Friday, July 23, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Friday, July 23, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 23, 1834, London, Middlesex Daily Ad?crrifcr. TUESDAY, Jvit.aj. 17J4- Madrid* Jul? 0. HE Miniilrrs of Great Britain and Holland employ (heir utmoit Pains at this Coutt, la bring XTaucrs to a pofit-bilityof bring accommodated; and 'tis aitur'd, that the lail Inftrueticns fent cn this Had to his Excellency the Count de Monrij>, his Cathohck Ma' jeayV AmbafTador at London, were perttclly agreeable to the Difpcfitions of the two Maritime Powers, h Items, harm, that hl� Maj-fiy is refoiv'd not :o llir a Stop in this nke CorAmiltorc without havk.g hb Allies to keep pice with fcitn- The Uncertainty of Suicefs therefore, in thefe JSiejo cu:fcn\ determines che-King to keep his Fleet ready to fail a Nfernnst*! Notice; and'tis riponcvi, that the lame will fcepinJ by fix French Mm of War, in cafe any Accident sokes it iKcefliiy to appear Ttrong at Sra. Th," Publick try ja*3in to penetrate the Rcafons that have fo lo^g ma�jcd the IXran�re of the M[�r � : Trie lime Day the Right Hon. the Lord Cathcart; Colonel of a Regteect of 1 lorfe in Ireland, Juld a*i Houfe at ttg Adauraky Office. _______ Tba Day their'Graces the Duke and Dutchcfs of Richmond aRtotshsrkoa board one of his Majdly's Yachts w fail for Fr�K3e, topay a VSSt to the Duxhets of Portfinouth,-his Grao/t Gncdmother, wco is row about 90 Years old. Lai Saturday the Right Hen. the Lady Gower lay'dau-" ft"*!!/ ill at Trantbam in Stallbrdftiiie. _ _______ .^J)*f Scarboroagh, that the lady of the Hon. w^gjdur Edmund Fielding lately arriv'd there with a very nwntrous Retinae from New-Forrll, the Seat of her Brother CuJ. Ebwum, in the-Coatty of Tippcrary ia_,Irc}aiid. . 3'ctnoix�wthe'Rigji Hca. the Lord Mayor holds a Court of Coakrratory at Fulham and Putney, and on Frid.ty next � Sir.tM and Gremwhich. -1. X�**ri?�7 Mr. U�kttiJf,bittSi3f^u Mr. SmitVa Kefa-�^.�l*d the Pa&ingipn.*iare, ami Wr. aiiion's'St*if */ Scfc^. uarted at Kcoufh-Town for the Ten Guineas J*late, whkh_toi wen by toe Piddington Mare. Wbltt SiocJiingi>WQn the �stl Heat; ard the Haddington Mire diflane'd them the T^ihrce Rxderj Wcf lifC l.iu0g of Fairfeeld in Rornney-Marfh, �the County of Kvr.t. voia by the Rrfignauon of Mr. Ar-Eild. . ^ThnrBay US dn.l Mr Kendrick Hill, Matter of the OB�b Jkli tavern at E�-'monccn. Yefterday Mcrmrg the Workmen began to remove the KubbJh in tin Crots Ktvj Ir.n �n Graecchurch Strrtt, when �hey locfti tLe Lody d?.l^ .\;iddltH.n the Ainist�i bring burnt cS ; he was inwnc-�att|y tocvcy'ct loin I i^V/uko", in order for llumal. They wrue irom tiiitcJ. tfca one Day larl Wek, a Car-JWKf� huicg torn ia a F ifkl nc*r Baiminiier, to telt hiroftlf". ikVipcrriiL'douiu tl. luti^c, and hit him Ly the Hand ; �e Vct^jx an ited all ihe Surgeons, and he died after "�r U�j� Lusgu4h�i� ga a vciy nuicraulc Coudiuon i his Corple \va� oblig'd to be buried without Ceremony, the Stench was fi> cft\;nfive. On Sunday wxt ttof tw'//bt txoo Clxtritj Strmtn^ yrr*fiVat tit Paiijh ('.food* if Ijltiixrtb, in ttr Caw.