Thursday, August 5, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Thursday, August 5, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 5, 1834, London, Middlesex The Numk ice;. &IO KT D A Y, Avcost j. 1734- fetor's Mimfter, Stxce car tajt arrived tlv A fails from France and HalUnd. Dantzick, July 28. N the Council which was held on tbe ~ the 24th Intact, at the Convent ct Oiua, open the Sulsecl of the Polnh Lords who*nt troy pit under Arrell, 'twas agreed to at tnem at Liberty, af-dCoust Munich had them accordingly brought to Olrca the ;5tb, tc/.c;o<r a&i the ot��r Grandees, in order to their being preiented to the King. As form as they arrivd they jvcre inrircd Con'ertxce, at which Count ttnalbu ifcc tm- ,___jifler, tie Count de Lcwckde the Ru&an AJi- 5ftr, tbeiOxatt de Moakb, and the Dolce of Sax-Weil-ferelb were prefcnt, in order to adjed kate Preliminaries bctbic their AumiiEoo to an Aodknoe ol the King. Tlx* nrft tiacg jscpos'd to the Polim Lords was the Form of anOath WMcirrt was expected IKj ftodd take to ha Mak^y, and *bkh Count Wra tflja told them, in a vny patLcskk Dif-courier wis t?se fore Method to obtain trie King"* Pardon, and ccof.cprijrly thai Liberty, and therefore pert aid rd them not to hrfuatt upon it t adding, that the A~\ice he gave tocai was fckK to r rrendQup. lanog no private Ends in toe matter.. 1 he Lwii aafatr'J, that they were ready to own AaguAos for tiri' Ring, and ts do him Homage, agreeable to the Dedaia-lioa they made in their AS of SuJbmi&oa; but as this Oath coeuiu'u Particulars which they cooanv'd cencrary to their Hcoour, Conlorncv* and Prmlrgr-s, they ccukt not fobfcnbe it. 'i be Debates hereupon bated tcme Hoars; but it being ecrfbntiy crg'd, that there was no other way to obtain the King** t'artfco. they all fcbminid at length to take tne Oath, crawr/the Starafis Merfchkiacd Rofaiinfki, boc'ioftJvr Family of Sapkha. The Palatin of KofCa was imgrrocfiy ill, fo tud no ibare ffl thb Cooierence, and Mr Rufckwfiu bad bten frWPriibuermEibiug. Thb lad Gee-icman was .Uarihalat Kmg Saniflaus Ekclion, and bei&g repair*J to Jdsver up the Dip&xa of that Election, denied teat ne tad it in his Hands, and nio --'us*d to cVdare, that the tsid Election oj Ring Sca-S:fIiE �ii made irregularly, and by MetLoes oppontr to tbe Ccft'-iMtica. of the Kingdom. Aittt the Poluh Lords tzd con&nrcd as above to the Oah iBtpRti-w. 'twas proposM to the Paittinr* oi PocneraUia and Ibrkr&barg, as hkewne to benders and OSonjot" Praaii, and tar Provinces formerly a:r.icVd to King Sricrfl u% to frurX ioto a Con'erfcracy in favporof nong AugwJu?, witdi J^u�aaJ Liiiuuma engaged as tsxacA for thcilr PkiaanacesT Wr. OCdinlki, tne Gfeat freifirer, being then reqdr'd to foitnJer op lijc Crown, and other prts of tte Regrira. whicJi bd betti catrtrd from Ci&caw, deiii'd to be excui'd, as a tbii^ contrary co the Laws; but preom'd to refiorc them to theirantket Kepo&tory atVracaw: Wtich �asallow*d. Tne Rtg-datsoc oi tr-cfe Aff.iis took up ti3 �ve in the Arternoon, I wii�n his Majttty