Monday, March 23, 1750

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Monday, March 23, 1750

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 23, 1750, London, Middlesex Daily Adverrifen FRIDAY, March 7:1' RRIV'D, the European, Hunter, from AliCant; ' the Don Cartos, Friend, from TenerifF. Thbfe as per laft, remain. Wyid W. by S. Extr^a of a Letter /rem tl-e il A GU E, March  Tlxc Piomdiion of Admirals hath * given grcar Satisfaction; and the -- � Well - ant:rntion'd flatter them-  (elves, that the Govemfn  to be once again exerting itfclf in our Favour. The Pco-  plj, eventhofe of the Cities which difcoverd the molt t � obltinate Perverfeheft in traveriing the prudent iVIcafurcs  of the Stadtholder, being at i>rdent fenlible, that it is na -* Ie6 their Intcrcft than their Duty cortribv-t-j to the i* Support and Glor}' of their Couutry. Laft Monday, the I* Day the Subfcription'for the Lottcty of fix Million* by the Province cf Holland was opened, the fingle Gity of Anjfterdam fublcribed lor 1000 Tickets, at 1000 Florins each, more than the whole Lottery conlifted of.' r L O N D  O > N. ' 'Yefterday the Right Honot^rable th^ Lord Vere Bean-derk kifiW Ids Majqfty's Hand at St. James's, on his being created a Baron and A'^ifcouut of Greit-Br tain, by jthe Stile of Vifcount Han\vorth itat cfiijae to a Rcfohiiubn to take ih cKil-*ren <a\ Friday in Eaftcr Wetk, being jthe .2cth of ntjrt Jonth.  i . � ^ Yefterday died'at KisHoafe in Lincoln's Inn Fields, Dr. lurin, Prefideat of the College of Phylici^ns,' wlu^ wa#^ tef ; The tionoutahle General Ficmijg is gone to Ac Badi r the Recovery of l>Jslieralth.-"^ : T |By a Letter from Bath, d.-itc-d flie igthinflint, we htsar, iat a gentle Jihock of an Earthquake was felt tSicre about 9ix o'clock the,Eveninjr before. the Benefit of a htindrtld and thirty poor Chtlfcu ; tit ift ii-s \\ the Morning By the Right Rev. Father in God GcOTspr F-iri 11 Bifhop of Kxetcr; and that iti the Aftetnooo by t&e Roc- y Dr. Bruce, Preacher at Sotncrfct-Charcl; ' i The fame D.iy t�-o Sirnions wRi be*prescliTl fra clV-r | ParlfliChurch of Aili.iliows Lombard-Street^ for tlk<t !?��- | ncfit of forty Boys belonging to Biffiopfg^ce widiin ; ^J'tcrz} ih tiie Morning by the Right Reverend Kither in Goii Jr'''E'a__ Lordvbifliopof Peterborough; and that in the .Jt<ii:un�-w"t by the Rev. Mr. ParfeiVM- A.' and Fellow of Oml L / � Jufr} pfhit M'jffyt Or.'y.nia- fl\ > r,/y r'vc "^tiirf fr. r.i'I P rx'hat'oi'^-er, Kvho arc \.'.ii,t)g -./fp .i:-.�:�>��!'��/�' '''^ 7^.-* / ar,i PrTci/rryrrj U'cri for the K.