Wednesday, November 10, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Wednesday, November 10, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 10, 1834, London, Middlesex " droe hadno tbe LUmmotio'd a MaM<i�r�CM m each ef the Ost-cm of the three French Hwtf bm. ami thow Troops were to ^.^k�"^**Jf��ntheir Reset* law. � . 'IrsoWWwb^ ihuthe Flett. at tohead and Breft into Harbour Jo neat the fame Time, t^��KXca*Jy to be dttermin*d which rectiVd the �rft Orders. Thertew k prtfcat t- French and Spina* Men of War ia Cadi* Harbour� but the French Soudraa ke*pt<asd et Too-**� ^thc l^iwrajoi-DecaBoer, to be �j op for the Reminder of the Winter Seatan. ; _�^�|o whwthat SfrGtwje Walwo, wkh Uht Ships m me Wsvloli, � m yet onfa'd into Pottv ��tdH� Mejrfty's Envoy it thbCourt. wiO befhortry promt** to be Gcaml mOkief of *Q the totally c tmtTtevttia"fi�tif aft mitu little; luiuivutaiwtjr-aiis. fafeV^i Othlftr 31. The Emperor's Ambanedor isof-Lm Conference with the Minirlen cf State, and Yeflerday EtaAtnitoceOi'hJ* Majerly upon the Arrival of aoExprcfs IvfaoBa. *r� fiid, that there is an Alliance offennvc Jefatfve negotiating between the limperor, the Curiae, tt| la* Aegittfos, and that thisCrown has been invited to gmftfki the Purport of it being, for the mutual Defence afthtsvlmver* ineafctheGimndSrgniorfljoold make Peace Peifiam, and torn hi* Arms toward ChritUndom. tlwStaM lave paftd  Rc&lutmn fag augmenting the land fjM of thkKingdom to 4*000 Men, bit w� near of no MS&m to the Naval. .- _v . {amwvA**- j. TlniCoattwo�Vd anExpreft fame Day* do*. Hh Etrctoral Highnefiof Cofogti naaccrc?d to pay the EaptfOT � Million of Crowww be difpens'd with giving Qjar-cnttihe Profiian TroopM hot we know not at yet bulaape-riil Ilajen>% Anfwer. rTil certain the Court neg!e�b no Op-porranit/ to engage d* ft intra of the Empire to Wnimtthnpinr bet Mtheir Emjka�*4irt form little Hluly m ucceed, a Report gatt, thai m cafe the War fhould continue, the EmMOf will eV�W hk whole I'orce meat off foch omutural Membenas AaUMitlagarnrl their Head- We reckon that the Imperial ferco �viDrbe very moch augmented b/ theoea Caaafaim lento 30009 Men from.Ernna, theCoomof Denmark ana Cmvlra wi|l furnUh r 8oa6 Men between them; and we have HeeaithmiheCoaK----------- 4(?Makfly for a further Socoour of 6000 Heffiw*, at wemS^^i}^^^^^0^^^^^ Medly to be � BrtttHm the ^ wiUtaccecl in the like' *0T***%!* ^DnvJvmm>t, Capt. Dwell to be Cmmand- iat Copenhagen. ATmkim Aga.� ftt out from Con- ^^L^0,*?1** f^^f1- Ua*m�anoer amiintole, in order to come and refioV here: We know not vice that the Detachment from toe Rhine would foon join the Imperial Army, and that they intended to pifs thro' tbe BreV ciae, mmd^r to penetrate mto tbeMflanefe, twenty Batta-eaavaad Cavalry inPtoportmn, have been ami to Coma, ScoaatdTtczzo,'to prevent theEarmy'a Atutmptt. The Hfltfc that were in i^uaifen in the Mndrnrfr have bee* order'd to rq�ir to the Army upon the Oglio. Vttl, i\>v. 8. Wind ,N.B. The ormeaieVlMond 8hip> WJ hft Night am) this Morning. Remain iacfee Downt, tht Daub Skip tor Cadi*, aid fivcrtoa, Clarke, fbfHoiland. Ok of Snips that arriv'd Yctferday came from Antigqa, avd the omer fromVirginia, hot cannm yet lnro their Names., , AmVd lot Night, Pruoila, Barlow, froea Malaga. Dial Nn.a. Came down laft Night, and fiuTd, with the Dmcb Ship for Cadiz, KingWillom, Watkorfim, for Okdixi Macdowd, Wittiken, for Nanu. Anh/d, and faiTd^ for the Note, his Majttty's Sloop the Drake, from Lifbon. Beeum, the Pool Pircmip, from Portfinooth 4 tbe Evenon, Ovke, for Holland 1 ana a Ship lor Cadia, LONDON. hbBwelleKT Mr.WalpolttheAfc^AmlaBador. andBaron Spork, hi Majefly". Envoy mEkaor of Hannover, went on Sonday laft from the Haanf tollehaMfluii. at order tie wait tint Arrival of her Royal Hfcbae* eke fVacrfi. . We km from the HagnT, dttCot Porry barrivd in Hot. bad with a new Rem!