Thursday, November 4, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Thursday, November 4, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 4, 1834, London, Middlesex .....'Ill ll }ay arrived tbe Mail from France, Paris November 10. HEY write froth Madrid, that t>rders bad been fern to Barcelona to fallen Tbe lVparturc of the r^ooe^Mrn-whidf" are to job toe Allies in Lombardy: That the Marquis de la I'as, one of hit Catholkrk MajeAy'a Chief Mini* fters. was dead ; and that' the Fight which bappen'd oft the Coaft of Catalonia, between three Spanith Men of War and three Algcrine Rovers, was -fgt&effvrjpjrons on either Side; that one of tbcSpanifli � * her Amagooift, and having-taken her Crew, ^^iiojfrrl fr 160 Turk*, and relealed 24 Chriftian Slaves ^Jkanir"*4 her, funk her to the Bottom } jthatjhe othet a^Zla^t tirt * Tempeft parted them, by the Favour cf S&^Argerines made off, b*tt fo (hattw'd, that it l was not at ^dtbey could holdout to their Port, The Spaniards in this afta* IW hot fix Men kiUVL and fourteen wounded. Orders fl^eto-ljrseacdocand Paupaine. to make Provifion for '^ZuA Hortr.whkhare to pais through thole Provinces; a -tak'Waf to join the Allied Army. jjfsl Q&ter 2. Wind N. N. W." Moft of the outward-haft are &u"d this Mottling. Remain, the Dutch Srupjrten-Sl-Veatroay, for Cadiz; Adriatiik, HaimaS, anTSt. (WavPetot. rcrStretghts j Harwell, Brooks; arid Carter, jggggj for Cadiz i Paradox, Barnes, for Nahtz. Came PfW^William. Grew, for Dublin�Britannia; Davifon, tratorxtaoa. Arriv'J, Charm meMolly, Harrifon, from." . L O N 1> O N TIeCbBBt de Moruijo, theSpanilh Ambaflador, having ko|Ak txw Inflxaflkms from his Court, relating to the Satis-fcljoiBapolatsd by the Treaty of Seville, to be given bur Mer-�ao have ioffeiM-by the Depredations committed on ** Ships re the Weft-Indies, hh Excellency had fcveral Qgfiiltrt h& Week with the Minitlcrs of Mate on that Ifca, and Yesterday difpateb'd an extraordinary Courier to 'UattJwna the Refclt; arid 'tis affur'd. that ffis Catkblick aSsjrty items at prrfcnt diipos'd to make full Satisfaction for ^ArDaaitgcjcai Mtichantsfliall legally prove they have Usa/d. -*e are tefonn'd, that feme new Propofab having been a^cv the Court of France by two conftderable Powers, with Kkoita to the Grand Work of Reconciling the Princes at Vacate, bis nwfl Chiiflbn nbjefty's Anfwer was to this Effecl; '* TUt hems always difpos'd to attend to Overtures of Brace, * tai fisos2d very readily hearken to an Accommodation, pro- * tided the Emperor would snake the firfi Step, by engaging - katfeifro eve Satisfaction in those Quarrels which hrtt occa--fca'dtheWar." Hi MajtSy repeated at tb% nunc time his Proteitationj. *Ttafce was irmly rcjbh'd not to keep any of the ConqucW ^kftaold make in theCourt of thcprWenr War." it is omUendy reported, that this Anfwer, with the other We hear that a Foreign Man of War belt* driven ft �w Days ago by Strefs of Weather into Portsmouth liar^our, witn about eighteen KritiOt Sailors on board; rthe Fellows procus *d lrttimatton to be giverrAdmiral Norm of their Defire to quit the Service they were in, and roestef into trot oTnTsTWaitty; whertujan a Mr-targe in their Favour was fejtt to the Corn-marker of the foreign Ship, but he at firft rcfus'd to releafe them on any