Tuesday, December 28, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Tuesday, December 28, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 28, 1834, London, Middlesex The Daily Advcrtlfer. SATURDAY, December a8, 17^4. ^Kunmndtr of the Letter from Joshua \Va r- d, Efq\ begun in TtjUrdafs Pafcr. Case XII. RS. Gilhtrt, who kept tie Horfe-Ihoc Ale Hrafc, EffrxStreet, of a middle Age and rcbuil Cooilitutttin. tcokene of Hard's PiEs the begin* ning of July laft ; h romitcd her 34. and purged" her rs t'-zscs. She lent for an emirur.t 1'hyiictan and Apothecary the next day, who found her very fcverilh, thirfty, having continual Readings to vciftit, violent \ Paiiw in her B.Hy, and. to be fho.-t. with all the Symptoms ,pf Eo��!�a�ffio�ify1ng} and, what .was almoil as bad, the ( Operation had canted a violent Nartl Rupture. The Phy-fioan nfed his utmott Endeavours to affift her. but could get ,-8tthiBg to paf* through her, but oa the Morrow Nigh: the t miftrthly died.' HT.fi. This h the Cafe in which HtS*rvt, m the t;th fcfge, rrprcfents in the following Words. Dr. U~-d / *7 � Jfimtlf mint wry lately, lit bad sifktd a If'amai: i�.*6 9 ,V�-^Rkptar*, bmtgbf afoa htr by the bard Jlrahm' in fit iisi-ififA^pilltf/Mr.Wud',. *' JmmtCMrh, at prefart living at the Golden Cup in Drake �* Street near Red-Lycra-Square, and heretofore a Scnram to Airs. Maty Gilbert, deceased, who kept the Hcridhoe Ale-M hoofc in t flex-Street in the Strand, came before me, one 01* lusMajefty's JnlUces of the Peace fcr Middlefex and Weil-minder, and voluntarily made Oath before roe. That (he * lived as a Servant with the {aid Mrs. GiBxrt opwa:di of me V Months before fhe dy*d; And this Depoacnt further takh, "that to the belt of her �aowfcdge, after flke had linxt with _j" the faid Mrs. Gilbert about four Months, Ante finall Time " note or Ms, ..But cannot be rnfirirc, her faid Miftrcts laid to _ this Deponent, fhe was YefaVd to take Mr. Ward's Pill for a Navel-Rupture,, fhe had ; and this Deponent faith, that .flKthen reprefenttd to her laid Miftrdt, that fhe being a '� accordingly the Sunday following (after this Difoourfc} the '* the bid Mrs. Gilbert nek one ot Mr. Ward's POIs, and toBthis Deponent that flue found hcrfclf much the better for " jt: Ani this JJcporient further faitfr, that on the Wednesday � following nerfatd MiHrefi was put iaro a violentPaiEon. � which when over, fhe told this Deponent, that it had ocea-'ium'dagreat Difordcr as to her Navel Rupture, and fhew'd �* katrhat Time to this Deponent, telling her, fhe had been f OBSmed with it upwards or two Years, and that her tiaiay �f bUged in her ;.Vay of Buhner* to drink, fhe obferv'd h did ^ far a. great deal of Harm : And this Deponent farther faith, ^ thit before Jhe took Mr. Ward's Remedy, fhe had taken liberal Things from an Apothecary for the before-menuon*J *** Rupture, but found no Benefit by them, as (he told thu ,.�* Deponent: And this Deponent farther fays, that her laid ., * Miitref* took in all, to the bed of her Knowledge, only |f three of Mr. Ward's Pills and cue of his Drops, the lalt of r ��-�l�c}| Pills and the Drop were taken the fame Day": And � � having taken thenif fhe varnittcd verjrsauch, ^nd died on V the \\ tdnciaay Morning following. , " >si CitaiE. ; *' Si&in btfart vut vs&imtarilf, z\ Pit. " 17}+. Thomas Dtvfcti.. �or the future: T fhall have no regard to the raaJicious Invec-ibVcs that may be thrown out agatntt me. eirLer in Print ot Otterwifc, having ? much oettrr rimploynjent Aw my Time, in eodeavouimg to (crvc and relieve thoie wtosr mircrable Ciroim flanccsie^d them to leek my AfiilEnce, which tLcy fhall cheer fully ha^e ; but as ihcfeCiamourshasc been unjudfy railed, on account 01 tome Pcrfom, who took my Remedies when they "were at (he point of Death, tho' without my Kcowlrugc or Ad tke, nukes it ncGtuary for me to declare, thar I fhaii uot, fur the t'otore, give my Mcdi^iats gratis to any Paton, csxept fuch as come or tend for them in an Artcrcoun, refomraciJ-edbya Certificate hgn'd by the Minuter, CfauichMardms or Ovcrfeccs fur the Parifh to whka ihcy beloog, ictiitg faith the Circumftaucci of the; Patient, ar*l the Dinemper ulKrrwiih �hry are amtdhrd : and fcr all thefc who i:c Deif, BUnd. or have any ether DiCorders iu the Head, if they apply to me for Relief, they nuiH aomc on .