Monday, September 13, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Monday, September 13, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 13, 1834, London, Middlesex * ' � Banders. Modcna> tfuguft 28. \ front Irakce dJri E Jearnfrom theBaalucf tbeSecchit, lui Detachment of impcrkhiU tu-| Wng advanc'd towards San Beaeditto, bad a 1hort SkirmiJh with feme ef the no conudrrable Loii on cither put. Loath of-Forage arrive heredaily for )ie Irtcof tad Allies: Sixty Waggons in. Yc&eiday, and ; were, all data-anal ai Horfc, might take qp their Quarters in the .Country, and that 4000 #001 and tJob'Horie Ihould .be cutertain'J in the Clty\,i but infteadof htmgcblig'd to pay and fubfiitthem, they^prapos'd to tfroply ensefcr aB 1600 Load of Hay, Straws and Wood, SooSacks of Mea^ and 70000 Iivres, ,pf jths .Money of Milan. * ft**, fyitmber 1. The third Column of Ruffians has at lufpbqti'utid the Neighbourhood of iDuorekk, and b en its Match tnoatds Warftw. The Number nf �*ea ilill left * fioo 16 to 12006; and rhefe ate to file off for -pctakaw. by* the Way ol Maricriboarg, in order to take the Palatin of l^jnjfe Rear,-and prevent hie joining fhe-NcSahy who arefummon'd to his Banner. Wcare ioform'd, that ch? Sta-tafiuil Party is tcur'd to the utrnoft-&�temity i>f Podalia, and daithey�fill hardly be *b!eto makeany JUiuianoc, in cafe mtytbould be attacks. The fcvere Ordinance which the Governor of WarJkwpublilh'dfometinw ago. Jm had to good Provifibm to fcKHlon, ^uiarpaffiblo they fl��Li nuke any longRcfiftaace. ; -....... '7, 'the?writefitaSnaftwrt-ofthetttb, riot ooamreof the King's Traoat avi pmYd the Rhine than what wctt into Spircback to eatteat the Eloxwaoa of a Project which the Enemy baS akefeated open that Country: That attstiottaBd-roe the Coattnoaaceof the Army cn the other fide the Rhine, txw SHI oW>Ja whether hlarlhal PAsfekk woutt undertake any new Siege this Campem t but that the Report of the Houwohl Troops being calTd honk, Wat entirely poundkO. MjuQuldeNoaOks has been fcr <bme Days tndaWd. " TW^Siag has � Den^ wiaifc oaeCbttrge � already etw^a^endow'd, and the Lectures willTrnnmeticf on the iB of wax Month.' v �'.7 iW,]fyM*drr it. WW North, Hb M�jerVs Ships remain, with ftriwal. Saktr, for So Lncar^ Mary, Painier. lE&d in thrfe Parts, this 4e^ nittd � King Auguiluv ftnd fojbfcrib'd the CotOediacy, chiffiag to abandon their filiates to the iUgeof tbe^pcmte - Patty, rather than expofe their Rcttbns to the Power endRi-oarof the Mufepvites. JttrfU., Stftmhn. Tit generally iKuev'd here, that _ ft hahaee of tne new Alliance wmciwScd between thi* Crmwa �ad mat of Denmark, the India Trade wUI be jointly carry'd wlwtwten the two Nations. The Purveyors Tiave Drders to M the Magnuses withiCorn., Our Haiseft has ptwM but very indifferent. VAmtWivU here the jtb. the Anny esjcampll ia*e �. 39 ^Wlionsr and 51 Squadrons. The Prince of Ttt|�*eiuarnp'd at Rencben, with 18 Battalions and the JWoold Troops, to be at hand to draw Forage fawn the JJ�y fOberk�k, where is alto a Bttachment of Jfoot. TWorhw^etacTunents are advanced to WilOettandGfiDgear HOW TheImpcrialGeotialPttmchietirMiromthisNogh-wad^upoarjieAiri^rf bats hc is laidrto hsyekfttome Men behit^ the Chevalier de Sum is gone w-pal} himlelf at Bihrach; with twelve nomiicd Toot, mod ���ditd Dragoons. topi^eiuaDyE^ouuons of the Enemy. VwJFPSSBfV* * �?