Thursday, August 19, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Thursday, August 19, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 19, 1834, London, Middlesex J'eflctJiiJ atrnTd a Mail frstn Frame. Paris* sluguil 2 j. . H li Opinions ot, Pecp'.c vary' tftuch upon the ic*l Difj-ofit!t<n of this Ccnr: tovvants an Accofnrricclati'oa witTi"'"the "F.mpcior, hot ticStuxslrof trie mediating Towers in their Ericeaveur* to cftVcl .� 'general Peace is fill mote doubtful. The Fate of a P/attle cn the IVhihc would "dr termine icv^ral important Article* that cm iwrdly be adjulled by Negociaticn. Mean while the jqiml Talk here is of an approaching Augmentation of our Eg^fe? will id Itily A 'J, raid the eld w j^rpotaitd'in the. regular Troops. A* there sr.-kvera *fmcrtp%JiKhatt!'�cr to . fcn|j�ii;7�wi-wni!fto1. W'iP-""/ of Mcr- levy 4 in *Fioriw^� all-the pidTd Akij from the .Miliya ot thole (gantries are to be cmerruin'd in the Cikl Rtgimenu relpcdively, -The* I&uat3F5fc to be augnutir'cd with a Squadron ot 50 MtBL lb every Rtgimcnt s and as cortfiderabre Numbers of that Corp* .haw jpini oV�r to the Imperial Army, the Defcrters from ltocr.v which" ate t'qually numerous, arc to be employ jl in .^P^rlttiTtJx^^ jbe'tjfumber'of Fcotmcn that the Nobility and other* may Step itt thru-Service, a great Number of Peribn* capable to ftitc the King being at picfentdctain'd in IdlerieS* thro* the ExciB oT Ls�xury which People aftvcT to thew in their Equi-plgcj. Dep.Fernand, who las the Cafe of the AlFairioJ Spain st tiiis Court, having lately rcceiv'J fcvcral Courirrj irom St. Uaefonlb, has had Conferences with the Mir.iilm of Spxci upon thc.Contents of their Difpatches. *TuCiiJ, there sue great Difficulties ilill behind, with regard to tlie Corklitiom on which his Catholick Msjdlywill cchlent to an Accommodation. MerTlalk \�ariodfy of the Motives which induce the (tart of Spain to let Men to work fo afftduoufly upon the For-hfiationrot the Frontier Places toward, Portugal. They write from (Jlbon, That he Pcetuguefe MajcTly tiijl^efufM to declare hiui&lf, with refpeft to the Situation of ACtts in'Europe, and' "^tlunk'^at'Prince will join his.good Offices to thole" of the AhtrlCIfiiliBtirlg Powers, in hopes of bringing about an Ac-omnmodation. .They writtTiorn Turin,- that the Earl of �f-fat, bis Britanniek Majcfly's AmbaiTador at that Court, Continues lullieittng the Kirig of Sardinia to enter into the Mea-fores of the Mediating Powers, but that his Majeily remains ojaltciablyjcfolv'd to follow the Sentiments ot bis. Allies in . rthtion thereto. The Care that the Cardinal dc Flrury has ftkrt of the-Finances of this Kingdom, ever fine* his ferni-cscc his been jn Power, has fo improv'd them, that his Maje-fiy bas_Funds fufficicnt to maintain hi* Forces both by Sea aod land fcr fevetal Years. Tis_aflSwM,- that in cafe letters arc Boiibrought to bear this,Winter, hisMajeily has concerte 'd, Army (ball be ttoth'dTJftner arid cheaper trW^t any time hitherto. ^Letfers-frdlri ^Napjjj. of the'3d Infant lay, that the King-._�A^M'tbi|ptb0/ Jaft Month,, about 5 in the Evening, on board the Cajutana of the Spanifh Galley*, andarav,dby6 theimtMotning-at Gaeta; thafupon his Arrival tie Batteries btgan t6"*tb> agafijft the Town, arid that the Garrifon an-i*wer*4^U tW>j�y, with,as warm a Fire ; but that cn the ift _ lajlMti the Btficgcis having