Monday, June 28, 1734

London Daily Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Daily Advertiser on Monday, June 28, 1734

London Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 28, 1834, London, Middlesex thi Dally Adygrfflcr. FRIDAV, JuN.aS, t7J4. -iiirwUii'-.i.,v:- OVt' impatient fcexrr tHerWuxaniot France and the Emperor may be, to leant the Event of a Bank in Italy or on the Rhine, which they imagine would in no fiaall Altafwe decide ibe Fate of tbofc Priko with rrfatkm to the present War, it fcems probable they may yet continue fame lime longer i> Uifpencr, trace the two Armies watch each other >o diligercly, that'tis ic*-wSbfe for either to attack the other with Adranage: fleece ~e conceive, that the Ktw? of a d�2te A&ienmay he OaU it&dxi fcffle time before knocks. In the mean �*3e the Fi�ka certainly pufh on the Siege of Phflifftutj with peat Vigour; and we are alTurM from good Hands, tut the Governor has fignif/d to Prince Eugene, that unlethis Hig�ines* -tfikw* him luddcnly, be muft^ be fot^j��pJMh�fc The ' Krapcror's Army BoweSn^r Wth�tisae 70000 Afenftrorg. aba would be much fupcrior in Goodnefe to that of the Frcnca *tre the Foot equal to the Cavalry; tor the latter coofifls. Vkhoutdoabt, of fomtof the befl Troops in Eottfe, bet the Infantry are either new rais'd Men or Militia. We muft make one OMefration wh3ft wr are fptakzrg of lie Siege of Philipfburg. which is, that the Frnxh Wntw -litrHeem^-of 4ate to reject all Vfe of the o in tl* modern " Calculations of their MilitaryHiitcrys when thry {peak of Men loft, inftead of io you find 2, and in an Afiaok which �sA them 560,' you find only a poor 3. The Cannon and hlu%etry of the Place have kept a Fire all this bine to 00 fupofe, for you hearolnoExecution; and 'la morefasfsrinsijj flill, thatas the Soldiers can nerer enter tfce'tltsidsej without being unto the Waifi. ioWaier. ere ihoold persr brer, at fcafe_ ttot tKeTOoFMeirare the worfe for it :.. JBot 'tis tsestohefeti tffur'd, that tKey! haw? fed feveral thousands of tbcsr Peopfc. Calais, July 6. ' We are crowded sVkii Fortes, eWry floufewliichtheyareby Cuftom quartet'd uj^n harh^ S, 10 ii�ljlSpldiersJ,Jieitherd6wr know when they are to etnbark. The Men of War and Tranfports remain at Anchor^ and had { hud Gale'of Wind in the Night benwrnSoisday and Ms* about N..N. E. .'� Jt>. teported.bere that Daatxkk has csy rulatcji, and"that' tbe^ittours D*As�eLtt >a� aset With a renfidmblf at Phjlipfhurg, by * AEste wUch the Besieged $rung under the Horc-work tbae~�� Tima^^ . f8ws of 'dbburthedofeof Ian1 Month. _l, Da!, Jw 26. lWiid_S. W. This Moreing arrifd from Pottlaiouth, thelyran Man of War. and remains with UlMajetty's Ships. Alflhe cotwanJ-boond Ships are fafftf. Ctmtdown lift Night f nd faiW, Anne and Rebecca, Town-fmd, for Pottimouth;- Ahbot, tffie*. for SenBes.. Ajiatt tkts Forenoon, Lufitania, Barkk-y, from iifbao; Eagle, Suunote, from Jamaica. , ~ _ LONDON. Yeflei^yOrden wereifiited to his &!aj.