Saturday, September 18, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Saturday, September 18, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 18, 1834, London, Middlesex nkaaOaaananwM-- , i * 1 WEDN fe S D^fc fc* *11mier t*r*fti ---... ........i _ii 11. .: i I i mil ii i i i f ii �^immti*)***mmm*m L* 1 tjitM NigH ai^J* Mail from France* TartSy September 25. lH EY write from Genoa of the wrth ofr ; this Month, that a Courier from Naples having pat'd that Place in hi* way to Madrid, had left Letters there, importing, that on St. Louis's Day, on Account of the French King's bearing that Name, the Marquis de Billy, En-I voy Extrtibrdihary of lib molt Chriftian. ! Majcrty. "made a magnificent Feaft, ^ which the Chevalier deSt. George- bo-arartlwith lu^Prelence^ rather clmfing to ba there than to; Srkferthe Expedition toSicilyi that thcCouw de Chatny iTfet down hctore Capua, niora clofcly to �P thM See, where like^ife the Troops have beert fern t^t were -moWd in the Siege of Caeca; and that they had heard from SX. that the Duke de fiijtonw, after having fcnt a Detach-a�WJMHt�s" General Roma, who retVd to Sjracjifc, had L^Jl (jit place to be invefted. and at the &me time had tt-toy(^leUajnare,_upon the Gulf of the fame Name, � be^ amtk'd; *�3 Couai de MarfiUac Ihould form the Siege of tbeQudelof Meffina. The Generals were muchemploy'd aitBdtingtheDcpuutions of the Cities of this IflandV and jnttuderinz them the Oaths. We learn from Cadiz, that there tit a that Fdrt three Men of War ready to fail, one of them idtfifoM to carry to Naples 1 cboooo Pialtres, to be ftruck joBsiiwCwtof Coin for the Kineol Naples and Sicily; but -it is not known for what Parpote the twb others arc intended. jp^fr Sept-11- The Hope has fent the Sicur Mocci to the fWioal CofciapOprefs hjmjo pay the reft of the Fine which kenandicondemn'dtopay, ib retatkm to the Affair of the Sieur (jbnwoftani. * �-- Grata), 31 T1,e Sieurs Hugh Fiefco and Pedro Mana Goittioiani, ttertthe Senate has ham'd Commiffaries to hear ^ fropoliuAUJ ofjhe Rebels of the Jlland of Corfica, de-puvdfor that Jfjand^the ^th.of tbsTMonth ; and they have itcetf'd Orders to comply in all Points which may eonfift with the Honour of the Republiclcj But it's fear'd they will totfocceed, becaufe the Rebels, we areiuit too well afluf'di are ifcKnniajtt to facrifice every Thing to form in their Ifland a pirtku^r and independent RepubltckV that they have fettled the Phn by which it is to be govan'd,>ud elublifh'd Laws, ai well Gvil as Criminal; and-that they defien to put them* .selves imderthe Protection of a certain ^oreigrki'ower, who tat already fopply'd them- with Arms arx* S X. Vtal, Sept. 16. Wind N. W. Remain hi* MajcKyVShips the Dcptfard, Defiance and Pembroke; with Brilkol, Salter, for St. Lucar; Ducane, Spencer, for Leghorn; Barbary F^Kket, Qui^t, (or Lilhon. . . LONDON.' The Rjght Honourable the Earl of Granard, Rear Ad-ilral of the White, and late Envoy Extraordinary from Com. to the Emprefa of Rullia, is daily expefted from AadsW{iear, that his Lordfhip will be fent to the Court of Sw�kn, wiUNhe CharaOet of his Majclty's Ambaflador Extraordinary thereVin order to negociatc a lbricl Alliance be-twi en this Crown ahdthat of Sweden. 