difmounted cne ot-the-E�roy*s �acna �f eight Guns, their Fire was greatly diminifh'd. Tbofc Leftersadd, that his Majcfty went frequently into the Trenches; -fndjaat.tne^f lace would be fooh oblig'd to furrender in a few Day�. Tht Troops before Pdara have already made aconfi--dtrablt Bnoch there, and will be foon Maftersof that Fortreft, They*write_from Cadiz of the 5th Intfant. thatontbe^d vill be vera! Ream of this (uch thttc-Jjiltjigtte Ships, and onc~Mercnantriian arriy'd within two j t-aguu pf thaF^^udrtmt^rtielrta^ng confifted^in^GoId 'and Stiver, to the Amount of lour Millions of Pieces of Eight, and two NliUions meve In Merchandizes, as well for Account ot _the King as the Merchants* Wejeatnfrom theTlhineof the it6h, that the Marlhalde NomTIo wag ittutn'd.tb ^'ort-Lewis with 30060-Men, that he pa&'d the Rhine wjth his Troops on the 151b, and that it was was to undertake the Siege oi JJritic ortoproaed'oh any other Expedition.!- "*...............� The Envoys from Tripoli and Turin, who have been here three or lour Months,' are fet out on their Return home. M&nt\ Atmp 11. The Generals of the Emperor's Army and iliofc of 5ie Allies, "feem equally vigilant to gain an Oc-ufion Qf.eogagjng' the btfier with Advantage, 'fhe "King qf Sardinia has dcractrti th^aVlarfhal d|^ogl^jW��'�'�-*�dy oi Troops.up the Sccchia, to oblerve if the lmpcrialilt* have really -ahB4gn !pmetratc.ksathe Nfilaiwie. JJieir Prcpajatltms fet ot imfeal to put the thing beyond doubr, but Defcrtca-ie-poiV ibat tney-lavc'E&t a .Stock ol" J'tovitions lufBcient. to undertake fuch an Expedition. Tlicimpcriat Army has been -tonfidtrably ie'm?ort'd; 'tis aiWd it now confiftsof 74 Squa-Cxcns ;,nd 38Battalions; thai of theAUies contains 48 Squadrons �ad 60 Battalions' The Dclertion fiota both u equally great, b3tuttt.Uftndiag tlio Care taken 10 hem the Troops' in with Unts aiid l>nancirin*ofcler to prevent it. Tiiey write from Sw^Uiiland, that they tvvarm there with Defciten. The Camp oi tbe Allies abounds at prc&tu with Piovifioa The Imptriaiitts are now on a gcnfral t'oiage, to get togethet what they tan from the Frontiers of the Venetian Territories. A Report is current here, that Prince. Lewis of Wirtembcig. fe-eond'Gcneial'of the Imperial Army in Italy, hasabiurM Lu-theranuai. and embraced the Roman Cathckck Religion.' TbcUtc Duke Regent of Wirtemberg wjs a Proieilant, but the prefer* Duke, elder Brother to Prince Lewis, having been educaied at the Emperor's Court, is a Cathohck. The Mar-flwJ deCoigny, to flint on the Imperial Army as much as poffible, haspoflfels'd hum; If of the PaUb of Regio, Gcnzagua, Gazsolo, Bozzolo and Guailclla. .'"'S5S� 4*�uj' ii- Tue Stutes of the Hereditary Couu-U;� of the Houic ot Auf.ria, 16 give new Proo.'s of their Zeal ar.JAttaciimert to trrt Emperor. hftiT^t<d to rurriilh his Iro-.peiial Majeily with a new Levy of-20000 Men. ;The greateft part of the Imprrkl Troops in Sicily have (nutjhirnfehei np in the Garritbns of Meulru, Syraculi and 1 rapani, all which Places are inCortditiort to endure long Sieges. Count SalUgo, the newA werov, w aitiv'd at Svracula,-^he thwe Regt* rrunw which have been lately rab'u ia the Swifs Cantons are on tlveir March toward* theMantaanv and will befliortly foHow'd by 4000 Mortacks. TheiNcgociation betwTen this Court and tbat.crf liflxrthot having c*en brought to any Point of Succcfs, the