-fiy*s &ar Troops of ljft-Gu�;ds and two Troops of FJcrfe (Jrenaciers, to be in Hf&Pirk Tomorrow Morning by Six o'Cktk, in their new - Ootthittg, in order to their beingrcview'd by hkMa|piy.i ahtrwbich they are to perform their general Eairaxcn iicrtc-hick, and afterwards go through the lame cs Face *Tb laid haMajrily will be in the Field bdore Nine o'Clock. ^ . yewrday the Life-Guards opon Duty at Woce&aS. and the Rocfe-Giiards at Kenttngten,r were reiev'd by two Faroes of GenmlWade'slight Horfe. Bray, Elqrj and Charles Hasbnry WiOxaat, Efqj intend �6 fiindTbr the County of Monmouth, in the rem 01 the hue Juhn Hanbiiry, Efqj Father to the latter. --Veaeriky being one of the Qaeeo's Levee Days, there wss � very numerous <�ourt at Kenfington of the Foreign .\liniaers, - liM Officers, Miuiller^ of State, and otber Pcncos of Di- ^intti8B;.=l_T,,:--------------- Ckr!ej Vavazor, E<q� of Wjjbech, ts appeased Receher/ General of the Taxes tor the County of Cacubradgcaed ICeot . ^iB^yuLGrace the Dokeof Nlotaagn took the Oaths . Kfore the Lord ChaiKelter � Uefloipto, to cjaaEfy hia-Wf for the Place oi Captain ot the Band of Gcstknea P�a-rloBBj,; r-  . Y 2 3 4th*. Royal AAjmace 96. Lonten Altmnce is. a i 4th. New Bank Crcutation 7I. at. 6d. Prean. South-Sea Bond* aL z*. a |t Prem. India ditto ll. tp. a 141. Prem. Three per Cent� ditto Prem. Englnh Copper ti jaC WelArdwo Books (hat.  South-Sea>Hnu(e, London, 17 May, 1734. 'TTlIE Cmrt cf Dirtflors of the $outb-Sea>-Comr pimgk* fCitkt, j&tr thy nail for a* H /wWwe! ^*^r, ** rhrir Hiu6 i^Ji^tJm^/rtttt nTimrpM lb* 4th *rxr. at eltvrm im tbt Fm&mm, tit f�n*^^^**^J^L 'Jfg Efi�te, btf tfSjtr l*mh*rt, BtathimU, Bar/, itttatt, frtr /*r UutHrtBmnf"tlxJiud Cm**?) ttto*** I'armntii:W X�wb, aaw m te*viga&& Rivtr tbtrt, in tit Jnyrml Pmifat $ Jtad**t, Fatt&m, Witlh*wfiimt Utn-arssrW. BraK^tU, Strmmj/hm, MmJtmi, Can/In, StttbwMf ftf jfitgMM---- ^ AU*tH*U Fjfmtr, b�+f Fr**di Ifavn, Eft; (mt tfOt fail liar Dinars) fag p$ tit Tmrifr fSc*tbm>h, tepari/bti Cemi, f*r Timber mmt fFmi time* vatmtll �t aU*t 4000 /. AFnimFf*tt% Ut* ifjmirjh Page, E/p (tm */ tbt latt Dirr3vr$ / the faU C*mj*iii) hint in fwk ^fajfin^C^^imi^^^^i^ A U**b& EJ!*tit # fart^tf AW JWtflbm* in tit Cm*, fF&x.:*nd jfm F*m taPJ Ftonifiifb, and rw> ntar An. Ep*St*f Sir yt&m Btmt, Smrt. intatj, ut of tbt i htt tbt latt Di- r*3*r*tftbtjadCt*f*n). F*iitk*Ltn *ftb<d�toEjt*tn-tvllllx4i<iivtr'dc*l< ertiBwy^ia^rang-F.nd near Reading, and at. Mr. Thomas WoodVat Shephertfj* Grrea near Henley upon Thames. *ta h�g James abdica^hc was appomOWiS^ j^lhoteNoble Lords vutocookCiicof d^p�r^Pa�-,T ~ " William na� prodaim'd, and had anns&aiod Poaw Bytnhun-io-jign^Wpatch^ and Orders in thxtcriDcal -Kh-�f' ,�Hc C0l,tin�*,d b the Service oftbeCrcen from thence |"J the Doth of Q^eoulSBb- when, bdna Settecsry at Warvd * was reinov'd "L " *" - *. ________bom that and. all h� otlser Eoprf^nwws^ He nvinied Amy. Daughter and tole (anrmttg Horcfeof -~ Prideaux, Efa; in wJ^Aightheybcooaepaftfcdof th�taineijt, nohfc and fpaciousSeat of F 4 Clock in tbt AJitnmn till bt t? rtttivt Prtftfah frtm tbt Cmmfmmpt Credit*tt mnd Juat *mtb eny CtmmitUt t� it efftiuitJ by tbtm, in trder /� aectmmodatt and give " Satiifhaixa U tlx fair a�dj*al Creditors, and ttrtftrt their " Prttetdap mi JUm as ^hn^ " Crssfi^ aw SeieB fbt^Smcermar andCtart tf Jjgjflanij d� timfift gift Kttirt^ tbaflSeyuzll ctttndratty Wtdmtfdaf, at tbeir Heuji r� Win* tbt/er-Stnttt, from 4 r� 6 ' C&ei in tbt Afitrnm, fntfuaitt to titfaU'Rtfa&k*.