Thursday, September 23, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Thursday, September 23, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 23, 1834, London, Middlesex The jLHuiy Advertiicr. ft NO AY, Si PTiiikll irjt Qn Saturday arrivt a Mail from-jfoUaitd* ^ and 27jlerday one from Franc/aha* another from Binders. � (�V�0 sys from Barcelona, a Pink, with Letters from Spain, by which we learn, that forty VeficJj lay there, laden with warlike Stores, and waited tor eleven Men of War, which �ere to convoy them into Sicily. , ttaitii, September 14. The King has nam'd the Marqais de Sti Gillcs for his Ambaflador to their High Mightineifes, * �boi will drpart in a (hort Time for the Hague. Mr. Vaoder-(Kfr, Ambaflador of Holland, and Mr. Kecne, Mihifter of the King of Great Britain, have this Day difpacchMa Coo-rfcr to their refpe&ve Courts, with theRefultof divers Con* fcrences which they have lately had with the Miniflcrs of hi* ^J^nwWW"; September 18. When the King of praffia pafc'd tjutwgh Langenhague, it was bbfery'd that his Majefty din'd tVita a very good Appetite, -but that roar, of his People were "toaflathim in moaninghisChaifey and thePhyOrians tdvird him not to bind bis Feet for fear of an Inflaroatjon. Mod of the Voluhrien who are in the Imperial Army on the Rhine, have wrote to their Friends, that they (hail return -tone towards the End of this Month, there being bat little Appearance of any Thing farther befog undertaken on either Side, and that Prbvifion and Forage are exceflfoe dear.' The � Prevdft M. de Munchaufen let out Yeflerday for Gottengaen, to affiil at the Opening of that new Univerfity. Betides an etdinaryJProteflbr of the French,Tongue, there it already en-gag'd aProfefibr Of Eloquence, whofe Name is Raugemont, wfao renVd from Paris, becaafe he would not receive the Cm, jtitMtionUmgtititus. Upon his coming hither he embrae'd the Prpteuant Religion, and has ftnee been Minifler of the French K^rm'd Church in this City. -. Bamburgb, September 24. We have receiv'd Advice, that , General Pociei, who was inPoffeflion of the Country of Litha- ~ ajfo^^with a Body of^ooo:Men, and 13 Pieces of Cannon, ludheen attacked and beaten by a Corps of the Ruffian Amy t that tooo of his Men were kill'd, and that all his Artillery had ben taken. They write from Copenhagen, that the Man of War call'd the Brillant, had receiv'd Orders from the French Court, to remain in our Iiarbowiill the Arrival of the French tfrooj* which were' to come from Conftradt, in order to con-oufttBein into France. - fhtu\ Sept 20. WindS. W. Remain his Majelty'a Ships --tSPembroke, Defiance and Deptford 1 with Briftol, Salter, fa St. Lucar 1 Ducanc, Spencer, for Leghorn; Barbary Faftor, Quick, forLilbonj Bear, Smith, for New-England;: . Recofery, Laws, for Jamaica*' Happy--jennet|; Hatches*: fcrCadfay Sally, Prefwick, for Seville j Dorfet, Oliver, for Spith'Ctrofo*. ArriVd, Judith, Bradfluw, from