Friday, July 16, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Friday, July 16, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 16, 1834, London, Middlesex *>. >;' il bar? &tft-tt*rc ail N igbt M tj,s Allies, 'enext was near 'ginsrlt tcnfaSon imaginable, havirig k>it aliEcii alii their Of--ttn�r Our Generals sveie however dJteJninr'd- to ftand their Crtnnd at all Events,' being pc,rtad�L that had they rerir'd when Night put an end to the Aclion, their Army wookl have V4ccain much jhc^fcup: Condition at b at p.-cfect that ci" the Ths Count dc Metci. when he firft refolVd ca * Battle, 4-4e�Hii%,d..xqLjcfe the Horfe crwia-thc Saddle j he had no Pay to give the SoIdicrs,Ti67Bread"^ k�� in a'defperate Chndition : He made racii of the Foot {rip, that they might lire more alert, and' he htm&lf was in li^aifleftat when he recriv'd a mortal Wound by a Mdquet BUI having advane'd top near the Enemy: The Dragoons he cws'd to oilnioum, arid rake their Turns in the Fire, but, the Bone were at ibme Diibnc* behind, with their Swords drawn, Lrarf>tocut toPiecesany of the Foot that ihvuid flinchfrom gemtnt. fitice of Wirtemberg, woonded as he is, commands Ac Remains of the Imperial Army which arc new crois the Pol The MarihalTie Cpigny was in Guaftalfa the 6th IndanvJ tetf be dHpatch'd hither his Aid da Camp: He purposd to J Birch loon to Regio, where are the Imperial Magazines, Ar-tjaery aaJ heavy Baggage. He expects no Refinancej but the bpenal Cavalry,' on which it was laidJay the SSrcSof the Emptier'? Hopes, are llill very near inure, net quite Sao Haie'haying tain into our Hands in the late Retiear, too-se'dthcvgh it was. After the Reduction of Rcgi?, the Ge-seril fslfpay a Vifit to Modrtta, and attack the .Citadel of that Place, in order to punifii the Duke for his tiding with fit Enemy. The Rcndzvous of the ImprrLl Troop is at where Parties come in daily that wcie thovgU 10 haw farcuIolL jjowmr defperate and abandah'd teem the Affiiis of King Sauftim, we are afliii'J, that the Succcff.-s of Lis m�il Chu-fiaay*jcfly and hb Allies, will, tooner or later, gtrc them a Ttaain his .Favour. ' His Eicape out of Dactzick is a great Pwmpiij'd, and muit be a lad Difappointmcnt to the Sax^ni, nbalm attuiUy httetl up an Apartment tor htm in the Catile �CHd Dtc&ea. Some prc-ceni^to liy, tf^at tr.� Court is in N-'gptiauaB with a certain Northern Power, wbt- u to fcni her Ambages in being recouulM to K. StamlUui ; but ttus inult -*�n tonhnnatioci. Dtki, July 4 4. The PrinceG Caroline came to the Downs httNwhi bom the Wrllward and remains^ h� Majw!}\ Skip 6ff*ttk Gil'd this Fotunovjn Wellward. \xH the rctt of the Ktag'j*Sbip> remain, with Francs and Ann, Darby, foi Figura i V�u�u Grace, Jackfon, for Seril i Jofrpn, Tiikcr, fiom lUaUiigh, for Cadiz. Wiud W. by S. \ _ L O N DON. "Ihe fcUowingDays arc appointed for heldL.g the Summer Attain Notth Wales. �Mr.JiflktTrroar, and hh_J*f.>c* B.JJiza, Cmtt:ntrtbatt Tuefday, Augufl" 37." ui the �iWBofCaer- JBafccL_______ ftaS>oie, Monday, September 2. a: Iliveiferdwefr. Cmriiffu, Saturday, Si-ptciubcr 7, at tlu: Iowa of Cardigan.  _ Latt Subday uj the Afternoon,' the Lady Afee's Hoofc in Strtet, war Gtofytnor Square", war frt-&s4irc by Light ��Bg, but by timely Atlillaucc it was eaungcdb/J nuiumttkMCg ay cwiCderablc Damage. 1 Ihe Lightning broke in at the T^> of the Hoofij. and pe-Bttratedtko'all the Floors and Sealing, to the very Bcttcm. ^^'%lpiaB'-SffieiliMrUnd-, h alfo mclyai tie V\ ue of a m which hung in the Garret : Several"Pcoj^c v.erc at the to^timcin the Houfe, but happily receiv'J co Darosge. l cfifmay Col. pyatt took h*� Leave ot tfceir VajeUics. sod � �f ^ Roval Family, and this Day he *iH let cw: Ircm ticale inGioiVenor-buec: (or WellchrileT. in ordtT to em-hark fw Ireland, to take open him the Ccmnund of a Regiment � Light Hoife. aad the Lieutenandhip o� DuiJai Car.!.-, in U�:rwn� of CoL Hayttoo. who hath eachanjrdi his Ccmmu-^w^the above Gentleman . A curious Statue of his pretent Majcfly is cow Eniflrd bv the ���Alr.RylbHck, carv'docvof a BlocklTwhite Klkiblc P WtigU'd eleven Tuns, and was toiciei!) taken fawn the ^�ch by Sir Gewge Rcok. In a htw Days the lame will ikL 1!.? Gjecn*�cn� to be (et up in the" Great Parade of J�Iiofpjtal, at the Ejipencc ol Su Jcha Jccidcgs the Co- "*t2Sday th� Right Hon: the Earl of lerfcy, with his Lad v. r^e livjuI' iuGiolvenor-Street,"tor Sc-rbocw-gh mer. Esq; one of hi, Ma-eiiv's luiUces o! itx t'cacetor the wwity qj AUddlefcx They w^y. ff0in Nutm&fan> ^ ca ^ & th< ' wf, r 5 the,t' fcvea Hoito ftaittd fcr the GcstlrmtDt * ^ ^r,bnyG*!�ch �s wc* bv Mr. HaUaro* bay ��5 h.ia m a Ctanrr. A�tcr which the iJ^rgetTn Plate of ten viumcaj ru� f�r l�y (um Horfes, as,J uoa by hir- ColU-v!H0"' bfCml:Y Carrier. UUeidjy dwl ui ttc 991b Year fcf hu Age. at Vlile Eoi. "ft 1 hoaij�ion, tormcily Cbmnundcr *A toe Elizabeth be-^wg to the Ead-Icdu Comjury. On Sunday Mompig died foddtnly at hit Ho�fe in Minciog-IjLne* Thomas Hates, E^s late one of the Difeftors of the ^ooth-Sca Company. ..... Wc hear that ibme fine Dreffcs are making for the Indian Chief iiti hisWifc, the War Captain and �tott Indians who lately came over with James Ogietnorpe, Kfq; from Georgia, and that.ihe laid IVrfcnj will be prdcottd to their Majefltes in hlcw Days. ' ., . - Laft \Veek died Siddenly at the R�r. Mr. Oahbett's, in Fhct-Street, Mrs. Lradona Rye, Danghter of-jfoho-Rye,. Eiq;-of Norihamptonfliirc, a young Lady of 9CC0L Fortune, wkc!siisehaskab��rcnhertwtiSiil(;rs. A tew Days fiiste&il at hei^Scat at Uedbrook in the County of Glouceiler, in an advanced Age, Mrs. Coder, Mother to Thomas Colter. Efqj on: of the RepretlnUtives in Parliament fijr.the City of Dftllol.