-. - --1-LX. Crrariublc-Corporacton-Houfe in Spring-Garden, Jane 21, 1734. fHE CbaritfxHc-Corpwatiott for Relief of Jn- * dajlthat Ptgr, bft. art t� btld a Gintral Cmrt at tbt lUaje abevefaid, ~om FriJat next, tbe l2tb Jajjant, at tlevtit p� the Fcrrsxa, tbtjamt iai% m ^narttrlj Gt*tratXmttt tytd alftmfmfpetMAffairs. u - -_\_ ;l .111 � J..HI, . ,,. nli f.V . 1 1 To the Wot^y"'T5wi7hiarof ch� Gity of London. ^ Gtv TTt E si I W� 7 YOUR laierejl a/rd-Pdl are humbly defied THOMAS IIXJELEn Citi^-awt DifiUtr, tOis-hiagtbt fourth tisu cf-Petilmintjp.-Jiteam'tftb+Bridie-Majtfrs */* fbis City, in tbt rtm of Mr, JdHWebb, dtftasdi bawng�ttnjs Hmjfthtftr iutbtparifi if St.Srt*lihrts tv^j-fwmttart, aadAtw.aLivtr\man of^ his C&fawytwtmy tym liars y bas bad iUrtttm Cbildrtn, <tw9 tf 3 /. i* frod;, by txkitb mans be is mow rtdnr'd^ N.B, HewasdrcWdby ihcSh^ kings ThtAitmXM M.Mt btNt �ht **�<� Java, Will k^S. ....... P'A*S T O R\ Ft DO. An OPERA, crmpo^d 07* Mt. .11A N D � t% * The Scewry after  pauiatu^ nAajMttv'-1 A ht ***** nip prti tetubtt, urf Mt�'r�rfiriH \� it'MvA wnhaM Tmket^ ahkh will u v^^rM tilt tM* at^14H|tt . th�Hst.Maih.1,athdir�uaiitf��nh. <o�*Mr ju ' ~ *'l M *) t'i_Crfe��# H *': -Wo rrrdt wh�e�� t� b* wibhtntt Uftt�i �h� AttMi.- ** To beflfn at half an Ho<ir.^ere o'Clock. Being tbt Ujltim, if frfambn. n -ti f.^ � A fAf funicular Dtftri tf Jiuntl Perfimi % ^�t%. ----- . �y tt Compety if Comedian* frah htb tbt ^BStreft AT the Nc^LThwtrc iri'thc ^af^iHc |^Urt .C**a�r, . the tf d n J u k tJ?; ^ irWrfM^ColleyCibbtr, Mit>Mht*wtmt>lt~ \ v Mtm, Mtv Roberts vMt.H��hl�.KUvC^>k�Vl>^Wo,.KM R.fio: Colonrl Wood�II, Kit. filt�i $'� John w�W�il, MtvTMtWtt 1 J. CbMle*,Mr. James^ Liar WoodtiH Mr*. Slikibtti*) M�KMiih~ Norman. .'......�.�'...>" ..-..�.J' LirttbJB_nt:rteinmtntt tf Sfyltg and Daariaj, I>Jones*�d m�INrArwt| B�d of Aft 11. The i�i>ri�ois by Mr. tt��<*port end Ht� OlMislhmT- Frij nf At\lit. IN Harhqub ItaMehy *<�& Bad of Art-IV. W�s�*e� (SinttSh lik� Roftwsoq*, hy Mils J . 6d. Qalltrt tt. By a new Company of Firei^neth^at Ibt Lo^ -Room at Pancm4VeUi%^ \ - TH& DiVtrM t i$^i>ti^;iai#! anytcti of IVrbrawnf isafc*V; i ik ((MNLwitb r*�*t^|t ^ awl Vsrstiy of nrow*6�i � ��. *�l htftin tbi� Day, ts> rtryat bill aullo&r aticra '''Clockmine, aftwaxp, awl foas^uiHiHurinvt iNSwrnaae Mafon. the Whole witttow. ft* PdJ begins tbti Day at to~�Clxi and ads at 3 &faata*FtitndttapUas j^atfej/i&lt. lit To ttt Worthy Liverymen of th*f Ciry of . London. G a sr-r***! i *, / Return you my tncjl bumble and hearty Thanh, frjmr nmrntrm* Afptarancs en my Btbatf in GuiJJbaU, ana" I tmrnejUy ttfttfi At Ctktinuanet tf ytnr tavonr in fulling fir me, (iavt'fajftf4great Ltffis, and am m otbtr iuay prt-vidtd far) ttbtemeef year Driagt.mafttrs, wticb will tatty nt%t, fmr m�JI busnbtt Petitioner, WILLIAM DAVEY. The Poll will begin at 10 o' Clock, and end at 3. hir. Txnt and Mr. Mercer bdvt