Monday, November 29, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Monday, November 29, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 29, 1834, London, Middlesex ted �na S3 M '""si fceu M *ef to. tf ft FRID A Y, Noti mi t * �9. 1734. December 3. � fare at yet no Anfwrr from tbe L'owt Jjf l-rancc to the new Proposals made by his Briunnkk Majefty and thrir High MightinelFcs, m Ccnfequvncc o� the Emptor's late Declaration. What thole Propolais M u 1 Secret p�il finding Got; as ii likewise tbe Counts 01 the kit ' DiTratches fem to Spain oa the lame � - OccaGoo. According to oar Letters * from Vienna, his Imperial Majeity b deicrmin'd not to dif- # tfraft his Allies on any Condition) whatever from the En* *� fgnaeats they lie under to him, according to the Letter cf � alibi late Trcati i, tibe reads them: And we hear that a 'certain Miniiter has hinted my plainly to Mr. Walpoie, '* his Imperial Majefty, defirous of Peace, and willing to t*take any Step lor obtaining it* ha* thankfully accepted the 0 llediatiott propot'd 1 but,that *tis hU Opinion, IcttbcMari-*ibe Powers employ what Method they pieate, in hopes of arjatiing an Accommodation, they will hod their Pains to  M Parpofe, unlets they make de of the Ultima Rarit Rrgmrm, * �ad Wood their Hhctorick with Force of Arms. Tn cer-� tfhv that his Imperi d Majesty is making very great Prepa- * HtUtf for continuing the War with Vigour, in cafe the ra-  clck Negodaiicns ihould miTcarry, and for that Porpafc * a� aireadytorni'd a Scheme for raifing 30 Millions of is Florins. The Emperor has alfo great Fjrpcctatfon of Affift-���boratheKing of Ptuflia, it befog no kmgrtdaobted,  htfthartb� EJcctors of Bavaria, Cblognand Palarjo, are �IsVd With France, under the Pretence ot Religion, to wieft �ttaS�cx*ffiohor Ikrgs and Juliets from his Proifian Majerty. * Aad farther, nothing is mote certain, than that Italy, will tee �iRn&ea Army m we Spring, and not improbably in the a&agjdom of Naples. �la fart, a� the French giVe it oat in Poland, that they *Mjafc to fcnd a large Army early next Year iota that ��iafktf�� the Court of Rufiia has taken Measures for hsv a'Heet ot 60 Skips of the Line and iz Frhjtatcs,  somes Galley?, dec. in theBasucJk,.�oppofetheir Arrival: "HtvCcariLh Majesty is alfoaejBssnriDg ber Forces with 30 �fcgjaxots of Foot, and 8 of Horse, aad intends, in case of > lay Trouble from the Turka ot Tartars, to draw all her 'troops out of Poland} UbetnghopM, that the Rrfidcnotof * Bag Aoguft at Waj&w will win owe inch a Namber of the Wsotottaia Parry, that the Saaon Troops wiQ beJbfJkieBtof *aVo^ve�tokeeptlW(redmSol3Jfaion." Dal, AW. 27. Wind N. fi. Fine Weather. AniVd. . Guillot, from Dam. Came down thai Foamoosl laliuTd through, Manabaia,Blake, far Ljfton. ' LONDON. We hear that a PropoGd having been made here on the part if the Emperor, fur borrowing the Sam of 5000001, at an hejrftof o