\'ccJays a&d 1 taxwLjs, m the Morning tailing. The Lcjimd Dr. fj-ar imu^d the Publick withouiiy Ad-*ertifcment--, that t>y a ccrum V*; lc wcu!J pebfiih the genu-is* Recife o! niy kt:utJ.u ; ci� fr'iuUy idc 1 ttb llii'.iai. thij �&Avm<� i'tttr sppeax'dj witn a Rcpctusoct of li-e 1Wc-m.11 tionrd tvuKt ttrect journal, amj tt� OiSin't tuutt 1':uu\. i3 tit Aut'.-if, wbi.Mis. t�aai he thicks, t'<M^vL,lt that himjT Zeal tr Its /tain 19 MguarJ hh Cexminmcn. Whether or no the candid put of the Nation will join with the Doctor in fuch Grateful Acknowledgment, I taiinot urctend to determine. 'he Hands recorded in Gt*6. Numb. 260) I fhall take notice of two Cafes only. . " In P^ge 19, he' tells ytni of a poor Woman who had had " the Opnion of teveralemi�8�t Surgeons, and afterwards was " reeommended to Mr. /rW, and tooknof his1 Remedies with " fochSaccets, chat when Mr. Dii--e faw'her fbme Weeks " after, be told him he was furpru'd at it; but after thit,. out " of Curiofity, making her another Vifit, the AfptA it feems " was not fb promifing x fiacc When fhe'has been denied, and " the Surgeons not admitted to fee her: but by the way�(adds "he) thu {poor Woman � ftttce dead of the Cancer." The Person he points at is Mrs. Tktvtas, whom I 'grant was di tried, but for thsi reafon only t one Day three Pcrlons came to her, pretending to be Surgeons, one of which liaodled her Bread fo 'oughly, that fhe complain'd to me of it, and felt its ill Effects for three Weeks after; but is now in a fair way of Rccorery, arajLinay bjc fecinjifoe at my Houfe Jn Pall-mall. The other Cafe (Pap to) * Is that of a Gentleman's " Wife with a Cancer, whom he fays he viilted, and had " given Offence, by afking if fhe had Courage to part from " hrrBrcafli and heard no moreof her, till aboubaMonthor < fix Weeks after, tvhco he met her Hufband by accident, * who told him fhe was ahnoft well by taking Mr. Warfi " Pills i bat he adds, bfr adillant Enquiry I hear the U dead �� alfc- How any Gemltman can publifh fuch Accounts on Hearfay to injure another, b to me a SaTprits; for the Perfon meant u Mrs. Mmx+ixll, at the D�lfbimlw'mBtJhof^atifirtttt who is not only ahvr, but hath a fair Prcfpeft of a perfect Cure. For thefe and feveral other fuch like Cafes,- the Poor Old Man, as the DoSor calls himfelf, would infinuate, that the Gorertrment fhoold interpoie, and put a flop to aaminittring my Remedies: Bat I flatter myfelf, that they are rather inclined tu thank me, and define a Continuance of my Care for the PubliJt; and the more fb, when they examine the Bills of Mortality for the Year 1734, which are decrcaVd Three Thou fend One Hundred and Seventy-one: Some are good natur'd enough to fay, I have not a little contributed to that Diminution, and that perhaps without the Help of my Remedies, they miftUt hey* mmvwmM m many Thoutttuds-w they are decreas'd ; becaufc the Learned have often declar*d, this has been a my unhealthy Vear. He begs the Publick to fend him an Account of all they know relating to the Operation of my Rtmtditi; in this I join IiTue with him ; a true and candid Relation of the good and bad EtTeds ot them is what I have long wifhed for, but have had no Opportunity to do it, having no time to write ; the Doctor has. 1 am, SIR, Taur Humble Strvarit, JOSHUA WARD. Dealt December 16. HE India-Men remain. The Weather coming foul, wc think that the Outward-bound (hat fail'd will put back again. Wind N- W be the iar.v- Gang that took tht PrjM 1V011 Mr. llotigfbn) who tired into the Hoofe where ht \vjj $ hmvever, Mr. Backhoufe made tilth (tent Refinance, that he fav'd his Scrsicre. though with crcat Difficulty, and de- . livci'd it totheCuiloin-Houte mCailille. SiU.