fct down to Table, and isvicsd the Grandxs to Jim wish him. Tis reported, that Count f oniaiowiki has p3 eputi� had an Audieeoe of the Kir.g� fitting cpen hb Throne. The Bdh-sp ot" Cracaw aniwer'd thrtr Speecri in his \Ufdy% Name, and told tbun, among ethrt thjt^i, that the King, out of hi* great Oem^ccy, was �iip�d tojisrgtve all jult Fade, in capodauoa that tbeir-future, Fidelity would be the more uncere. Vedcrday the were acquainted, tlaat tHe King TSad been pleai'd 10 yjeid the Keeping of the Gare of Ohva co the City i bat as for Wcihttilmuade, he could not withdraw his Trucfb fioui U>'.sce nil afeer the Treaty of Peace was concluded. Dmszuk, y�A 31- Kirig Ac2"4r� Set oat fran beince Yejkrday to Jetuic to Drekkn 1 fietcre. bir^epauuie te tidd a Coa-cd of fevml of therFoQh Nofc&ry. In wijch it rrfcKM to call wdLuin Ux VVcek> a g- i)aci cf Packet fen. asd (o g;�e Time to tho6p of Ktsg Sarftlam*� Party to nuke ' (heir suStaiflkm, in dVtauk of whici their Eiiates will be kix'd, �ti thrir PtrSbs piocectled agimi. Before bis �lajrdy ttt �.t. Ut rebas'd the twa^cLih Lo-ds that were mCta^'crncnt. As ok Maj^iy krd not time to m*kc ta Entry into tsuClty. be r^s drp�trd the Bifb^i oi Cractw (9 receive tee Hona^c o! thr Lit^ i* bb Name. y*fm*.J4f 28. By-tbe CoaHcr whkb was difpatci'd a fa*�D�yi a^o u� Mr. l>ahiai*n, tJ�e Emperor** Rctdect zt CoKtaQUOupi-, �hki a parucidlr Detad ot aS that has pa;/J in Potuki i.o.rri tie Dcaxu �* tec bue King, we icgtn 10 lup-d th*t the Babn-fa or tie TurkiJb Offii*i wholafly-ar***^ J*c��. was to make �ja�c Enquiry rrLi.i .a to tia A4ur. Bat kwc jre convio�."c jl>tan Majeiiy has appcintcJ **el�c Notdeicm of g*eat i�i.'-iJi:tioa ki anrrJ tr> Pcnoa a� Lonl> d B d-C- -it-st hi. kt oo tk pvua-os faii,,g <x.� icr o*tu. tt rsiei�-e jl^ C--j-i:cicjcn os tiii Pi�cr. Tt: . vairrfj. ot ti�, c-n Lcc �c: iuack'd : A.'t:.;ti_,t bit a Tr-ra u::i i y uat i:uoi trtver fcr ihat Piiip^r The Towns ot 'Jn^Jui ikl GiLijO cip* fc-i-d, tteu Gjrnxiis a*: uiiic tLteii o! War. Ai *Cv kiieagriitrr Nuiwi u. tL.i. -c&~s, 'tu .ji^ ;ooo ��.J be U*rup-at.d _ P<*rw, 11. On t e id 'r.Lr!'f t ; Gnscefc it-iu.g *n IU� C*:/ made rKii.-ia*., K .1:2 . cs Ocx^it a k�i ', was at length aboli-li'd. Deal, S*p<Jt t. Wind S. W. This Forcnocn tbe Hon Sir John Norm and the other Admirals, with the rdl of ,ti�e S.iip*. bos'd their Fore-tqp Sails in the Top, the Signal fur taiiing, but rematn--^^*l*'---laftr-----TKe Merctirit Ship) are all Gutt thu Forenoon with Wrnd N. W. Recuin, Samuel, Trecothhck j Leopard, Hardy, for the Eaft ; London, bavagr, for Holland % Batchelor, Fergofon, for Orders. Deal, A*frf. 3. Wind N. \V. The three Admirals are on board, and Signal made to unmoor: The Swallow and York are come back to the Downs this Forenoon. Arriv'd finer taft Poft. Bearer, Smith, from New York: Gibraltar, Mitchell, from Leghorn. Two or three large Ships are coming to the Downs. Came down and faild through, Molineux, locker, for Cacra. ' This Moment the Signal was made for the Ships to weigh Anchor. .LONDON. Letters