Oporto ; Queen Caroline, Harris, from St Cbriftopher's. MaK'Sept. at. WindS. W. Hir Majefty's Ships, jvith i^auward-boand, remain as per Yeflerday, but the Happy Jennet, who is fiul'd to the Weft ward. Arriv'd, the Exchange! *� ' �from Pbiladclpbia. -- L O N D ON. t)a Sarotday lad their Majefties and the Royal FamUyJ dwtttnlihemielves with hotting a Stag {that had been bunted fecial times before) on Hounflow-heatb, which afforded very g6od ,DiwCkm for near four Hours, when his Ma>H\y order'd his life to, be fpa�M, and retum'd with the Queen and Prin-^^mKenfiirgtontoTDiniier. ThePrinceof VVal�ajBdthe DukecMdnu'd tbe ChacrfomeVi^ atlength the Prince returhM to his Houfc at Kew, and the Duke to Ken- lUSfiQllt n. - - - *� -- - As their Royal HighnefTes the Princefi of Orange and Proctft Caroline were returning With their Majefties inaChaife and Pktt near Kenfington-Church, the Linchpin of the Axle-tree broke, and one of the hind Wheels flew off, which had like to have thrown both their Highncfles out i but the Coachman immediately Hopping the Horl�7'they were itcIp'J cjit without -receiving any other hurt than being veiy-much attrighted.. Their Highneffcs walk'd miarm the Palace Gate, .where they were taken up by the larne Chaif^jtiidcarried to' their Apartments. Her Royal Higlmefc thejPrinccfs oTO-range wai immediately let Blooi by his Majefly's^urgeon in waiting. 'Letters'fibm Paris of the~29thlnftant mention^ that mod of the Peaiknts in Sicily were up in Arms, apd made a cruel Havock among the Germans: that the Spaniards reckon d 10 be Matters of that Ifland by the firft of November ; and alfo, that ttSe Royal Revenues, which were ufually colltfcled at that time, wou'4 be paid to the Infante King, and not to the Ero-P*ror. The Prince of Lobfltowiw, Governor of Mcffina, rtfolv'd to abandon the Caltles of Mata&rtfbn and CaflelJaw), and to defend the Caille o< Gonzaga only. YelWrtiay in the Afternoon an I'lxprcls was fent from Ken-Cnjtontothe Rigiit Hon the fcarl of Waldcgrave, his Ma-Jtfty's Ambaffador extraordinary at the Coqut o� France. LallWrek his Grace the Duke of Dortei, I-ord Warden of the Cinque Parti, was pleas'd to appoint the Earl ot Middlefcx. his Grice's Son, to be Governor of Walmcr Caille in the County of Kent, in the room of Mr. Furneic, who harh re- On Friday kit � ftrfasackn pafiM the Seals to eaabWtk* ReV. MV. Nicholas Carter tobeRraorof Hast mtheDioctfe of Chkhefter. T r And on Sararday a Grant pat'd the Seals for John EckdeD, E �wnd them: And 'tis bcJKv'd that norhint will be inore csitrra'rnmg than tbobTetrethepleaJJogAdjaiu^itnctttheym at fomethiog to curious andoaKomtnon as those Eatertain* merrb are. From Mr. PraChbeck's they will proceed to the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden. ImmrpMtrtftbt t6/A M. fir Thetfield, rraiTherfield, h Hertfirjiirt, m Uvrtgin ttfdfi *nT,i �rf HatfieU, *stb*Grml,firtttJ**n*l