Saturday, July 3, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Saturday, July 3, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 3, 1834, London, Middlesex jpdilv Adtcrtifcr. WEDNESDAY. Jolt 3, 17*4 Vienna* June 16. |H E Coutt is mum'J fietii Tawrobmg to La Favurrta. A few Pay* ago an Exprd's arriv'd hc:c (torn I'linee Fit-' gene ; the Kmprro? wa* then st Dinner, but fent, however, for the Dif-patcVe?, and read them with great Ea-gernefe. When his Imperial Majdly had ftnrfl.'d, he laid to ibe Noblirmen about him. li't fball foy* /war />*?/ important AVu.j //wn .-TTyifwty tbt tU*f, pad ailing for a Glaii of Rjienifli. cliank a Health tadSuCoetstD Print* Eugene. M. Hamel Bray nix. Envoy Bttra^mary frcrotheSutej-Gfheral/ havJBgrecciv'd a Cuu-ra/rom the HVgue} went immediately to cotntnuuicatc hit jyfaxhet to Mr. Robinicn, Mmiiler Plenipotentiary of the KtarrfGreatBritain ; Whereupon both that Excellencies had | private Audience- of the Emperor ; and after that a long fojfcencc with thetinat Chancellor Sintrcndotf. *Tis pretended here, thtt the King of Truflia is battening apace into Vtewsof his Imperial Majefty, awl thai a Treaty ol Alii ante is on Foot between that Prince and King AuguUus. The ��pre!s of Rufla has given repeated A durance* to thit Coutt, tbatai ibon as the Expfdiikn to Dantzick has fuccecded, ihe ill fend soooo Men to, hit Imperial Majesty's AManCA. Car-dual D'Altban, berensforsA'-iceioy of Naples, died lall Week U l&BHD^rick of Vacmiii Hungary, in the 5 2d Year of HusAge, and the 15th'ofhis Purple, having been rais'd iff that D^oity by Pope Clement XI gtmt, June L9.' The Congregation of Cardinals appointed t) conudcr wbotc Jennet 'twould be moll proper to uke on St Pct�*s Day next, by way of Tribute, a� ulual every Year* fct the Sovereignty ol Naples, have detetmin'd to uke one from each of the CompctliOrt : Accordingly the Princeof San. Qtod on ihe pan of the EropcrCr, and me Duke de Stcrza-Cczsrini on behalf of Don Carlos, arc preparing to prefcnl ocb their Pad ; (o that the ible Difficulty now remaining is to , fettle the Preference, many good Rcatons being to be ur^'d on tab fides tor Precedency in me Ceremony..... Berlin, J ah 3. On Tburfday lall an lytprcfc came from M. Brandr, tlicJvingof Pruflia's Minitler, with aft Account, {hat King Staniilaus had found Mcam to cicapc out of Dam-Sitk, in the Night between the 28th and 29th of tall Monti* hear further by the late Letters , tram Damzick, thai the Adherents of King Stariiflau* in thai Town were on tne Point of mailing^ tiurir Subroiiaon, and acknowledging King AuguUus ; and we expect every Moment the News that ibe Town has done the