Prince Don Emantid of Portugal; in Aciknowledgment of the Civility be has. receiv'd hfrej it-preparing to make a Jowr^ ney to hb Brcthcr*iOMtt, jn order to prevail with him to enter into a particular Treaty with hrs-lmptrialAtajefty. Retyln, A*�*ft 16. Prince Eugene ot Savoy having wrote to tbe Diet, to acquaint them with "the Difpofitioiis he had made for preventing the Defignt of the French Aitny, added, that as the Term wast laps'd for paying in th; thirty Roman Month* granted by the_�mpire on 'Oco^tcliof.the pretcnt War, he hop'd the Diet was to Conditkn tofutnifh him With a Sum of Money for the Subfifleocc of his Trtcj** j whereupon a Remittance ofjooca Florins lias been ntSde him accordingly. Sora: oevv Uciayi have been llarted with relation to the March of the Troops of the Ca^arian Circle, and 'fis now fhld that they will in?? fct cut KJl^ Lrn�g R^tnr . h�< �w floath'd his . - Qfiota. 1 -~t-Btelt Jiguji 16. Wind VV N; W. Yetlerday cameinto the Downs fiorn the Note, his Maj:uy's Ships Defiance, Pembroke, and_Deptrbrd, and remain, witn the Two Brothers^" Ray, for Cork'; Beauc'erk, Baily, for Holland ; Bathfone, - Brook, the Jamaica Frigate, Smith, the Marcmaid, Crawford, and the Laganca, Toll, for Gibraltar ; James, YoaUly, for Carolint; KathctineSloop, Roberts, for Cartirics} Margaret, Me^fonT for Norway j Bragon, Jlcll, for Gibrabari Prince ol Orange,. Harris, for Genoa < Cleaver, Blew, for Newfoundland. Arriv'd, Lifbon Galley, Blackabce, tiom. Lifbon; the Hafwcll, Brooks, and ' ........, James, ftun .Virginia.~7 . D(aJ, JtfP t?. Wind E. by N. The Ships remain as inYelxerday's Lilt. Arnv'd this Morttirig, andfail'd (or the River, -i.--, Roberts from Oparto; � ��,�,- Drake, from IX^hom. The Wind being ccme^W~;tffi;'daivviud* bound Ships are this Alonicnt preparing toJJil. . --' * L O N D......9 N* ..... They write fiom-Paris, thata Courier arriv'd there on the 23d Inilant, N� S. with Advice that the Town of Gaera in the Kingdom of Naples liad capjlulatrd with the Spaniards, and that the Garrifon were made Pnloncrs of War. On Friday Night laft the Margaret, Cap^. Mcpfon, failed-fromthe Downv'or Norway, but unfortunately, run on the Goodwin Sands, where fhe'remsins, and according to the Opinion of the People there will be entirely loll. -On Saturday lart, when the Royal Family liuntcd in Richmond Park, a Gentleman /ell from his Horfe in an Apoplec-tick Fit, but being immediately blooded by lib Majefty's Surgeon, who always attends there, lie loan caiac tohimfelf. After the.Stag had been hunted about an Hour,, he took Harbour, and Jccpt the Dogs fometime at Bay, and at laft rafting out precipitately, a Cientlemen that happen'd to bcin his way Wissxhiown from hb Hodc, but receiv'd no Hurt. "We hear that King Totno Chakhi. with Scnaulci his Wtfo, and 1% other Indians, will be brrifd tins Day to fee the Royalj Hofpftal at Greenwich.. . Hb Majeily's Ships the Depdord, Centurion, Tilbury and Defiance, are directed to repair immediately to the Downs, in order to be nunn'd. *-= A Tender belonging to Sir George Walton, Admiral of the Blue, is tail'd to the Northward, in order to inprefs Scr-men. On Saturday laft died at heijiouje at Kcnfiogton, Sahtrday BinkSrock was t$7 7 8th*. Iwiln L dim Books Jfcof. Tallies t per CcntTPrem. raliy^Officc, July 47, 17*4. ZJIS Majtjty twt>ingjeh gratimjh p!ea?dt'H . .