Tuesday, September 14, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Tuesday, September 14, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 14, 1834, London, Middlesex The Oban, Hjfc . � v..v a�2h> yf/jtetJafarrfc'd a Afailfrbm Holland. &tfUmtimpU9 July 24. |UR bft Advkt� from Perfia fry. that the rwo^Asnms bad bets far a kng tiaaeoaMtin the* Camps, which News, tcgjttner with the Onto* the Port hat t^nai to fcfptad the Much sir die Re-lUprccmtui: trading thither, gives as room w condbdr, that a* Treaty of Peace � far adrane'd txtween the Grand Ssgnor'and Thames KsubV Chan. The Cbaat cWBtamrvaV who tAtht IwwW Cbmt lone Yean ago at drlgatt and rarn'd JBade a Baflsaw of cwolaik and wOl'ihattljr be iSadtotheHooDor of.three Tails. HchasaPctrnoaof J^sPoOdV and ssGomaorof Caiamiam so Natalia. He every Day ht �he fewer of the Vmier, and a often L Chilli in tY~ ~* -p*-^ "*~f^- *~ Aaaseomfcntphrying the Arms of the Porte. All Eapor-Saf On wfcrbatartiili any of the Territories � the friom Empire. Tfe Pone has taftr-d the VeaetiMi An-MUkTiBfabhnVa fart ofPtocbnnaDo% dcehning, chat the fj&t. of thai Rcpablkk may destroy the Cbrhtirs of Bajtavy led tkTarkim Seas, provided they meet than out of Can-jsamvt of .the Ottoman Fortrtflr* � a Farowr chat indicates JMsta, J*p& 25. An Exprefi it arriVd here lion Imvvsh Advice, chat rise TMan who had made an lava-tmbmPodolia, pacci�ing themselves brifldy pntfaed oy the fmMTncfe, retofc'd the Dmfier, and retreated into their anaGaaatry. . Mil ii, Afafl 3tg/Tae Pttpnrauom are continued with Xmm ihi Wirtifinr thTirfn|dnin fnf rarrpii][ ti the War in iJfcV and'tis fed. that anewJtcmforarmeat cf Troops will -  ^ortTiaie. They write franCedijt, that ,___of France and Spain by fiiO in that Port, Weigh Anchor at a Moment's Warning; and that to brgm the tame Week to deliver to the Proprietors hidic*bm from the llavanaaby the hut Men ot his asade to prevtht tbein, ho Anathema being half fa dnadfot to fane People at all mm Bett*. rives cm betMMube Rcpoblkk of Venice Ikrt rdecW the Offl-nwhkh the Eawert* nmdetohidnctliteev^dare fbrhhtt. W*fxpraaW Prison hem very fooa from the Aitaryi aid akho* tho Caatpam has not drawn sooth Blood; it hat hem greatly ouigunt (rant the vmral Marches the Ganeran maitr, not tomkon the-Siege of Phu^pflmrg. Weateaftat'd, that the Eaacny's Army, which has not CarrM left than oar own, will separate-very fcoh. y TjbtXqpnrt ge^ |hhta Com-mifficn wiu befpeedily nam'd to rejubta the Pimmnmacttly aructi with the h^gof Denmark. We. jaftaow |iaar� that the twoDaaiw Men of War which have cma*d fmm Time off Hcihgland, and tafeen several of our Ships, are arder*d to re* tarn home, but a GaHiot of tVGom is to continue there. - W� g^�je^f theRfiHtfcataUva mr thaW;OtJ cannot lears that the' Reports wfckh have been iMcad fo confi- | 1^ Vifoount Weymouth �m mWydelhWdhnf� Sow ami WmfKW, Sift. 1. The Fortress of Stamflawow in Volhi-lading mwd for �ane Bays tneAttack ot the Ruffian fawn atJeogth fiirrendcs'd. A Patty of abont zoo Poles m*ffrm?d stvcml times unhk Newnboarbood, and a few CspancoosM npvtbei^Saiaabs, where they IdlTd a fiiiiaaTMha^inginihrrtllrllin of JUdom, and earned away tmr CMes{bat the Governor soon dctach'd after them a fstr tf^Moom, whoeamer kjird or took Prisoners the valii WmsHiii, Gs�Jrej�ntk)oa arc amking avtheme-tl|mai of King Augolbts. fct^todeT�*oro Fleet b Weatm'd tnerr, confining of tnikfeavf War and fixttea Mctdamt Ships, Jades with mMWikm of Cnoado in Gold ami Dtamoimi. befides lori ofSagar, 70�*>oooiiidcrtfom Aym.