^zi. I'a t S;:;n:dJ fr h: iTf3}d ttt JrArff-r Pdnt, K'i.r hvcrt.'Js in -^iTrtf~-rr.ii, tl-ii.' ihn_ K.'y Iri-vrPnfcptt in if'riri'ijv/iak.t t/<, cr i,fo'e F'liirS th 3 W' cf M.irch ncxti Ss. o!i <t,fit"r','f:t -.Kith i:hj -xi-r 7 �rrc^..(^r tv rxraitr tfti f.urc ^.vith the hjl Mitnit.h, -{it tre r:7'<f. jvh a,"filial iznri iJ cr' M^mner, tir.ii ctt the chct'pijl niJ^iT_ 74<; ^, N j . y Olfice, March 17, r W''^E� Tr:mfal Oficfi <mAComnnff.onirs rf lis M jt'ffs JL l\:-."i'^vf 'Kuliu-y that ihty ^xill Ic rccniy to fret'i i\.ith f!,i:hT.Tfuf.s~sivr.^-firm'sic (m'rrJ:forthc^tsresti'tiin'd, 1:,r, cK Vy jy^ys xfrefs'da^oiaji t*jt \ IC ' l-JALl.LNd OFFilCE, M^rc^fiT^w-''"Y^HE Cvmn^fppTicrt for I'iBuaHing his M:j.fy's Nf.-vy t ��''z'r K^-rkc, th^.t en Wrdmfd.-y thr zVh htfitut, ;<t shr FintcwDnii, iiry i'.^'i'I L' really t: tr^ai fur Pu^v'.ns for the Sr-r^-'uf vf hit I\'i(^:Jh-'! KtJ'vy. V!CTUALLl.\U-OFFa.l-:, .VJ.n-h .'4, 1 :-.�, . 'Jig ?''-fr^cwr; r.r yi^uuiling ,!:irMjffly's 'Kuvy .^�/-�r ?v':..'. , th.~t :n KirJ.y tic zd cf Ahil urxt^ in the T Far.-TT.^ ih.v he rerJf t9 fill to the ht^hrfi DiMr, Jzmi .j &nzi:crM.^r.B:,f.!:id ?t;rf, 'fytng'i0}s Ma;f!y\s Stara />/ PcrYf ... ... i X!^''*h:^rJ:D:v.r,jzrai:i.,-n.-::fffincfrr':i:i,iJJc}iaf.if:N;ri-^t' Signer Giovanni Orfi, the celebrated Clown, Signoi-:! OVt, jj ph-r^ael; .f.t:d r.'/h f.iu .h-^-iuahk V-.f .r,yiJ Rn\f:fi' Tlrcvd^ ' Signer and Signora Semenzati, are atlually engsg-da.: tfu^ilr jj i-^.jv,,'. /inr r^f,- tf^iy^'FX.iy th. ^'^uli cfo le mils, and will perforin for -the Seafom _  _ , \':r�^.dy izf^r:ibr hi:h ji DiMr, hv.e derj-id iC/^-M, Itut, meets vvitb( very great Eji^ouragement, who boardJs ji^Ksg; li J*;?"", j:n:}^Al'-i7n^n],_ Fhrr.nin^s cf r.nd Cr^i^-o'J ifags The Proprietor of South-Mims-School in RBiKnid*!)::^ sets vvitbf very great Ejicouragement, v ---- Gentlemen at a moderate Price; they are i rin aUthc varieus Branches of ulefbl I ennTing;to> cjuaEV f Ki;;:*^/^ '{1^1^c^^d H^^I/lj^t^^ad sZ^cu^d ^tm for the SetViar of Merchartid and cthcr .uihnsr^..?.�E iW..^ cU Ln-.^us, Jvd eld-intf ff.,fs," Einployments by able Maftere. ^ 1 ..-^ H i^; l^.r:nHs rt^.i .t W.r-I-W/, i^drtjhn.- W On Wednelday next will be. puWifhcd a Pan-jpHec;n j,, ^ 7;,,^. ,;,^/5 ;r./?;vr^ 7hf Lctr rf t}j?fdd?