frutfdi toam&in ncbubUfl it tbtB&op*f Stlipaft Lr��ft **r. tbt Bite? tfBa^t, �ot* txm mnmfJi* tie* Ott*fi�- High Warn � fjCttfon-Bridge this Day, at 3,6 Minutes after 6 in the Morning, and � met 7 in the Afternoon. Saturday Bank Stock was 159. lor the Opening. India 145, a 1 half. South-Sea Trading Stock 8.1. OM An-atuttes toe 1 half. Dtao New Armmtics 164 s half. Three per Cent. Aanty 93 t half, a 3 4th* Mfljioo Bank 108 1 half. Afrksm 30. YakBoildings 3 t 4th. Rcyal Affiuance 97 1 half, a 8* JLondon Aflnranca �* 3 -8ths. New Bask Gradation 3L as. 6d. Prem. Soothes Bonds 3L 8s. Frets, bdia ditto 3I. I3�- a t4*. Pf�*s. Thm per Cent, ditto aL Presn, EDglifh Copper it Weim 4iuo BorJo flwt. SaU Tallies a t half per Cent. Prem. _ _ SoutJi-Sea-Houie, London, >  20 Sept. 1734. *VHE Court of Directors tf the Soutb-Sea- Ctmfmttf jpot Ntirtj tjm * <&m**t Cm* ^Ttbt Jaii Comfy vzifbtbtU titthtiKlk& u,Jl*f*JmtJU$trt*rM Fridaf ibe ijtb ImjUut, ttt %\Utbt Fam*at bti*g tmt *f tbt HaJf-Yceuj) Qmrts aftimilf tbt Cbmrttr, ami t� Ctmmttti fivem tt ulftB tUtf-Ltrwi. Soarjt&a-Houfe,/ Lmidon, , v.' ao^Sept. 1734. T*HE Court tfDireflortdf tb? $outb-Sea aftf Jwtaft, dsfrlitJ*tdliSfift^rdthtOmtaf Affifiturts tf tbt Jatf&mQa*/to mttt tvtrj It'tJatfdaj, to-treattmb aaj (Qammtttt to bt affoiniiby tbt Qrtditm, in oidtr ta aatmmJatt. amd givt thm SatiifaBiat^fif tStv Dtbit \ fimt tubicb, that Jravhg ban a Meeting tf fimt ef tit CeJittri at BlackvuWi, Cifee-btuft, tbt CWrt ef JffijlaatS effatttJ a Qutmitlee to mt*t vAtb /sub Prrfiu m tbt Jaid'OtJiiefi pH*U tbuJt ft to mmi-eat/ylm order to ctnfiitr tf a idtAtd fir gr^ag tfotri a'rtufig-able tend ffeedj SathfmB'oM fit tbtir itfttttrit Dtbtt : and Fit Genti'maMtoSeem'd im jumasnlitf the Mfrtiagi dt BUelrjJeltt -Cijfeeheuje, bavimg omitltd to Sltmmm tit QrtJittrt 19 mutt to ebtife ficb Cimmiette, Tte G'svrrKur ar.J Gzat tf AjijtaMft ef tbt /aid C'txpJxj. im order to briiti the �Affairs them and their Creditor t ta at /{redy a Cvuhfut at (cjftble, d� tertbjgivt Sseiet, that tie B^mJ and otter Creditor! 1/ eiit CiMfaKj are deftfd'iti meet then ca FruLantx^tkt-ijt'oJafiaati -at Eleven o'clxi �� the Fireon*, at tit Ptfe'i Hi ad Tavtm 1* QsreltJl, in *idtr to c:n-fdtr- if a Muhed Jf j[t\i*t. 'btm a reajonablt and ffeedj Sa/i/ fuiiijn pr thiir Mjjt&iit^Jitb Timt altt)et?ndit.ii ef tie dnifasj an imvuid and dfit'd to bt ftefentl From the Hcfpiul near Hyde-Park Corner. September zc, 1734. ftTOTICE is hereby give^ tbjt a /fecial General * D'a-d ii-ll It LiU tlete en tlui ij^f tie tbtl Imjianl. at lO 0' C!..k in the T+itzinn, is^a e*t>JLzidimarj Affair 1 rtlatieg tu tit JlaJ ILifital. thtritable - Corporation - Houfe, S^ting-'THE CmMtfCmmitteeq/tbeftidCmym * rwtn�� Mtk*t tmtt |tW�^�rfe�sm r� iiesp Ot Payment m S&mmdt tmmd.nM by ttt. �wV btanmt am tbi�$tb �/AtVntfy swarf, dtfiml adbnmni m DiJemntaJ tie lUuv /{/ pi* &* J* andtbatAtttndanct nmJtbtri^tnfit mtmftfi M [Tmtftap, frm<ft�toOmdCJ*i. -*. < e Ar. M. fnwMimmMVmWdHn^atfrttori  tbt CmpMy Comedians, AT i!