Terms; till at length after fcverat Meflagesiii-terchang'd. and teeing ibine very prevailing Arguments preparing tor him, the Gentleman thought proper to give toe kngliihrncn their Discharge. , Laft Night the Corps of the Right Rev. John Waogh, D. D. [^Hoorstending to a General Peace, h�ve been fent to the laa%aad Dacca AmbalWfon at;Cortflantinople, to by them trice de Grand Vizir, in order to fceiv th�Alinuler, that a lVncaaaec|^ thcCnnflian Powers now at Variance, is not fo JbraeBO/d from a Pofiibility of Reconciliation, as may .have hamimaui to Lis Highness; and 'tis not doubted, but thefe sal jbiae eder moving Argumcca which may probably be fad. �iD cmean time they witte from Holland, that the States Cecal have communicated to bis Excellrncy Count d'fjhl-fciH. tic Ircpnul Ambaf&dor at the Hague, this friendly Ifiopfeioota Great Jltitain and their High MightinefTes at (acQbonaa Porte i and 'as added, that their High Mighti--�fetoak occafion from tite&ce to renew their Entreaty to his aaptntl Majrfty, to accept the Offer of their Mediation with-m ** *y Rcfairlbuj. rq>iefcming that the fame would alone jarfttfliuHy prevent tbe Turks fioro auackingliis Heredi-DoaiauCB:. F�4 Lettrrs from Berl:� mrntion, that the Hopes conceiv'i p* bs Prc�an M*jr:ly'5 Recovtry are intirely vanifh'd, and *Khe onmues to Labour under fuchdangerousijyrnpiorns, "wreBorocm to expect his Life manyl)ays. ^ AMtgpeaou} ij cariyicgon at Amllerdam, to borrow a ^%*^Jloaty tot tbe Ernj>uor, upon bis Quickfilvcr Mines, �r�tftr Cera, per Aeu. 01 at Eight and Nine per Cent. �*kh*ar Lue. iy Mamirg aboat 8 c'CIock. her Royal Higbnefs ^ let oxi twm St Jarne�'s, attended by a rerr-rf ifc'Hfitfc-Gtt�nis, tor llarwkh. Jn-order to embark �� fiewnd. Y^aeay Lis Ma)efly, his Royal Highnefs tbe Prince of **V*JM tarPitactilts'AHicha and ti�io!inf, w�n! to the J^dtiapd at St Jj5aei*i, and heard Divine Service per- Tke KJtii Heu , ,^ s ifiount Londlale, Lord Privy-t�c S> c: btxtc bciore the Kipg to'Chapel. . - -arj) cfcoarwiog iaJjfpos'J, wa*^Y elterday ^lo7ri^r^g"" Bad, tnj iUciuiKis be^td,Divine Service perform'd by �*��. Or. Bua^y in her own Apruneni.- *l�jd�y> Inuiijxiuuu prevented the Royal Family's �"^�Piblkk. ' � aniSSgMCt*y the Right Han. the Earl of Burlington 'Home a f'iccadiliy from the Bath, where he had vifit kii Coaatefs.. *ho Las been dangeioufly ill there, *a w*y c^*ecov"y l^oday Adnund Kerns waited upon his Msjefty at St. fT?*"u,*d recpv'd ve^y gracioafly. l^�n�B-Pe?er king. E6j; bond the late Ijord Chancellor, 88 � pc&nt Lord King, arid Partner with Sir John "�"�mi*1! * Majefly's Aftro- Ifca*oi�rC,T*lt*" td5 lKr!y prWettfd fome very jn.portant **h 'riiiion to the Longitude ��aAaaSi*y XS' P*,kcr"� Cbriunt Mare ran at New-'^itaSfc? *,r* Ali*ai>* Chefcui Galloway, ten Stone, I Q^>r?*J? �ooGai�a�. uUcL Wkt *cn by the iormer. i'l'tmJL^Li^ T~-SpaUcan. Uqi u�a of the Directors itlnSiSr ^ ^u:g*c� to bis Royal Highnefc JT Wafca, �Wtirctcd Felkw. wf the F.tyal Sociery ________ ..... Right, Bilhopof London'; Dr. Chandler, Bittiopof Durham; IJf. Hoadley, Bilhop of Witteheftef V Dr. Sherlock, BMhop of Saturn t Dt. WiJlcocks, Bifiiop of RJochdler t and'Dr. Butta, Bifhop of Norwich, The Rev. Dr. Hargrave, one of At'Prebendaries of Weft-mimler, having reftgnU the Reclbry of St. Margaret's