<:rticu- dreCed to a Proprietor of the Eali-Inu'ia Stccfcr tur-f^e-' ;g thcHiftory of Fort St. George, as f;ir relati-ausi cS* Siege andLCapture of that important Faclwy Eiy t&e F'reggfic,^ with very curious Remarks thereon. J. White, at No. 2 and Z2Z in the Seedl-Yajul ia -Thames-Street, continues to fell, only for pretint Maii(i:y, all' Sorts of Coffee, Teas, and C^hocolate, va,wEf Q^imc�-tics, for a very fmall Profit; and for the better ExtenrT^gfr-nientof all Travis, he wilJlfiBlI his Teas, &c as fiiSsi�, via- Thi^ Pounds or amt^anli of msf <�aSoit ^j&ex Tea Shfllings a Pound, at al*cnny a Pound Pirofie a&aws wBoit nfliS^^^uuelw * � Ch�ft fo**-0"t if the indii-Wardieafcjs ^aUTea5.Ac. atTfeS^aSiBtt^ ' * atTv^'r�ii&,^ fix'd on the Pack;^ And y fendrag their SCocrsr 6y their Gamers, and their own Price. Note, No GoojIs wr2 i.ii3r^,yl.^-^iiJ:datih:jt:ui rjj-an^s Ph.di tillih:Day rfSJif. jSi}.(^(>ji -5 /. /�r Ccni. cn the Ai^aunt cf ic.ih ht'is i�7na�c ^j^ihf Tir^ir cf Sr^le, and if the Rinainder is not faidy isaijiii: isj/idi totem wzvay within the Time limittfd, the fai^ iS.^rS-3>r&�r; ii to tie furfdttd-to tbeCvw^n. fiir sti^'f'C-jt^dlthas of ibi Sale may be fen at the Secretary s fite lOt Viibialiiag-Offiie, London; ard ly ti^plying to tbs be delivered till the Monej' i� paid. from tliSt Street. ___ , . ThisV/tek tiic Lady of Jnhn Affi-I:, Efq; K:^ight of thcrShne for :jaifu!k, wa: fafely d.;ii\vred of a Daughter r jiis llouic in .-Irgyil-BriUings.  Yellcrday Ivionm;^ died ac his, Koufe, the Comej ifif Jpnd-or.tu, licc.iui! y, fvii. Vev.-,'vv^io kept tJiC grcateft fl^;inuf;.itiir!C3 for Stoekiii^'; in Enj^Lmd. " Tcrtcrday a 'Lzr^-y, iadtu with Tiwber for Woolwich, at Lo:;;Jv;:-iV:-idge; the i'en'c'qs were faved by the _ ^ ,....., jSv'tif^fur itr f'iAuuliivg at' Pcrifmcutb, Plymouth, 'Vtd Dovfr, � j^i aiiraHnd Court of the United Company of Merehunts cf iEa.;gl4iiKl Trading to the Eall-Indies, "held at thfeir Hoafe m. I-iuulEokall-Street, on Wi^ncfday Martfi 2r^" 1749, ^ ''/pf^-/Ml^}i^p^'ia '� mait the Co/firaafbr 1 MzIUmi */� OuKTrt of Pieces of Eight, on tie z^th afjfily, B^,^ listen hcT^rm thcritK-mtiUiond; and tLH the fame *ivhf_ ' f'T'r^.rrSj�fjs^cd, and hcmfidal to the CoTBpany, and ihttl the -Ji'i'jiia rf ihdi Cjm.t be gi'vcn to, the Gtntlemen conani^d in aL~h.vp if. �. Jhsi the /aid Reflation be printed in the few at to New, 103 1 h::If a r' 4th a. 3 Sdir. || E:S/c3r'd,' That it is the Opinicn c/ this Court, that the L^f [74&,^ ICJ I-4& A 3 gthj. I?ir:o B~fi-, 11 of Fj^ri St.Qrurge ivas not ccc^/tond /;/ any h'tgk^i: -ir'i tjif^  Lottery 1747, 10-3 l _;di a 5 e':h.-. Liinik i; Ciia:t .gZiHir^djrs^ ail proper Mi ^ fur is ifi their Po^werhcvhig kerl "'3 to order, Execu- |o:i on Wonday nc::t at 7'ybura. Guards are ordcr'd to tend the S:r.�uif!crb thit-jicr. . 1 On S.