----------------- We hear that 00 Saturday Night lad Sir Robert Dafhwood,' Bart kjrat the Point oJ Death at his Seat at Notthbrook in Oxfbrdfiiirc, with a violent Inflamaticn of his Bladder. _ _. Yeitcnlay was try'd at Guildhall, before the Right Hon. the Lord Chief Jullicc Hard wick, the great Caufe depending be-iweeti the Direclors ol the Dank, PLuntiffs,'and Mr*. MbrriccV/1 Wido* of Humphry Morrice, E% oeceas'd, late Deputy-' Governor of the laid Comply, Ddendanti! which laflcd from 2m the^lcrhing till 7 at Night, wheo (as we hear} the jury :oaght in their Verdict SpectaL the Mumbles, tince Miles from Sw.iu/.eyj 111 the County of Cibmorgan, who gives an Account, that oh *l*uefd�y the ad InOanr, oae John Mad-lock committed two of the moil inhuman Mardcr, fcarcetj be pariiteird, on the Bodici ol his poor aa&ea? Father and Mother.. ; ' * . The faid MadJock being a Ship Carpenter, was that Day working on a Dredging Oylier Boat, and feeing his i'wher Wilkihgon the Beach, he intlamly left his Work, and with: an Axe. felPd him unmercifully to the Ground, leaving him' for dead : After wfcicWw ran tphis Father* Houfe, and finding there his Mother, he alfo with his Axe fplit her Skull and dith'd her Brains out while the was in her Daughter's Arms,, who with horrible Shrieks did iter Endeavour to prevent it,, and would have flur'd the lame Fate, had ilie not immediately fled to the Village, The Murderer returning to the-Beachy at foaie* Dutince fe ing hb wounded Father bpon his Legs, i'up-potted by fcveral Pertbn*. svho were leading him to anadja-: cent Houfe. he ran so fuiioafly at them with his Axe, as oblig'd them to. q^it their Affiftance and &ye their Lives, who with Horror taw him cut and mangle his Father in the moil unheard-of Manner, tilt be bail finiih'd his Life. He put the whole Village in_FeaTtill he was knock'd down by a Club\ and fee-' ing carried before a Juftice of Peace, he was fent under a Goanlof ConiUblcs toCardi^Goil. 'lis laid he had been Delirious fome Time before. _ * Oo Saturday I�ft the Gentlemen of the Exchequer-Office in the Temple, had an elegant Entertainment at 1 ontat'i in Fleet-Street. /� Ytfierdojt Paf*r, �vxf after tin tttMtlhtrg drticlt,. tvfir* Wc have Advice, t^c flcajt ttuajt Frauktoit, July t6. EJirhasgb, Jmfj 9. Yeflerday about lao'JClocIt the Royal Company of A1 chess march'd from the Abbey ot' Iloly-Rfiotl" Houfc to Bum<�eld Links, which is near two Miles, to (hoot fat the Silver Arrow, in the moil handfome and gay Manner imaTinabk. cloath'd in Tartane with blue Bonnets and St. An. drew'* CrofTcs, having Bows and Arrows for their Armour. "Tfcey wese preceded by his Grace the Duke of Hamilton's Equipage, (who is their Captain-Gtncra!) vizi a Coach and fix rnoiJ; beamiful Hodcs, two Running Footmen and four* Riding, tear led Horfes, the Mailer of Horfe to the Duke, 4c. then tuScw'd the Mufick, viz. Trumpets, Hautboyi, Drums, Cagp.prs, SiC then his Grace the Duke of Hamilton alone, aai hi) Grace the Duke of Quecnlbury alone, both richly cre#dr with Velvet Bonnets and Feathers enrich'd with many Ui*mt?j;-J* i then *the fcveraT Brigadiers with-the^Arthers-ttir Drfles; the Earl of Wigton, as 'Idcft Lieutenant.General, By a Cmpartytf .Cmtdim frm hah iht AT the New Theatre in the Ha^-Marlcet. J^trow. twfa| the i?th <.� Jffry, wjfi WjMr* .