-itc........ . Jlwwtft^goy. 8. Gentiml Monsch kmg let W �m� the B�ca�ry. The sa^Letters from Italy mfiam hgoacamroa thefide ot theOgbo, theGouat of JLomc/egg *^MJ>hs*d;k'm^aTJvcv by imaing 7000 'Meat torn Sciaglsx ^hat: Osatsal-has igieeiVd nwoooo Fionasin S^coir, and as 1*^*^<fvE�hange. The Port ofTrkfte kjotinco Pj***1 T" f^K^^^tnaiMm^S-Wircammng-m^ wej&ajh, sVcharatt Amammmmlsamovtrof any Descent awght �temp dtesT CeiMCarrasa, the late ^entialsBitapfa, u acooktedtf the Milcoadna be was ac-c*-dof, AfaumPrirft, k^yarrtvd l�� Italy, vmsm'd t^Wcck, mthe&dawbsof St^lxpnold, withIcvcral Letters *oirt"hiBicf gieatlmportancr. ATtcwahi is offer*d by the ^ faeteBsawvery <)f aft French Men who hak about *�|^M^stsinwing b�n of bte detected. : SmtmiiT Beide. the 6000 Men already ]�^^ ' �i 11^ *3- JL**lm ^om Italy connnn^ chat aDc yhyit Imperialilb having advane'd to Qaifltllo, to re-S**!*�nmcatiom wiuch the Allies are snaking there, ^haanSksnnimwirh a 1^ that wm lent out� '^J** Ataaiesbetngm very near. We are now inTcna'd. that . WBujerisKfcsvitndiewtbeii Amminn^andPiovismnsfrom with 00 View ao ahaavioathat Place, bat for a to draw the AUta into the swighrwanng Phum, that ' ', -which is mpcrior moors, might have an Op-Acuon, fcr their Xktue was to have a: and 'twas ta, pursuance of this. Ptoject heavy Baggage; far k pbnnly appears retire as wc intagm'd, tjbsar Camp beiag . 1 new Works. Tha lmpenalifts continue aWFewareJe, aorwidsfbuidiagaUt^BoBJc thcPope clently of an Affiance cooclbded and tatirVd* between tbf Crawm of Sweden and Denmark analngctWctrtaia � for oar laaLcttmfitnnStocJcholm rac^aJcoj^ Senate oT Sweden had juft began their Ccau%rchces with the Denim AmbaJiador. Taofe Cette�add, that at the Reootft of toe French AmolSador, the Senate kad nam'd QaniniinV nento enter Clura^nmiaOai&lentt BtrMm, Ir/r. 15. Yelbrday, at Two m the Alcernooa, hb Ptwfiaa Mawfty arrrrU at Potadim from the Tow he had taken to the Rhine. 1 Mr^rAsvg, S#t. t $. The Imperial Cavahy Is not fa iutb bad order as has been represented, the proper Quantities of Forage, being daily snpplsed, thengh not wkhont difficulty. I The Generab are at prdent ctnpky'd in settling the Winter Qokrten : *Ttt fikl that.toooo will be tent into the Netherlands, and that Franklbrt and the other loperial Cities will have each (bmc thedandjm provide far. Tite Duke of Wir-tembergwill have the Commandflf the Army ia the Abftnce of prince Eogene: that Prince took fiich pruucot Mestarc*, that the French, after all tbcu Vapouring, wcmaotabkto^ raifeanyContribotiont mhis natry. TheCouMofHamil-ton b arm-'d here from Vienna, to rxecnte a, private Commif-tun on the part of his Inmedai lybjelty Witk^ioce Eugene. --; , Frmm tieUffmr Mbimt, Stfttmkr t6. TheCatttdeBdliMe b arrn/d upon the Saw with �t o^oadrc�s and 46'IhtnuKm, and Utmrtany bdkVd that they wal iijlantly leparatf, and go iaio'Wiater c^aipiia jhj^mt^ N^gldidurinQd.': Ontbc �tm Iiamat fcvaml De^ I^cncb, ttdmNoitnWof 10000 hjkn, vcpafi'd the Rhine Krh^^^-tb Wit^d Wbe twt iim> Winter Gwatters ta the City. cd* ^kttflairg.jTJhft. JStajeh, w,  #nmvwvlJm fcwsrwf"aiJmahanaV hnwaa nnwlmnt aaamn sAflwrnH ah aaninWvVtV tVakm# VvatlWVI m*w KmVmK IW|1' mnMmmmh m^njHPV 'j'B^P'jI 1 *#*^PtJP**^( w#nmn> n^^a^mimj Eageoe designed to pefc the Rhine