Wcft-minfter in favour of theRcv.Dr.Kendrick, the Doctor preach'd Ycfterday in the faW Church tor the firft time. A Treaty of Marriage is concluded between ' �- Ethe-rington, Efq; of York, and Mr*. (Srinltluof Great Ormowl-UrcetratjdyoT celebrated Beauty, and a large Fortune. On Friday died at hit Hour; atJlrtimpton, John L�afcs, E<q; he was formerly Clerk in the Pay-Office under bis Grace the Duke of Cfcandos. , , There is now ihew'd at Northampton, a Woman of r*enty-two Years of Age, born in Lekdtcrfhire, who is full (even Foot high without her Shoes, arid every way proporiiun'd. Oh h riday Evening lall the Comrriiffioncrs tor ukihg a Survey 6f all the Officers,; Clerks and Minilters of the Court of Chancery, ands enquiring into thelf fits, He. tan at their Houfe in Arundel-ltreet in the Strand 1 and the Sheriff of Middlefex having return'd a Jury of very eminent and reputable 4 Attorneys and SoUicitors in Chancery (whereof Mr. Duton.of Lincoln's-Inn was the Foreman), Sir John Gonfon being in the Chair, in a very learned and-ingenious Speech or Charge of about half an Hour,, open'd to them the Nature of the Service they Were to perform, and reoommeoded to their prcfent Kn-o^v^jhe Offices,'sff^c^rJ^ the Accomptant General in Chancery< j wi, $d\y* the A% davit-Office in Chancery : and redue'd the AtticTes or Heads of their Enquiry to thefe tour, viz. 1 ft, Tberro^iiiewhatOfS-cers. Clerks and Minitiers, do of right belong to the three Offices belbrc-memtoo'd. adly, What Fees, Rewards and Wages, every of thefe Officers, Clerks and Minilters, or their Subtmutcs or Undcr-CIetks, may and ought lawfully to take, idly, What Fees, Rewards and Wages, have of late thte been unjuftly ehcroach'd, or impos'd upon the Subjeft by any of them. 4thly, To enquire what Extortions, Opprefftons ami Exadlions, have been ufed or committed by any of them in the Execution of their refpeclive Officet. ' Tbmerrpw, btim tbe Annivtrfary �f tbt P�av l -------�------------^.......'\ V 1 T A ME R L A N r�r4t ArM* Mts. Robetrs, Mff tlMfittt iKnrU Hr� Apprartau Gwllcr taiitboAtic*. Timtftaae, ar. OatM*; 9t)�m, Mr. twj; Stbrns Mr*. c.*�re ' " Town** itlb��id�aaa iiaV^m<iM 0**t* n} MSHrs Moof. valotsi Milkt's Witt, wn. WM��ar4| MUtara Maa,'MtC R�| i Gooi irt t. il Qoakas a* lalamal Spirh, Ctwroa, tbt MMrM W Hctcfl, itcftt a�4 U�i4tr, pstfiaraiV If *4r. Ms|s�, Mra-OMabars, MiKjUtsantfottMnilift tWy.Mr. Haatfatao; nibs Mr. �aacl� MoaC ValWa, Mr. Sawikam mi Mr MS****} H�f iaabitt. Mr. Woo4�w4 a�l Mrs. v�Uw� Mr.taftts aaif Mrs. bpri^ Mr. IMMtt in tWCharaftmat-fialalo^ Mwawia, lia�iMiai�aa<Wa^MrC Tftb** �ir�i Wattmmi, mat rUka* mi MfK taHl Sttdum aM Mi&saMnaajk. Mr-TarU aa4 MnlkthgkMJI] Mr- T a�. rfjrkgi a<4 othar PttntmlutiiMi Bo*ttM*l Sslomet mti* Stop ci. fiaavt 1 r. f�  i; 6 * N. p. H� left tail ftiw �Bi be raW lork� til Tin* of? the*rtC ��a& ftfaoftps tfk? T'+*tte. ��: ' '.......1 ' " ^ By tlv Company cf French C*metians% t AT the NewThesttw in tbe Hay-Market, ** this Day. bciafc tbe *Ui tsMtat, wij bt;pr*6afalM i>K tha 41b of Novcmtcr, wi>l be rKifofm^ a NewOPfiaAi safl^l- _ , w  � rw-\ tk, -*r r? 1^ C t? ?