Sunday, November 14, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Sunday, November 14, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 14, 1834, London, Middlesex TH URSD AY, Nov t m nt * 14. 17?*. faffjty arrived tbe Mails from France and Flanders. Hanover^ November 10. EN ERA L Pont Pmifl has Tent A6S vice hither, tfcat tbt Danilh Tioops at tbe Rhine have fcia'd upon the Wintcr-Qoarters aflignd to the Hanoverian Troops which has guxn Rife to fomc Difpuccs; and that Officer defira the Direction of oar Regency, is what Manser he is to dctctraincthem. Pmri$, Nov. to. They write from Madrid, that bis Catholick Majelly Cardinal Acqanrra to repair to Rome, to take Tnarfaflinii of the Afiairs of Spain at that DmL JvW. ti- Wins! N. E. Remain, Everton, Clark, for HoUual i and khte Shirs for Calais, laft Night failed tko*, GkcAcr, Rogers, for Venice i LsXxloo, Sutherland, for fiasnrvs St. Sofaniiab, Dfchado, forBilboat Sarah, Paul, fcrG&raluri Barton, Paritbo, and tbe � �' ..a. Read, for Cadiz� irn) 6 w !�! rahm. whnfr rliinri rrr nrttmf Inm L O N DON. Letters from Gene* nseption, that a Courier had peJs*d thro' frit City in hb way to the Court of Spain, to carry Advice Iktt the brave Governor of Capua bad at lad demanded to qppJy^j bat that the commanding Officer of tbe Spanifli Trap* whkb form the Blockade of that Place, anfwer'd, that ns muft expeft no other Terms than what the other Garrifotu bad, ib)wfbeing made Prisoners of War. They wrk� final Madrid, that Orders were gone to Cadiz for bvrntg op half th= Squadron of Men of War, which, united with anotfctr Squadron of French Ships, has lain at Anchor in hat Bay for feveral Months. Advices fiutn Lombardy by tbe way of France take Notice, that the Imperialifis having receiv'd the Reinforcement they canceled, made an Attempt to pais thcQglio over-againft blcrcaria, bit were repcuYd; whereupon they rnarch'4 back txanrds tbe Source ot the Ogbo, to find a PafTage into tbe -Uiande, and the Allies have Caus'd a large Body of Troops to fiat off to face the Isnprrialiih in whatever Place they present tbtauclws. The French havecedet'd their Trcops which were in Mo-�ite envattb Worms, to retire back to their WinKr-Quartcn, icn^fXfenkimGmUboiniJutPUce. Tbe virions Accounts which have been from time to time pkbE&'d, in relation to the State of his PrulGm Majefly'a Holift, were tbe Reports as given out by the ditrerent Parties of aoPbyfkiansi Mr. Ellen the King's own Pfayfician, and ftofcflbr Hoffman a Dntchman. hiving been, throughout his llattt, of an Opinion M different from the reft, that two General Officers bare attended, by Command, at all their Con-Mwv^. to hear their feveral Sentiments, and report them to attend her Royal Highnck in her Voyage ; that the Crincels bat wen the AtTofUons of the Corporations to a Degree almoll to be adot'd by them ; and that her Royal Highnels, aniongll the auuty ways which Jhe has taken to oblige them, has pru-nuYd to revilit that Town as often ai flic has Occaiton to pafs �*er to Holland. ~ - \ OnTucfday laft his-Excellency tho Chevalier d'OJForio, E&ray Extraordinaiy fiom the King of Sardinia, recciv'd fome Difpatxhcs ot great Cotdcq&ncc fiom his Couit; and the Dime baring been communicated to his Maji-ily, a Meflrnger was difpxch'd Vctterday Morning, with an Exprefs to the Earl ol Eflhr. his Majcfly's Ambaflkdorat the Court of Turin. Yeflerday at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, bis Excellency the Earl of WaUcerave's Secretary arriv'd at St. James':, ��h fame Difpatchcs of great Imporunce from the Court ol France, Tbe Right Hon. the Earl of Euflon, eldcft Son to bis Grace At Dnke of Grafton, Lord Chamberlain of his Majeliy'j Uaalbdd, b arriv'd at Paris fiom Geneva, where he had been cobbStudics; and tbe latter