fame. "� Ha�tu\. J*lj 9. According to the lall Advices from the Imperial Army upon the Rhine, Prince Eugene was tt.en in Sight of the French Camp, and had begun 10 cannonade the . t*oBridges which the French have laid over the khine, in order to cut cS their Communication with the Cc.ntry on the �ber fide. Letters from Dantzick ot the ijith ol Lilt Month bring to AccJunt, that the very Day when the Sulpenhoa of Arm* was agreed upon for three Days, in order to regulate the Ctpt'talation, the Magiiirates fent 16 Count Munich to inform him; that Counjc Monti had acquainted them that King Staui-Hiuj had the N ight befbrs made hi* Efcape; which Count Munich not believing, he gave the Magttliatcs to underlland, that if King StanifLtus ( uiio h^ fuj^poi'd wa> coutol'd ) wai ''"^W&i&if up to him, tcgaterwirh the Pnmatc, thaCoont dt.Mcmi, and theoihcr Adhejent> of that King, he wuuld treat the Town nith the wmoll PJguur. � Dt*l, July 1. Wind" Well. Ht> Majefh'i Ships' remain, with, the outward-bound, Hydra, SbcrwtU. ai:d pioviiicnce, Arnold, fur Cadiz. Put back. Abbot, Liikr, for Seville, Mary-ipld, Sonoer, for Genoa ; Si^fnci (burg, Scotucth, fn the -faflt Bftty,.NnifimihA fiir l.iftinnji......\ViHiaiuand.Alaiiia,., >c�rcr, for Lucca ; and Dorphiri,' Frcrman. tot Ante*. At-tiv*J, Golden Flccc�, Coniptim, from Toj-llum. - - LONDON. Ker Royal Highnefs the Piincefi o! Orange cmbsrk'd at i Hdrortlhiyi on Saturday N ighi lall, alioui ten o'clock, v* hoifd the Fnbbs Yacht { and at ten co Mcudav Morning, Ute Win4 beiDg tliong at Wellx.-and the U:J Vacht oppol.te to thcXcMifti Shore, her Royal Highncb cider'ch ti�c Caprain ^a- make the fitrt Plate where fbe could land, which he did . jeeetdingly, and her Royal Highneis came on Shore at a little Village calPd Broad-Steps, near the North. Foreland. lioa> , yw'fhe.(�jan after proceeded for the Cuurt at Kcnliiigton. "Hej loyal Highnefs craistt the Ferry at W^lminiier aucut tk�w Yclknlay Morning, in good Health, but greatly ta-|t�d; about eight her RoyarH>ghne5Wait^d on their Ma - -j^vjmd ito itcq�*d-�^ - - T_ ***cf*iy w�hefeta Court of Lord Mayor and Alderrncji at" GuiUlull, whenMr.Gcorge Merlin the elder. Skinner,aud\fr. William Pate, Merchant-Taylor, who were cleCUd latt MiJ-tonicrD�yShenff>olthi�CuV and County of Aluidlciex laiiu. .... JfS, 5*ere pet worth looooi-aiihelime of their ElcCiioo; ***  C�nnion-HaU is appointed to meet on Saturday noa fcr we Eledian of two other Gentlemen to be SheruTi of" the (aid \S ��d County of Middkfea ia their tiead : Mr Svaion WhldcocJ.^ MtittT. and Mr George Ruffe 1, Lcrinef, are �*two neat Perfons on the Ull of tiic Gentlemen who have teen nominated by thefrveral Lord Mayor-;, as pioper Pciten* tofciirethatOfice. , Tomonowwillbeoe!daCourto\coromcn-Cw iodj!'