�ichiw�� of i$OoMeaio the vtiley or Oberkirk, but they_jiutJidrOTaB�m�s.they|iet-*�|Tt �e Prince de Tingry had a Mind to attack them. Huaarkandt^ydefesieJttKsn. Vm* h� inpjwwi|eiddiw� Wd s Rtgimrnt of Huffinat Sweaiogaen, �to�J�cf ioex> Umm ftockhautcn,  third at Bnhl w^Rm*.� fcwth, confiaing of three ReglflJBnts of Horfe, at Rnpiq^i. �fe are auVd, that hi* Cavalry u m^ cttwtdwgImrate, fi$5� the Diftance they are obfig'd tofetch their Forage, the Supply te�eeivefrom Swabiaby nVagnto, ot Wmothet ,� J�#i(yJS^r,bringTn6iff�^ hmfirt �his Army-- ~-~..... ^jBmi^r^T-r*^^ rirsjaifiwhii h to�f hffii-croi&iyr iome time off Haligeland, were cblig'd by Stress of -JStm&sMatimNorthern roaftt.-ioilat. we heard WKhkg of them Once the taking ousSaips till to-Day, when Nswj canw that they were tetwn'd 10-theMoutb of the Rrvcr, WWhingiw the Arrival of oar Ships every wtomeat wpeftcd home irojn the GtrmUnd Fiftery. We have as y* no Anfwetto the Jtelerwhk^.ihe Meg^at^ wnmrtothetSoort of Vwawj.JTieiajdojiiDJs^^ -i�t�� we are inforra'd'rhat the iKrpuiiesdt the three Anfeatick Townsjiave deliver'd it, we live In coMJnmd E*p^tion� of fattWinghislmperial M^yVVkafiae 0�reupoiL_ � -Cd&r&Vt: 13 'Tis nnindcntly''ts^ld-lMR;' dtar Ar two Amies will retire very *hew�i^ �dthat zoooo of the French will pr off towards"ite Molelk. .. Tiejf writf from Vienna of the 4U1 Inftent, that upon Arrival ef a Courier with iome Dil patchc* of extraordinary Impornuxr, CwtSijpeodoiff. was lint (or to Court, and that alter he had eld a Conference with the reft of the Wlmilers, Couriers were fcntaway to the ftveral Imperial Winiders at the Northern Courts. Til (aid that the faid Powers are detamin'd to remain �euter with relation to the AtTjirs of Poland. Parti, Stft. 18. Letters from the Rhine of the 9th Itttoet ration, that a large Detachment of Imperial I lufian defeated  Party of our Troops s but that being cloWy purtVd by the Prince de Tingry, they were oblig'd 10 take to a Caule, where �� Prince is atprefent hcficgingtuem i and as they have no Yesterday Mnm�I _^ llS^mjtoito so Hanpluy ThaycV, ^^arAttamgofi^ dungi^of� losowieg Pain or SicJcs^ b ibW with aD his Tenh in^ti, Head, -and JmgasBs ami Stiesyh jsttke faai JnnwiiTd, Lcam fiaas HoDaad fcyv ** |KSo3ecdceeper^�^ the room of Mr. Sibber* AsalfatoMwoiw Mf:B*^,Soaof Mr.BarDtr.anoRdqaa. rnthb, m eatt^MaO,-to beAl^ at the Palaces of St.Jatwes'aaad'HamatOB^^ rooaa of the late isnesMlfr.B|vn^^ in difpofiag ha MajeBy^Swes �f SasalVAxsns into thefaeaan-fril Order m whkA ti^ote smr toat'd^ in the Towers --_ , "y , His Grace has buniCkf Id ste^dtnjrppolntjaKThceBsJ RowhttB> w beMsm^Ganai ef Wtadnr.'CaBk, in the roam of thefeid'Mr. Hams, ikciatM. Vri��^ftay t�i� ftftMrtfey th* Cm* A* ^Mtijn .the^MUshll Amhanadrir, gave ajgrand �atemiim^nt-4o icvcral of the Nobility and torcjgl JUaniStn, in ^Uoantu^of the Prince of Muri�s> Birtb-Btey, whotlwa?s��*d iwo^te ^tift Year of he :toe^ l�ag1iora^ Tie Hight ita. SirlVTllkm Widdsr^ Birt. Secretary at Wv. who has beat daajgehsalry by the Can: otjh. HtHe and Dr.