Monday, September 20, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Monday, September 20, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 20, 1834, London, Middlesex F JR. to AY, S �Hi-. . ...... (rA^ arriv'd a Mail from Holland, and one r fret* Flanders. $ep!es, Aupift 31. PON the Inhabitants of Gaeta refu-6ng to compound with the General of the Aitillo/ for the Redemption of their Bells, according to the IJiagc of War, becaufedtncmaU to be uken away, excepting thofc belonging to two' Convents. The 8-rllj, to^thc Number; of 64, arrived here on Friday lift, on hoard a Traolpoft YdftL All that -rr- - has been pablca'd in Relation to the fega�saof Crpaa. is withoarFonsdation. There has been ilffkm.juwt Ant there to tied; ap that Place wore clofely, _j ijykr PreiaBoes firom being fens there. Some, PrafainV - * -ml aDefignof opting forne Cattle into th<! City, fcQtfess* a: an exorbitant Price, were difcovcr'd,' .�f2E�u aM'fcmalofthePealantsftnt toPnfen.. ^Tatax 51. *��. �- ..- - Janeiro oar�� thk Pat the 27th ItfUnt; its lading cotujtls of *ttltb*l* ft*3* 120 Arbbes, 4.1 Marks and an half of agel GoU, and Marks of Silver on Account of the_ xai 315756^509 Reeof coined Gold, ,43 Arobet and jfjtff** of cncKo'd Gekl, 4 Arobrs and 30 -Marks of r�#tOoU. 4SS3J Pircesof Eight, 6373-Marks trf un-.ica'i Star, 9*fic2 Slams �adref�'d, 5 �94 drtfc'd. Skins, l^oCk^sof Ssg&r, acanfidaable Quantity of Whale Oil, .ailwaaaa swegfcii^ �15 Carat 11 and a nail, and 1346 Ounces f IKnvnB&. ct diaacat Sorts, on Account of particular fle*4 Sep. tt. Tbe three Ilea of War and the outward-ItakS^S trfts-n. ArtiVd, Elizabeth, French; frontSt.^hrbr fej&fi; Prcvsdccce, Stewart, from Dublin. Wind S.S.W.. L, O N DO N. ?. TeSadiy afeexuog an �zprefs arriv'd from the Court of taxc, with Advipe, that tne Day after the Germans Iwdj SBpA'�^i*i9uldeiitC^liSiQmstas, and carried off all hiss Bet aaJEoa^ugr, together with his'Nephew and another? Qfiar, 0*0 woe both nil Aids de Camp, the French, were; k'dat fa bdSd as Adian, and in order to draw the; .-, 111 1 t* Bank, quitted their Camp, and nurch'd in Jqpt efnbGanuiu towards Go&UaUa. Having arriv'd near tNac, apdieding t&at the Enemy did not molctt them, tic $*� ofScrdsria, and the Marihals Coigni and flroglio, WW aMnvan aaiaoageous Ground fituaie between thai; tlo.aaaGnciaiia, where they refolv'd to inueuch tbenir iflw}kattte next Day, being the 18thInllant, N. Sv and jMiirijc|1 coalsfaring that Reiclstion toany Perteclion, Count Cmfag, ms& the whole Imperial Army, came up with the Affioaaaacack*d than with incredible Courage and Bravery t lamer, iky were Jtpuis'd wah conudcrable Lois: Notwiih-CwJp^GconziH, ar *d with this News to his motl Chrilliaa "Tlc^iapbrr'' of the Slain was not then known t yyGjMwiM, faeSdcs Count Conigfegg and Prince Lewis of y**^|r^ihw"ldffa^^ m the Attacks. I "T*ttmat*a&a&, chat the French Cavalry, while the Ac-^ee^arrioJ on, took tie Advantage of flanking the � cbat it is belieVd noaeofUioIc whojvere engag'd Coarierjuriv'd from Naplc* at .__, v.