Monday, September 6, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Monday, September 6, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 6, 1834, London, Middlesex ily Advcrtilct {took j* tuirb A Y>  e ptemr t it ft, 1734-. "V- - ,  3 V** *'-ip* ^ Ikawanlelw^aF . -� "-^afffl 2)w/, September 4: EMAIN his MajeHyS broke. Defiance and I the Greenwich, Linch St. Chrutopher, Fra, l Vigilance, " " pbcr's Shr 7 1 !BI- J t with France; for Genoa; AviA^jfrom St, Chrifto- ___irn� Monday, for A- frica ; Hattfburgh Packet, Yates, the Pine-Apple, Segomney, - the \ Betty, and the Sarah, Salter, all for Sarah, lave, for Virginia 1 tBiiHrfflir, WalUcey^atid/''tr�'Jonn, \Ve1ti^'bbtt�'fer' Senile i *5^wrge,,JoliyVfor Venice ; St, George, Roberts, for ''-Litf*-!*** ***�y� '^V1** St: ^*0Olr �� Henry j Drury, for Barcelona ; Fricndihip, Shorton, for Mary, Painter, for Philadelphia. Wind w. L O N . D O N. Tint are this Day two Mails due Utitn France, two from ^Isiland, and three ftom Flanders. Yefterday Morning was held a Court of Aldermen at Guild-: wben Mefl*. ward and Royle, Stationers, diftjualify'd ,ibtn>fcltes Jsotn Caving the.Office of Sheriff, by fweanng they I�oe not reipcclively worth 160001. ' The Court of Common-Council, which met - the fame Morning, were pleafed to accept the Fines of Mr> Seth Giblbn, , llercer, and Percival Lewis, Efq; Draper, andjthofe Gentle* fjenpaid accordingly 400!. and 2� Marks each, into the : Chsrabex of London. After which the Right Hoih the Lord Mayor, the Alder-v awn,, and the reft of the Citizens, held a Common Hall, to _mctedto the Elfcliooof Gentlemen to ferve for Sheriffs for; '{fcii City and Codnty for the Year entiling, when Micajahi ;F�ry, Efaj Alderman of Aldgate Ward, and one of the jUjtefesttum in Parliament for this City, and William ^fowell, EfqtCotkr, drank to by Sir Francis Child in 173a (atd the only one remainwg_on th� Lift, were unanirnoufly <Men, and declar'd accordingly. . The Number on the Lift at Midfummer was fifty, fix of whom have been fincc efecled, and fwomoff, four twore of 4rtore Eleclion, 37 paid their Fines, one is abroad, and another not Free of the City, and the remaining Gentleman is now Sheriff. The Sum of Monejrpaid into the Chamber of London fince 'Midfummer, only by Fines, toward* building the intended IfaoGcn-Houfe for the Lord Mayor, amounts to 15600I. 'The whole Amount of the Fines rccewM fince the Order of Common-Conned was made in Relation thereto, is near  19000L Yefterdsy there was a General Council at Kenfingtoa. tngers was difoatch'd from the Duke of Newcaftle's Office at Whitehall to his Excellency Mr. Walpole, his Majdly's Am-. bfladorat the Hague. We hear from Pans, that a Lodge of Free and Accepted *Mafoiwu lately held there, at her Grace ibcDuicheli of Portfinouth's Houfe, where his Grace the Duke of Richmond,, aftfcd by another Engliflt Nobleman �f Dillin&ioo there, Prcfident Monrefquerr, Brigadier Churchill, Edward Younge, -JBap ftcgiftrrof the molt Honourable Order of,the Bath, and .Walter Strickland, Efq; admitted feveral Perfons of Dillih�Uon �into that molt Antient and Hocoerable Society. � -rYeftertfay the eldeft Son of General Diemar, Minifter at .sjkjs Court from the Landgrave of Hcfie-Caffel, was umodue'd - .as their Majellies at Kenfington, and had the Honour to kiis nhur.MajtuJes Hands, uponTus