-iturJr.y l'",v 4nrfreid Yrars piecniMg cficiL�:Jii;-Xxon 'in 1C88. Vk'rittcn at the Defire of the fate Queea Miry.. By J A M E S W E L W O O D, M.. If. Sold by John Woa<iycf, at CKfu't Head, the Ceraesof Sc^raocvftm^ in Flce^ Strett. Whtre traf it tad. iMtfy fMJb'd, File* & �. An Eflay on Civil Oovernmeot \ treat'og liuBnueilj of ks MmuSUy, Origiaal, Diffblutioo. Fcrmi, mnd Proprrtlet. ms Day are fublijh^iif (Price izs,) NtafljfprimteJin fivo Ittrgt Volumet, OSomot ('%u^kemsmm alltb/lrorAsefUoctiATt,*\ JmteiuLd fortt* <//< y Sthmh mnd SktMtt im ttt Vmiuffoitt:, ISOCRATIS Opera il^Dia. Grece �r Larine. Ver�o��m iiovain, vtria* l4f<tioae�, Vtotii^yt WUHii * fiiaa adjuiult G U LI EtM US BATTIB, M, aiL U*d. M�d, V Soe, Keg. Soeiu, Printtd for C. D��u, in Holborn; J. Whiion, In rfett-Srsetf; am* B. 0(.<l, ii) Ave-Mtfy.Une. SoU �U� by Mr. thuribaam �mi Ui. Mcxrill, Ctimbridse } and %t[t. r�tcitcr, ia ttic furl, Oifo�f. . Kotf, Tbclacoad V(<ltf �ie�. sme a Detail of all t)wir f ublick Sefricta. tliariy ^  mnaauia fenr.( of Fa^}, our unlitterrwptcd OwB Uf, aii'Mnmumm tic Dutninion of �ur$ea�. .Xatcrfrcn'4 �rith amy tarittm ftgt^M tdiwtaf, to �Hur Difcoveriei, Flaat�tion(, and Owimww. Thm wftotjc fi^usadl ^ JOHN CAMPBELL, M/n Fnat�df�T.WaJfcr,crp4it�f�t�r-" *----- No�c, A (tw tJntl and (uiMlb Voloow* are IbM ba*� tlw two fifil VoluaMra ot' Uk femwr 3. & Il-MdlKg Ltrf /r/rfjTicrs, f.-ve fKclhT^lfi a^es ' �>r Tma;'.'^^i rxt Uult Moirgute, on ihc'lJ',f Tj^'d^, hta �rf/K^-.?i^B-ih!'-tn-Wrdl, inthefiutt^atOccupati.vt ofYftxuheth F:>'tf7}!L^:l, Jo'jtt Coofer, Lutlsfled, Lajit, H.u'hS Gt{tcb^ eatt El::zJtub Harvey^ ' ' ' ' '  "!: Ldiic (Ir fL-vef. Yturi 5- 'On for fcf. Ytur} cmd a ^j^rter, c�e 3S'/Jia^t nr Tenrmchi eidjcinirg to Atdir/itaidi:rj 'P fUm, in th f -Ll^^iliul HctdfC't, Clyfldfl. ,. 4- a Lccf for f'ixu I'edrs euid- a Shi^Y^V'^' M'.JiUire vr feni:ii:tnti,i Fr:,Kt,j' ii/iiuryJ^rferJtf iiel:LPuffioufMr.Pik'rtkt-.r4f>-i.  ' 5. Om jiBidlding LiOp/iM' fxfy-c>u lV<-rr, !ii\^lff::,:ge cr., "l[j.%i.uiM adijinivg li'eft..vrard to tlfe Almi Uoi^t i.'i Pint lJ:i(rt(4 t^mliiic il'.iij''iir. ''' ' tC:. 0� j3 I^if fcr fxty-oii I'turs, CfU.M-fudge cr A.4;, j/'r t^.vo l,f Mtdiured Lots '"K''>ti in ^i*/ :ir; CiJfJ/mrJSttvef, net '^.hereof ii empty, the other in ibt iAi^'inivti b/fsmtJ Guy. M-ae tfi/jHAi0g-iimtitbfidd^ iti tfn Oavfditioit of ftliM CuU'trt, �f(/i jdLd ihit ehefiii^L^mmittei'vutUpl in the touviil-Chmbtt ttt Ftm i^'Uulk im iht A/tirmotm, tit rtui'Vt Fnfoffily, hr tdbe/am :' t/ 'mbub further in/ormatiamand Pri�tt4 PufttfjJiV* mm mMdrfJiftliUtd Pitrtii-mlan Jl Ptrfim Siddittg //� rtwy ' edh*^ LaU mm A� ^Tttr tl^ir Prapyuis. -^Il|>|if igifl l>- SEAiMAN/Cifl^W/r/-,

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