-- w Mootijo's, with an Account, T^�tw Viceroy of Smly had already fubdord all the I TatSa � �W Km�dom to bisttopolitan Majefly'a Obe-i2fraajdl� the-Gadd of Mcflina, which could Jwt jf^fV �*wJeiabk: 1 une, and bis Excellency cWd Te f ^*bkHaak ia ��att>rnwa-Stt�t on that We hear, that drie Day laft Week tht tddiaw went � fee Mr. King atBrompconPaik, who makesfcveral HoguVads of Wine out of his own Vineyard there every Year, little, if at ell inferior to tbofcof tbe Growth of France v they wire much pleis'd with his Wine, and his Manner of culavating his Vines, and expreffing a Defixe to hatefome of the fiwne kind in Georgia, Mr. King made them a Prefent of fbme. Burgundy Vines. ileiletday at a Court of, GatUhaII� Alderman Perry and Alderman Salter gave Bond to fenx as Shdirts fcr. this Cr>y. Lalt N ight died in SoutJamptoft'W^Chanmy-Une, in the 94th Yeair of her Age, THf&fam Ttn^t^ Rel*\ of CounfeUot Terwitt, formerly Sollickor w &tlg%Ci|i�l� the Second. Yeitcrday Morntnedied xhe Rev. MK William Fiddlcgrcn, Curate of St. Bartholomew theGieat - 0� Sunday ntxt t%v daxriff Strmmt Vtillht frratM ht tht Pdrfo Cb#th tf St^tery I/rrngton+fir tk Banft $/ tit C&t* rity Chiton tftb* J*\A ftrjfb^t&ti* /*# N*r*i*g hj ttt Riv..Dr.B*lktlij, if St. Lnft OtiStrfti> and t$i Jfi tirb�* tht Rtv.Afr. fhj&t, CfaflmnUo tht LantBi/txf of Cmrti/lt.x " ' " _ ' - High Water mtij^m^&'s^ after,4in*he Mornings and 47 titer 4 in the Arnrnocn. Ycfterday Bank Stock w�$ 140,t l�!f, 140, for Opening. India 147, 146 a i baff. South-Sea Ttadbc Stock 81 i naif, 82 1 4th, 81 a t 4th. Old Ajmuities tc$ 3 4ths, 107, 166 a* t 4th. Ditto N�vi Annuities 105 3 4ths, 106, 10;. Three per Cent. Annuity 95. Million Bank to3 t half. African 20. York Buildings 3 a 1 4th. Royal\Ait^u-ahce 97, a r.hal^ . London AUununa ia 1 4th7 a 3 Sths. New Bank Circulation 3I. 10s. a 5s. Prenv Soott* :&^'Bc*dX'|t.i t as. a 10s. a 11�. Prem. India ditto. 3). toa. a 17s. Pram. ' 'Three per Cent, dttto iU 4s. Prem. hcgLlh Copper il. tes. jWeJih dmo.Books ihut. Sak a It half, a 3 4ths, per Cent. Prem. Englifli-CopperrHoufc, Sept. 19, 1734. Tf/ZJE Court of JJ/iJiants of the Coventor * and Ctmtory of Cefpir-Mimri im Eqlamd httth AV-.tice, fbat a Genera/ Court 0/ tbr Jauf Cempawf itilffo btU at thtir Houfe in B.^h lane, London, on Ihurfday tht ituhtf Oddktw ntxt, at fuxltit0Clot A in the Forenoon, tit Jam* Uu* * half-yearly General Court affoiutd bftbt Byt-La%vi, rtteiqutir. of a Dividend and other /fecial /fjtihs ; Tbtf Jnrther gevt fiotht, that the Tramftr Booh of the faid Comfanj, iviU it jbttt fan mdeufdaj tbt Jnjltnt titt Mondaytbt z,Jf cfQd&r next. _ t By v�rd; Ligsrius, wr. Jcakw*-, Desiui Erutui, Mr. bird in ; Meieflus Cimhef, Mr. Move i Ciwa, Mr. Ayres ; Luciui, M�!tcr Giff*fd i Sooibbicr, Mr. Uaibini Cal. phtrri*, Mr*. HkU^hton . i-ojiu. Mrs. Robcnij Oticts*, Mr. Fo> iciiuoua, Mr.Lyoa, Mr. WeOtcriU. Mr. M*iU&, Ate. Noti�, eW With fevtral Enttrtainmtntt, vix. "ar"'ii:,s"ing|fc Siofciog io It��iaab�MM:Chambers. . Afl IV. A �oot t� >V�. Q!�ijbe�t AftV. A cow luilotalby MorfT VaUwsandMruRoikxL Boxet 31. Boxu and Baltomei en the Stage l,. Pit 20. Gal. tt. To begin cxaiUy at Six o'Clock, Ho Monty to to reiun'd 'afur ibi Cmtai* � dtem* mf. B. flacci lur 1 ho how to be, takeu ax fidgcuu* Culf^uiuli. - , crppofice jjse Tii^aire. At. the particularDefire of fe%tral Pcrfoni WsM*jtflfs?m$a*y Comedians, AT the Theatre Royal in tory  Un4 TcwotrW� (.�ettte art of Srftwtbcr, via N cetAMaadtf C A T O. Wriat* fy rf� latt J. A��t*o�, ;' Carew ST? w. Mr. w&fo c ; tMnws Mr. Ht^kt. j Matoa, &JtV t*�mo�f Lcua, Mis.iwtl<rr .....