Supplemejjt to rheNewr and Univerfal X UtoJonary cf ARTS .fid SCI E NCES  Ll-jftnttd with b-�*e thtty Copjier-Plaua, wigrarcd by the beft Hand* iicht �rigiiul Defigtns; �rhch w'til hs.jpTtn (trali^. Pijniei for j. Hintofl,. at the Kinp'a Arm�-+fl Kevrate-Strrtt, London; an! foM by the noi>k<�lier� ol the two tfnivrrfitirfl of 0�-fotd and C4mbr dge ; and by the PriM�5 and Boakf^iicrs of arflHe CTtiat tDi noted Towns of Great Briurn and Ireland.' �Jhnfe Petfoot^ho h��* hnt.yet takeiiln the D:flionaif, riuy begin with No. 1. and fWceedgradusHy to'he Eivl. Art InStt to. the FiKorfa on the Copiper-Platei in the Diftionaiy Sub-fcr-bert may haTf yapi. _ li'ith hii/M A JUT It's Royal Utence and Prof liiiotit � ' This Day is -pmbhfijd^. in large 0�laVQy Nutn,ber XXV.L ('ro bt ta'iinucd-'u.uily) �f ANew and Complete pi^iionary o d they will never be burdened with anjr Sapp!eni?i.t loir. W, OWaM*- '1 b^r Wnf^le (o bi romprixtd in 74 Numbers ; iF more, they 'cr'beis. as-are ail tlie Copper-Piatra 10 this Wotic, CoWa''�'npopwar�'� 0^300. TJipfc yctfon* w^o hate not -ket tfcia Difttonary may begio wiih >^�'. I. a""*-�r�''"?)'y- Oil Saturday .m:xt itlil be pubsifb'd, ti/s/i hi Citnpacd fipy Nutr.l.-rt,-ubi:b .f it.JU*lde itui, ik; Ttuxundie i CinHE Whole Er.glifli Wor!:s of X Reiwnd-ytd U�Ti>rd \S1LLIAM r^AOISrr, Vj. A. Kcrpcr ' of ^h^ L^Srar* or SiOJi-CoJItg': Ciiniam ng, i. I tif Miliui] o .".rr L<'�<1 and SaviourJifuJ C^T�V, A^''b futihlff Mediiatlo-e ao. ^p>fl:e5 and Etrjngchlta, jnd (iie Rlrffcd Virfin Mary. In one Vo'um', Ocijtvo. Ad.>rn'<i w.rh Cut�. Mn., cjr, i.lly reprinted fratn flse Thi/d Eduion, rtvifcd and conirtnt by the A"' -r in 1716. 1. Oft nonJ.-cJ and Sixteai Scrni'ini. prenili'i rut .<' bs Hjtft J^elFunt at Moin'ng. rnd Evtninj Prayer, for all Stln^)} n ^^r^r, In fotir Voiumi*, Oitiyg. Kow reprinted ftum tbc S:�:<ihd 1� iiint thereof in 1735. Tha/e � ho in*�ild_ to faraor (bis Work' vyitti tScir Tnccuragrm-nt may ht9e the Nombrr* drlir'r'd wrrkiy thfir own Houf'::, tip�n giving Notice to the PuWi.'bita, S'a�hy (Jiowdcr and Henry WcjHigatc, at the GoldraBiJ in Pater-ncfter-Ruw;'(be only authorii'd Piintcis of Mr. Re rareful t* aSc for that Edition print-A only for S. ('mwAtt and-'�. Wro-lpaie, any o n the l'ui>li �, for ti.c Caui vf Mankind, nuke the foH wing folcmn-iSrflarJti' n, viz. 'liur having hccn . affltftid thefc twelve VearJ with an I'leer in tn)' UiaHc'cr, u-hicli gar� ire tiic n-oft acute and ratkirt; Pairs Niy'it r.ii.' Dav, t.-c li'tie Wjier * at a Tin;e I made wu with the picattft P�in, .ind af>vjy^ aaonipany'd V-'itn L�:t>p5 of c!o;t?d Biood, u fcr;id Pus, vv.h a tliick miirciis Sub-ftancc j aHaft a ffeftick F^vjr, Lo's ot Arp�ti:c, and WiOt of Sleep, througii Ettrcmity o" Pain, iiad Irxjurht me to DeaiU'i Door; of wiiich danjero'is Co:niJ.iint I am nraiv, tiutik G&d, mcil mirjiubnfly ctired by a Pbiriirian, who has a fpccifick IU:n.(d) for fuch Diforier;. For further I'articuljrt cn^uiie �t tr.r, or of ir.y Ljndlord, �t ti.c Ball and-Gloves, in New Bcrwitk-Street, n^ir EioiJ .Sue:t, Soho. Jn Witnof* of the above Truth I have figncd lite prefcot DecUrsli,o.nj By' Teeth^ rendera them white and beautiful, perfefl !y fa'Aeiis fwcK is aie Icofc, picvems their troijeing rotten, itud entiitily cure* the Scvrvy ifttiic Cumt. I. Ihe TlhJCrtrRE the TOt>THiACH, which nsiwJves l|ie ci-aJt raaifljf and �iolent Pain in a few Minutes. ^ Thele Tinfturc* have been in'conflani ITic, tvith a great Kumber �f Petiom of UiititUlion. for fevctal Vear* �n4 are �eU k;nt anfwrr the C^lMtaflcr here given of them, {Msin^ not only the effet)Mal, but l^ce^�ife the lywit decant Ttuog* .<tvcr naadt U�"e or. \J �Rd ochar InAamuwt ry ;OifteaiM bl!b cr ia %mt fiyniK^ t Sot if t;>kcn v* fb� BeipAaliHi �f fiV*,*!, ^-jit Ud* m Tki. r_>.:.k - i.-- t.t.---j-t,�-. �� ' -  � 

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