taking Lcayeio go beyond .'Sea. Not Week the Right Hon. the Lord LanOown will go to .AixkChiprlk, fox the Recovery of bis Health. We bear that"hrr-^G race the Duke of Richmond has par-thtt'd in France and Holland, a String of thirty Hories, of an csnuifite Beauty, to be thrown into his Majtfly's Stud here. Ydfttrday the Hon. and Rev. Dr. CarmichacL second Son 49 the Right Hon. the Eul of Hyndford, with his new mar _1f& lady, were presented to their MajeAks at Kenfington,. and met with a gracious Reception. William Jeflbp, Efq; one of the Welflj Judges, and Member of Parlrament for Aldborough in YorkMrc, whohrfbecn dangerouljy ill at Jus-Seat at Bromc-Cattle in that County, is tea fair way of Recovery. Henry Gale, who waicondemn'd at the late Affixes at Maid-Ttoji toilteWt&aaf ilftilm at Lcwiffiam, was Ycncrday - executed there. Wt hear that the General Court-Martial for the Trial of J^PTivattGentlemen of the Earl of Albemarle's Troop of Harte-Gnards, who lately iniultcd Col. Fuller, is appointed - for Tve&y next '* ' ........ ' T*�ywteJrom Exeter, that on Saturday Jail Brigadier-General William Barrell arriv'd thcrc^ to Jake PolTellion of Ae oU Regiment of Foot formerly commanded by General TreUwney, after ward* by General Seyuujur, and lately by J^d Cadogan. Oh WednefiUy, when Sir Charles Hotham, Bart, wahed whUMajrfly, to acquaint him that the Poll of Lieutenant Colonel to his Regiment of Foot in the Ifland of Minorca was ***cw�:�y the Death of Lieutenant-Colonel John Montagu, 'f**m�oraf Parliament for the Borough of Stockbridge, hu Ifajefty was pln�'d to order it to be fill'd op by Major Pujolas, who had ferv'd fcvcral Years in that Regiment with great Reputation. And Liktwife 10 appoint Capt. Gillman, the eldeft Captain in the Regiment, to be Major in the room of Lkutcnm-Coloncl rVJoIat. ^Afcw Days fince died at his Seat in Wales, aged about zt, WTbqmas Bond, Bart, defcended from Ihomas Bood, Elq; "^e Queen Mother, (Mother of King Charles II.) crated a Ba.onet by Letters Patent bearing Date at Bruifeb 1658, 10 Car. II. Sir Thomas dying unmarried, b (ucctedtd m theTiHe brJueCbafin. bow S.tH�a^-J�n�ykAbd, of At HIPPISLEY. BtXLLOCat St. EdmundVBury inSufiblk, Bart. *nA fJt a r f a nji*. " n^^^'USSW'RfclMABd; � eminent BoIMer. ii ^ . . *�� ." A L L, A M i now building of a comondiodi Tavern .1 the Corner of Comp^ G^ Tbtntrtt*lBo*tb% ffVer-agtoHJl tb< RefttUt* ton-ftwet and Greek-firm, St. Ann's Weaminfter, of the Gtlfim $mtiltftitlt Houfchtely lenown by tf� Manx t/the Turk's-Hea^Ofiee- fYURlKG the Time of Bartho)t)me�l **t*M* JmmxithKutBr^ mXkrhi*f&tJL H^gh Water at LowsoM-Bridg* rlnt Day, at 53 Mtwrtea after 4 in^^^tl^Mcwiingi,and^t a^4 m tV Aficraoon. Yellerday Bank Stock was 138 1 hair. India 143. Sfltatn-Sea Trading Stock 79 3 4ths. Old Anrmkiet to; I hair. 105 1 8;h, a t 4th, Ditto New Annuities 104 3 Sths, 164 l 8th. Three per Cent. Armuiry93. Million Bank 10S i half. African ao. York Buildings 3. Royal Aflnrancc 96 t half, a 3 4ths. London AlTuranof 13 1 4U1. New Bank Circulation al. t;s. 6d. al. tea. Prcm. South-S<a Bonds 3I. is. Prcm. India dkto 3I. 8s. Prem. Three pat' Cent, ditto tl. i6r. Prcm. EngltA Copper ii. Webh ditto Books fhut. Salt Tallies 2 per Cent. Prcm. "'4)r"4fe**^^fV<eissr * W*iesls\irf.2f<*asi�v ^.JCgg ...Hisriy^ wtte y ^^nn^vm. ****** \ r^Jri J Xfr. Wi^Kwi OwJioalCoJo-nNi, Me. ftwow t tk ti*fl M�.H*deyt Lor* �wax*awttktarxWsa \ AtfUa**, Urt. Um)| Cle�r*,Mr�. JUwiUv^r.. - ** Tb�bi�wiUU�4<Manr�-�t<b C4ea.