* A A Rv T A X E R S E S. Pit and Bouii 10 ^ put together, tot no Pcrlba* 10 be admitted without Tulel*. �hicli will be dciirer'd Tooiurio*. �t ibe Ofikc 10 the Hay-Mtiket. bt" � Guineacith. Gilleiy By b'n Maj e srv'/ Cmwuud, No Pcrloiu *h�tcftr 10 be admit"* behind tr it>'i-'� . <)ie Office in rhg Hl|rMwk{t. _ 19 be S � E TV, fj/i D * it-mpvalfrom hit Uce Houle io Orautc-tirtct) which repxetau a Woman chaio'd down upoo a Tabl�, WWWd �flu'^ ab�c, wbtrcto cm Circut*iiiM> of >h� ttlooj j, made rifibk ibro' Qlalf Vein* �od Arurict: Tr.e CircaUiiou it alio leco fion th| Mothtr to ibt Child, aod fiooi ihaChiid to ittc Muihcr i wkhtbsfiuoUck and eUftot�ck Mucioaof ehc Heart, and the Aftioa of tb* Lusts. aU wbicn Vaiikal*i�, u>-fie h�r with Icvcral other rrcpantioM* will bs (hewn. aa4 �kailf eapiiia'tl 11. Rnglilb or ftsacn, by Mr.Cnovtt bia>(*U. tiste. A Cnntivvaaiaa prop�r^ qutffi wiJ |tt(�4 tbt UiJasb The Pus otf UuLt&mVia Ufttdm'4 by Mr. f laNCllQCHi /vera/ Mmtrtahmentt tf Daxtug. PUcr* for (be Boair* aaav ba taken at Mr. �nba*ra't, Mtnbait if Rappce-Vmff. at the laid timtl*._________. . '.,.-----i-- No mfoet to bt acmttted iato the 9vm *itlMwt TkUcm, �ms'i will ' be deliver* ar tbe Bar of. the Tbiaiie at 5*. eath. Pit J .. Oil, i s. tin p�rbo 10 be fsdoiifuai trtiad tbaStcaira, aor aay Money i^^t -rctara'J af;�t ibe CortaiaitdkaM up. To begin cwhOly at Sia p'Oock. KB. vebtrtas, if the Miyiijracfof tht Bw+ftpttn, Am** re*f*�tb**e htm �dVrt�4-*itt�M larj^t* or ataatt} 'nibM^ r d rbaf Grntltmm **4 LMia snfl i� #Iau% r# Mb thHrT4htti ttftrr ibey g�t� mtb* O&cr, m mt Mr. rrthmtf*. Kate, All tbe French Play* lor tto Kiture wiO be iHfmtiftNl . in rfus Paper and tbe Daily Journal, oaVVa a� �/*W._ vft Majefly's Bear-Garden in Hockley tbe Hole, TH IS Day, being the 4th Inilanr, will be a �nar Spo�, via.  ." v t�o t>o(. to ficbt tan let|(�*cad� at rbe faosoas White �u8 (b< OfiC Crwi c*�bi 2diy. F* tkay* to ri|hi Uteofor letgoai the famsat mad IflJrl-no Bail lor it* SfnJimf* each at �h� Bear. t__ C>*e�ifitV�nvrt or Bgtl *� 9rar-bark|; * will be d,Hf*M op >iih Frrewvifki all ever hiiB, a�4 iuio'J<n tbeOaaMplaMa* moofII the Peop.V, wiib two or rfut* Ix^i after him. TTe Uoor, mttibt open at T�ro. �nd at fill*'pr�tifrfv. Nttr. IVftt mi ** tm3 amd Btat^iwg **try ateaday, ttufUf jtneaf Jlittjdjf, A ^COURSE of Mechanical and Experimental PHltasOFH Y, fffff~btg* tWj D*;, r&r aio */ tievmbtr, at Sin in tU^ Eititiag. at tit Acad a MY iaT*\\*r'flrittt By Air. James Stirjmng, JF. R, S� a at - D _ - =ss-. ._ *' iWr. William W a -r^ps. ~ -4 THE Dcfign in thisCburfe is todcmooltrate ib (� Tbioa* by fcjfaeitMtft*, vbicb barer*** tea** m-kf GeorBct�a: ttcillmaK, vhicaimay fee ok*al to fi�b w*at� �u]�aiauM �i<b MarboaaticJt*, Ear will te atore pariKoldly f, to tboft who at* ooe a e* PiftoMranw Nature, *njcb�aa'i ii�l*iitvy by Fa Nichols.*. MP. CM. IS. and P. ft. S. > � Publick Mathematical Lc�lures% AT the Btitilh Cbffcc-houfc in the Old Jcwi? at tcita in fits t*cav-f. Musdaya, oa Navigation. Wednriiayi, 00 the Gkdxs, ./H' J-rto Fridays, on Aflronomy. QT- By JOHN COLLIER, AotW at Cosapralaarai am* Nmukj*. �biUi pcrf^aaf ttm> daflfv ., praA^ca of ft* �boM Ait of Natigatko v4 Aflrodottr jafy by t�� ' b�br ta/peftMi. Trjrajoki�rt�aiy�ob�r��<itb�j�. Priw it.4d. ____,_________..... - �t^�Aaj* ftiahttajtci Sia. **W�X-om i "broad. , " - Sayiv. orfitOwkoamtbaiwiB �.� ^M*�**TJ*tl

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