-� S5"?;.*lr S^phen Perry, Mr. Richard Chaie, and Mr IfteopUilw Dillingham, who have paid their Fines fintr M:d- letter day Morning his Grace tt.c Jinke of S.rr.crfct, ict �� rrom Noithumbciiand-Hcufc lor ha\Se� a: i'ctwwu. in �ury. with a vxry numeious Re;o:ie. C^fZ D*r" ^0tiie Rcv- Mr �X Trinitv-Collegr, v�n�,idse> wasprefcntcd 10 the RcClwy of^aurn-Wall.,. 1.. it R 7. bkiCtfc of Voik^ 4Cid b> * Reuanatxn ol �w rcrv. Mr. Downs. M�n dir�11 i� the Coumiof Hertlcd, Wl^.V^'' Rrl'ck Ct lU ^ licc-,ge'Xr.SSht. h�j. �ntU Conun^on uf 1U P Day, at 41 Mrnatrs after iz in (tjc Morning ; and 3 after i in the Afternoon. Veflcrday Bank Stock wis 137. India 14.7, for the o-p ning. Soutti-Sea Trading Stoca go t half. * 1, fee the O-pening. Old Annuities iCi t half, a jSths: Duro New Annuities 105 3 4ths, a 6, for the Ojptning. Three per Cent. Anncity^t 1 half, for the Opening. Million Bank 107. African zi. Ycrk l^uklingi * 3 4th*. Royal Affurance 96. London Ailurar.ce 111 Sltw New Bank Cs/culaticn 7I. rs 64. Prctn. South-Sa Bonds zL ;s. Prem. India dku 1!. t;�-Prctn. ' Three per Cent: ditto rl. �>s. Prem. EngliQt Cofp.t � I14S. Wdlh ditto Books (hut. befuic J Souch-Sca-Hnufe, London, 27 May. |-?4-"'": TTVIE Court of Direflors of tbt Scuth-Sea-Com- fuin$ij* Xtfict. that r% wtl fatvfjt fmNi't Salt, mt tbtir HouU in Tbrtadnttdlt-firttt^vt 'fh^fiat ti* 4/* tf J�h *c*t, at rfair* in tit Fvrt***, tbt fjbiutg EjUtn, im.tit VeuHtuse/Si'fcii, Oxfri, MiJJLjix axJ Epx. c-re. ? .in Efiatf,' Lift 9/ Sir Lambtrt Bldtkitxtt, Bort'Jecr/uJ. (*M cf tit Ltt Ditrcltri if tkiLfxid Omf**i) lymg Utvrm Yttrmtutb anil Svu-itff, ufnt a rra-rrgutot Rttw tttrt, im Jnxra/ Pati/htt ef Rttdl-Jrt, Fr&tk�<sft, Wtt&amflsm, lam-ftnfvt, Bral?ui!!h.uir $truia*&t.-u; Mmhcr, Cattln, ^tvtbivsrJ and Oakrhf, ail in tbt i^aatty cf Ijhrfiik, tf atsat 1500 '/. far /fn.tam. A Lta/iUId Ejfaff. lalt'f fraans Barjxt, EJf, (e**cftl* faid latt DinHeri) lying in tlt;P&^ tfSs&htitt, *?P*rj*vi adja;trtt i, tit Ccunty af Oxford, titiTd!Jbivfi U'andt, camtatm-ing atcmr �o Acra tf ArabU ImmJ, and 2:0 Aim tf Weed Lead, tbt Tmhtr and Wcad thrcm iratetd at ahmt 4OOO L A Frtt).-JdEj!att, latt tf Amkrft Page. EJf, (cv tf tbt late DiirSort �f lit Jaid CtmfaMjJ Ifing i* Tmrttf'ttt, mar Enftili in tbt C Company of Ferei^mrs, at the hn^ Ream at PtaariuJVttU* ; �" J H E Diversion I of IhttKwf tW Rom m a n�a tulo- *l�� �*' -'/*rYC tbtr *hh y��fti�* wpen tM Osul Rop^TumW^.lvaam.  �y.�t� t(\\ym% half an ItoVT After 4 , �'Cl �t m tht artrrw**, �t4 ri�twit>m�ttrihaihiSan>natt _I stafinv 1H*WWtewi8���� Ou4t with iMct itmarot, ml kh at wait vtrn to a* � ����W Gtapnrj aa Opcvrwmit ot tafet ^ f).