per Cent, oouun Second**, a&fctoption has la* Istsfy completed to the Amount of that S- 1 and oa lafrfcwy the >., Atony . agwcimuty.'d jryjtyveral otLtftar iiveclori, waited if sfcj&edkSjy Ccunjt XfiSi, the Impttial Afihatledor, Vdfehmy tmir SrorH was 116 3 fobs. Lads�i44- Soath-SeaTraamgSMcJt80 34tbt. Owi Aswokws 1041 Sth. Dka> ^flMnow being ST. Andrew's Day, the Tatelar Saint of there-wol he a Diawiag-Room at St. James's at ier at Night, for the Sift this Season. Room Nigbts will be caotinu*d Monaays and - faeuwd Bimop of Wincbefler has appointed his Son Mr. ^'iMhy' x�* be ChaoceUor of the Diosdeof Wincbefler; a Iha'trniiA'jBad been cmciased by Deputies face the Death of "'Mdm&tWh tfolue Biftwp deugmBg it fee a near Rcla- .-^i ^Say^aU'CoL John Scbott recetv*d hn Patent, 000-^|M% him' Lord Warden of the Stannaries in Cornwall lor &Olejf jcnteJrom Qeal, that of the two Ships which were |," enre oaShqre''on tueflay. that fnnn Aluant u ftranded, but Cuge of Froklav'ds and that People are at Work to ' about the Cargo-of the other, m Hopes ot getting her off Kgfttiuai/ ^Ulhje other Snips � the Downs rode out -4* Sbrc> 1 and we bear of nq other Damage than a few Aesorileft. ' '.. ^ttwwday the JUght Hon. the Lord Chanorllor prefeaeed ;�i Rev. Mr. Robert Jenkins to the Reclory of WcRbere, in ttt County of Kent and Dioefe of Canterbury. _ Ob WcdoefUsy died at North-End near Hamanerimitb, JjdSj, Mrs. Eleanor Eftwkk, RdioVof the late Homphry ^Veterday jied at his Hoofe in Qsrges-sUeetl Piccadilly, Thaauu Lawfon� E(q� aGcnUemaoof a lairge Eflate in Staf-fer4flure, -~^'feW Days ago died at her Lodgings in Taviftock Street. U�jrit>Garden, aftrr a lingriag Illoeb, Mr*. Boe, Relict of Jhsaus Bere, Efqj Member of Parliament for Tiverton in �N*ttfhire, and lormerly <jonmtsBtuner of the Vieojaiuag. Office. ~ ' Veftenby being the lift Day of Term, fereraf Persons ap-Jf*r*d at the King's- Bench Bar upon their Recognizances, -�ffl�eof whom were diicharg'd, andotherscontmo'd. ljffft*rday one Mr. Flower, formerly a noted Taylor in �*Mlreet, was found dead in an empty Houfc near the Sign w the Man in the Moon Alchoule in Tyburn-Road, fuppos'd , 1� awe died for warn. To-Dav at Noon a Man It to eat a Shoulder of VeaL weight 13 lb. and a Half quaitem Loaf, in an Hoar and ten Minutes, mra Wager of fix t iuiacat, at the Cheflure Cheese in Wine-Ufficc-cooit. Fleet itreet. V* Rev. Mr.Bijiu. Friar cfSt.Mtrtvfs OttHtub, noli fn*b �t Mifctrt Cbjftl mxt'SaUaj in A* JftttmKX. This Evening will be Pertorm'd, At the Fiekcm TuaaTai in the Hav�Maaaer, � JEU d'AMOUR et du HAZARD. 8k. n&.the 'Fnaaraa Royal in DkvitLane, JUMUS BRUTUS. Niw Tnr*i,it in Go^omau's-Fields, LEAR, with Bkitanma. ^^IPLLO * **T ^po5J w ^' L L A * **^T * * _H||hW�irr at London-Btidge $}*-&�y", u 49 Minutes T*t �lhe Moramg, � in the Afternoon. New Annuities 1 oa 5 ftas a) atha, TsmxfttCeat. 