Sunday, August 22, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Sunday, August 22, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 22, 1834, London, Middlesex ftUflAriiil; '. *.�  -\ -r- �klJR 8 DA?, Avoi/sT ii, ijrji B latin from the Camp at Boon-Martina, that the Enemy's Project far carry inj oft" the King of Sardinia was ia Mis Manner: The IropetialiiU bong appri?.'d that his Majetty was at the Abbey of San Btncditto with his ordinary Guard, anJ that tHeLdt Wing of the Army wa* at toogrm a Diflante to come up to his unmeUwtc Succour, they caus'd lome Troops toafcendthe Pc> ( whole Gia>c T>� Gentieflnfi, who a of * vceatilecaft, j Unseats mightily the lets of Time, whitjl the Annies are thus watching an Advantage �er each other. He comphuw, that the Impenalids are t�ch dull rScrghboun, the? give the Allies no manner of Dntrfion * aad that the latter, to pafi away Time, have been oblig'd to fend tor a Set of ' Players from Their Engine***, far want of other Work, are cm Unlike his Sardinian Majetty'* Guards; bat fonamtely .iSr^percwv'd fomc of the ^v�nc d Ccnunejs, who Sa �or�*Woid, and iccemng no Aofwer, an Ahum was fffk�4v foreid. and the Enemy rewind with what fpetd ymSiisAy fprcad, and tnc Enemy Jk* could 5 Since whiefv-part of the Army is advane'dtothe-f �oy Ganrof the Abbey, the better to cover his Majetty from ' tlteKk� Attempt. ' _ : Hnmvtr, Jnt*Jl 20. According to the Advices which a tfabknua of this Court has receiv'd from Poland, King " feaiuW* Party nor only gathers Strength, but is already Ircoae formidable. The Nobility arc actually in Motion, to execute the Promile they made that Prime of afTcmbiing on Horfcbsck. Lublin in Great Poland, and Bret to. in Lithuania, ' art appohued for the Places of rendezvous; and already mote lias 10 Palatinates are ranged there, under thtu retpeclive Stsadards. Each of thefe Auemblics have renew'd their Oaths KingStanifbus. Tijfurprjnng that the Neighbourhood of the RuffianTroops has not ftruck tome Awe iisotbePabtiruteof Mazoyia, of which WarlaW is the Capital; b� instead or Yuch Confluence, the Gentry there appear aore generally atrtcbrd to King Sraniflaus than in the more remote parts. Warftw it f If is tainted; and fcvcral Noblemen who kept fileot, and fcenTd fubminivc to the Curttnt of Power, tare withdrawn themlelvcs privately to repair to the Rendez-^toa,-fbe Court of^eicT(burg,inform'd of thcte Steps, has takrn her Meafurcs accordingly, and made the proper Difpo-immsor environing tlic PobUi Army with her Troop*: To _ which Purpofc three different Bodies are ndvaocJngat the fame otMt the fait by the way of great Poland, eonfifting of the n�ud Forces ot Ruflia and Saxony, under the Orders at Gene*, a] Lacy and the Baron dc Boofe ;"the fecond in Lithuania, cwunarided by Major-General Bifmark; and the third cm the feofUkrania. towards Podolta, Volhinia, and Poiifli Ruflia. , ha tut a eompos'd of icqoo Foot, and 7000 Horfe, and antra* Poland unexpectedly, having the Prince of HelTe-ItnabergU their head. The March of thclc I rcopswas with IkgreateftSecrccy, and the Arrival of the General fo much it. BJ k i i a s* : .