^i|ht. , To be GudgelM for, At Lalehamy tu*w Slants in MiddUJhct en Mut; iay the \ $tb lnflanU A Purfe of Five Guineas, by 11 Men dn ctcK $�. a'l�i'hc�wnsmlti�a4,wo; �n4ibe SidttfMl trt**i�0(l Hra* cinti the P�r�e. To b fjh *i Om **CU*ll . : " ' " J*m i�, 1734. DESERTED the 24th Inftani from LicuW* rai' \. H<t�*iC; R�t'�e��t vf Tw*. Itcory WivUcT. b tn ,�i O outtncr, jSYrilMf hft, bj t<�*� � P�i.n��i��, h4� afoiBi.. Face, 'a� luit, I� '� tun all tna^tkuo, fire r�xi tUtn Ir t'h� �ill icturrt iq bi% C��i�ny 1 t>�i4!�b)c i.lno 14 r>iy�frora the Di^c l�jNof.h<; wUlt�p*i'<S04 t il idCtil. > (im'oft, t D^laMe 11 pedoriiuYtc, t�r u> Mijuuia ijuertn, m hit Itatfe ia R�:hf�;-^l�c -'^�uir. fjwviin, 0>�ll leexnf Kttl Goiiku t\c��f < �'w <*cl td �io�n C�pi. . m- D ESERTED the 21ft Inft P*no�, axvVi witti bt Poi. tan H��r, llriit wtJt tWb'fs tf rude a Ctut-act'ct. l<*a �bn h* tf, �<nct coUw'4 Cct, savff'co: �r*J waitrcoat nmiai'4 �iihK�d, H*�t� boooou Red BrerCrf*. �4t S i, �boc�t(f. lh�i| har^Thrwc 6uium� Hit* -� *f4 v�cf tat abo Ai, will be perform "J PAST tH FH) O. - Aii1 o?iits;-Tstbtyn&rbf wi^tt-a-N-irrir^t Initrmuxd nukb Chtr&fttf. The Scenery after a pardedaf manner Pit tnd B ici it. 1-k pul lo^cibcf. ' > 1 ciLrfU K> Ic tdmktnj  .>(hL.ui ritkeii, �Uuh wilt t� .fe.ii>cf*4 U�/. at :|*� o&MBtta -sue ,tA|.^.i�r.k ar.ijjt a CuiBt� tyth. .-.ti*~ciy.ii^v... -................ Bj~Uii M a- y a s t y'i Cmm***/,* No rnfmi wutcitr (1 pr jdfljkwi bAotf the Sc�so. To begin at half an Hoar after 6 o'Clack. By a Company of CimeduM from both the TbcJlres% AT the- New Theatre in the Hay-Market, 03 I. Uicg �lie }h ���- t* pVW��aed a .i^tk 0;vi 1 i-t >'ii 1* E N E LOPE: o �. The Fair Disconsolate. lcoe-y;c, Mr� i>uSern ; U tHo. M. Hj|t>; Icju&itii-s Mr. . f.waej.a Caats ; l>�4, aii^ , Tvia I; ur.L .\.*ltc- T "b u. � 11 be al4;i The BIG GAR's WEDDING. 1*.:^: C i^g. ."i I r-  ; T Mm, Mr . Chir�r. //.'''/'_;'; ' .f F,Kttr:�ltm:z!i To begin cvjcliy -1 1 *a llwr a'scr 6u o'Cl&Jc /'..� .4/ p.I 1, cj. G'jii.-#-5 11 V.'U> to be 1.*^ j.1 Si . * 1 l..-.">, t . �: �e tai: IXca �u lie ll�v*:�e. u.i klriuf^iv ,tn ... . it ^rcu. .. r: ;:�.� J ut.taa^. Sof lit'-elil �> "� c I, U ,�: I TicCuiiiii* > Hi. �> w � �--C t � ' - -' ( e� ui jiKi'1 il>.:ii. �t�-X *iil fc< I f-iCia.'u Wi.'^ ihc w iu^i t DESERTED Brfunes at CSoaiha, fnin ilie lion. C4 rt|�tl'* RtKiiatot i*f �(**. ir4  hit o�r� C >/, Henrji Riech, 6�t Fool cijifll l.