\h, f}f(. 19. Since the 30th pafl arrtvM hen aboot 16S and light loaden Ship*, �nd fail'd about 40 kuden ottttw. We he.tr nt great Damage done by the bad Weather lad Week: at Sea. Robert Lombit, Mafter of, th� Goodwitl of Sander, land, and Another Man, were wafh'd overboard and loft t at was alio JamY Robfbn, Mailer of the Edward, of this place. On Sunday Night tho Jofcph and Patience of London, Cane Watlbn. after having loft her Main- Maft, was clrm'e ajhorc, and funk on the I Itrd Sand. We cxpc& to hear of much marc Damage being done. b�btt*, Dec 17. Lsft Week the Gentlemen of the Bolts- � Head-Club in Filhamble-tlrcct, releas'tl thirty-three PHfoncn out of the City Marfhalfea and.other Priforo in this City. Several of the Creditors compounded, and took one third Part of their Debts. Many of the poor unhappy Creatures lay a Jkyg time to;C(wfin^hcnt fot~Defr� that 4fr ^ ittowt tti above fix, eight, ttn or twelve ShiHiags. One Man who had fix Pound?due to him, fook 6s, 6d. for iu ! The Right Hon. the Lord Primrofe it to embark for England in 'the Dublin Yacht next WcdnefJay. Ycrterday Edwurd Magwire, one Morgan and two others, were try'd at the Court of Oyer and Terminer, for the Murder" of Paul Ferrall, alias Gallows Paul. Th' Wges gave an excellent and impartial Charge to the Ju^. who brought thtm . in Not.Guilty. , ' Erratum, Ik th 3 J Paragraph *f Htm Newt in ti/tn/afs Paptr, far Fortunes fltaft t� rtad To^ures. This Evening wilLfte'Petrotm'd, At the Kinc.'j Thiatu in the H*v�Kf**KB1Y The Opera of ARTAXERSES. _1 j.At the Tueat*8 RovAt. in Covkttt GAftOlt^T The Opera of ORESTES. "� At the French Thuatrk in the Hat Mark!tt ARLEQUIN BALOURD, &c At the Thiatrb RovAt. in Dauat'Laitt,/ The COMMITTEE, with Colombine CouRTezAjp-At the New Theatre in Goodman's-Furlo�, The FOND HUSBAND, with the CHtMiCAJferCowk- .terfeits. ' _ * High Water at London-Bridge this Dtiy, at 17 Miwiatg after 1 in the Morning, and 49 after t4n the Aftertwon. -1? 11 1 '1 " ' " ' 1 ^1- Yeilerdny Bank Stock wns 139. India 149, for the Opas> ing. South Sea TradingvStock 3 j 1 half, for the OptnW, Old Annuties 105 i/half. Ditto New Annuities 106,; for the Opening. Three per Cent. Annuity 94 1 half, Vtllion Bank >�7. African zo. Yotk-BuilJings 4. Koyal AiTurapcer>;* 1 half. London A durance u 1 4th. New Bank Peculation 5I. Prcm. South-Sea Bonds 3I. 16s. Prem. India ditto 4I. a i�. Prem. Three per Cent, ditto zL 8�. Prem. Englifli Copper 2I. Wdfh ditto Books fhut. Salt Tallies a 1 4th per Cent. Prem. - , AT the KING's THEATRE in the H*f Muhet, (his D�y, the a8;b ot Uuemtxr, will be per* II't'ax e r s e s. % Pit snd Bosrs 10 be put logeiher. and w� Pe�foo� 10 be admiirai without fitkeis. hwh will be dcUvctd ibis D.�, � (ba Oigi 40 �he H�I-M�'l�t, � h�U  Ouwes..ch. Calk./ iK By bh MaJBSTTi LtmmanJ, No Perfooi �haw�er u be irfmitied bchmd ib� McnssT To btgin at Si* t'Cbti. AT, call'd By His MAJESTT's Command. . the Theatre Royal in Covcnt-Garden, this Uay.the afch of Dc^rooji, �ill b.- pr�&at�<| M Optra, O R E S T E S. pit and R^ies to be put logeilwr, and 00 rcrfios to b� Hmktti wiihout Ttketi, w|,ich will be dslrut'd ili^ay, st-tli qCm ji) (<)� t  Ouuscaeach. fiiUC*lkrf 4. upper Gallery 31. d. ;. * * �.. By Uh M a j � stv'i dmmanJ, Nopcrfuut �ha,ie�cr 10 be admitted beui�J rhc tccec*. \ 4r � A i'8 the jOdi of-Uctcaibe/, m'Cl bi u�i�ej  (' mi- 61 b Dve AO�. cjliM ---- AK LE � � wt>| be � �rc tul*rl� 1 Taailxwrne Ljr Mil. Chi.muwi.1. , Pl�ei for 1 tit lioic uity tc ukm at Mr. inooui^'i, Mrffhssst iff Rippce-S�u(f, at tfccl'aii fhciuc. \.'J. ,, N� I'cifont 10 be 4 iru'ici i�o l.->e �"le� �� r.h^it lUkci, bM�Vlk 4 be ttcl.ycr'd �l ihe U>i l ir>c 'IVhic �{ ^t. ran. i'n j�. A'id vi Monday n: xf, by CjJitmand ef kn Rml KtkL^/^ a irait.1) ui/J'd A^iicj *le Caltro. iLitb a Cnudj ta itAl^fffJ ]A iall'd 1~* l'ille Ctpiuiue, Si Arlc�i'jinSen Scrgcaat. �| -.'Ji dtdvcrttfiwnti iu ibis P^er of a moderate Length are taken in a4 Tuo Sl.'.'^s fncb.

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