Thursday, July 8, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Thursday, July 8, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 8, 1834, London, Middlesex fcTON DAT, Jul* $,.173* France^ Xtfcriej arris?d a Mail front Paris, July 14. IN the 1 :ih Inftart 7V Dram was fuhg m the Church of Notre Dame, iin-f Thanigiving for the late Advantage goad by the Troops of his Mycity and hi* Allies o�r the*? of the Emperor id Italy ; the sJarliameM aiMcd at the fame ia their Scarlet Robes, at did Ukcwifc the other Chambers of JuBice: In the Evening there were 11-lummstTcru and other Demonllratioos of 1w tfawgaoat all the Streets of the City. The King has made a Promotion of Genera! Officers fcr his Army in I��K- �n l}* '.,tD ,naant nis M�j�ly rccciv'd the fsrccaUn of the law AiVron near Parma. " They writ* from Naples, ifcat tic Grand Prior of France, �kc ha the Command of oar Galleys now lying in the Bay of Kicks, has been preferred to the New King, and 010ft gra-ocS� receiv'd by him. The Duke de Lira, fecorid^Son to the toe Duke oT Berwick, who JBcwcommands at the Siege of Carta, has takrn upon him tbeTitleof Duke de Vexaguu, tk Duke cf tHt Name,v whofe Siller he married, being lately fctd without Children, and having left him an Eftaicof 50000 fjtoleper Ann. t The Towns of Gaeta ar^Capoua bold out dill, but begin to j^bpth" Ammunition ano-Provifion, bcfidcs which Misfortune rbey �e ^Hitrd by a contagious DiAcmper which carries off Rtt Numbers of their People. _ Laa� fasp Parusa of the 1 it Inibnj mention, that the Hot of the late Engagement there did net begin till about half an Hour after one, and was greatly Qactatfd by fix, the fjatay keeping cdjy a final! Fire from about that time to co �r their Retreat, which wa� direcldy to their old Camp at St Ftofpero. The Number of Dead and Wounded theyjeft fajunfl thwn it nor yet certainly known, hut the Bodies in the Frldjjf Battle lata a great Heap, and "the whole City of fvesx, even to the Goyflers, and the Stables belonging to the hiaff, are full of woundorllttea: -------------"----------------- We learn Jrotn-PhiUpfturg o� the 51b, that Prince Eugene hiring madefeveral Morions with hi* Army to pad the Rhine, tend si! the Places fo ftrongly guarded, that he thought proper fedediae any further* Attempts arid the'Day before the Date af the Letters, advane'd much nearer the Lines than he had doeb&re, *Tis certain that the heavy Kims do us great Dnsage, nor do they much Ids incoiumode the Enemy's Amy. Our Cavalry is not retum'd within the Lines, but is Malt We continue to batter the Crownwork of Philipfhurg fiom tie^Faftery vn have rais'd on the Homwork of twenty Pieces of Cannon, and ftvcral other Battcues. Note, lie Aituuti/rem tk* Rbiee tf a later Datt ikan t) bit thfir Majsftu-s, 4iXOni;xiir>'d by their ' Royal Htghnt&s the Princeli of Utan^e, ai:J the Pnntciio AsnrCa and Carter..-, orac fiom K-erJingtcn to fee the Op.ra f Pa&or Yiio. Their Majeiliei were let down in (he Pjik, ��d 60m tflcocc earned to tfie Hay-Marlut in Cwiirs, Irani fkence they rctuu'J in &c Una uiamicr. HU Majeily has been pleas'd to order ho lioundi to be brought from Wmdfur Ftwert to Richmond-Park ; and 'tis fciid that the Royal Family witt begin to hunt there in a my flwrt Time. Lalt Friday Night their Graces the Duke aixLDutcheis of Richmond arrivM here from Holland ; and on Saturday they waited on their Majdlies at Kecfirgton, and met with a gracious Reception.