neat 6piat i but by the time they had n^angly immWtf the <3arrfloa of Soke and the atigbbotwing Pckbv Uc Ramonr lacwovcr, a^aD Apfvdnm- fions Bed. _ _ Dial, Sift. 12. WindE.N. E. Thel^^t\^iKind atr,f�om -V wm away their ^WphnVddiS^ the Smrk/Hcgg, fcr PhU*Jcl] ward. dsUmaia, JnVM�Jaty*|^ DeptsWi 1 aifaJIriwa.Taalnrr, fcr'^lMtf 1 fan, far Cadis, Lm\ Magk tak**, L Of DO N. ' There are l�ttcn is Tim from France which pretend�to a&rt. that a Peace bjponUvcly pattVd up between the Turk and tbePernan, aad that the farmer hm dectar'd Jw will turn hb Anns m Favour of King Sjaniflam, whilft the latter tries to regain the Ooontrim'ctial|isTi'chfrom Paha in the Cafpian "Sea. -;.-- ', : "-- There are f�hm ftom VlniM whkk sntntipn, that four fitmmEngbmnvhavebe^ that,-said to have been jalpg toCaaiaatiaopk, with Phwr iovluV m coo' ' tmeetill the Winter Qsarters am Jscvlcd. wtufn 'im lhMIgot, win not be kwg after that Tiaac. the Talk of Prince Eo-i genes Rctom to Vienna beiag difccnrsVI in thelinparbi Camp asaThsMatHajd. ' Tb fiud at Rata, that hb mofi ChrijUtn Msjefly b about to recall ftvexal of hb. Rrgbneatt out ce* Italy t that a Coavcauon is fettling with the KuvofSjaaa fcr employing hb Troops in Locobanhr, after the CSwmiett of Sicily u owr i and that Sir Patrick tawleij. a Gemkman of Irdh Extraction, will be feat to Paris from the Court of Madrid to fign the fiune. The ftight Hon. the Earl of Amejnaric did not arrive in Town till YcAerday. Tb now laid, that Col. Folliot, PrcfidentoftbeUteGeiu:. ml Com-Marrialrwho dekn'd aukmg hfe Report to the King rill hb Lordflup's Arrival, will lay u before hb Jdajtuy oa Monday next. The Report of hb Ex�lkj�cy thaCo^de Mc^goi^ rates*at the Court of Fhoce, is prtibably tkw, at-lnft not Ukery far fame^W-'vnmil^ftJSWff hat decbtt'4 hb Ii-enrio�of M% Nt&fr&M* SAS OnnoMhStttet. duriiitthe WteieV. and hat lately ftthnV* far that Pwr***tb* |taad Apvmht of hbHmm� hti mmT_ aAamu&centManner. * x VefardVy was held a Camt of Hoflingt � Gwnakaflr ftt The BWgk�j�ft5bi^^ f the^enTidng Year, in the r*�of Mr.PoweM*W^��� Sit John nWnl, Mr, Akktlhah Chann^ Mt. 4\h*wmto S.Ucr, Mr. Ahktman Godlchall, and Mr. A% m Tavrrsa* Qbr ~ AT the NjewThoj^e in Co Q4m*n#t-Field*, ......asajmdtl.nj^^it^.j^ w^.jhi.pi|taia|;^ tajl^ ftaaskt. Mr. OllSmti Cnt�, w*�m%*W**\ ratio, Mr Jtofto ntsflmbs, M�. VjmiXmnm, uVm. Mf.Ha*ai#l Mab�mm, m.HMn* H�milroai Mmsrio, Mtvjtalkat rrsscrfto. Mr. Moot*; jigger-, Mr. f mhtihOlm ana Mr.jrtarati OpbclUr Mr*. HsmHw*. .Wkb>fe�rtal~ tingwg hi IUImo air. rfjuW::fr:*ftl* a'et Bavifta, lriMr> and a �mts Panes cjr Mrs.ial|>ii; H. i,begin��cliy at^^Oait PUms tor thf Bows, to ha J*>*�_ai ....... ~''xe*ptnns>*m-�hsat#*�- the one Hand may be as mbem rhe Infinesfiom on the other ought tabe, fince a meet jQuittas Xmc pabkoffcch^firiflbnPfacW . TheFret^KbghMreeaffdoWPtn^c^ the Anny oniht W,i�sj that'theBelirfof aJlOp^naomni being ever tor thb Campain, bam general thanevcr. f *em�i of tke gcjimajt Pjrkm few almdy kft the Impr-' Rctuin 10 ___shuDs>, .ba1aa]:*lOi�:^%��^^ llss^Ml-p^^ Cao,MrQjijot Jom.-MA W. tjMwV ^Hlb��*4^a�.B.4t-Mu,t�W The D4iVIL to JPA^j o a, ' " The Wives MiTAMOsXpMot9p. Plactxo U isktn si ihs Widow Cook'* io the flajheaw gfbitilijdl/* To btjio ���fl�y ft �is u'Cktlr/^^j^ [AemwjjleVoY m^Cmnn^m^a JdvrtiftwKHti in tbii Papr of a aodtratt Laglb jm tekm in at fvi9 8biili*gs tack

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