�aa'4 + .1 The I MP O S TO R t ......--*� � B it � r * HVM By the Company of Comeiiansy AT the New Theatre in GdodmanVFields, oa MoaA*T nccr, the 9th t (t. will be ptcfcoM*  Comedy, caU'4 The WONDE R : A Woman keeps a S e c ret. DoiiPeUm, Mr.GiffjrJi Cot. Briion, MrrtWsne; Do* Lopnt, Mr, Rofto; P��k gio Iitltan am! SflgKutty Mi& Jnoe�.arC� a Coocctto n the Ftcnui Horn hjr Mr. Cfut'*s, bciog the Bill liSM of their pti-�fbm>'ti� oo this Si�j.e. Ani EoiertaiMmus of Dancing by voof. vallots �i Mr*. Buttock. Boxu xi. Butts tmiBalnmts m the Stage 41.' Pit zt. Cat. it. Yo begin cxa�Uy at Six o'clock. - N*M***)tibe rttmri'd- after theCnttam k drawn up. N. B. Mace* lor the Bole* to be uksa at ridgtou** CoffiChoulc oppo-Otr ihelhcaire. . � By His Mayfly's Company of Comedians* AT the Theatre Royal in Drury^JLane, ^* Tomorrow, tciog the 71b of Septembtr, will be prcltotcd a Coaetay, caii'4 LOVE for LOVE. - Written b} the tatt Mr. CoNCI IV �. Sir tampion LcKtod. Mr. 1 VateaUBC. Mr. MflwtrJ , Scao . And the Theatre news/smtei. new decortttd, flte. _ With EnterrsiTocau of !Aaatit� b| Mr.NiwIoo, Mr. Effos, Mr. PcUing, Mr. Pavcopott, Mr*. Mlwfc Mr*. Walter and Mus Maoo, psrtwularlf fix Slash t�d Whitejuktvaod thtR���ll�r�. Tu twin ciaAly at Sit o'clock. By buntjjffiftCtmnmd^m ttrfmufht eHmutttdttkini tbeScnet. The Biter Bit. WtbthrmifdHmmmrttfVixii** tii Biter, M1 ________**f yinnert end Iri Dnmvr BaLdskdash. -iritahf the trim. Mr Htr^tkr iMi^ i al^rh the IhaweVMr. klui tiMSsvMr. ieny tffaoaT Mr. Blrt; MaidhcxJ tr�C�aft*r>�r, Ml.CUrk*: ':Ostsmt Mt.aasiiha tqDMft'cm. Mr. Raintooi Sek�v� saaaal, atattcr HaltMni Mrs! Mrtum, Mn. Hctk t BCitr. M ��*� ht Mn Ttmk. Mne�Jsaeav Mr. Smith, Mrs.Oga<a. M'S. W tniot Ani7T*oTawhe> by Mr. Ttwh and Mont. I*aa�. led of �A It A Mac* cslt'd The OasttaM tmtn " z *ni of tb* RmU. .^ii| be eotCftUaM withTnatbUftf, by Mnhic �>C MOhf, devatiore. Moot *> The DRUNK E N M A K, whkh he bashtca (0 \ot% cctaayated lor. Ac RYAN, LAGUERllE, and HALL's CHAPMAN Great Theatrical Booth, wer-araM the Hojpital-mjl-Smtbfitldt D Gate in URING the Time nf Bartholomew* Fair, will be pttfeawd an ci tell rat new DtoB. **W4 D ON JOHN x~ -~ '-4 � The Liber tin e Dut r o v With the ttmital Hnmtmrt e/tte Liherimt**M*m]\ FirtbeBntertaiitmenttf TOMO CHACHI, Mine efthe InMant of Tmmmatm. SENAUKI hu Kim �ifi. Dos John, Mr.Myan) jaaxno, Mr. Chapcoai>i Maria, Mrs. MaUattt Leonora, MiftMann. --- To whkh will fee a*** a gaiud Opera, (aU'd  The 6 a r ti ti 1 st a it o: The PETTICOAT ^GOVERNMENT. Qprcn of the AfflMoM, Mrs. Rohcrrs; Capiatd of lb* Ship, Mr. *�oa, BOitfwab, Mr. Halt} B�tfwaio>t Mate, Mr. Mfilatt: OaSf -t Mrv LagiKrre jCoicih Mr.r^kttbwan. . , -.-----______. ith Enuruioascwa of 9�atbg. perticaUrir'a rinmsaiaai Dsace, TOOANAHOWI hi, tfrfhcu; end ibe rtfi ftbt f^t the Theatre Royal The Poici �C Mto a new tonu'wiwi INCLINATION. Fkldi, this Day, being in Lincoln's - Inn- ihe'dth of Scpteiaoer, will be per* fonn'd A Concert of Vocal and Inftrumcntal M U S I C K. Br the left Mafitti Jrom the Ofeiau Aod after the Concert it �v�r, as the famcular OcGre of the Kiof. Sec Mr. TOPHaM, from ifliogtQn, tj 10 perform all the Eipctimeoti TSf Tii* tirprifoji SrhENGTH. With S/iifiog b| hia>, both in Italian and Eoflifli. Boxes 5 s. Pit 3 s. Gallery 2 a. Upper Gallery 1�. To ktgim exuillj at Six 0 Clock. - M FEI LDING and O ATES*s- *�| -_ Great Th�*atricai> Booth, In the George - Inn - Tard% Weft - Smitb/ield, DURING the Tirteof Bartholo w:ll he prcttatfd a DramatkJ^twtaianicut, never pctiorm'd theic bc<urc. r�. Mr. Rofto; Ojwcn, Mrs. tat/ } Eaoli, tin. Clarkt Henrietta. Mj�. TaD�M......... . '.'