______ We hear that h� Grace Jtifi'd the King's IIan4 Yeftcrday at Kcnlirrgton, on his being appointed Mailer or the Horlc to his Majclly.__ ~~~~ ____ Laft Night the Right Hon the Lord William Hamilion, Brother to ius Grace the Duke of Hamilton and Brandon, was given over by his Phyficians. ���  The Right Hon. the Earl of ChefUrfield, ha Countefi, and her Grace the Dutchois of Kendal, arc preparing to Scl&A for Scarborough to drink the Waters. . ' Laft Monday the Corps of itcfG^WDSrl^Jif Raf." land was interr'd in a private Planner, according to her Dcfue, at Beauvoir-Caflle in RmlandQutCj in a Vauit belonging to that noble Family. Wc hear that his Majcfty will Aand Godfather to the net* born Son Of the Right Hon. the Earl of Pembroke. JjUI Week the Right Hon. the Lord Chancellor was pttas'd to prefent thekev; Mr. Juieph Speed, M. A. to the Rettery of rbornbury, in theCounty of Wilts and Diocefc of SaJifbury. His Lordihip was allblateiy phsisM to prefent the Rev. Mr. Ifaac Wilibo, t\l. A. to the .Vicarage of Campdeo, in the County oi Cumberland and Diocefc oi Darham. "Lait Week died at HorhCaftle in Lmcolntfcire, George Heron, Efq; a Geiitlcman poffefi'd of an Ellatc of 3000I. per Annuni. , ' On Thurfday laft were put up to Sate iry: Auction, at the South-Sea-Houie, the ievend Eitatea of Sir lambert Black-well, Bart. Francis Hawes, E<q; Sir John Blount, Bart and Atribrofe Page, Efq; late Directors of the South-Sea-Compiny, when the Eltate of Ambrose Page, Efq;' af Eafield, was fold for 901. and Sir John Blounii Eilatrs at Eaft and Weft-Ham in Eliot, for ioj 5 L to one Mr. Willdey. . None of tlie? other EllatcTwere bid fur. Tke Races begin at Black^Hambleton in Yorklbirc, on Sji turday "the iott� of Augutl next, with the King's Plate of 100. Guineas. And on the Monday folkm-ing, York Races begin upon Knaves-Mire Couric with hu Majcrly's Plate like* wiie of 100 Guineas. ( fju Majefly's l'iate of 100 Guineas in Specie, will be run for on Ipfwich new Race Ground, in the County of Suffolk, upon Tucfday tfcc 13th of. AugaM next.. ' On Saturday lail the two Men Servants and the Maid Servant, kite belonging to* the un(q|tunate Mr. Cahtilion, who were taken up tome Time ago, ob ^IWkra of bcingamctrn'd in murdering of their Matter, and afterwards ietang Fire to the Houfe, were cxamiu'd before tbit.JsX-Bch of Joilices at Weltmintler.HaU, who wder'd them tote remanded back to Pnjba^aijd to be kept afundcr till further Orders. . TtJeHtamTDJiylllip � Hackney CcAcMMfc, was convi�led of cbcatiag his Mattr of 6s. out of il�. in,on: Day |s Work. v< .. ' .' laft Saturday- Money" was fent from the Pay-OfEce in Broad-ftreet to the Nore, to pay off the Company of hb Ma-jelly's Ship the Phcenia, lately return'd from the Weft India, where (he. had been flation'd for feveral Yean; "Yctterday a pcw-bom:C�ttd was fouml buried is a Deal Box in the Fieldsover-againtl StTnacras Church. This Day the Quarter S^oAkof the Peace for the City of-Lbndon begins at Gullu^,;in�lBi Wcdaefday at the Old-Baity. v* ' I On Saturday