End of next Week he will em-biik for England. His Grace tbe Duke of Rkhmoad inbrrits a very large Fortune by the Death of his Grandmother the Dutchefs ol Portf-mouth. Her Grace died at ber Honfe in Paris on Sunday Sc'nnigbtj, and Was In the 96th Year of ber Age. Yclterday the Lords Commiuune�of the Admiralty were pleafed to appoint the Rev. Mr1. Sunmiand the Rev. Mr. Bun. yon, to be Chaplains to two of hi* Maiefty's Ships belonging to the SauadroA order'd to the Weft-Indies. Their Lordfhips have ordet'd the Men of War that remain d at Spithead* to repair into Portfaouth Harbout to refit. Lait Friday the Rev. Mr. John Tilbrd, M. A. was in duflcd into the RcAory of St. Martin's in the City of Oxford, to which he waa lately prefented by the Lord CNnceUor. They wiite from Hannover, that one Mr. de Rbeede, an old Gcirflemartof exceflive Wealth, died there lately, devifinj to his tup Sons two Tun Weight of Gold, which he ha< amafled for that purpofe in Ingots and Species. Yefterday died in LonuVrdftreet, Kit. Deplacctt, an eminent Dutch Merchant. --On Tuefday Night hut between 8 and 9 o* Clock, a Gentleman was robb'd Mo Bedford-row by two Fellow* of 17*. a Silver hilted Sword and his- Knee-Bocklcs: One of the Rogues was afterwards flopt in Bromley-flreet, but the Crowd being very great, he found means to make his Efcape. This Evening will be Performed, At the French Thsat*b in the HAY-MatxtT, ARLEQJJ1N ASTROLOGUE, <rc. At the Thbatri Royal in Dru ay - La n c. The CARELESS HUSBAND. At the Thiatrb RoYAt in Covent - Garden, King HENRY the Fourth, with the NbcromasccIr. At the New Thiatrs in Goodman's-Fte-los, The FOND HUSBAND, with the Necromancer. "Yeflerday Bank Stock was 13; t half, a 3 4ths. India 14a, a 3. Sovah-SeaTiading Stock 79 $ 8ths, 79 1 4th, a 1 half. Old Annuities 103. Ditto New Annuities 104. Three per Cent. Annuity 9* 1 half. Million Bank 107. African ao. York Buildings 4. Royal Aflmance 96 I half. London AfKuance 11 7 8ths, a it. New SankCirculaticn 3I. 1 os. Piem, Soifth Sea Bonds jl. 3s. Prem. India dim* 3!. 6s. Prem. Three per Cent, ditto il. 15s. a al. Prem. fcnglilh Copper al. WeUh ditto Books fhut. Salt Tallies l 1 half per Cent. Prctw. BEL L A M Y, Mayor. The Firft Court held on Tuefday the sath Day of November, 173 4, and in the Eighth Year of the Reign of King George the Second, of Great Britain, ice. TjyriEREslS Sir William Billers, tbe hie V* - Lor J Major 1/ this Citj, on tb: lafl Lord M<*}'Si Uajr, at be ivaf in (be Piectfjhn through tbii City, imis infuiuJ in hit Cea.b in a rude and violent maniur, by great Numbers of Ptrpei hijjing at him contemptuoujly i by thtir throwing sf Diit, Turnip, Stones, Brickbats, and other offevfiv' things into tii Coach; ty breaking the Glajj of his Coach, and attempt!)^ to full it to fibers, to tbt Hazard af"bis Pit Jon, and to tb* great bcanJul eutJO/fnue of the Masijtracy of this City i this Ciun taking,ibis Matter into their Conflict at ion, and bating the uttnoji Aklwrtncc and Ot.' tefiation of fuebvile and infamous Proceedings, and having, it at Heart that fuch Offtndtrsjbmid he brought to titdign Punijl/mtnt, and to prevent ijucb PraHires for tie future, data hereby Older, That if any Per fan or Perjbns jball difcovtr any of tbt Ptrjins k� io UUfcr afoicfaid i aoi-that any Verlooor rerfjut wlw> �r* or (bail bedcfiicu-. co farm (tie tame, nay know and icceiva tlie Cuoditiotu on whiiS i>.cy arc to be leu of jaihcs Brace, ilieir Secretary, at tlx Itiih Chuubcj i-i r.uiiJlull. ot tiii Moufe in St. Lanftrrce-laiifl, LonJva, and chat cr.e fiid, Sociciy iiKCDi to meet on Tuel'day ibo Tenth Diy ot tfeccrabrr ocxt, at 4 in the Alicrnoon, at the trilbChamber atoreliiJ, and i:�ntc-l'uf�aid Weekly to receive and treat 00 ail lush Piopufd* at flia.l te mad* to them in chat behalf". Hand-in-Hand Firc-Oiljce. 