1 We hearthat Mr. Roitdcau, his Majefty's Refident at the OnmofRufliai will affume the Charackr of Envoy Extraor-diasry m that Court. Ld) U'aM his Grace the Duke�f Richmond arriv'd at bis Houfe in ArKngton-llreet from Holland. .This Day his Grace the Duke pf Roxburgh is expelled at te lioufe in Hannover-Square from ScotJan^. 'ay her Grace the Dutcheis of Cleveland fet out fiom : ia Conduit-fireet for the Bath. \ thelisd^rn'king, Queen, &c. lay lail Monday Night at , tutmaid Inn at Windfor, where- the Concourfc ofGentle-nea and Ladies to fee tbem was very great 1 and Ycfterdpy taty wrnt to fee Hampton-Court, with which they were JBBltBieWJd^hted. Laft Friday died Mr. Thomas Slmpfon, aged 99, late K�per of Bufhy.park near Hampton Court, wbkh place he above threefcore Years, and by his Death a very cpjb-n ?, Mb. Mary Du Moulin, pofels'd of a very plentiful r Mw,0�y died *t Livermere-Hali in the County of 2T�� ft* Seat of hi* Grace the Duke of Grafton, Chrifjo-KeujJKJ'auJ5 *Gcntlein:UI P�tfe(j'd ^* very pTentifuf . v from Keddermioner, that on Friday Morning latt f,^! l ^ A"^" happen'd near Hartlebury, three Miles noa that Town, and the Biihop of WorceUer's Seat s bb Loid-r!kM,^ll,ef| ^ one Mr. Baker, a young Gentleman � nl f;<1�M�"h()od, about 23 Years of Age, and Heir to pienuM Ktfato, went out together a Shooting, when the for-wr unjappiiy fhot the latter dead on the Spot, he being on WU ftoc the Hedge and not in Sight: The Shot enter'd !r "ta,im f�ch a manner, that fo foou as his Body was rais'd Vwt*5,IUI* 'to'**** at his Noltrils. wrnf^n?! Parkcr md Thomas Jones, two Sharpers, Mm n iij * Coffee-howle in Albemarle-Urcet, and defir'd wwaw to g�ve them Silver Icr a Guijwa, which (he did axcordmgjy, wheia tew bf them palm'd three Shillargt, pretending The gave them but eighteen ; whereupon they were carried before julice Ward, where other Pertas whom they had cheated in lUce manner appearirg agaicft thctn, they were committed to the Gatebb^, ^T�flminaer. ^ This Day comes on at the Old Baily, the Trial of Roger Arnold, Ifaac Burridge and Sarah Pembroke, on Sofpictaarj being oohcero'd (together whh Jofcph Diener the Cook, not yet taken) in murdering the late Mr his House on Fire. Canulloa. and setting the BANKRUPT 8. ^ \ . Jama Willb, late ot the ParOh of St Margaret Wdlniinftcr, Taylor and Dealer in Cloth. Wiham Cole, 61 the Pariu dt Straude in the County of GIouceAer, Clothier. . r ,________ V-^*r^ : William Stapka, of LaaAeth, m the County of Sorry, Farrier ahdVlclualler. � William Marfden, latt of LiverpooL ia the County of Lahcafler, Merchant " ' - " Yeflerday Bank Stock was 140, for the OpmR. Jjndm 146 t 4th. Wh-S�a Trading Snxk 811 halt GHAttM� itie* 10$ 1 half, a 3 athi. Bra) New Aaaukin 10$ $ 8tha, 105 j Stirs; to? 1 haul Tarn per Cent. Anoatty 95 14th. Mulion Bank j^S 1 half. Alrkmn so. York BvUdings 3 1 4th, a t half. Royal AfTurajac* 07 1 half. London AiTu-ranor %2 3 8ths. New Bank Oroulatna -}L 7s. 6d. a jos. Prcm. South-ScsBonds31.14$. Prem. India dmo31. t8s. a 4I. Prem. Three per Cent, ditto al. 8s. Prem. EngUfh Copper 11.151. Welrndto Books (bat. Salt Tallies 3 per Cent. Prem,  . -.