Morning betw|rn-�- and 9 o'Clock, a Fue happen'd at tl�e ^ by � Candle being let 1*11 upon Topae Straw inw the Vault, but was foon extinguith'd by toe HetoM s^je Engines from the Eail-India Houle. _. # :'v i - ^ellerday Morning between one and. two o* Dock, the Houfeol Mr. Thonipfcn at Kenfington was broke open, and robbM of-Money and Goods to tlie V alue of 401. Bryan Wcldon, of Thamesjftrpet, -London, OO-Cooper and Chapman - - * Hig,i .Water at iJO�aon-Btidiie this Day. at jj Mmutes -1<X 3 '"^j^cMorpitig ; and 10 after, 4 in tlie Afternoon. Saturday Rank St^ITwai rj6 j^hs. Inau 147 t for the Op.ning. Sbttth^ikTra iing Stork Hi $ ball, for {�? Opening. Old Annuities iqj 3 4105, � 7 gtla. Ditto New Annuities 106, a 4 8th, for the Opening. Tftire per Cent. Annuity 9$. Million Bank 1071 half. African 22. Y0rk-l^lktipgs z 3 4ths. Royal' Aflurajtwoi! half. London Ailurance 12 1 4th. New BankCiccubdon 7I. ids, Piem. South-Sea Bands 2I 12s. Pmn. India ditaj 3I. Prem. Tnrce per Cent, ditto 'it nl.Prem. Engliflr Copper fl. 1 c<. Welfh ditto-Books fhut. -__ Charitable-Corporacion-Hourc in �Spring-Garden, July 5* '.234. rT*HE CbantabL'-CorperalM fa Relief of In- *~ dujlrioui Poor, t�t art to bald a (StHtraJ Court ut lluir fleujt abvvt/qid, oa lP i.yJoj tbt IQtb lnjiaat, at ilium im tbt Fortnoan, to takt tbt Ballot ufe* tbt ^/4*t.f!K.^j*^iSur> That this Court highly approve the thug the Bui againU the late Coinmitice-Men and Ailirtants, and others whole Names have been now read, and of the other Steps taken by the Court of Committee, for tlie recovering ol the Money and EtiUtA due to this Corporation. N. B Tbt Ballot tvillbe takt* fiam tlfvt* 0' Cluk to ftus._ U HEREAS on Thurfday the 27th ot June V V Ull wa�hi eJ Trim the V*hJk ia W*c�g��eui�e?, Cbdicf, .ighe.^k-y Mare, �b iui < Ycjii oW., lull 14 H^u<� tD{b, �i;bi ohuk Tail, wiui su <� te�(licr'o behmj 10 biu4<r Let from coition, m�(k'J wi .'1 * I'.'uV h*<]lac' \ugt biukStittle <<n, with ) *ftch(*JiN*.li . j Cikh (i.c , (he FcrU" tiiu-il lic gitc, aud m a ciLtui^f M", uiiddU afceU. >c<r fu Fom Iv.^h, with br �p CI uttu, if i a ligH< browu wv :y : it ifa .uC^diw>ot i-k'ii, i_'thcr�ile. *hoc�cr fctuio tic fiiJVeiibo �* fl^'t, iai> ti��� J fcpfi M��t.<n ia lUt fo.cll-ltrcvi, if s< t �vht ituic(,id ur nj vr Jj'nt., Chct!tiu>PiCj, io. Litilr JeuijrHt-uric.Si. J.a>v>'k, 111 ill hivea Gjiuc* Kcu jnl, tadVilJiubx Clu;tri. By * Ccmfjttj if Cemedians -from tctb the Theatres* : AT the Nc* Theatre in the Hay-Market, tU. tU|. Uia| the Sj2> ul Joiy. wiU be ptti*** a WM* -Opera, �if,M P E N � LOPE: o �, 'I,*.': The Fair Disconsolate reMiopt, Mr*. SoWts} Uljftw, M*. tefoj. WibiUiw, jJKj/ � Wood�ar.>; Mi�in�. Mn. Ctaraa i DuO, atsj ihmfcttj Vm Ihimble, Maftt* - �hieii wi1 b� aMri � . > * ", The BEGGAR'S WEDDItfG. " Harry Httmrr, Mr*. �ot�n�; nttas. Mitt J�K�X ti|ps% hlTsV Talbot; C< Mr. fi�no | TibTitier, Mr-, vatta*. ^ With r*ntt) if Bnt*rtamm�tt. To begin exactly at hit' an, Hour after Six o'Clock. * "rJT�r# 4�. Fiitr. hi. VmBttjtt. � ' riicw to be \m i! ofMr.wlrfea, tVnsae nsiltt. test tVanr ifctTlnataa,' Chi WeAxftajr aesf wiB'f't��leams,tbtartMaol, tor* the r�er< �h bint* UbMi'J aneW a �h>nt fit r* ttWl aai not bains ^i'e fCMKiV. ttattiVr < frsiwss �rtfl ttsaft at� waHig oh u-etn a* hc�a�U bkn * i h tijeit CraafMf .