*? ef' AtitUUtfixiJIr tb* Brnf/tt cf the C.iniritr ChiUtin be/osgiig u tb* laid P+rijb t 1 bat in tit Morning bt tit Rev. Dr. Peftr, **d that in tbt Af-ttrnvm by tit Rev, Mr. Brtwt. On 't'hurfJaj nrxt tbt zyb Infant, being tbt tftmirg Ftelif tbt new Bed* at Strfnrt, tbtrt iviB h a $r�*J Ptal rung abort TZ^Ci'd; fajmnfibi befl IfanJf, �uvw� fiwratGtntUmai ivi/I mttt en that Oaafttn, and aftemvardt Hint at tbt Garain, ovfr-rt^ainj) tbt Church. __ In i'rji.riiafi liomt New, Unt 34, CsUmn 2, />Son of Sir Juilinian Ilium, Uait. pltujit to rtuJ, Son of Robert Hevfham, Efq; Vc. � Canterbury. July 20. The Match of Running at Brock-man's Bullies, between William Cloak, of Petham, and his twelve Brethren, againll Hythe Town, was ran on the Day appointed, being left to four Umpires, and the brethren got � the Match, having two fair Strokes the better. j Edinburgh, July 15. Ltlt TKurfday-died of 1 lingring Dillemper, the Rev. Mr. John Mac-Claren, one of the Mi-niilers of the Gofp-.-l of this City.- 7 R E L AN D. Mimfo. in tbt County cf Mayo, July to. Laft Wednefday our Markets open'd here with a greater Coneourle of Grctlc-men, and dealing People, than has been fecn in this County for fome Year, i and the Company was cntertainM tonvanls the Evening with Horfc-Racing, and other Recreations, to their great Satisfaction. - This Day, which is our fecond Marker, there w* lilawifc a very great Meeting, and our Diverhons were much the lame ; but it is remarkable, that the Company wen? To well pleJs'd with the promifing Appearance of our induilrious Northern Colony, that in Compliment to Mr. Bto*ne, who brought them into-this County, they-jol^ m^Sabftription ofTFdriy Guineas per Ann. to be laid oat on Webs wrought by the Colony, and to be Run for on hisCourfei and Mr.'Browne, to return the Compliment, immediately order'd aMarket-Hoafc and a h.tndfome Bail-Room jo '[kt built in the Center of our Square j^ and lor the Encouragement oF fpinning and reeling of Yarn, in the manner prefcrib'd by the Lumen Board, direfted a Number of Reels to be diltritJUtw gratis td fuch of the Country Spinners as (hall bs recommended by the Dealers in Linnen Yarn ; and to make them more effecluaj, he haspublifh'd a Premium of one farthing per Hank for every Hanhro^tta-tutable Yarn that (hall be, for a certain time, bougbl in hb Market; fo that we hope to fee this a very flourjlhing Colooy in a few Years. Dublin, July \6. A Quaker Servant Girl, who lived in Bride-Street, and hang'd herfelf lalt Week, (as it u <aid for Love) was dilcontented in Mind fome time before ibe died. The Beginning of lall Week died the Rev. Mr Sampfon, who was pojTeis'J of a Living in the Diocefe of Calbell, and formerly-Curate of St. W�H*0Tough's Parrth inthbCity. . ' High Water at London-Bridge this Day, at 37 Minutes after 4 in the Morning, ami 51 after 4. in the Alternoon. -,---"V ....--- Yefterday Bank Stock 134 3 4th!, a 139. India 140 1 half, without the Dividend. aouth-Sea Ttading Suck 77 1 hall, a 78, a 1 half, for,;thc.Opening.  