93. Millie* iaah 107, African to. York-Buitdiag� 4. Royal Aflurance 97 1 4th. London ACasBcc ia. New Bank CtfCu^tion jl. 15s. Prtm; Soath-Sea Bonds 3T. 6s. f'rens. India ditto jL it*, a is*. Paem. Three per Cent, rttro il Press. Enghu Copper *L Walh dk� Books mat. Salt Tallies a per Cent. Preaa. Vork-Buitdings-Hourc, 14 Nov. 1734. t*//i? Governor and Cmrt tf AMmIs of * %ti* Veri-BmiJkgJ Gm$a*j J� berth gr*v Jviftvr, TeW m Plan tf mn Afrtaunt, in order to dikbarge the Company's J tbtCcm+mn fatviif m tlrir Pttli txicittii mm Itftwmtwt <rW ok by both'Pari its fir futiai tht jmiPUak h*� f�*wi, a Smb/crip-inBtoi is mta $prmd mt tbt Ctarprn*)* Hmji im IVitttktfier-Jfrtit, a*J tit Cm* �f.fJF/*att mxd Cmmtttt At CrtJilirtwUane*Jt*�^�tuTJ*f, W � t�J fat MsKtbt Ammil? iff Wtdmjdlj tkt \ ttb, Friday At 13**, ir,dntjdaj tbt xZtktmi Fndy tbt son* j Deaxbir wtxt, &tt fretf, mr vxrt livimg wbtm tub Jutm'ty bttamejfittt anditijt tfht eiaim amy Amnity by AffSjpmtmt, tr by **ft*fi WtUtir Admimijtnmtim, art dtpd m fnd Jmtb Affipimwkt, HVd sr Admir.fratimu to tit/aid Mr. Qrttmdt Chambtttfrtlrttxtb, It be tmttr'd. YorjpBw^ir^Houtr. a6 Nov. 1734. fit Cawraw amdCiart if AJJtjIantf tf tbt fud Ctmfamy d� giv* Korict, that ibty lull alttmd, at tbt Ctmpamy* ^fiiaU^imk0tr]ftrttt, omFridoy mxt, fitm 10 *%Clxb i* tbt Mornimg ft 2 im tbt Sfttrnmi, omd tvoy Tmtjlay amd Friday t/krwards, ^fe- tbt ah#vt Pmrfefit. " � - - . TTH E Governors ofrbe Hojpitat near Hyde- torkCtmt imttitdinjr 19 ttrntraO with a Batthtr, Baitr anl Cbtifitmtngtr, to Jtrvt tbt limuji, nay Bmtebrr, Baker aad Cktipmmgtr, 11&JbaltTt viltimg f firm tbt fimttt * t (he ]Oth ot Novcaatr, wtil be pcrtorai'd a New OpB�a, cali'd ARTAXERSES. *k �n4 Roi�a to bt put c-fcther. *ad "o Ttifom :o be �*nH*d Wfabaat Tuk�ia, bicb will U: eetHer'd lhar Dar. at the CtiBts ia she Har-tsaihet, at bau m<Mm ����. Oallcry 5*. ' By bit MaiestyV Cmaamd, No Itrfbos arhafef er io bt aemittcd btbaxl Use Scents.' _Ttbtrimaffix 'C4ttt___ By His MAJESTIES Command. AT the Theatre Royal in Covcnt-Gardcn, Tomorrow, being the 30th of (tofcaotr, will b. jwefeoteJ an Opera, ealfd ' ARIADNE. fi/t a*d Batai to be pat togeibrr, taa no Pcrfboi to be admitcH withoqt Tekeu, wkich will be atlrrer'J that Dmr. �� Office m co�cic-Oirden Theatre, at HaV a Coiaca cask. Fiiltcalkrj �*. Upt*fvOal*ry as. tfdL By Hif Ma i i *t r't Ctrnmamd, *io tVrfcat whiitur i* t� admitted b?fci"J il< Theatre in the Hay-Market, *~ thiajDafV bcivg to* aotb laSsat, �>U be yccfccicd s Ccottdy ICe 1EU d'AMOUR Sc du HAZARD: Arleoum Mmtre & Valet. to Usb be added, Le FtAVCon a Losdiii. Ptacn tortaeBMoasay beukxnat Mr. Fnbourg's, aurchaat of Jtepoee-SMiC u thefatj.Thcaue, fin ttttoaf tons iikkmt iatotbe Boies wiibaet Tiatcu, *bkb wilt be ifcliseril attba Bit of tbe Tatars* at each, i* f 9al. it. No if fp>a to be aammti btbiad tbt Scenes, aajr Mow/ M bt retnto'd after the Curufo is drawr up. Tt btgim mSim iCktk, Amd mm Mnday nixt �>* .