throw* up. �luse *nh an Bnrcfuu�<Mor, whrth WiJI ataiy* ts^ftif Tofbatii Comp��y an Opp^nomtf of |uln� horn* faj tsay^ht, , At Mn SI B D LI S's Great-Roo�iP In Q*for&-RoadrM*ry-U-bdn*Tul&tw-- * XH I S prefenc Friday, being the 28th Infti -srtll rnr pettoim'4 a Tdalm in the uiihts fcwnoiof Oitnwf by the two f-J-�*ing Mauer*, via. ~~-~- j o* sr r h J our* twit ~ And Francis Sh 1 t toct, , Mi. Intusd t� ibre* Boars a c^mncr �c�tf> ttwy *Ui flfhf tarn �t Falibiow, forCui"***/ �' T-HE Tr�ftees forputting in Eitecuri^irt* J,_ Aft-�t PariiswfcW. wtiWiicK �o A� iWr,.p,i ip� ibttkwaslmlM rartihe* of Ch*�fti,K�BCniftS, Juiiurt^ra .ihtr Pardha* ibirtia ' rhsnrioii'd io the Cowiiy 01 Mki'tkh h�(eh| |iw Noiii�, I h� thtf fhM be tttdy 10 rt�l�* rropoftl*. iui'n up, fut I' their Ticket*, siiBer^Anii�*ll)f or by iN ThovUiid, �t 4; tiom C�t>(> aitarta* " ~ ywt � *o�itfttr, JenmTih trM�(ht,-f >�', d..k �r�jri?yes�lbaUMoleoro'e^^WM^^ ad *T*fI* ��r T,�dti ��o* KBr�rw^ t�h.n had ^ a Afh.^d. nr.Coa,,- w|,S wMfMi re"Ba, 00 the Bnatl. wlach bt a ��took from I.., Q�tu,t, ^mdim - oJifBrTToppW. Stay **Mr 10US%�IVriI Zlftnro, ^ t^**'- abort .!.aiknltow\!b,AAof ratf^ - -----Henry ttyple. H�R�AS Francis Hartly, AppKnrJco JalotHawaHaiaifcii, Cb�fariAHWt?�J Mi�diiaV Cbunh. aourl.*.^ cur �*�� from bi.|��f Mattw^^ejB<(^*?* �f�h "��*: �w lor^sro all pirj*i� whulomr ^ � jbar! bonror employ <!;� f*U fr.wi. Hsrily j il ihey joi (h�� itifnS �*�"*:�*�y�  d*rkcr�i��tto(idooblo tueillwi Clorh Cb� �id  il.w. Matter, fl�U ba�� half � Ouiu�4.�t*�ard. -"<*u� N.B. T 1o be Run for on Hampftead Heath, ON Monday the ift of July next, a Purfe of I) Ctfncu. by � unrc'n. 0� Tccfear. a nwfe of tbGauea*. by Galloway*. : t Oi �e4-�t�*y. a rvrleof 9 Ko�*4�, by Po c �� Wfc'i. # rVlfe of ao Cm eu. b� lii'j tttxiea. ru F:ia*f. * f ��e asd rake ru>fc *>� id Oiiiac**. Aud, On Ixeidar. a Whip, t>ridk fad S*~dJc b| ttadtocy liorfti, ib U�eit�* *t.-j>. to *�M a�c*di' ....... . m �� Hri�i I.....> STOLN or ftray'd the rofh Inf|ant off: liajnpllciid Hesihj, * Biy Gtl.iug, about n i andjtiuw tsabct b.fch, blacE Mare iwf T<il, foes �*ry pc^r behind sod.w*, LoukMow.'' M*ir voi oolf by the Halter, Mdra �hlt� luir �Uut bun, Wb"tW4 (ivct Notice > nini. I<� u be may be had � aswr aidaMt* .,r 10 Mr. J tin s^wmto at Hw�p<l�*d. Uuli bare a Cttu�� tU*ard! reaTjnabl* Charges, and o Q;�liiOP* ��k'd. 7��r 34, 1734. ,,. LOST, a large white Sjjanifh Pointer, with'  brown Spoi on b!� torelw^d, 00c ui hit Bars brosra and tb� ot-jct molded, and one ot (hctti a Utile S.i', With a lm�|l bto�a tpat' uador one of hi* Eyt*. Wbo iikir. (hall bare bail'a Guinea Keward. lie bad 00 a Collar, wub Ute abotc UiicAioo, wbcu be s"' sH'ay. . D RO PT on Tocfday between 9 and 10 _ 0�C1, tk ar Nipbt.rhe >( h Inllam, U(*c�o A!rfM'< �Bd Whica* cnTpcl ChUrtb. a b'.art SiU atamcel. ibe ngl 1 HJea Oa<cs 5iU�, ib� Lujlua AUmode. wiih black Siikralfslt,a bl*�st xriog to '� b�ii�t i� ru iw ih-ts run r*�ra whuua *l> {jaw'tha" lu�e j �. R�*a�d, aodooQpsllwiw t<*<4. _ Miertifementt in ttis Pafer of a moderate Ltn^tb art taken fa at Two Sbk

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