'T'HE Direflors giv� Notice, that a General Meeting of tbt C�tribuTo>s of the Jaid Society vjfiTtt held at their Office in Angel-Qourt on Snow-Rill, ibit Day, the 14/6 Injlant, by Three in the AJ'ttrnaan, tvbere all 11/vs ha ve infused art deftred to be preJeiU. High Water at Uedon-Brklpe tbb Day. at 6 Mi: after s in tbe Morning, and z(> after a in the Afternoon. > AT the KING'S THEATRE in the Mai-Maiktc <m SaturJa* ecir. the 10*10 of MHember, be pe-tixnj'd a Nru orhRA, caVlM . A R T A X E R S � S. Vi; �d Brtca to be pot r-fethet. and n� ftttht* to be ao�Jt*�il virtual TKket�, �h.<h �iil t� cVtlrrr'j on Svvt4*t* � tbtOfnjSj in the Itat-Mttkct. atbal� aOowet etch. Oalkry �t. By bit MaiistV* Cemxnnd, No rtrfow wlairrfr to be avtairtnl bthtad the StYMt, To begin nt Six o'Ckck. _ AT the Theatre Rpyal in Co vent-Garden, oa Saicrday neat; bewf the ldth of Norrmbtr, wdl be .m% dc. . Placft for the Bitn mar be uken at Mr. Fdboucg'f* Merchant of Rappee-Stuff, a( (he U\i fhratre. No PetfitOi tnhe  mined toto the%sta�i.h-ut TUketr, whic'i will be ecl'tct'd atil.e Bar ot" tbcTtcatrc t( . **h. 1'n f�., Ptif.-a to Os~4i'mK<r4 bchwil il ci, tut *�} Aim*/ to bt rctttta'd �licr the Cat* �i> t  �!tawr. up. _ _ i 7i� begin at Six u'C'ti. ^ TomtrtrM btin? F . liiil be frtfcnitd A CoPirdf, tall'J . L'tlE'fJ A E U X NAUFRAGV.. ^ Note, All the French Plays for the future will be advcrtVtl in this Paper anj tiir Daily journal, and in nf othtr. -v Lands�, n*veniberji, \ j\a. DESERTED from Capr. John Robcrcfon's Ompatif, ol tut Mud. Livtii. o.-.i, ta'nui'. Kcgtrmu', l>or,-aau.kUt Uuoai^, abou; tu ijr Yci.s tacn in Ktmaiic in Nnnh Atitai", abuu: lite Vnds.Ua l.c'o li jh, btati \tU (tioogbut!r, fljjji black iliaic Hair, (txiaj Face, � ircib Complcsion, * lml= |>�I4 00 (be Cro�oii hi> > cad, lp,-�ksff*ry bad fcng iui anti ih ric4 of wiib him fame IWxat, s(i.�kuie>, � pUin liat, and fome *�Jier TtrirRi of Valor, wnonf ihaea one Siltcr fauna wiib  Woli'a ttt�der iibe Bulc. Wb^svcr wilttcCorw thtfitd MacUunUl in any Goal or PttfrO, and gire No Uo incietf to tfcefaie) Capt. k\ ai fjrieit't Coflct-hmfc, tp;j-Gte ibo McufeOatr.-Cbarcsg ctDf., or to Mr. Hobeu Mitchca:'. A|e>t to il� ahuva RtiiOJCn.-, (a the Groad-aray, Wtlloii lie . Gi*'l hate Kite tiuioeai Kcward, txhiti what ibey aitceiitled 10 by Ad ot i'atliainvni. N. 8. If be rctora* to the fiuJ Captaio ia a Fotrniabt fi.m il  Orehcieof, and %\v.% an auooii wfcoe he ItavS paved or Maine Thi he cawiie* jlbhun. be (hall Vctorgueo.  � ESERTED from M.ijor John hhlfs cLm;3cy, iaite Ht�r. Col. Cj'i�a i/�. lli(juricnt cl Font, at \Viocv�Uei, l*:er r>-errny, 3} Ye*r*02 A.v, fi^r litff iigh' li t� ei aril ibree '^jimer* ht;h �:'h. m t- '1 �m*tmmsn m tsiiJUtrt, fof Trade a Tayloi, �t a tait Q-igp-caH)?'. bUiJ....: at, and a iiir |u liii_ l>c'"�ltd alf� f'""mCija. Wit' i-.m VukscmS C.-mp�ny. io rbrfaidj ftcfiuieiir. J.ira \za.-Ai, 19 Y*�f*-el' fa�Ca I. chia and a Qjlitci hT^Ji �i:h.�: '�,'.��, bitP r-ti- H'f> �� >� Ut�h}ill it, hy TltJn .o.bjr.dau?. ��* * fisr O tn,i>�Ilu^, lio-i 'Java tint, irty h')C�t and u�u*"j *�bthe irnall fa. AlUeJc.'ted �t*o� ��K faii f- scf��y �vJ R-j5ib�si, Wi lun> Mill*, 18 Year* 31 *�e, fi*= F*"** 1 "-l'-'> ���'- >*' \b'>rt, Kiu �i I'ciw note i-. i:->r--*JLX. x Wj^eittf-. �A * U'i C sm^lu'w;> |l*.r�"vfcr�rr�y by-�. - *c*�; R:*: uthcr uu'hu.Sjfe, .at * t*.lc 0.1 tfce l " In C'h... Wbic>e d U -J� *' c >J �' it0.1 jard. ttfcitVlji, .1 itt ah< miuudirg Oifiar ,at Wicciefter, (b�V �at��e T�wO .. t�� KcaaH "� ciih of ihctn.cier aod �*toto wL-ti � a! ci/'J li Act at I i ur.i ;it l^i spfrwvc.'mi Henry raffle. AdvtrUfementi in ibis Paper of a moderate Length are taken in at Txo Sli!!:'!*! er.b.

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