�btmeat of Swtt Familict. going 10 i^mtheriewCeJaaTnGecrfm. .? On Sarnrday Night kt caiaeVto Woolwich hk Majefly'. Shipa the Blmlserd, Qept eWrifi, aad the Skecreefs, Cast. Fytch, haviagon board tteCamrmkeely redeon'd in Africa: Thofe peer Pcopk wen � arnica Yesterday, in order to be pieteM>lll>amSeifsBi fo WoeWch Cbarch. and are ex-P^*fJP JHf or Tc^ormwmpaothrevcn the City. wlg:Wvm�}*^i^Jhmi&. wha their lnWg�*m tkafd to appoint Opt Gcddtm to be Com ffetch iatced any thing farther at prefent than the teeming � ftotCny. .TrwfeizixwthePoaofOmuznacbiniheNeigh. f *5*�ed of Rbeinklk, maka U furmaM by feme that they wad m hafiege Rbcinfidk, and accordingly General Wrtge-�to�iairJae.Prt|Bceo^ Hctle CafTelare anivM there; hutothen wre, that the French witt "content themfelvei with blocking *�lbt Paflige of the-Rhine as far as Oppcnheim, and by �tSfH xeooo Met) in theBiihopricks of VVorais and Spire, *Nerall Svpplie* of Proviuon going by Water to Cobfcntz, main, and other Places m the Imperial tntereft. The Duke MWirttaAerg is eocunp'J at the Ncckrrau, but eipecled y8*8 AppJoach of the French to remove to Hailbron. Tbe |jto^^5keavily, that the Troops are extremely friga'd in So��Letr*js from Italy ad vile, that the Neopolitana begin * few tumuUuous, and threaten the Peace ot tbe Span^h (focrament. ~' They write from Skiljr, that the RcdaAkm of that King-2pt��ca very heavily, and that the Spaniards have been rdca, of Semhwark, in the Coaaty of Sony, dfforie at Noon , . - "TT * ^ffi liteMay fculTsmck mm ijfx ladai i�>. �tomeftimtk 79 t keif,  | W A�fi Them fee C^. Avmaky ^ 1 jt*. - hgemy. African to,. Ymk aVamkmgs ^< (empd ^^�etmik Psem. Savia-Sea emm� it li.HmL Weiri^E^^TaC �* amsV Ojbv fo jtW CvavV ee Smm fHat **-tV� JkiTam^flrw:h^4kmmmlmM sswwee et sswvd Jo wtwifitt. , . & Wmv nW tire, eWW^mpntU To mhkh vih U a***. --- Les ANIMAUX .RAi_O.J^JtlSdB^ WkkmveratEkteitimmcBtiof Dancsnf.i ^i^iotoaWaltwd �tab ^^MP4fM^^^^^\^ 1 Jt bis Mojeftfs Wm* Gardt* / Htdbf'M the HUtt ' * TH 15 Day, being the 1 ithInfant* b* to feirt tt.Ro for iw|� ar (he famoa* Ptutmi1 it c�th s ih� lirfl (hat run a*uv low the UatST^"" U vfmitt,Fireworss iwe'iMoie 4� tsttCwmsv >a* after him. ,___7" , MrilrV, fiv�n MuuufcJas*. aeiy, v ��( to ~ lull lor Tea Shilling* � j &0 STC | C thptt btouikt itoot VUmt im aomh-aa awrr, btim ttm i*� aywkw Ca^asi i- ww k*�wa'ia s^Krftem. snmsawee of Qsalttf md Ccawy 4v\j m> feii^teMaW tto^4hit|9Fe�JaehmaV�niasias^  U R D E A tl IJCl Tit PRANCIS^p Thomas Brook, Af^tV. SAILS on the aoth Inftanr, The MArk io eefpohe wju oaiha Tttm, aed sficrwaasi *t atr, cayad'a at _Tyt*faear Tower.PiKh. Ttt it S ME ft fhh D*f mmifir tin fi**r*. aV/vmrn tb* Hmrt �/ Ttm end *^CHOyET% Sufgeoo, 1^ ihtw ri: ^ gore it AuMxtmjipjA tntni isaprosvjsmtsfinta bk>M> ou� tharfd down aww a Ts*ie, rWo�'e opta'4 attve, wMrvfo tto C.p^iunof^^^^'^^OUI.v.wa.^as^i n. The Ciiwluioo u ah> fo� fro�> tbe yemw w u> OslaV aml^ta|^...,. m H �pval<i iheC3�iU th* itearr, and the "5k I wimthvatteliifciv*i, _ toTUwl^vi*. All.whktoPAtikpJa.*,^ ge hnr witt ft���al ether rrvatrsboM, wi� he llwwa ted ejearlf Mpiin^*n�i�lilhorFr�a >tf.Chom hiaifta'. v , -� - Now, a Qeorstirawaapeoptri,qeeJeV^ wllattanJtheLaesss, I OS Lj lalt. fi3*Ta cot OS i on TuckJjiy the 29th of Oftobcr about Twatsv o'Closk. tht Coeatv �f Qavea flasat, ~* _, _ cold waicb with a tuh atijcg, ow |M c� � �tfat PrbbW Stone, the a raw aCro6> wwh a rtowlforshei Ut't NuM �dli'� or Me>. If aay *crsw kit lalmep wUbriagHee Mr.Naavsa, WattMaitar, nesiDeav tpsaa T*�eraTiS�Ar Utmion-mrnktiotH umh assaiM WimOaepmi . u4 00Qi*a�� ssfc^d. if c4kV4 m bl r. . (hill tuvt Two CiiSaaas Htwui, Ve  or if ctti'4 to fcU 01 pawn, par (top it, �ar4Qjaptei*�ri. md�*e faawfUwmM OST on Wednefday Night laft, bet _/ orurNewpoi (tK.i^d(^r CoSMlkMl�iDCrtufatwU^ aar�Ja�iif (rot*. aBiag with 6a BiiUiaatt, tti/ctutfuhl a Tcpas ii f witb Ltu Hotttoo < aad  ine ieamU ia iU tiiitlc; aiMihrr ILff wiih  �hka < thrwc ^ th*�bo�efu4 C�AWI ______ If ^Sr-'e 10 h* sewa'Jorl^aVj fay (htm, V4 ��� fhJ; b ��ibt f�nr.� fUvtrL Whotvat Ussevhcn ia ate IKorlrt Two Ovucu Bjtwsr J.

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