*l.Ncfr Theatre in GoodmaA�*.ReWaV ^^vradstClar sw.taaajikUO.wmK pnftatsd a Ooa�d|| The b \J s~y b o .JTy*. \ To Whlta wlU be adM ite M bttrtaiaieav *n%% A R I TAN NIA The R_o_ r a i' L o y I R to whKh will be iatr&toCtf a t*v two*** tVnr&KvlH, , HARLAgpllf in the CtfVi ^ aahon; iff &M*Mtra Wife, MrTwgoiw�r4r�d bet4oa&� ViSk ' ? SwfK. , JWthntwMafltke Btxttand' Balcmlttm tmt Stt , arm/btskrt^oaun, Mr. 4 ^  qj^- �� � . -'-*�-� n.JU-rteWiU^ rhalali Jrk� wi�l bt ral^dttrintUieTitSiaf f. ibei^rtora�d�. Ana tofranat ObttrwcitoM, so rttSn wMttref 1 iuubt adauctcdbthWtKtsetras. .. .---4--^TTS To begin exa^y at Six o'CJbek. __^i^,,, K.B. Th�FlM aMmi is obiit'd rohtiksin'i.bySatfi* of (iMledjtpagiiooof OMotih�(�irtiptlAriuittMr*. . ' ' . Plates f^Kta Poses to bt talma at rtaaWsJ&ffiMiOaft tfffw$ % tbt' 4 * ft'T Benefit of a Gentlewoman/ � the EnHrtainnem ef TOMO CHACHI. *A, ^ King fib TaMkraw, SENAUKI bi, ftTfi, m/A rtfi rftbt Indian. - *' T By tbe^ Company of Comedians* AT the Thcitrt Royal in Covent-Gardcrt, ^ this e*fr fatiat tb* 8)4 UUsai, *ifl bt fftfotttf a C0a��||�;. ^ The ST RAT AGE hi, Anbtr, Mr. Ryaa; AiantaU, wr. Walktr {tvuh, Mt> S�a��.Mr. *btwi�; tjr Cha. ffmmii, Mr. state ' 4-J.-- * To wbxh wiifbt added a Dsitad Optra, a#^ _ - The The Wivei M if A m b rph o s*o. Sir Jolat lotrroie, Mr. ftonwlwri J<Afaov Mr, Meilarti Iad� ' - Lofctute, M<*.Rilbf VN�H. MitsNottii w� HIib Emrrtainmenti tf Danei^, fartintkrlf TU akhmood Mt|| .OXdra. Boxes 5 s. Pit 3 s. Firft Galkry a*. 'Upper it begin mailt) at Six t Cite A. By Hit Majejifr Company of Comedians, A T Jhe Theatre >Raya! in Drury - Lane, �*%roaiarfC'>tf,*��ofr *h�"*4tircf sKpttmber, will tw prtlsnitd ih�_ King H ENRT ^Fourth, - - . Witb tbt tinmimrt of Str j Fa ii'ta Tf. !_ Written bf SllAaRsrBAa.- -, . $i> j. fin FtTfltff, Mr. Q.W0 K">^ Mr. Mili� ifffatt, Mr. W, Mill* j HSiTvmr, Mr. Miltrjrd } Oweo OJc�iou�r, Mr. Cibberj tht i�.vOm�t**-r. Jobni^toi, Mr-llilU't;', Wtl�efttr. Kit. tttty I Nortt>w�tkfU oo|j)�ii. Mt^WlBlntc | Wc)>n>Jre� Vr^*. S.t. Urfilin; i/idOtil!, mA EUt ( i'erv, M;, Kttwti Milt H .in!-* Mlt-SilWtlwi. - vk�is tiitiui rai . paitier. Mr. Nittkn, Mr. f fl t yt.eciwt. wr ciudc, m. i)��cppor(. Mr Junto. Mrs. Walter, **** ^ k,4 i *ft II. tad of Aft 111. Kt�eJkl. Eol <J Ad IV. Tbt IStrOt** a:^l � �r* tp* p�9 bf Mr. Ct>�rlitr. Bor^o-MiOtf, Mi. Nwtljn ; lUrte^uia.Mofif. Le Brua vCoUsabtot) Mil. Mvo . ' Matter'* Scr��n(, Mr. Ciobcr i Suitmutitli, Mr. W�tM(>. iS^p-tVi^lte Mm. Uavcn^rr ttd MtfiOticf, |J. Wiih t*m Me��, *c. Boxe* 5%. Pit 3 s. Galkry t�. Upper Gallery 11. Bt bu MjjtBft Ummttdjti tttfft It It tdmilt.4 t.nt�4 tbt Setttt, Ta begiu ciiftti aiA'� CUk. .....,^ Advertifnncnti in this Paper cf a moderate Length are taken in at Two Shilling! each.

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