* T*WOwi�p*iqi SrenowV*"' " c>B*d'! amhursot Eltfti t<**t a&4 Cmwct]-, wJwa �il t* By. Dcfire of fc^�l| Gentlemen ami Ladies. ' Fcr the Bfftejllr^ Mr. WARD,, if the Great Koom in ViUats-ftreci;, Ifockv puikJinfs this IMf, bemg tb� Bib lallaai, Wi'4 U pnleaCtAa' Tr�ecd�. ch'd T A M E R L A N E. [ Tamertsae. Mr. fUnJal; Ai�nt,^lr.WarJ i M �>*4j �aau� Mr. Hkhirdibn ; arotfix, *lt�, WUbsirf s'aefcaia, mfiWmlw. with * oe* rrot^MC 10 Nt (tvkr� o> air. War*. To �Rih (by �>�fire) will W tiiti. a *�H.e Open e4u*� Aft. cdf| The D I S A P PO I.Nf T M E NT. L JTtt Fart tf t>*� Kmbj Mr, W a* o, U With � new Priltfw roibc Fine, !�> he f|i>il>ii br the tatber^ KB. farritniarCaiv�iH � t.y�iok< ^i:rHeM&�M4, ___B*x*i jr. Pkxf. Gall** \m. f * exattly at Snt olOocfc. By a new Compatly �f a4 Vasseff at OnaaClSaa* Diveffioa waem iba m scati�. wis beffMifctttay, at MM aaHvar alter The �!�>) wib(4ms> chide *irh aa EiWiaWMat,srlsui * *y a�Op^rranrt of fafa* K-a^ty t>ar-,�t�K.' At hts Majcfty'5 Bear-Garden in Hockly-Holc, this Day foing the Sib of July* wdl be a- '* gr/at Bajr'r Sporti v i.Tf*WO.Dog� to fight ten Letgoe* at tW 1. ftnumstirpimdSkii. lor a Cwuu�*th, jW ton* run* h�tt**vl tantkit in �m tie U<*tf. One a oriorfk Um, aafi,/ Item Afljn, ihe�tfT�bf�adkB,,c!.tta�rWfc*,-th. * 3. Four ix >i>.4,(n;m WbMniup�laB4-i�(>tr(>*a�f�� r� to fcfbr tea U�ax� u the taasnit* taiSa ifcat Djg wbichfaatpaaeaBtt and f�;eft �o ti� l�*rk wia^ "' Likeoite a mti Ball to be dn*Vj*o �aa fi,9,^ak� attowr tdm, a�Jtoro'dijk4* uMbcQaasc place, wfifcss�eralUorslim km* __The ftwo vffijhroocaat a, aad b*^at4nwtifriy, -� 4,.; ANY Pcrfun or Pcrfonswho arc'willwg . (er�e rhV �cr�4t1r'*�iae* sit �i>Jra*, Mk4aon�-atear; iba, - * '1Si'sra^-''5rrfi&^^^ Capau-r o� a HtUr, �x aakctH *a �fc�*����r', dsa. ie* ah* rcuu^i'cs I'iit ot tbe corrc> 1^cf at t.<ui- aWor;|.fctsrCratVfagr%^J---^ _l ~ * ' OESERTE& inmrfx^m^ii^l- > JiaK�^�if*(U ^*aCota . ut snc^mcarol foor.liu* �= �arf�wr a najBv*�e. fh mm IMwctl. )F.xm �tMb"�^�ruii tut* �>sVwSawe*,a�^|�Y ariaeat SbjfflL ab" n� *�* a�ia��^rfS�_l�W- Urn ot kk Cirfa, Io�*m�s>'4. �bsv*M till*, acdntafl LsaUw. ~-=jLjha WmTf'""""'� W& 1 laUccs bigh wi*** IM**- .��� Tears of a**, bsew'er--^' t^^W. a HuUuedMia. Mr^ ait Haatsag&w, U� Ccaap>tu*�*4 jarlr bra�� ';�r. with a r�cad f aitsv xatf a serf fear fceof. tab 9Mh hit Heai u4 drrs Tlef all ��*� m Sad WMteMtt, -'Alfo DafortcJ a* Babaattal*. fi�a Ctf-. Hubert SN��a'<Caat- pauy af Crcaadct* of tke laid lag*****- Jiba lueii^ ) febc IS laebe* and a Ualt'vithMK Sbm, aboM ad !-�� 3� Ag*. liiad a< Was* rio�i^a, bora ai M*uk*&ld, a 5W��bf r�*e*. �*-al**r Jtr Caaa* p�too, dark bru�n Hair, aa* b* "� �� Immttif a c*na*d <f Oeocral Wfc*r*�sa* *�a*KW � Fcoc tewuj. ��cr aad �bv*� t�bat a ai�i**d by aft �f" .fata�ae p-wm, io 0t:-<trce ,>�fcrft reeetwtrb aK�ccr* k���;a J�hisretVrn. "*  N. B He a�4 f"*l.f l:c^ c^cu'a L*/, i^-wt &nl�Oc vkecaiiKata Mii > s.Sf h. I', biir. a Ut*c M xe 'jo :be Ittt Ci��;� bit y^tf up, � i-(^c�r'a �, - ta>-o u.^4W � *i* -J K�U*rs aad a SitM. Naiu.-al�.t. T Mktii/cwith 111 ll'is Paper, of a moderate Length are taken in at Two Shii;u%* each.

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