from Mentr ad%-iie, that the French General having fent.aDrnm with Letters for the Count de Walli�. the Go vernor, he was accordingly blind/bided and conducted to that Nobleman, who dupatch'd him back in little mere than a Quarter of an Hour. Tis laid, that his Errand was to font-mon the Governor to furrender. The Court of the Elector, the Ladies, and all the fine Gentlemen of the Place, were removing in all haile. The Inhabitants of the adjacent Country were flying with their Eflefis, in the greateft Confiifioh imaginable. Our Advices from thc.Rhine mention, that hb Serene If igh-mtt the Prince of Orange continu'd to apply himfelf �nth great AfSduity to acquire the proper Knowleuge of a General. That Prince Eugene ts-marctung with all hade to reach Menrz brforr the Frencn ihall ineetl it. And, That fab Prufitan Majefty has_dcferr*d hb Journey to Wezel, in order tpJbe^A Spefiator of the Diipofiticn Prince Eugene Hull make for the Succour of thatTlace. Major-Generaf^Bumark, one of the Ruffian Generals that was left with a Body of Troops in the Heart of Poland, has had an Engagement whh one of King SunilLus** Gulf ralv and defeated him. The Ruffian Party contiiled of 2000 Men. the Poles had about 5 PiwateXea�rs from PiurTu Wnticn. that King Staniflam reuded there, in good Health at the CalHe of Johanneirturg. that be was treated, by Order of hb Prumn Majefiy, �ith a prb-J_pcr Dignity, that he bad a cooilant G^ord to attend mm wherever be went, and was fupph/d wtto ^poffibfe Cbnvc niences. Letters from Pettrfrurg mention, that tlw Carina had fent Orders to Crcofladr, to have the French Troops, btcly broiight tbere from Wechfelimunde, treated with all poffible Civility ; and feme Letters from tbelaneif Place advite, that the lard diers had been put into very commodious Lodgings, and were" rnaistain'd at her Czariih Majeity's Eaptnce. A Poufcript tbefe Letters adds, that Brigadier le Moth and the other French Omcen were conduded to PcterfWg, where they had bad an Audience of the Carina, and found a very gracsous Reception auJ Entertainment. They \intt from Geneva, that by the Friendly Interpofition of their Neighbours, the Canoms of Beme and Zurich, an Accommodation bad been effected between the Magiliram and Burgher^ oi that C Royal Highnel's the Prince of Wales came from Kew to Fulham uTine Evening in hb Barge, attended by a fine Concert of Mufick. One of ttc Indians, who was Attendant to King Tomo CacJu. died on Friday Night ot the Small Pox. And Yefterday the King, Scnauki hb Wife, and the reft of tbelcdiam, weie carried to \U. Ogkthorp'i Seat nearGodai-minm Surry, to pais fome time there. When~tTie Icliansbad lUtr Audience on Tburfday ljft, tbey prtKntrd to bis Majdty feyeral Eagleo Fear hers. wL'itU are tLe Trophirs of their Country, and tl�e mull rtiprtttai Gift they could offer. Tile Spccc.i which Tomo Clutiii. the l&Jun \I.