Old Anoukut tot 3 4ths, a 103, a 1 4th. pjtto New Annuities 103, a 1 half, lor the CtpeningT'Three; per Cent. Annuity 93 1 half. Million Bsnk 107 1 half. AUiam zz. York-Buildings 3. Royal Affurancecjo 1 hair Lortdoff-Anurance 12. New ffcuik ^Irculatich 7I1 fos "Prem. -South-Sea Bonds 2L a �. Prem. India ditto z\. 2s. a zl. Prem. Turst per Cent. Uitio il. 6*. Prem. . Englilh Copper tl. ics. Welib duto Books (hut. Sale Tallies t per Cent. Difcount. ...... July ia, i?J4 Cm***i eivt Xiiicr. * General Gmrt *f stt /aid Cnaptvt bt btU at tifir Ht*� in fbrfatkfM Stirttj m Tttt/Jajtlt 23/ hfemi, <f 11 inth atJ Jcrlarta Di^JtrJ m, tbt 'ttaiing C*{yt.*l Stint t/ lit Jim Ctmfawfr fir tbt UalfA'tar ndtdat $!t4�u�**r Lfi. , ChititableXorTH^tiott-Houfc In Spring* Girdcn, July I9� 1734. T*//* E CbaritaMtCcrforation for Relief of /if* * dajitistj Ptt+, iff. otttbtU aGetcrai C9**�attbtir E-aje in S/rttg GW.�, m'UWmr&aj tbt 141* Infant, ml �wimc Cin-i m tbt Farrwim, nfm Jfttxal AJartu ' <i N*. B. The Rrport^om the ln(p�cto� will be then bud bo fore the General Court. O M MON-COU NCIL liokici) M tllC BMerS, ? Chamber of the Quildhall of the City of London Mayor. $ on Thurfdavihe 18th Day of July, in tlie of our Lord 1734, and in the Eighth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second, King of Great Britain, &c. J 7 it agreed and order'd by this Ccurt\ that if �* any Ptrfon al Prijans of this City, according to attlltHr"!ffi of Commsn-CcmnflU made the $d of Qdeber, 16564 and the ujuulftti, tvtty jmh P.etfm Jhall ot txentpted from being tlnJiuTf tbt-faiJL OJitt of Sltriffcf this City and County of' f.I.'dJ/t/tx fir ei'tr bereaf/er. Prmiiifd, that ij any fucb Pttfrn jhall here Litter take upmbipt the Office of an titdfrfnatt of this C'Vy, be Jhall be liable to be titled inii the /aid Office, as if this Order had nvmr brtm mad*. t It is order'd, that it bt anjnjltutlian to Mr. Chamberlain, that he di not, after the (aid Tbtsijdat tbt z>rA Injtaqt, accefe any Dtpoftl of any Perfin formerly nominated Sbtfijf, iA.itloaf tie particular Direiiicn of this Court. Jj\C_K SON Excife-Oflkt*, London, T*// E Honourable Cotnmitfionen of bis Majejlfi Revenue of %x<ife, defyn to exfofe to Sate, in their Ctait Room at the Extift-Office in fbe OldJ(V.ry, on Wtdujday tbt 2 yh Infiant, at 3 it Clock in the Aftertuxtn, feiieral Pmreels of tondensndBahea and Greta Tea, Cojfee rata and roafled. Brandy, Hum, Geneva, Cordial Waters and Starch. Printed Allotments of lubieb luiU be' deliver'd at tbt /aid Office, on Mwdai the 2 zd and Tut/day tbt �\d foflant, on vUub Days the'G'.ods may be ften at tbt Excife-Office, mod at tbt Ityareboufei mar the Cujl�sn-lLu/e, from Q to 12 in tbt Merit ing, and from 2 //// 5 in tbt Afterncam ; and oa tbt Dai of Salt fiom *a*hty tf tt'oiSLn Chtb, a Urge Quantity efMemtmik IfWmWf*^''. fhsttd Linmus, Stuft, Bstrdets, <u*� ' terdTabbiei, Shagrrtnt, biaci Silks, rub Damafil, fret*, red 'atdttbilt rich brocaded $:&. SiU andWmficdxth6, Jmfmftt and Thread,, hates and tdfisu]}, Bed Cuttaim, Cmmttrfetm ��� VBWjf 'CUr/t.usa mam vuvtr n micmts, KsOrmitaa mMtt-ttUtT 5ia6.plkGi�KpsktmdamdStemMtitp, Butttm, tVetUaett,h and Fans, ��Jt Diammdi, Rttvr SiU, {SV. ATTfJeaVd' Iw r�V faid Csrferataa. <svdf*rftittdfir voanHf Rldtsmttitm, - L Note, Tb, Golds t� b, fits, from VmrHoy tbt ICtb Injgstt t$ tbt time of Salt, film 9 im thMtrstbsg till? at flUbt, ^ ~-Catai^uN ei be bad at tte PUettfSalt, ami of Broker and AwO'tenter* _JL if* liriidfH m IF 'any Pcrfon of Fortune defircs to have a $coSirwfeh CStofraw! f wa !