-......... i. Wei fh-Cbppcr^Gfficc, PhUpoc-Lwic, � ^September it, 1714. T*HLS is to give Notice, that a General Court X eftbt Gtvtrnr and Ctmftan tf C�fftr-Mit<ri t* tie Prim-^'tjo/Wahs. will hbdi at'ihtv Hmfii*PklfrtUmn riruhn tbt ijtb Iwfiaat, bttwttm tbtHmoi tf tlmtu mmJ am, for iltSm * Grvtrmr, Dtfutj-Cavtmr, aid Jnx j(ffi/**tr, fir i&tlta?'tubing. , To be SOL D, By Order of the Honourable Commiflloncrs of his Majefty's Cuftoms, &c. TN the Lour Room at she Cuftom-Uoufe* London* fifmrm tbt 19/A ef tbit Imftamt Stfttmbtrr at} iCbtk in. tbt Jfttntmmi Sqgari, tfbitt Giwgtr, **d Catttm, ialime. Tie Goods to bt tsitw'd at W^am'i-Kxj tbit Day and Tamer- taw, to the Tmt of Salt. x x By the Company WIFE and HAVE a WIFE. - Copper Carxain, MKGiffard j Leo* Mr. DeltsCi Gmbtft Mr. With Jneral EVtrtahmtmlt, viz. *A It a Scott We^c b* Mr*. WooJw�r eri. �a �V. TlseO*�nSkipper bf i�k>� VaUoisawlMn. Dattodu ^ aa V. a Dante. caiU'd t* Folfcua cVt^Ratiao, bf W. Tcedi and jJn.Wuutoai To which w3l fa* jdAMOn jib t (he iSib leiljor, �iil ht prclctiMi the Tr�fc4j of  HAMLET, prince of Denmark. , 'ityritm by Shake* re a a. _ * Hamkt* Mr/Rito; Kng, vr. umfaii GboO. Mr. Walker L polooiui, M*r. HippS&r; Lacrto. Mr. a.Hailam j Horatio, Mr.-Hale; Olkick, Mr. CUapnun > tbe two Gra<e^if0cr�. Mr Morgan *M r. MuiUrt; Qtfc** Mf�. H�21�m , QpMta, airfi Bibi*. . Mtfith Bauiuiamcou of Dsmiof. To begia csaOly a 6 o'Clock.- BY HIS MAJESTY'S .COMMAND. Mr. By His Majfjifs Company of Comedians, Theatre koyaf in t9<h jm acpttaatxrt *t;l Uprcscnu4 a ST. AT the Tomorrow, fcciog the Comedy, t�ll' roceique ractomicc. cail'd The BUBGO-MASTER TRICK'D. Burgo-ataltcr, M" Nweloo ; Mwksjoin, Motf Lc&UbiCulcmbtr,;, MiliMano . Bo^aiaBcr'f Semm, Mr. Cibber ; Uaratauttil-. :.u Jaiu-o i VtaUmt, vr. P*i\tog, Mr. J^aoaai i�r DttcapMH kaLzi Womaa, Mn. Pcl.'iog, Hf� l>*vccpwr and mU* Oawt. Wuh pew Ueota. &c Boxes C s. Pit 3 s. Gallery z a. Upper Gallery i t. Bjl<isMj}tffi'iCa*uu*4Ju t* atau$u4 Ukm4 lit Sum i. flats* to tie taken at cbc Vi\o,rm Coob't ii. it� Vlajhcu'.: i'iiUgt. To begin rxx.lly at Sit u'CL*k. And oo Saturday (by paiiKulir ^cfirc) �r�4 be pcfcntcd it.c Ttt-gcd* oi CATO, wuh tx^uui-uieou as viU bcespicUu uUtt ttl.i oo thai Day. after 3 in the Morning, tad |i after! to the Ahcroooay , ' imprttfi Plan, vr % , TI4E Corner ot UncolnVlnn-FicH*. ,nf^\,. , Ctart-raarJwt, ibis fftm WUatttaf atei^^jAWfeapi^ uoivwatr. ' ' y~\-, : ':-^.^i-M^'::^ Mr. JAMES HARDCASTIi0.. , Oa iba Orarity m tbt �*�, Ml Oakry of t�� Crtr^ Wraki: Os^ MtrrWtbt tuQr, a^ihtttorelW Pan of M**a�i. ^ m. , Afrtv hkh will be  *aVkk ftiffotaiioo �* tbaft i�t� OjMlliSa� Acjrfcmkal aM Political, Whatbtf tbt Mow ba ina*aMa4 I Mr, HA�oCAtTLg# Otfmtmf, ^ i Mr: HtKttr^ Rt^atAat, � s Mant Ofeftgt �W a Wbboa �hb ^�g�VJ�** CbritW .pork aed three m*Wa^im�pai�f>rVw**�*Jk Cor.