-<ho<j� King,madetofe� Majetly, u a. .f<.!!ow3 : rHIS D#� / fit lit Majtfi^i/'ymi Fun. tbi C, sf |iv Htm ft, amJ the X*ml*r tf year Ptsfje. J urn mmt Itx if the i:ixiU Nuiiia tali J (hi limit, t� rtBr:i. ike Pe&tr-'xrub Zwg a^a ihy bud "~^tib lb* tr^J'Jo. I nm iunt tV.T in tS} dJ Da,j, lb� I iUKitcl hv* la <** a*y Adwth*�t l� my-iUf i I /sr tbf G'jzdtf tbt CtiU'tu *f ull tbt ,V*to if ih l'??" ti'-J. nfthe l.9iwt Citiil, Uf I ttty mmj bt irfnui,�. is tbt Kio^L^t of ih* Eir^li/b. Tltl* att Ftatktu e/ tbt E*g'e, txtub it lb* pxifttji tf Bt'Ji, aid fi.*:b aJJ nuuj astr S*!:S*l- 'Ibijt Fealim art a Sit* <J Ptmt 1m L*r ImcJ, and ha\t bum itittitd J'ltn isi<.n 13 Tifuj: icert ; ar.d lit /u^r bttt^bt t'ctin tntr 13 Unit liub y^a. (J ii'ta: K'*J, (ij�iy�t/ rvtwlsJiiKg ?t* w>ei. /.its frtid if Uii O/ferlAxj/y tf ujhni*� yat tf my Regard lit /*< Prs:/f rrc-f. id i  rrens n.iia yut iiMt, and am txlitamiy iv..7 JTa/^iruti ;tj tui.( brntt^ht Bti jizmtitin, and KfCtft tury frattfui/i t&i Tr/jflK. *1 #� J r�*l J)i'/tfi':m rt nit **d my Pftttt. I jhall ahvytyt i* He^t ttt+k* ttvarr a rW CttttlhimdnK* htmra tbim a<td xty #u� hJ}f3r, and fixiit btglaJ if mat Ckcajim tf Jtrw ye* m Mori if mtf fartuulor Ft it*$bif am/ Ejttm. '"' btt" Maj Ity. " : /Am gfidtf fie thit D*r> a�J t* lst>vr ffv Offertwi* i& tbt Mtflirr tf ibiijptmt Prtfk, - '  r jfi far Ptfflt ttrr jfniaV tvitb fear M^f^fU *��* if* htmMf i*tft tt fri in, tbt (mmhh Mttbtr twd, tfMiihifi ffrntttmi ml tmr Cbt!dm, � ,"* And her Majdly was pleafcd to return AHBWft gracioua Aniwer. Lail Satatday Nigbt tbe AlTizrt ended %X Cbtlmsford for the County of t flex, when George Hale, who was putfu'3 ami taken by Mr. CalUc of thb City, for robbing a Gentleman on Epping-Fottll, and Thomas Humphry*, for Hurfc Qcaliitt* recciv'3 Sentence of Death : Several other Peil'ons were try 'oi nine whereot wew call for TMnfforarton; and t� ,d ar.d ll^tJuitb, ami *vilb tit NavalOtftteHMt Haniitb, Deal and Kiitlhle i-Jutberi tbey rr.,i,bt inform def altpartitulaet ixbtel* tti'ttlc fiub Wi.Omt t� tbt Benefit of fbTfaid Charity, and rtteivr tbt fitftr Ctrt:f.^Z~" tattt fp> that fxtrfo/t: But futb Wid*iii at live at lip trial a Duiawte ft am tbe Placet alinementis*''d, mm affly bp Letter If 'Tb-mat Cvbitt, Efq,, tvbt *�// fend tiemaH ne- ~ f'f/ltty Information \ and there friirig G>aunf is life, ttt:t-tttT~ Ii8i*'-Ki! i~fftbe JaidCbMtty maybe tmjwer'd to dijti ibutt ju..t Rtluf t� ih If iivv.t *f ptb Sea'OjJhut dud I'tfltt- Ot " jcriftf'Att^afl, 1732, pntidedibeit Ctumtitfiauttt ,tmt �r�/�|-( t9 rn'ifje asd adjtrjt il'e Claim cf all iPiaetfl at t tf far fat Mi!li*� and fix fr** Penrd Jer tbe IslandDntji u*dart U be j.trt at tit Km^'t H'aitbeufe, tn MgnJay tbt Cti; fuejday :U o.*> >f AugM/i, /rem Hum* tbe Fifeeam, und am rWtdmt/C day Mi" wng bt/'tre tbe Sale. A B. Cauibgurs to be had at tb: King's Warcboufr, Qm N'otuliy the ^t!i of Augutt. AN UlK-r of good Ciwiractcr U u(on!fcd t|i ^ ) Uoit -i K�vbl6(i Ltntn, txtrt **^f*Wkt j.iw^t-.HHUSMjandChiiDSCTinajJ at.�lpe*k trcatfi. tot^d tfUMt, 1 a*iX.trt:fiir.iK!i ia this Paler of a moderate Length are taken in at Tux SbiliBfi taab.

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