^unM WisaHbr. Sir Willbm is not aQoaCto go soAixkOapcBt,as was reported, bttrtays^jetfeft the FffaHHkiiKTtf^f tmHoka Jby thcUie of Sanning^litt^-Vftmas. Ycflcrdaf in the ^vroing his Es^alleBcyLtDam Sas&i, the Imperial Amhifftdnr, went^m Kenfiogton, to wait �o his M^efly fcrne llp|llio1a "Eipre1s'-ficm"5fie(iaa."'7':''7^^ Tib NlommgwiU be hehJ  Oauam Kill ice ibe Eke tloo ef aSwevtt ~nrk^^di Iw^.llliemtanTenT. in tie room of hfr. Powell, wMf�^eoffo�Tat ikxof Mootajp. The Rider was featf cas Friday sal trim a vsokwiTcwT, Sai ditd oa Monday. AfewPajraflgo died the fttr. hit. Jcmil^iakjf, ReOor of Ham wear Sandwich, wlik Uriag he hadeajoy'd acar 60 And abbnt tea ImysJacelbedtlwR^ M. A. RedecawJ VicarefUnwjBVsa caeKoocfeof Cao- wheteof were capita% caavscsed, sic. Aathoay tthswifi; Parte Aathoar. aa iraKir, aorBmBaK tx but of the Deft of jotepk Tadey i Thomti hf acgjiie. for ftea&ng � blade Gcldiiiga^ of Mr. Jc^Sk^wkhs Rctwt^lfon. ibr robbing IJkil-cih Bedford of 6*. TaMoaey iad Wcarasg Affarel, and aM> for rofcfc^g Ttmethr Towleof a Vsafa and 1 a. ia Mvetf; Mary GUI, fcr ftekuag out of the House of VYdlumOvtU zzGcwnt and other "fhings; WiSism Howard, fcr hseaking ^ecst the Home oTTaowwTaylar ia TlicobalaVRow the Jth of Afay lad, aed teabag several Thaagt of Vabet anJThoaus Aia-fv, a Boy, fcr aValiag from Joha Ward *5att 111, at L� ljjdgT^atHanewOatheHiUi i***recjtfilorTrempana-uon, and zo aajtutitd. Yafterday the Grand Jnvy at Hrks-Htfl, aftrr hjvicg exianin'd r�rauy-ccs Wimc&s rctukg to tic Ataii, Lmad * Lillet jAi^hncBtagii&9 the Use Mr. CindlWi Snvauts, mr tne Murder of taear Mater; and Vn'cdnddxy a^xt their Trial cbmrs on at the Old Rsiky, to whkh time the MaMkBat Jv^i�s^enrir\l....... VYc hear from Seveaoaks in Kent, rkat 00 Friday kft ta extraordmary CVkkrt-Match was phvy'd thm between Aa Gentl�ncnofKer.tandS0flai Jddkfat. Lord Joka Sackville, Ac. play'd fee Kent, and Sir VVOlwia Gaje, Ac. fcr Sotfex 1 The Game ended, to a very gttat NkMy, i* bmwoftbeKemuGeattanen. , Frratum, Lim 10, Rhine,-nWr^Setchia. _ ^ High Watt* at Loedco-Bridge this rAy, 8 > alter tz at N00B. ' ' Yen^rda^BaakStockwasi4oa t 4th. Iadis tat  kaK Sowth^ra Tradiaa Stock 8t. Oh) Armukks ,06,,1, X DitteNcw Anmmies 104 3 aths, a 5. Three fter Cmt. aZ nit/ 94 1 4*.. MihW&S - ' ..P�^ Aa. Yoti *rity 04 1 jth. MQlioa Bank 108 t half.' *k Buddings 3 1 4th. Royal Affamati 07. loadl ta 14th. rvewltak '�il!ijr. ham mat �T^wrattt rawer Ootk, John Twyman far tlx tfajltr. t lie Compaq of Comiians^ �T the New TheatreTin Goodmans-Fields. ib>s tut. the 11* |�ft. will n pvJeoiM � Canei* etllT The CONSTAKT COUPLE; o Hi A Tmit> to the Juoatc. SitHs�r^WJeair^a*tC -�Tr, tea. ur. reauttuai tvon 1 iCIiatasv', 4as�-'Mra chrr. fcs... ur. ^emtrnti mtkf.lit, Woojvsrd 1 Tom , wmn m,,. wnmui] umtr, air, weoswaM I Tdi*^ mod, Mr, MWlt61 Casfisals. Us. twwar i tUwlmtmAL 22? thal^na^Mamwi^xtelia*' JWof i � ijdof A6V�. ifmaVl Bimp. JBssyjaafMama______ ^ _ T�J^*�iitfcMW-.- A T the Theatre Eoy*l m Droty - Ltne. : C, A^-T- 'WrltumJf tht av#J. AooifQSf, MJjpt- fas. Mr.Miw#H %a w|aa\�M^m\aait lawil i*u>im ' The DEVIL � PAT : -The_ Wtvii Mtf^^j^M^i^>'-k- vr. Whw, CSrti-l^^lallaKjUft; #ia�^4Mml^^tm4�iaw/C^ - Tf^n. jstsitty at �ao'fl�k. �>av* M&nfiGwmmijvhtlmtiMH aimttu4i,MtiA ibiSemu. ft E ENt flit Dai *mhfir �&/��>>, J�*w� ifi'Hmrt a/ 71a aal �urc of A�.atw�t (with f&>#�i trooa his lass iiobw ia OtA^titJTwhiih rcptsinu a wZ Ctfo^ixk.err M�7vifttM<.tw./OW, v'uiod,J^i^T /j-he Ci�cul�iiw�i* alio wmircHiiiit ^�o^^Kr�o thtCfejU asw! frem jheQ.iU 10 iU Mather; with the fiUoUw; md iHifakf tfaiisaj iLc Haw, a^tbe AOipaof <Ul^i, Ail wk*br�riiMiai�, �. ItUr mai, feftr*J other rrepsrsuoM, will bs mvwa sad slaade cspiufrV iu �.mU0* or a��Mh, hy Mi. Ch���� U�fe|i. .* Nwrr, a Ocutkwoouo ptofalg quai^iM �i 1 sucai tat Isiles, "'- Advtrtifcmcnii m ibis Pa^tr of a mdtrate Ltx&b ere tak<n in at Two Slillingi tack.

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