*� Bentfi: ; anJ the icfi ot tns tfitu as tbtf were pcrtoaVCl �o Twcfiiy the 19a kttaai. Boxes 3s. Pit as. T� btgim rxaBlf at Six a' Cl'.ik. , ^ N. a. Tkksto te.ptx'i uk fen Tutfiai Ojc >�!� itftaat  tU be taken this Pay.____ THE Society of the Governor and Arjiftanre, L^odjo. of she �t� Claitariou iaUj/jflt-mntht�"tmt actfcn of Itela�4, dbbcrrby yitc HotKX, tb,M 4 mt. lawrmc-Htat. LoasVa; mma rbar rac iwd Sacsety tmtAi to u>ctt on TUlsaf tb* Taash IM| u| December aesr, at a iu tit* altcui-xM, at tat Irimcaaaibcr aUncfeid, aad ftaal !;iwatd wctbly t>rc�tt*�t*4teast mm sikfeKhkYcfiissias taatl bt nv^a tj tbcts io tbu bsbab. 7%r r o t t e r d a m� TtV NrrTuwt �sV*/^ John Huttpfi, Cemmlniert CAILS on TVfday bext, now O rW��! at at. KatbcrlM^s to tab* la Ooadt aad PaaWers. ar>4 mty ,N<|sc** withoa tea Darck Walk �t Ssatuwae^ima, tht asaf "" Coie oor) at ColUa�% Coiiw'fcoott, otte ft. Stan* j or / John Twyman for tj#M*fler. f For bo U RDLAUX. The Charming Mollv, William Powelf; A/�/?cr, AILS on TlturlUay the iuh iTQMirinbW ettr, now liirt atHotflf*. ejw�Ct\ain t� rata is Gaeds aadfasTiHiw, jrfdraa* be foole with Mtf cm ta�fteaOi aad t u Jj� near To�ef*x� 1 nt John Twyman,>^ rtV Mofltr. . .1. �t1 "it" .a�� 11 '. ' �"� <io it s e: en, - Day ard fir tht fiumre, btturen lit Hmt / ftn and Six (Pritt Ftvt SbiBixgt) im lM �t�cwaia'ddown apjo a Table, iarpja*e *X�n'4 abre, wbtrain tie Cirostation of ibt rlooj h mtae filibk thro' Otaft fHqt and arierics: Tbe Ortalclo* h alio feeaftons the KOtbee to ttwt^ild, a�t! Kan) iga/Ghitil s� tbe xtocber t with ihe OfloliU trsl disttoiitk Mdtiio of iha HaVc, and tbe Aflioo ot' tbt Xaam. Alt wh�cb PaititsAVt, iif�.bar ie*rral otber rraptratioot. wiH be thtwa aad Sarartf nftcst'd K fcajlilb or Freacn. -:�----------- - N^rc. a C �it. tttc 171b INlani, wkb ibeit tefjeKacil OaatlMc . Tboous Vufje, fiic F 01 etettn latbta Isaafaw afsd $i T^u, bam at Nitxa/IW m Nortbambtrtard ; he wecrs a^tlroWa vJa* MatfT a da* Cootplriion, bas Wl occ of bat fore Teeb, aad ts� a^sati tiagMof W> Might HasdtHituoac - Alio Dnb Obrktv fittFoiH al�se>la�im^ai>,|7 Tears bjto at PaMta t be has tag lank taocm Hair. mo*V| abb the asasU _ POs, atd ld*Qitt�oo�ed. . . . lt-ehl*r�f tiaaa. or bwb, wiU mm m tbsir C^arnf wiibM 14 Wis trow ibe Uate berejt. (ba d4 aodtf aw>*r> da or tfetfcMs katitt tutai or cither ot tb.-tsj. sasxy Ooal, andgivea Houca to Col.Oenoett a: Chtlm.fxd mill,!.or MaynariOowia-Atcatto tbe said ? ivutei?. in Ha bb ��-Flaet roar Sobo a>it>, tfcay Ibali rttcita t�� Ghuxh as a K�#ard torexh, osw aad abate wbac iaaircOedby Aflcdf rialiasniih - �__Mayr.arA\ Guortn. * ?st from? Ua/s Ear on j|�u-@iiy^�^ Cbtscftf.Uce, use jiHiaw Ofop-At aa^lpaMal, cCafooiWaWr, w�i|bt 1J Gtaiai a Mr.,�obett tliJ, aCoktMBSith, ioS,.S�fi;brt'�.U9�t*ar LotdoavxcitaT, fhtK bcvcTurty Caioea�. Ittw3rd, aad oa QutUtooa avfc'J. If oftVt'4 to btoawa'jor kUd. (ray (rap the ikmr. aad fifc Katlta ai abort, aad Tom Ibiii r<�,*c trK TuM K t4a*ksr� oaTbetday Niaht >��.  