^iNt axi three (join en biab, to^ Vif^c, iiclh �loui'.:, r Traot, *^Ht% het. ft** fe�A>-iifhr-eo.ojr dCloukf, Hcomp*�>'4 bp  jolly fitlb-tM^Br'a Ir (h ib u' ip Vo�r� cl* *|�. iq Ku>d (tftrf, VVto f b-fo in -D�b<i;^ If br fCluco 10 pa�V *l M. AtbiuY Wiirjm I* > I>*oti. tn the l>3ie Kic-it. he (hi.1 be piidofl'cl; it u>l, �bn��tr �Jll' tt n4 (itc N.atK ol 11 to M fW-St)u.k. LcdSoii. lb*U rtccitv Tfaia* Caunu H.mul* t^iaU What ihc Aft U Pai!w�K..t diie'l*. A L SO, DESERTED the 16th Inftant, from the fihl Rcginevt i^id �;<HUM�c/t T��'in�� 1 tig''-, ��� f m �<|ht latacttMiiS bura 10 MJi�*ir(l�', 1 sh c-inakrrbr TriiM, IV Tcait'of Aj*. and b* i f Me No ice of it i�> kiatf *n.� 11 Si. Aibau*. or o MaVfi*r)| i�-rn, E4|i at h'� HooCt in Maihbuoc pl hcwai j mora ihaa what 'be AAof 1AZHEREAS James Jones, of Exetcr-ltrcrt ' y~in ihe farifli ot" St. Pju; � Cu�tiit aart)�ii in Ok Cwntr q| Mid. .JS^JOb�o^.lia�Jl!da^ I'm. ia Vil�c .^.C{ej�Uf  ha�� circled u� Ju/uHifn Bum, i'et�r� J>�iu Kro�i>, TI><wm* S(om aoa1 iifie"vftyfun *iT Joiwt, an4^�iraiCjCUi�oi�ol by the . Mj|<i Pat ot ih;Coimfb��ftm thefeinmiili" i uaolw laid AfTk|iMri we iLr itid *fl>� itamfnc dcure a||i.�crloD* K*icvtf, wj)i>a�lj Kt,!, L: e 1 / 01 have tb thcM cuiiodr or fod^lli.o any ids'e or -irLa�i�<iiic fa 4 )*otn J�k�. or who ftand in.ibitd co the ntr ai Law, in Toi-fcar-- tf*mn Canfi'tirt a;leV Chancery Us*, and oa� "� dclirrrupuiy'fifcjjj------ fcaTecia, *y to<h?&t4 Jamc* J<jm�, o� anyJrs� Of lo� i.i� Ulr, ao| lutit Sum ot Stuatcy, ci�pi 10 laxLc fce'or* asxniuoa^, r^OST Jfcfterday, between rhe Hour) of drcr: tud B^oc U Waieli. tbam ac/l Seal the ttal a (kad eiira�'J 1 "; ih� W� th-uiakir  NauujUbuMi, K*"lij4|, Vtli jc�cr t�k�� n io .Mr. t>u) if 1'a, WaiUMnifcar, ia Cary-tloa i��r (c�fvdb a)ibctu Mr.Saraud TaiMk, of Order. VbMvtr arill brio� i|p fait Hm, to Mr. lanuaf T�Uot*. lu-c-jrapcr. in Wooditiec'. Hull tM icwa'drd fcctbaii" TfwWe. N. �. faytMar i> ...... .......... .T7^ F O ST on Monday the ill Inftanr, between; tbt rfutua i.t feteo *ud ico. U(�iU ifc� T�ni| W and St. J j�ta\. ^w'X, c* ia 1 be ^arii, an of it Torioifs Iheu J\ tff t>Ut &l p Q^jd, �itb.  r.oUl Hi-ic asiaUitc Uitc ou ;r� top, iiUi Mihui't cUT�a^ufc, crci-jj.! u >'-y aoriita.toia I E [ T on a Scat in St. James's-Parks Oppo- St. Jjne�V!>^Ue. a (rnallKa.ccl ot Hanwfrfy r air, ikl H|) ^  t-d;tr. *)ivcui bitrj* it io.�f* |e aNOridlioaljsSt. t>,o.'t Ch. :tr.->a*4 ; or ihc Haod and lock of - l�ot, (ha;lh��ear,va�ea aUwatc', soil m>c�i*> t*ic :U Uiw f hey *'e ixJi!, fi>w.. and tied wut back TSutad, itj/caS iter f^e balk Ttttii. To If iMt from Michaelmas next. Situate' a.t Blackmail tn lit County cf MuI^I^r*, AWry �C0vl Coj�pcras Work, withSj tVharf �a latjpi-.- C-jpperaa bc-o f�nS �; b�l*�e �t M6'T�/to.*�* |iOtu<�i�"'JlI"'----

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