* T y *^�*k] TOmorrow. the t#hrIhlhrit, -will be the - }>ic�t�ll j:�l1�Mri�n Tibi cf Skill that Wit em Mt twawa ii the M*riwi|m� MaN'bviNrtrogttstell Utllef>mBumpa, Ha. ^ :" F,a �A':K^*n-a;v-r":S;;�-I^:�> ta c �� ytW .... ' - � E p w a an 8 ti t t o-i�� .1-^ t . - attenaaticeat Fcuf. awl maont �i Ssttn  Note, Ck<tlcmen art place Cvtulcn>cn c�(V. � ^ Tv c�(x. vtieaur �nJ hi* Cnm[v*or �rc to fi|htat Bhmtt, tsdBotiag. Ma�ihe�> to divert ihe Conpaoy, :, j v ^OST on Friday Night, between|heRoyal7 and i*ea *nh �red Intle. UiDg*n Oflke Copy of ait AnlVer UChu' , eery, -wherein �as lottoiM fen-raiuiher Papmo� no�tr*k*bot mik* Oinci . and jlio, i fnull fit'a W*tt|\. �ith a Gold Dial Plat* fir afttuM S!i�gteen Cafe, Ilu�iae4 sk�)|�h�*�d.e�witli s>v vlondon, m ibtUial riate, ntxltowhlih, bya bUck KibVoo, wit fsllm d a Brtf. tt�f a Sie�1 S�aV*l��c^,U�n^v*i�anBif4e with t�ol��a^%tlT*irtltt and anEtaftHfirtlor iheCrell. Who���r'BriansthefahtPipwltnir W�:tb to mt. John H<<wk�, luuer and s*oi' WoUot� and Wh��iA>���. ihe'Coh-tf ot CMrxery \m% t-ltr�-nre� o Ctffcehoafe, CoinhiU,-QuH rvc e T�%i Cuiiicat^eward,�i0Tait^�moiirTBrtrSf t^w Pan fortithirof ihwr |t ile Watch i�offcrMtj be Mwn'd, valutJ, or m�ud�da pray fioo^, asd giteNoticcas above, and jou wall i�t<l�a A\t fameKavarit^ ! ;ROPT on Friday4aft on London-bridge, Pocket Hook, with ftve'rul N 'th� o*ner. "Whoever *ill bwg ward, and go yjtltiuu. i>>'d. No 8f����� Raward will bioittM, ATcrfon well recommended* arid c|uatiry#d to ictth Wtiiinf, acenmpt*, Cr�mm*rand Krtwh, i� >iiiad at a Poardlw-Ncl.ool abut- to Mite. Iron Loaaon. Bnquitf of Mr. Jo�. leph siimli, Suiiuwtr. at the biblo �itd Crovyu la tlit MiuOrim near Atcgale. __' brcaght op the ReairTthc Earl of Crawford, as Major, rode on a iiaejjoiie richly capa rUon"J Tliere weie on this Occa-�dei a^i incredible Number of Spectators, among whom were the Dukes of Argyll and Buccleugb, the Marquis ot Tweddalc, the Earis of Orkoey anJ Rothes, and many others of the Nobility and Ladiesof (J^xality. They rctura'd in the Even-iagin the fame manner^ wered!�nt(>'d aj^KlO^^Jii^hi aril had a tine Entertainment provided-for-them at Mrs. Thorn's, to which the Ladies were invited. The Arrow was won by Mr. Loch, Merchant. Dabhv, JtJy 9. Latt Friday died the Right Hon. the Earl of C.-aiurd, in a very advancVl Age, at his Seat in Sim-tr.aas-Court near this City, lie is tuccccdcd iu.iionour and Edits by his only Son ihe Lord George Fp/bes, lately Ambaf-iador to the Court of Ruiha, and now an Admiral in the liu ti�h flret-- High Water at London-Bridge this Day, at isz Minutts after 11 in the Morning 1 and 5 2 after 11 at Niglu. Saturday Bank Stock 138. India 147, for the Op.ning Scotb-Sca Trading Stock Hz. a Si, for the Opening. _ Old Annottics 106, a J. Dmo lVcw Annuities 106, a 5, for iheOpecing. Ttoee per Cent. Annuity 9;, for the Upen-ing. Million Bank 107 1 half African 21. York-Build* 1D&* 2 3 4ths. Royal Aifunnce 07 3 4U1S. London Affu-ra&cc 12 1 4th. New B*nk Ctrculaucn 7I. 101. Prcm. $outt-Sea Beads 11, its. Pr-.m. India ditto 3I. 4s. a 3I. Prcm- Tsree per Cent, ditto zl. Prem. Engliu Copper il. 15s. Wellh4itto Books (hut. L' two Eatl-India Bonds, 177, O S T or mifl.iid, �,* -* Nfc j6jy. OAKi itw Jilt of M4f, 1717, a�d boeb juf.b.e 1  ibe H gbi n.u. K Utt s*rl teirtri.tor Vive hundred Pjosa* caib. W tjt'tr Ijv. c ihe i*>4 �->3 *i'l brielor fc>d ukj� t� tactf>� Hoi.c and An.