.."'."r. Tu whith ��11 be mi**.' a Railad-Oncra. call'd. The C O N ST ANT HO V E R S. IVitb the ComicalHnmemt of Men/. Racout. iMcrnui'd with �..��*� f� �o Old B#iUd Tbr�s and . Cpuntty-Daixct, Springsmc, Mr. StopprUcr, fen Marti", Mr.Salwar; Doodle, Mr. Norris ; Itagoor, Mr, Oatc* ; Matuor, Mr.Stoppclacr, \ao. Biotiu� ; l*)c . Priubard. All the CtuiaAcrscsrircly ne>> dr�r�d. Wi:b Eotemintnent, of DjncMg bctfCen the AA� by Mr. Drvcnpnrt, tin. Ua'enpo �. M.llrr Oate*. Mtft Oatci. aod i.'.. tfce faraotu Mr. F�i�ifC>o will pcrlorm hit lurprihrg foUoici vo ihc S. IL An ci'nirfJir-arf Faod of Mufkk it protidcd. t wCllinf ��l Vii>iia>.H�a:b>i|t,tt'�tr-�0'.ftcir'c D'um>. T.o'npcit,frci�h-H ili i ill 'cu>aun-^,uny illumiiutcd nl. Ic-�e��l l�1e Mnoni jrul Itralixnt. (or the  orvieiHf:. if ,1* -tf CurA-pan�; ar.J Perf m- I Ct�*ti-* , f -jtXte% mtf dr EXALTED CUCKOLD. MartorT, Mr. laSocrrc ; the Farrier, Mr, Vanthan; kai Maav Mr. Feak�tbman; Scararaodth, Mr. acncrofti tfarkonia. Uf, Ctdrfc� Col<�nbinc, Mifi Miunt farrtu'aWAt, Mr. Matters| Itim Mr. Halt. _ ---^i^------------~:::s:: � � N. B. Mr. Ryan, Mr. Lagatrre and Mr. Cbapeun, in orate tow tertawt the Town m'uh Kteaier*ar�erf, tu�a bew at ihea%|wnajcif~ cauGni tlits Carrrta'ncaeiii to be made. _ � - fthegiti every Day al One fOkS, aai etmtiam till Bbvtm at iVtfAr. Tins is to advertife Gentlemen and Ladies, THAT, for the Benefit of Mr. George I Pinchbeck. yooa�jdl� tided wr, there willbeespo�*dto view, on lbs Pat V $t��ea tear the Corner of Cow-U^e, duties the time of lUttbiWtw-Fairy thof*-two turico. MaclMH* the Grand Theatre of Am and the Maf&a) BoC improv'd. aid lately broogiu hack Bora Funce t>r CbtitlotAcr>inea>-b�k tlie elders �ti� aa* bcctrfir|^� Btofhcr. Tficy~arc c0ccrs*d to htth�mOiotFiAi%uHkmn tec appcar'd t� iarope, hajMg,been (hewn (with a ge>*mrAt�ls�ft) before ibe prefent Royal Family -, fiicniic the Kiaf, Onren, iraafjlin and the �hoi� C�en � Frsnce, at the fatavc of VaelsiHea. and Uft Wiruer, y'uti theweaott Saii^aioay At rfi� Boy al iiahaayfc'1'- N.B. Ifwy �re fbf � fromTefl in �ha A.r^tMca}4ttlTcn as Hiajht. to two or more, wilbuur loft of Tttac Tar tbr guality. Gentry, and others, AT the Great Booth, in the King's-Arm*- Yaid, ibe upper tV^d of C>*>!ac�\ tutma, ihm Tarn cd fat' tfwLme* Fair. i> to be fo" a bcaa:ifit| laigc White Greenland BE A R, tatcly arr>t' ei frjto Land, fotfcipg hi* hiit. w*�-Uw h' ibe ship'* c.rt�, and wetched 3700 Wcsjkz, to*! 'd'.;tiiy a <cr/ large QuaeiMy of OiL I Ik ceai*;* ot ir�b Crcaiare, bu furpnrmg siae, great Crowih, wdl f,� Cutuur, ha�n �iten the gmtctt SaiutafUw u taeQjMSiiy, Omxrw ard otii<-r Utorg and frwre thai a CaaM may �pp'���h � r , . . To be Seens*y Hoar of the Day, wtthoac Ut tt^tnmr V  1 i Mxtrtifcmenti in this Paper of a moderate Length are taken in at Two Shillings each. - J

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