* �". tfllh �kv IIaS tTS. / (Heu.\U|tim*a4-^�c� �rf tU Rsf�lf�a*2f. �f M*.ran�t� Xe. WflTaAt. Tbeel�ll�*�.  .' Aa Mt(ttf. M;.Ntrc^b> ltsi��tw<s le aiaaiC�(t�i!bi|af� HiSHM . �a:f!�.MAe"�S-*-rs��. tisV� 1 SMta�fc��f�, M�. ; J�-5 .wfon j Puftaa, Wfcb x . , Boxes c�. Pw js, G*3ery as. Upper Gallery t a. thc-t-ay &gMqritY$CtmM*�4jMi tVr/�*s to h* �i�rrt ��'� is s�� Kajrhevile fi�t�|t/ re^'d^jat w C�BfUaao W s^ts* that W�f ��HUA6>4 _^^J'^l^-'^^--i>i�j^ia; the Duke and tbe"^rinceiics, " aaBrimsa KenEsg^n to St. Jtme�*s, from whence they pro-�a tacTbairt; Royal in Dmry-Lane, where the Al-Tiw ?ir ital, ^^^g��Hallolcie isdiioipital. lromwisenoethey'll so Ctraf :-Cbnrcn to hear a-Sernion preach'd j ail'er ^\*J,k dc Thick- SUullo de Half-witto, lir, o�U ; Honoiii, Mi�. Sccn^a. To �hien will be added, a Ballad Opera, c*u'd The L O T T E R Y. . Jick.Srock�. alt-VLord lata, Mr.Oupuuni ChIo�, �ka* Lad* Late, Mif�Nur(a, (.uvcmoie, Mr. StoppcUcr; wr. St>.tlcj, Mr. *Witb Entertainments of Danci*g, particularly Tho Scots U�im.� by Mr. Glover, Mr. DclaganiC *:ul Mri. Oilze, Mr. Ufac and Mils BJt>-n. And thoRiiboioDsi Magg-u by Mr. l�Ut �fld i'liiKcjen. 7^ begin txuilly at Six o'Cl^i. Fir tbt liftrttiMv / TOMO CHACHI. A&*V ar Khg^eie Tmmkrmw, SENAUKI �W wejt of tht /�&rax. At h� Majefty's Bear-Garden In Hockley in ......- " the Hole, fbit Day, the zotb hjlant, VV mniikttu(^MiBiriifOe6*�cvi� Joura loanso^, fitm TorUbirt, Ant \ Fatness S** a t.� c K� Od&t,-Btisg tb� ear? �*m�n Meiers��fcio�ift �tfer�aie��BW, vhi TeracaW* �i Sack Swore, tKe� at S�wi aa� Daftts; tam at SworAvsi eactii< mmi tkm ai Ojp�iwr ItaC, - a^, �� c�(ii�riNl�Ml �t it* abwwsiid Kief aad Qonaf tftcccfatn PHtetGx .fBaB �"d Bear fetaivf, i� (he avnl<t. riots uaaccr ctae �a* ca�r J&ca, time bogf ittaae^t* the) bell falls, three at tin snakT iMpriScft beat*, acid UewUe tttiny-Cse of the M R. AtrcTiiwswc b *ai ;3 Grcaoiasd\ aad hco�%itb-.-aae *d*tin/tat<3gtttmtaCUcatcidwCs*�aa. ______________-_______ AT TaVii � to give Notice, that RlOOTTO Ait* E* *?co, or XHE * ftstXmt Umf*�u*t Vmft, uttkAl tario'A �Ceoj4aa-fair, rc si* bea riiatfi. IXjUsusti awi �*� Aicsi, with a <ilM 5i�rf".' ct CcSarM to* or Vca! taa u caka Car* at (Aall^tot witb Hajf aaJOWi^ A Perfofi that rill equip hi* Son or Relation in >�f ***�. aawyaaam wtt* aa<H iauiiv �tw�it�ua tlbtr �i>S ea*e j�1 cue C*rt �,thia, uAmti };iai � IUMt�g. Wr*Lf �i A�fcaK>.� -�rtteii' .1f*..^b� i m IIlj&jw. fee �� b* tu�a uj CrittimtfM but cLcr r t!ir ^Pcrfon who has been Ub'd to teach t aim aod nice* in i School, rojy hear of b-Jjj�6, tf ecq^i.^ 4( lie Tbit.- A/K-h^ �(i�ioii U)� fmbji lu*. WUisaai-el. OST or drop: the i2ih Inllanr, out of a - - Cc�*5�Oto�a:."� r=***f. t^wexo Nu#fj.k (n�<i, Ctiair^^roam i_: fiktatir. �taa�U Je��; Tru Ai. lit tta h*r �� * p �!*a�ht tfkat; ao3 t* U t^, ?�--' . aad t*M Mocks t* �Sf. J-Sa Ivzsiaa, Jr*�".*%i. dt Con*: o1! S:r� jtJ yw. Jfci*� t.rc C Cutx�: o* tuttatA*�-�'.�it sb iha I .%c o��i<M �c4.�r^ �aA (� ({ucfisaaa STOPT on Tucfday l^'ight Ult, a Remnant -f ibeCtffle t'f. J*a f j!i�r. li-xco D:�ptt, *i tin uat *- paJ1^ Cities of Aitrr.Ucoacjj, out 6-..* tS is S'i'a.�a"r-5rsc3, Mverltfements in this Paper of a moderate Length are taker, in ct Tux Si�:z�t eaeb.

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