>>>* Joartvy treta io��; iher auf h*�*isfmhm i.lcJUrtB'o mho at t� weii iw^TjaK�Klea la itwtB.h<t tttdin Let. ci dtettl* lit �.r. A. 9. to ktt at nbtt Qs^ttXUMSM h Vtrtt 0jtt�t-*O�. � ' ' .....t-.^.�.;.-.....-.-^.;: ti. B a* tbe iv?<oa pt^soft* to wtSt a<4 isle �w tftmmUh tbak' a <t > an mtiy af retsbtt Gem* c ua> oats* 10 'i*H ftcuic* ; fj> he <k(it<~ ta cut* ta bk fariili co mem thssa tw at ihree a: a T�a�t wita htm. /// bu Mqejhfs Bear* Garden in ttackfo in tlx Hole, . �^-�rri Tomorrow, being the 24th Infiant, wiil bt-fKt^m't a T�J�I U m ifce nobk Uasau ^iktVoic by the i m m twoUUm't** Matter*, ail. William 1 it tot t. S � And J o it r m I o h x 1 o y. T�fAX *r im afoiJ Wnpms�neibt*m^ix1ttc, tnd tblui TotU at f j.ftu�f it 51 be itts lb* m-A\ Hita to �m the Money. *' ~n-^rito^nsm Vc � liteir rt��;'Ov�^*<. m�f bcia �< Mr. J<il�fj* e��r aVfiya i� fcgSit una pub) iJ< S'tft. ' Th;-e ta � Ha� vi�\'* if at erii#4t#(iUt*a JlptfUtaet TS�^s Uiitcsim-**, mUab will fee at Sc��i ymUi,. To be S E E N, ' r ^ fist' Day and fir tbt futnrt, bet-urea ibt Htttrs tf ft* �n4_ �Esglt (Price Fix* S'uilungs) m Leictfitr-6elA-tjuart, mtbf CH O v E T !s, $m^,MiJKj�Su 1VA *^k�I {"ah f ai irom a>t* larc I!<*��'�; ia Ocu-^M/t-iltm) wAwfc npetttatt st Worn* , tSiia'j u^att r*fb c, tistf c^Cii'j wbaidnCbO Coxorsr�ai cJ :bt t^�i��Ma tt&M*ibiSolalt VtWaiid Arteriest Tnc CuOilxkja it atfa lies t~�t� �hc vuiSrr ta rb� CbtM. aMtlloai tb* Heart. m-~i ibe ' U �� *� Ua>8�. Aft wJt'tb r*^ritukii, 10. fx ha mah kttt*i t^rn f#^far�o�, far ifewn �1 eJcartf r�f>..I.*4 ia t .fUlb ot V�t;tis. fey S4i.Ci��h-1nnfcti. 1 ts^tc, * tJmjiitoHmu* projerl/ q^lrffM aii^tteaariieta'jtlNK'-" 4 . smMyo a tall t5gh. .fc*,. 40 ti�T^\tl ioAtZmJjg AA, ih� faaac tfay.^ ta�a a/. 5 F;*t �^ ��*!�� Wf^. ��W 30 Ytai��( At*, ft tbfel ita, f� ntbjf Coawarst'u. �*�� a �J��k bruara wig, he it b-fi-.a ktim, imtfioj v�a�f�f����". �w�  �an> u�uwa v�>g, ma m :cm*nll4iticmr**'i. ��M tb of itoav bon amr LUhaavaaUuKaOilc. ' ' , fetXXM aU^aaa a2111 rw. 1 i.ii i r it* rite i�b knaae. ftota �kn|>r�\ c�t of tht 6at - N. tniire**Ctpe.Kebcituo�irtf�n*�caaspaaf, f- LnTuosU*t_~iium 10 CUtVu. 3} Y�*� of Aga, b�4 on when tw west away, a dS It cUr *ra�4 tbirt. rrfaayoMfcf tie*. Wotuiatjlktuntbsjttk C^aspaairiwhtiiacW Sfxseot 14 t>�|� irtaaib* D�u laaMciTteae ib>*th*4ha partaaAl-. at aav, *fco ier takesM ftuWa^Maat tUta. oeaaoia kaar G�tl. nMfc*a� Wtr�{g Mayaar iAjie � 10 the fjaJ Ecrioacar. a* UoAtibaoarUfaue 1* tbiJ (cccitc Two Caveat Kc�ax atja. o�cr m aUot- "4 Pf a\C� of FaviaUBBa* fcr.�^rchnwi. g LVatr dUvertiftmtHh in tb'n Pafcr of a moderate Length are taken in at 7tw Sbiila^i eaik\

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