__...fiuprUing, as they bcljey'd fcis Highnds'iliU upon the fioatictsof Pcrua, where he has been for fevcral Years com-anaier in Chief of the Ruffian Forces. The Report goes, oat he b to bear the UkiCharaaer irtPolaTid, General Munkb jMniingto tetum to Peterfturg. The Danrxickers rbtter'd VaiaBm that tjielr Oujitutukm ixmtauVd aU that wasremuVd af aw by theW Rufian and FoWh Majefties; but they have bRnuoriac^iiaiiia^Jlat they ought to make some particular. Aefctfajatoiacaft toWng A^paftu*, and that it was tbleh/ m ImlnV to deebvewhat he thould cfteem SatisfaAion. That Prnct �as pleas'd at irft to value his Favour at aooooo^owns, km ha nlajefty has; fince graciouily ram his Price. The Magi-law live been under great Difficulties to raife the Money, aad tiasercaft about for every Expedient to that Effeft j but 'tis at bl bid, that the PrtoctUMs of the City have offcr'd toad-' vioce the whole Sum, and" to take no Intcrett far ten Years, �pa Condition that bis Poiim Majefty can be prevail'd upon to confirm the free Excrcile of the Lutheran Religion as hcretoiorr, aadrenorethe�orof_Wecblellinu�o^ we believe tbalaftof O^li^xidirio^ ihma Irifficuky; whatever the nmy 1 far in the present Uncertainty Mea-aie in, with ngard 10 the Difpofiaon of a certain Northern Power, the Cuwtof bazony will, no doubt, judge k rMoper tobeMafiers . cf the Fait of the Vittula, to prevent all jealoufy and Soipi-cioa of me Man CoaduA ot the City of Danmiclc Onr Lmtnawkenonmuionof the Place where KingStaaiflaasu at prtfcnt 1 they only lay, that to amufc the Enemy hk. Parti-mni foairtiojti give out that his Majefty is at one Place and fcwetirae* at anotocr; The only tningcertain k, that his Ma-1fiF*fir1tt^ Terri- tsry, taffd Ducal Prufta, to range in, all the Governors and Coranaodcrs of Places having Orders to furnifn him the ne-mt\ nrn*<t taking; up Ships far Service of They write irc�B�dattianh^ that the Cbxnmifion of the GcaeratAftmUycoTnrcn'd there latt Week in aQuaitrrty Meeting; rrtolVa to address his Majefly, as Lkewrk tne Parliament at tile ensuing Scfion, to hare the A& (ot tcfiohng Patronages repealed. _____-__-"--~- Yetterday died at the Lord Chamberlain's Office in St. James's Place, John Evans; Etq; one of the Cupbearers to his Majefty, and Deputy Secretary to his Grace the Duke of Grafton, as LurJ ClwrnuieTsam of the Houthosd. His Majcfly's Yacht the Royal Caroime having again had the Misfbrtvine of n Ship nmmng foul of her as Bk lay at Greenwich, was Yetterday ia the Dock at Deptibrd, in order to be repair'd. ^....., ...... Ycaerday George Huxley, Efqi mufler'd the fix Troops of TTorfe-Grenadier-Guards m Hyde-Park. The Right Hon. the Lord Vifteoat'Tcwringtoo, Vke-Trcafurerof IreLicd, who U lasdy rcturu'd from tncttCC, Will meet the Lady Dowagr Lis Mother at Marlborough, and accompany her to Bath, her Ladyutrp gois^tjuther a� drink the Waters for the Recovery of her Healtn. Ynlerday the Right Hon. the Lord Bcyne. of the Kingdom._of Ircb^, and Richard Edgcombe, Esq; arriv'd here from Ireland. Tomorrow in the Afternoon the Right Hob* the Lord Mayor, ajxompany'd by Use Aldcnnan aad SheriSV, will meet at Guildball, in order-to proceedJTrornthenee with the utual State to Smithficld to proclaim Barthokanew-Fair. We areinform'd, that a Gonlcsnan ot Oxford hath tran-flated from the French, a Book iatitled, LaSaxeGabme, or the Hiltory of the Intrigues of Frcdnkk:Aoguilus II. late-King of Poland, notwitiulanidusg^s^ htrndud Pounds h ofTer'd for the Ditcovery of the original Author. NruxtjUe, Aigmfl 16. Abom five; Weeks ago the Widow Turpin, belonging to the Hospital, and her Daughter, were bit by a mad Dog? of which to* Mother died oa Sunday lad, and the Daughter the next Day, sod they were buried together on Tueflay. High Water at Lorian�BrklgB this Day. at 46 Minutes after 4 m the Morning 2 anst**5 after 5 in the Afternoon. Br the Bemfit of Mrs, CM ARKE. AT the New Theatre in theJEJ�t4�tark�t\ * * this Our. orhw ike iti at AM�lf, will ha Mtssnml tt� UN Tr*gi �. *�*!