hssallred K*kt*-Ci�; iawtstcb wtTaaac. co�>tab� Becavtit ot Mr- a�cic * UtuitMau^a, Bsnl�f, at CbVrtp|� " Crof>, lor ajsSl 12*. witb �>w�otbcr Sdrtnurauouov, of acUiaio any -bat tbe Owner, tthocrtr IbaA bting ibe lama to tb*,t�id Mr. At* dtcv ptvmmmi. tbsll hate Kew�rJ. �b.|' nofte.'iioii. a ItV. r o pt on Monday Night lalt, between bike aad Tea mjCktk, bnwaea laaV^ttvllriat a^Ckiidca- 4 lane, a Silver Watch, tbt Maiai'a NssM llochsv. Urnim, � �bt tSi. elate, wkh a Sill $,,**, aad Kay. Wbcatar bm etka* it ap. acaVwal bnel it loibeLtoa aiid l^imkiOala%�>Ut^ t�a Namaja jtisfatd t ot tf pawald. will tftfcein it. 1 EFT in a Hackney Coach, that took Up Lj aQ^lemta ia O^cts-Urcct oaaSoaday tferajtb. Inflatv, a vljJm, tiddlc-Stklt and Cale. the Name ef tbtldtatr w iocbt fc^Ua of the ludraoxar; viz. Gslbat da Salo. Wborrsr briaaa ibe iiaaa ia Mr. beaocbaasp'Trat Use Crowa and eacbor Tarcm �ot�rolassat at. Cictacat'a Cbarcb ia tbe Strand, fiasli rtxatra bait aOa^ltawatd. aad.a-�laaHww asfc'd; ortfoffte'droba bU orarfcWir. � WHEREAS there was loft or indeed aw^j frooa OentTal WtaVa Doa* in Stol.aa^'Osrdms oa tbf |oc* of Oftobcx��. abiacbQmkSpatarl Uittb, bttween tbtcarl'daeaiaa fceaj Saaa brccj. about 14 Meat**' old, mho w at the� watiiM at tbe fa'ul IW for ber Midtr, ir.i *iiby�it a Collar, and tbt laid pita* uasc.bofDS tbe 3)th aad was aollar'�Vaadoa theasrfa^abaat tibbt o'clock iu tbe M^fciBt. �slmittd awajr frcm her MAltet'a tayw 1.1 badibtd-Artct. .Civ�&:'|>rdc , 01 as is jdpMa'd, iUUtti to tbr OcatlMtMkO ��bo had tanUfctn the t/Mat of OOc>bar ta tbt fstb Inllut, if :bc O&ukaaj^ ii ittli Hi 1 frail hss laffr inmdjsflil ibal>krcUMsaOo4 tbeCJUr. �bith Fiwat iball he a�JuuaUja�aai V:tbTbacki; if othewiir, ttboevct bais ber, aodbrrXs her u) Hr. ThjnCo'a > BodfoiJ Rtaet. Cutru-gArdce. (ball bat* batf a Cro�a Bcwatd. aad sf any flerToo sow arums ber with tbt Cotta' mm. tkallbafaedas�oanascbtcWd. ~_______. * N�* Hc�*id wifrtw�fkt'd, bat dilietae leatcb taaic tadSf-csre� i!.c Porfwi wbo fh Mr.iacaes Saitb, tioidfiriili, at iba Hem aadCi.iakata) ia tvaiCfJJW, P*Baiob^# CoiTtciCw&at lbs ��<!*. FOcr. My. <h< SUrsUn taCi�ta�burUi-luccr( J. n� of un. �a*(1e*. �jA kcefitaf tbe laid tea. . jfl E N RYCXARK^^*^ Jl J| vbuta f idsaen or luuaatioa atay aaaka 11 4ccsCry or asjianfclc (orcnitia skat Lc^r .14, abicb bt * J*-*-'*1 of f *� jsk M>> be f^>a 1 cih toxo a way of liHag ihetr Keaiisaa fkafaic u ttam, tf-so-'iaa tbeasic iscs cvly c*e Hoat a Day for (bur owa ^.tiraic: �+i be bia��df attcctiiaa; (bc3> k> iwxs tbaj t*<i Ac wiib. or d.nOei to. a: Mr. C\>(k*\ B-x-l K the OoCrf!r> P�H to Path ia�t -as Urtks-Btuaw, at die Banb t boaietcbi%l chcRj/alfcstbapc�. ot at lie CU-w�/ Cufr<). P'ir*.*!| t� #j t**t �h��a

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