*>>�' �' - ---------- . MlTs" Leigb^. Daughter and tie Heircfs of Col. Leigh, ot Adington-HallnearCheaer. * Hb Excellency the Envoy de Thorn, who was (aid by nrifV take in fomc of the News-Papers, to have taken a Tour into Saxony, fet out fometime fince for York, in order to be prefect at the Races there, and was jajifirwards to proceed to Scarborough, to drink the Waters for the Recovery of hiiJlealth. On Saturday lalt died iu Hamm-Gardcn, the-Lady of Dr. Horfeman, of a Mifcarriage; and two Dayr before died the DoclocVonly Daughter, a Child of tWo Years old. � Late on Friday Night ended t,be A0k<S at Kingflon, when two Perfons, viz. John Bullney and Edward Taylor, being capitally convicted of Houfc yreokir.g, .receiv'd Sentence of Deat.h. .. Perkins the Gardener was tried far the Murder of hb Wife, and James Williman fo/ U�e Mueler of one Bridges at a Boxing-Match, and were found guiky of" afaaJlaughter : Qiic* y mil bt JMfitM tr*nparti<u!&, nyhieb mitk Act mdmm __________IkmitkM* tatnfir tku ptrfajh B*t foil tRAm a, fit* *t r� grt*t'* TlxmmLvhu.Wv �* w/V 7�Ti�m *U m. *fa,r or !<M * ti* ftWv tUt tkf mm t* /rr- vM with tb* proptr Ctrtiflmii tttmtiiml,. ^tWG�t�t mfi**t* Jo ttrt/ygive Nttitt* tkat tiffxtti* mUl< .---a-.-*.VV *�cmef>( thai has ttm> at iheH(|-mifk�tTnt�ifttBls Summer, tean't, wiihout blulhinj. hope for �nf psrticultr Favour* for* rhyieif, cfprcially tvheit I cmfidtr ho* good ihs Town bat beta Hi tufiin Atofa nptitei Error*} vet I Wt help tOftfrffint -r--- - � tbt Dcfit tf TOM O C H A C H I. MUb� m Ktwg 0/ tb* Indian, tf TaiiHUr*!*,, SJJNAUKI Ml Wifc TOOANAHOWl bit Ntfbcw, *ud tk ,nft tf lit -�-Jmfami. , ~ ' - ' - 'j AT the Theatre Royal in Lincoln's-Inn': T Fields Tomorrow the aoth ti>Uanr, wiU b*pif UmU aCootdy, "The PROVOK'D HUSBAND : , o a", . - A Jourmev to LONDOM With Bmcruiamcutt bctwean the Aft*, as will ba cspfcii'd fa 18a- BiDi I'oniorrow Btxti^t. Pit 31. FirpGalttrftj. VlfcrOathrrxT"" -Ikk�j 10 bo hid sc Mr. Arne'i^ Upbolftcrer .wd Uo�tfrnkw, tVam' King liiref, Co�ecu GarAsn. it the ccif Doer hot orw lo|J,tJaiiaTi�a itftatQiieeo (Ircet, oear LiocoluVInn F�ldtt tod riaccitob<r(A f;it�itd ",eT"*Sir WALTER UAIEIGH. - ' ' Sir w"�1ter lU'.cijf!* b, Mr. Ritiru , Ol)mpri b/ Mr*.J^ferfti. T.j whttM will K- adder�ism** Vm<o �t bui �<ik n tr, iff .jUitwu } Um.ho. hiu MoUjr n it db'x, llci uhn.y To begin at half art irour after S~rx o^63tT thj-1., ao^Hotcrtui .meat wiu b&jcrroraro ifiib "�� pgf,' N� AT YE ATI'S Senior and Junior's Grtac * 1,0.,lb, j . tillM ' PUNCH's ORATORY ' o *, The Pleasure*' of the Tow BRITANNIA: Or, The Roy**. Loviti. .... liicCili lp;et*!�� of O�m�oiti.� ��b Uriiaspia. Tho whuie o*t.u4u.t witii ihe tokmi/iutica U U�w Nuotial* ia CM Temnlc tf Hymto. �lfi Yeiie* Jur.ioi*. i.�mi�t;elXsi�ruj( of Hu4\ wiihbM fiwfti* fin,; Tritk* Uc k*uf �ar-p*. �.b*b kof. l-iin 10J ttjti upe fauit iii Mniutci t in>e, txuif ta (ot aor Fci&m i-K.:, Likewifc hitt'aawui 1'uituic-MalUr aud I'uajb��r, beia^ ihtrt t� ji-.det oi it>c Afe. lbs 5<c<*�, Macbiei�ndoilier Oc *arc�aiir s term al Twcltc i>'Cic<k, and to* ti u� litl Nice *i Ni�a(. die utl Uay of our ^u-nnmif at Toiuobam-Court tie grtat fr s wca'cmak(i�is lor Ba/<nolus�� i i US JICAP, I Wo term a 1 I N U. T�)"� 1� J ^y rcaloo of the *1 ran. JJiaiijhntvii in tits P.ittr tf a vadiratt Ltngth art taken in at TVo ShiH'.��i tad:

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