>.. TTutaua, kit. twIm 4*tt4Mi�u A/liagiam ttsMtasfea> At FEILDING and OATES'i Great THrATRtcAL Booth� Jn the George - Inn - Tard, Wtft - Smitbfitld* DURING the Time ot Bartholomew-Fair, willb* ore�and a Drtawtk BattrrasBas�n�. atwt ptttucm'd ttm* ocuote. aati'd. DON C AR.LQS, Prmt �/ Si�ain. . The Kit* Mr. Hwtij 1Vm cats**, Mr. tr^aiJfai J�ha, Mr. ttasihtaat it*^c��Mr. Mr. Rofe>| <Jfeeo, Mrs. Lmv \ awli� Mrs, Ctaik} H�i�*�f�rMr�i Talhort. '� . ^ _ TawMrhwiUnta�4v4.a��# Rallai Onara, aaU'4 The C O N ST ANT LOVERS. tHth ttiCtrnkal Hmmtmrt if hUmf. RaooVT. tatcnaiaM �i�h Vsikir of Seals,, at ra OU SaUal TWa aad ^ Coonuy-tNt***. �  tpnocamr^^pclicr^iau Msnuv Mr.talwsf % Deed)*. �t� -No .tir��i t Cwiflsbfr, Mr. 0��| % Vwuia, M�.;�itthar�w 1 frnmr-m. Uff ar.txLa.Mits(sitas) Cilvu, Missltaai| laftath, Mr*. Unit,; a *�ropo 1, KKtlcr ostt*. Mils Ostcs. aai athaw. *�d further, tod^rr* a>rik^ Mr. ntfifyt St^i. N.a. an ts<r*ur<fi*arr Band of Ma&k k BeOTlM, ill atitorm ids ferprJtk^foh�naoatB� of 4on Affuranoi . 2, a1 4th. New Baak Cfrasfjrica tl 1 ct. � }l Preav. Sonra-Sea Bomb 3L Prem. laai, �km ,1. � a^s. Prcrn. Tare* par Cent, ditto ,1.17s. ttm. Maghti ODfjper ilTTjs. Wdfa dam Boaks (hat. SakTnjSmT 1 half per Cesst. Prcm. _ TftS Majefty b*vu* been graemfiy plattd* H lOtb fjmt, 1733, t* tfmU& t*^to Rnlp mmJ Or/trt tbt ih* ^Otbtl Atipjl, I71X. d** C^iti *f tlx fat J Oritrt art TtJjftd vnlb the Cmmtffimtrt tf hit Ma o a. The B a*-* b'~t*~T f�-1 air �.~-~r" fit o�9Ki tf tbt Ofntt Mtvtrjtt t*f*m''f ** P*MVL~ <iytca ot itic /.in.zMrs. Mobsiui ClanMM. Mrs. MiTart; D-4�4*. MU* r ���usi i 4<f*4M, Mru C�r!r�*rfra�U, M��. Beptet, Opi|iootiht thin, Mr. AhM.JX'st-!��;.-., in. H�n j utt(wm\w(ti ttr. kMlvni Q*m*t, Mr. Hub EnUrtatHMttft*f Danti^'fartitiiUuff Ficau rnfsis af Hv*. v*lum & �/ tfrm *ll *, T " * "-----------* > ttffary lnftrmmlkm I tiT/t;� tbt KmUi tbtrafi itufrait Hgi-ot Stliu l� all pub tf'id^ui ta ft fair mr (tad tt tbt abwt-mamdd ttmtt, tbot tbtf may btftt-tstdtd 1 oCbxk N B. The- Cicditofe arc dc&r*d u> bring their Noces and BonJv W^HaotWs,a�frws�(K�rilt-Draaa,Tiwa Tbe PsfLaaratU auoih mi\{ taowis�o*oafl�ifUasssalokliBV eral larf* moo�> mi UwhomTfcr9siCoatcaf*** of sfm Coar� f-ti and ftrtWflf 0^�fe� omfc�*r�y�^�tU Yard. 7t btpm tvtry Day at 1 t'Cbck, aadtoatimum 11 af Nfbt. . 1 �  " 1 ............ 1 � At RYAN, LAGTJERRE, CHAPMAN and HALL'i -Great theatrical Booth* over-agaiafttbiHiltitd-Gate in Hty - Smiibjield^ DURING the Time of Bartliolomcw. fair, �iU ha prtjligEcd aa eaonlasf torn DroBVtalM DON J 6 H N ; on. The LuiHTitit Disthoy'd, mibtbtttmjfllWmmi �f th* Uhtrtiri. M*�)*amt. Dos Jcto, Mr.Krani Jammx Mr.QMOsmxfatrav MfliajaV Urt; Uoaora* tutsauaa| PoatnM%� lar.lnatet 1 pea ioytx, Oawfbo ; ill twstVtitMB, Mr. Cark ; xd bst^ienav MrTWosi-ard ;D*. Witw, MifsTolltw, Mifs Norouo, MifiOassrv, Mir>s.Koici>, Mrs.Vall�is��d Mn.C�MrtJI. -*~ To Itkb willfM adocd a aliad-Opera, call'd The PE1 TICOAT GOVERNMENT! -1 i^Mt.iiMti; att.i Mtl� Rcfmi M�ir M�a�, Mr�. ViHu�% t,'.�* T.-i*i� ."4 r�o�ms�. /j l)�j at O'ii tCLik, and (tniituu till Eltttm til Hlgkt. Ml: The diverting Entertainments i[tTO  T�l>J�,_l��ft>j�"tl %\:*e, bh�rri^ Ihf � ,.l.:>-. v4 iiit V- *>a utn.e � t> �'fj fftOD I* A .. ulhtt U, tig iM,)i, m*� tliAtt lit Ct..:j u iU Mothirc ; tin 68ul*k ad <iiiUwv� Mvisaoof il <� lies-", fi ike *lti .at of ftv tul�ii, u� *lc fcer �nf. .Ctwtr.t ldn>kl>. twic, a Cr.4Jc�.itiii(MojKfi/ i;uk.a'fVi �i 1 Mtui 1 be Laffta. HE Creditor* of Ifaae Helbut, bie/oP^- c.'4 fi*xt' �!w �*'��� �� ibtht* B*t.� u I iUl. f. Th<t< 'Cl �k n tic *f<" -*-o �' T�.f<9 �- t c O J Je� to�ui p'.p ' u (be f�j>5 . t '1 :l�,' ' tr� O ..t� tnd-^ti^nf-.

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