*Ii�a �ith out iiT the Malt, let th� fattta way. ^MfrW* tbt taow to Mr. CI Toj'Jbop, or to tba Uatoo Wtsth feh at 1he fc,�r fad oT tba HarrMaVkat, AaU N�e WHMf .otwc*. aai'MCkftl*: ______________ . *a\ Oirgliey, OoManitb, at tba Ship |d fleet Rmt, iwelm ll aST Yefterday about Noon, iicarCoverif> YTLa Cer^e*. a Silttr Watcfc, tha Maker. Harot^^fltmi fT copunon gtctl Chain. Wh eW *B1 tria^alUri^lJfTOalAgay* * lien to .Channel-row, or to Mr. Collin�7PcrukeH>il�k�r, iatambpi* -c lane, near LombanMireer, fhatt ba�� Two Cukwaa fa�ar�\ aa4 Qliefitaai atk'd: - : '\ VL-j;'?'-;^ TOOK out of a Gentlcmin's Pocket 00 * Moodar t^ai, a finaB OoliVaitb, th�M�k*Alla>MBig�. p�wlrM mU*ii*i lh*^ �M yoa fbaU beta ttsajtortawir*. , STOPT on Saturday laft, fuppos'd to be) Aola, ac a Broktt'a Shop ia Binif Head>�o�f�, fhoa.laat,� Silrar Spool. ^OwaMa^faTy^thaiaaB^ oiay bawkajwa. �. - ACoach and four able ffoifes fee* out on Friday Mcrnkfi, from tha Oiek ia TotbiaVltrett. Wa faC4oapmar,a*^wiltai�y faJtogeri toOicooiasr, any fan of that aosa). This it to ghi Notice, thai MR. Richard Bond from York, will beat tte Three Cappa tt�aa tUbe�h �idt a^^otmatf fhatt ou the tptb or MtklBflaot, aaj fata oat tatatfl arm lav ftaot, art idterry paJfaagers to Torb, araay fan of tba lole, �g reaiboablttare*. � T ken away in a numerous pubJick *f,((iippoaM fnja0> ar-tha^olVHead In JLtwrcat*. lane nearChMpfide,onStturdaf tba lith Ii>U^aU>a,a^<a Valfoot* tow'g Po^ In wbWi wew fewral Menanfaadneii, n,. ceipri, and a Kotaof llan4. fayaMnt of which ixiag Uepc, the gyg Book cm 00 arajfala^f lertke tpanfbaMbt f^Ptftot, .wloarNaaae 1 ioitrlb d ia the first ttaf ifaaiiajaL it leagih and | �bodabi Perfoo now haVtog fui^'^^la^rayoragtfi^ Co r*�vrn*u?li dm Days to$iow�0�ely� agafeatafatkarflLH.ltta ^ffmhaU.aflZ ,T ibsbolherwifa tbaf��g^*CTpa hOtaJt U^ShaSa*� tttbl�w Uft. (rHaTM woi&aiX Matbodaef 0���#�U(�Uilpo p�ny, (eitept bira&tf and Atcorapiise) as tkcj muli ZlcZ. o^aoti/ bf bj alt ferfcaa ot Itafiaeft and CbarjiUr. _ _ ^_ For Sole by^I^^^D^Le/7^ j6 tbe Mariat CvfHf-Heuj? ia Birebim- lane. tua%^Ai Ratal Exibamgtt aiaatlbt MiddU 0/Oaa&ar aaw,/ \ A Lar6e �f fincCarracca Oxoa-NTuf^ l/l. i�Tiio�.inH.tlhaa4a *^ Caialogoct w hereof wili b* tiaMjf difpn�*d by x Henry Gambier, Broker, *r*^yPaVfairatfasj^m London and York Stage-Coaches gp- 1 ^ fMD the Blub flvan ton in IMbori). lUwdfMu aawilat BJj.k Swan ii� Co"/ lltwt, York, crsry MuaJay arJ Ton/bar vsli be a�ii 4^ rn^arly perfvioa'a ia fiw Dsri, bt tbe uticu PtWIT cum,  Ctoace Hottosi, Roatar Biacji, and TliOStAS Hvmt, !� co>d clofe-body'd CoaUwr, With able Hortci. donee aO tbk Wm.ti Se�fco. . w r�. B- Tlic (una tc * fumlfls B)NCoitho tOaoy Fait of CrrsJTlf*^ tfliun, upim ihclhofWIt iv-t'iC. N:-te. 7Tt BiintAJnb Stare Gavbei fet out e�ary TborClay f^ AV-Ne*ciiU�. add ctcry Jtl.** TUmlI:a] f,r Wwbu . FuUiaV| 48 on a Vali. difotrtifemcnts in this Paper of a moderate Length are taken in at I'm Shillings each.

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