-Id, raukrrt, to Heei-hrtei, flitU-(c- . ;� .._ 7�b � . �JJ34- X IIIS is to give Notice to all Perfonj- that havtf wlt4'd I'late, Jewels, Rinjil and Goods lliht Thr�d Ol wis.iitM*tae(-Iane, near Si, j�m*s,�- Mai k*\ thaiihtyait dt* Itt'd 10 rc.tecm ihun oinr before 1 lie andi Pur o vepttoiberw jMiiCrwde tt-ey difpot'doi, hj�ni({ I�ff utt ��f?*r�.-------^ 1 tc tlouie (teiiig a noted one fur many Vcur') is 10 tw Lett, iuuhcr panicularsmay bt h*J at the Uid �inu*f. 7HEREA^ the Partnerfiiipbetween Powell Oemuor and William Crrfliim, Ouwn iitid tufaii M�ktr>, ac ihe Crown in Yurk-llreet, Oivtut guden, i� by C <l fi'wcll Bemt ni (U(� IVuai 1'tuUn'* W^ftboiiltl (own �ad Hsbit Maker, it rtmoy'd to the S(*f and 0�r(ef in l**t-'ilotk-llieet, Coreji'-gjrJen, whtrt ha tarries on the tat , Ve!,:t Hnods Short Cloaktoi alt S>it�, Quilicd and Hoop ttuicntu.1 Riding �ion:ls, Riding and Mrquerado Hspici, adJ Morning Cjwbso/ ail sorit, �tc. ^1......... - -. .1. )!ir, Cow between >�� a�4 Hthit- M�k�ri, at iheCrowfl.ittJtjjiilreet, Co�euig4rded," Whft^nlftr/ eiflj(�rd i imc f�id Willism Orcfhsmyaie Irom Mr. K�ulm%) contiaots ac ih<i lame Plate 10 c�rry nn tne (aid Trade of a O^wa and Habit* Mak.r, aod!|kewlfefell�MrtwryCt�d�, Sc. ssu/iiilr*----- Town*, Noblenieni and Cem'emeni Srau, Kelci'voirt tnd Pith pond" in mw!� trta:er QpaniJMej^jiifd upoo eifier Terms rhai by any Biqriot* o�� 10 U*. A Pcrlon empuso'd bflbt paft�'ce'^'itlaTiend'ai Cole's) C<ilj�Ji-uf� in eiubuiUr*. fr. m Ten io il.a moiow- i|II four in.the AfteTnoon ��uy Hay, tu irejtt wiih fiiid t'� 5r venduig iu faitf fcaginei. .....- --------- t) Upon eompirinrthe pirforitiance of ihefe BygtDei *Uh ftft-nt ot the belt Kogines about ihe Town, 41 we I at in ihe Couairv thk Qoawiiy of water '�i�'d iu Propoujun u more ihaa double. T~~~ To prevent Difappointment, THit Iron of fcveraljuxuftom-'d Sorrs made* � Atibiuger fofg" "�*�' Doikinw in s^iry, it sod will (AkImni t. b� landed � 4lie watthogje � WifiW� Wbarf ifajrfirtftt. southwtrk. and ih�' none ��u be Icii at ti*lcru�?r Wharf, wUrfa bf pjiiKuUi Orders lb dlrefttd. ( \ To be L E T T, A Large Vault, 60 Foot long and 16 wide* ** Uqjirtof Mr. Simpfuo, at Staiioecrs-iiaU war tudgat*. cloubU To be S O ID, THREE well-built modern Brick lleufet, wtO fi�ilV4, watricotttd aodptjoied, .bow a kita /' Trom the Cuy, iu to open Air, and ui ctuotire Praiucci of fttutl Miles; it o�  loog Leaft, tad very faull Orouod Rtafc Alfo. i 1 V atMril doable and fiofela lioultt to b� Lto. .t t l�]uucof Wiili4m atwiiat, fcn. iu King Johu-court, scar Si. tun '1 Migaalcn't Church, touibwark. in tin Paptr cf a medtrati Lt*&tb are taken in at Two Sbtilingi each.

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